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How to Dress Plus Size Hourglass: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

How to Dress Plus Size Hourglass: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

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Being here means you already know some things about your figure. In a better case, you probably know that you have an hourglass body shape. That’s great!

This article is for women who are plus-size or consider themself as curvy. So, we talk about how to dress plus size hourglass body type.

If you want to find tips and tricks on what to wear as a plus-size hourglass, you should stay with me till the end.

What you are gonna get?

You are gonna know what type of clothes should you wear, what are the best necklines and any more about your body type.

What is an hourglass body shape?

Having an hourglass body shape means you have a very defined waist. Your shoulders and hips are almost the same size. You can find out more about hourglass body measurements in my older post.

I don’t want to spend much time just explaining basic things about hourglass body shape. So, first, go check out the older post (open it in a new tab), and then come back here.

Let’s start creating the list of recommendations just for you.

How to dress plus size hourglass

Always use a belt

The belt is an accessory that works great with many body types.

But if you wonder it is the best for plus-size hourglass body-shaped women.

A belt helps you to make your waist look even more defined than it really is. It creates a beautiful silhouette of your body.

If you want to step up your styling game, here is my E-book for you. This is where you will learn a lot of and actually all the little things about dressing better.

How To Dress Plus Size Hourglass
Image source: Pinterest

In beautiful I mean the most feminine body silhouette. Actually, having an hourglass body shape means you have a body shape that most women wish to have.

It doesn’t matter if you are slim or curvy, you can still have an hourglass body shape.

You know what I think. being plus size means just having more curves. I (men also) prefer watching women who have some curves to women who have totally nothing to show.

So, if you decided that you can’t style good-looking outfits because you are a plus-size woman – please, stop thinking like that. At least, I hope my post will help you to feel confident in yourself. Because without it, it’s gonna be hard to look perfect! Remember that!!

Be yourself, be confident, and love yourself. That’s the first thing I want you to do.

Wearing a belt with dresses that are loose and have nothing to look at, is perfect.

Another way you can wear a belt over a shirt. Whether you are gonna wear leggings, tailored pants or jeans you can always pair a good shirt with them. The thing is, this little accessory will make your outfit look fantastic.

The only thing I want you to remember is to avoid wearing too loose or too tight clothes (including shirts).

Always try to balance your look – check out my post about how to mix and match clothes to create stylish outfits. You are gonna learn a lot there as well.

This leads us to the next tip which is to

Choose fabrics that don’t create bulkiness

How To Dress Plus Size Hourglass
Image source: Pinterest

It’s difficult to define the right volume of clothes. But you have to find fabrics that move with you, while you are moving. They need to be flowy and they have to have some space around your body.

Wear pieces that draw attention to your waist

Do love prints? What about some embellishments? Beautiful cuts or any other details on clothes?

There are some details that will help you draw attention to your waist. Getting eye attention to your waist is a great idea because as an hourglass shape, the waist is the best part of your body. You may don’t think like this but that’s the fact.

Layer outfits with short jackets

Emphasizing your wait is always useful whether you are plus size or not. But as an hourglass-shaped woman, you have to draw attention to your waist.

Short jackets normally end higher than your natural waist creating a visual horizontal