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What are The Best Swimsuits for All Body Types and Shapes

What are The Best Swimsuits for All Body Types and Shapes

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Everyone loves to look amazing on the beach. I do too (but not only on the beach, hehe).

And if you are the one too, I want to share the best swimsuits for all body types today.

If you don’t know what your body shape is, it’s better to check out my article about how to figure out your body shape. You are gonna find out basic things about all body shapes there as well.

There are a lot of body types. But in general, when we talk about body shapes (not type), there are only five, which are the most common body shapes along with women.

These five body shapes are pear (triangle), rectangle (square), hourglass, apple (circle), and inverted triangle.

Along with them, as I said already there are many other body types. Such as curvy, plus size, tall, petite, etc.

So, it’s good to know what are the most flattering clothes for your body type or shape.

Today we are gonna talk about only swimwear for body types. I am gonna share the list of recommended swimsuits for your body type.

If you wonder, I have a pear shape. That means my hips are the largest part of my body. I often wear a smaller size of clothes on my higher body and a bigger size on my lower body.

The swimsuit that I wear has a solid color bottom and for the top, I wear a busy top. Why? You are gonna find out while you are reading this article.

You can check out details about each of these swimsuits by clicking on the image. Some of the images may contain affiliate links. That means I will get a little commission from the retailer if you purchase the item.

Best swimsuits for apple shape

The first swimwear that you are gonna love to wear as an apple shape, is this one-piece swimsuit from Forever 21.

best swimsuits for all body types

Most commonly, women with apple body shapes carry most of their weight on their stomachs. I am not saying that if you have a tummy, you are obviously an apple – NO.

In fact, having an apple shape means you have a large bust, narrow hips, and a fuller midsection.

So the reason why this swimsuit will work for you is that it’s one piece. it covers exactly the section that you are the largest on.

best swimsuits for all body types

Along with this, the swimsuit has a very interesting bust area with its cut-out. So, it will help you to draw attention to your bust and away from your stomach.

The next swimsuit is from Free People and, believe me, it’s the perfect bathing suit for an apple shape.

best swimsuits for all body types

Let me explain, why.

First of all, because it is high-waisted. Then because it has ruches.

These two both can work very well on your body. They will help you to hide some extra kilos into ruching fabric or in just a high waist.

There is still another thing that works great for apple-body-shaped women. It is the top of the swimsuit.

It has a very interesting shape. I mean, it’s so unique.

best swimsuits for all body types

So, guess what – anything different or interesting gets the eye’s attention first. That means no one will be interested in your problem area and you are gonna feel perfect as well.

Another swimwear that fits Apple body shape is this white bikini top and bottom from Asos.

best swimsuits for all body types

I know you may think that I am crazy because apple shapes shouldn’t wear white. You are partly right – let me explain again.

It’s better to avoid wearing white clothes while you are in an apple shape, especially on your top. Why? Because it will make the largest part of your body look even larger.

But in this case, we are talking about swimsuits. So it’s not a big problem since you know you are showing and hiding enough, even on the beach.

This white bikini has a bottom with almost a triangle shape. The top has the shape of a rectangle and a triangle.

best swimsuits for all body types

Do you see any circle shape here? – NO.

That’s what’s great in this swimsuit.

The unique shape of both parts.

These shapes make your body look interesting and it doesn’t look like an apple anymore.

There are so many dresses with this neckline. And I want you to try them as well.

If you want to find out cute dresses for apple-body-shaped women, here is the article you need to check out.

The next swimwear is also from Asos. You know what, I’ve discovered that Asos is a great place to shop for swimsuits.

In this case, I found a one-piece swimsuit for you.

best swimsuits for all body types

This is the perfect swimsuit for Apple body shape because it has a pretty Nike logo on the waist and some details on the bust area.

That will draw enough attention to those areas. And that’s exactly what we aim for.

Along with this, it is a full bathing suit that definitely makes your body look slimmer.

And another thing, it has a high leg. That means it ends high on your legs. That’s great because it will make your legs look longer and also it kind of looks like a triangle on the body.

This next swimwear is from J.Crew.

The swimsuit is great for apple shapes. Because it has interesting cutouts. It has a pretty bust area but the best things going on in its midsection.

best swimsuits for all body types

You are right. The midsection of your body will be the first part that the eye looks at.

But here is the trick: this swimsuit doesn’t have a full midsection. It has cutouts that divide your stomach area into some little parts. So, that means no one is going to find out how big or small your stomach area is. Hurray!

If you didn’t find out yet, I can tell you that most of these recommended swimsuits are one-piece. Because if you are not sure what type of swimsuit to wear as an apple shape, it’s always a good idea to go for a one-piece bathing suit.

The next swimwear that is listed in recommended swimsuits for an apple shape is exactly one-piece.

If you are looking for more coverage for the beach that’s the perfect option for you.

best swimsuits for all body types

It’s a swimsuit with some prints on the front.

Which one does the better job for apple-body-shaped women?

Yeah, print. Print which the swimwear has looks flattering for your body.

I want you to look at it again, do you see that it looks like something? – This print, which is very smartly made, looks like an hourglass.

That’s what you are gonna love about it. This little detail will make your body look like an hourglass. Especially, the middle section which will visually cinch in your waist and make your problem area smaller.

This next swimsuit is from Land’s End. Have you ever heard about it before? If not, check that out. it’s a trusted online store that has almost everything you may need for a wardrobe update.

This one is also similar to the previous one. It’s a simple black V-neck one-piece swimsuit. But it still has something great for apple shapes. That’s ruching.

Swimsuits for apple shape

It has ruches on the midsection. Which is the area that you wanna hide. They will help you to do that. So, if you are looking for a swimsuit and you are an apple shape, definitely check it out.

And last but not least swimsuit for apple shape is from Zaful.

It is a ribbed high-waisted tankini two-piece swimsuit.

What did I love about it? – I just loved it, hehe.

But the reason why I recommend this to you is the top of this swimsuit. It looks so flattering and beautiful.

Swimsuits for apple shape

The bottom is high-waisted so it will definitely hide your stomach area. And the top ends exactly where the slimmest part of your body is. Actually, it is the most feminine part of a woman’s body – the waist.

Best swimsuits for hourglass body shape

Hourglass is the most wished body shape among women. Did I say it already?

However, some stylists consider hourglass as the most difficult body type to style outfits for. They are partly true. The thing is you have to know what to do with your body and your clothes.

Now, let’s start creating the list of the most flattering swimsuits for hourglass body shape.

The first swimsuit that is good for your body shape is from Asos.

Best swimsuits for hourglass body shape

It has a high-waisted bottom and the print of the swimwear is polka dots.

Actually, high-waisted clothes are great for those who have a tummy.

If you wonder how to dress if you are an hourglass with a tummy, check out my article full of tips and tricks.

This is the bathing suit that flatters the hourglass body shape. At least because it shows a good amount of your waist.

And the waist is your asset. You have to do everything to maximize it.

The bathing suit is also good for women with bigger busts. By the way, if you want to find the type of tops that can flatter your body as a fuller busted woman. Check out my article about it, you are gonna learn awesome stuff.

Another swimsuit that I loved is from Asos and it’s one of my favorites. If I were an hourglass that would be the first swimsuit that I try.

Best swimsuits for hourglass body shape

So, this is a glittered cut-out one-piece swimsuit for hourglass body-shaped women.

The bathing suit has cutouts exactly where it should be. It accentuates your waist, in fact, it makes it look even more defined.

That’s exactly what you want to find. The detail that makes your waist look defined.

This one is from Nasty Gal.

It works almost the same way as the previous one. But there is a better thing here.

Best swimsuits for hourglass body shape

This swimsuit is perfect for an hourglass shape because it has horizontal lines on the waist and vertical (diagonal) lines over it.

That’s awesome. I mean that’s gorgeous. It again defines your waist and also makes your body look longer.

Another swimwear from Nasty Gal that’s just perfect as well.

It is a snake print one-piece swimsuit that has a beautiful cut-out on the waist area. I won’t talk about the same things here, because I appreciate your time (and mine too).

Best swimsuits for hourglass body shape
Best swimsuits for hourglass body shape

The thing is it works like the previous ones. It helps to define your asset -your waist.

Choosing the most flattering swimsuit for hourglass body shape is all about finding the one that helps you define your waist.

Swimsuits that have a cut, belt, horizontal line, or any other details on your waist area are perfect for you.

That’s all I have here for you.

All the swimsuits that I shared here are great for you. They all have details that will help you to flatter your body and look the best version of yourself.

I am sharing them with you. Check them out and you will find out why should you wear them.

You need some other stuff for the beach, right?

So, I think you should check out my article about Amazon finds for a beach vacation. These are items that you are gonna need to pack in your bag. They are all chic, comfy, and cute. So, check it out!

Swimsuits for inverted triangle

You have an inverted triangle body shape if you have wide shoulders. I mean, they are the largest part of your body.

So, if you want to flatter your body, you should either make your shoulders look shorter or just get away attention from them.

The first swimsuit that I wanted to share is from Asos.

Swimsuits for inverted triangle

It’s a one-piece backless swimsuit with a deep cut in front.

What do you think, when you wear this, will be there anyone who looks at your shoulders? – Honestly, I think, not.

The lower part of this swimsuit is more interesting than the higher body.

I won’t say that it looks so sexy and unique. You will guess it by yourself as well.

Forever 21 has another good swimsuit for you. It’s a one-piece tankini swimwear that in fact looks like a two-piece.

Swimsuits for inverted triangle

It has an interesting cut as the previous one. So it will help you to draw attention away from your broad shoulders.

Another good thing about this bathing suit is the sleeves. In sleeves I mean straps.

The good thing is that it has wide straps. That helps you to divide your shoulders into some parts and that’s what makes them look smaller.

The next two swimsuits are from Nasty Gal and they have only one thing in common.

They are both one-shoulder swimsuits. All other things are different – print, cut, cost, shape, and everything.

But this little thing, one-shoulder straps is the thing that is great for inverted triangle body shapes.

One-shoulder tops visually make your shoulders look half of their length. Isn’t that the thing that we want to achieve? -yep.

I wrote another helpful article for you. This is where you will discover flattering outfit ideas for inverted triangle body-shaped women.

This two-piece swimsuit is also from Nasty Gal. It’s a great option for you because it has halter crosses in front of the body.

Swimsuits for inverted triangle

They do a lot for your body shape. They attract attention to the center and away from your shoulders.

So, we’ve got another good option for you. Let’s move on.

If your swimsuit will have ruffle straps that is gonna be awesome. It works like wide straps. They make your shoulders look smaller.

And the next swimwear from Boohoo exactly has these. Ruffle detail in front of the body which almost covers the shoulders.

Swimsuits for inverted triangle

Believe me, that’s another perfect one for you.

Another swimsuit that will be very flattering for inverted triangles is from Guess.

Swimsuits for inverted triangle

It is a one-piece halter cross swimsuit with a deep but not too wide cut in the bust area.

You already know how a halter cross works for your body shape. So, try them out.

Since you are looking for a perfect swimsuit…

Here is my other article where you will find flattering summer dresses for inverted triangle body-shaped women.

I want you to look always perfect in every season.

Best swimsuits for pear shape

Did I mention that I have a pear shape?

Okay, so having a pear shape means the largest part of your body is your hips.

Have you read my article about balancing the body with clothes? – if not check it out, after you finish this one.

When you have a body shape that is bigger either on a higher or lower body, you should use clothes to maximize or minimize them according to your body type.

That’s one of the tips that you are gonna find in that post. The link is above.

So, the first swimsuit recommended for pear-shaped women is from Asos. It’s a one-piece swimsuit with a very interesting color and shape.

Swimsuits for pear shape

This swimsuit has a shape similar to an hourglass. It visually makes your waist look thinner.

It’s true, the waist is not your problem area but by wearing this type of swimsuit you are getting less amount of attention to your hips because people will have a better place to look at.

Since you (and I) have a pear shape, it’s good to know that you should maximize your higher and minimize the lower body.

That’s what my next swimwear does. It has a basic bottom but has a beautiful shape or top with ruffles. These are the details that will get the eye’s attention.

Swimsuits for pear shape

More attention to the higher body = less attention to the lower body – “rule” for pear-shaped women.

I found other types of swimsuits for you. These are different styles and shapes but all of them are great for your body shape. So, Check them out here.

Swimsuits for pear shape
Swimsuits for pear shape

Wearing black bottoms is winning for pear body types. Why? – You would know, that black makes the body look slimmer.

So, my next choice and recommendation is a black high-waisted bikini bottom.

You should have at least one black bottom as a pear shape. There are many stores where you can get the different top and bottom. So, keep the bottom simple and do “everything” on your higher body.

Oh, by the way, I found a perfect top that will pair with the black bottom perfectly.

It’s a leopard print ruffle-sleeved bikini top from Missguided. Check it out above.

There are other bathing suits for a pear shape. I found them on Missguided and Boohoo.

What I can say is that all of them would be an amazing choice for you. They will do what they should.

Summer is the time when I love styling different cute outfits. Swimsuits are not the only thing that you will need for this season.

If you want to find some of the most flattering dresses for pear-body-shaped women, check out my other article.

And the last one is from Boohoo as well. It’s a one-piece swimsuit with strap sleeves. It has a beautiful floral print on the front and it’s black.

Swimsuits for pear shape

So, it’s another great option for us, as pear-shaped women.

Swimsuits for rectangle body shape

You are a rectangle body shape if you have your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips all the same size. It really should look like a square.

Having a rectangle body shape means you have no curves.

You have to do everything to create some curves on your body. And now, let’s start.

So, the first recommended swimsuit for a rectangle body shape is from Asos. It’s a one-piece swimsuit that has a round cut in front.

Swimsuits for rectangle body shape

Anything that creates some shape on your body is great for you. Because by doing this you are getting some curves. Also, your body looks different – it’s not a rectangle anymore.

All these swimsuits work perfectly for you. I chose them for you because they have unique and interesting shapes or details.

There is one from Forever 21 which has straps tied on the sides, on your hips and you know what, that’s gonna be a perfect choice for you.

Swimsuits for rectangle body shape

Those straps on your hips add more curves to your body. And you don’t look like a rectangle anymore, once again.

This bathing suit is from Boohoo and it looks awesome.

The most useful thing that a swimsuit has is that “weird” but beautiful cuts in front.

I wrote another article only for your body type. There you will discover swimsuits that are perfect for rectangle body-shaped women.

Swimsuits for rectangle body shape

Yes, it’s a one-piece swimwear but these cutouts help you to create different shapes on your body.

Along with these beautiful bathing suits, there are other options that I found for you.

The only thing that I can say is that I guarantee that you are gonna look fantastic in any of these. Because all of them are chosen for only your body shape.

These are the swimsuits that are great for a rectangle body shape. But I have some great news for you.

I have written a separate article only for rectangle body shapes. It’s also about how to choose the right swimsuit for your body type. So, if you want to discover some extra tips and tricks, check it out as well.

Swimsuits for Petites

I won’t explain what being petite means. Because since you are already here, reading this, you know what it means.

Petite women are those who are shorter than 162 cm(5ft 4 in). So petite is the name called to small women.

There are the seven best swimsuits for Petites that I discovered for you. All of them are great options for your body shape.

Some of them are striped prints. Why they are good for your body type? Because they have vertical stripes on them. Those vertical stripes make your body look longer and so you are gonna look taller as well.

Another useful detail that some of those swimsuits have is their shape. Look at them here.

They are either one-shoulder or have a long straight cut in front. These both are awesome for your body type. That’s because these shapes create vertical lines on your body, which as I said already make you look taller.

As a petite, I think some extra visual centimeters won’t be extra for you.

By the way, if you want to find some amazing tricks on how to look taller and slimmer check out my article about it here.

Additionally, I have a very beautiful cover-up for you. This is from Nasty Gal and it’s more than perfect for you.

Swimsuits for Petites

It’s a very long leopard print cover-up that visually makes your body look way taller. That’s because of its silhouette.

Best swimsuits for plus-size women

Best swimsuits for plus size women

You know what? You (as a plus-size) may think that you can’t find clothes for your body type, but you are totally wrong.

I think that you are the happiest woman in the world. You have a body type that looks so cute and awesome.

Other choices are on you. The thing is any swimsuits that are created for plus-size women, already are recommended for you.

So, what should you consider and remember if you want to feel comfy in the bathing suit?

First of all, love your body.

Then follow the others. But remember the first tip is the most important – love your body.

Another thing that you should look for in swimsuits is the coverage.

Best swimsuits for plus size women

If you enjoy how your body looks – choose the one that you love the most.

But in case you want to hide some extra kilos in a bathing suit – find some things that have enough coverage.

Whether it’s a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit it should have the ability to cover some extra parts of your body.

For example, if you want to wear a one-piece swimsuit go for the one that is high-waisted. First, it will obviously make your hips look thinner, and you can hide a tummy there.

If you know that you have an hourglass body shape, check out this article here.

This is where you will find some useful tips on how to dress if you have a plus-size hourglass body shape.

Best swimsuits for plus size women

Other than that there are no “rules”. You can experiment with everything. Go for ruffled swimwear if you wish. Choose the one with print if you like to do so. I mean try anything!

And if you don’t know where you can find some new clothes, here is the form where you need to just enter your email.

You will get an email from me, with a FREE list of online clothing stores for plus size women.

Free list of the best online stores for plus size women
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Just remember to have enough coverage. That’s again only for your beauty.

If you are a woman who doesn’t feel confident and you don’t enjoy wearing those bathing suits you can wear a cover-up with any of them.

But I still think whether you are petite, tall, plus size, or any other type you have to love yourself. You must be confident in your body and always enjoy experimenting with styling.

That’s all I wanted to share with you.

In case you want to leave me a comment or your thoughts about this article DM me on Instagram or else you can find me on our Facebook page here.

I hope you liked the post. My mission for today is to help you find the perfect swimsuit for your body shape and type. And I think we got it together. There is a lot to choose from.

Thank you for visiting and reading!

Have a nice day! <3

best swimsuits for all body types

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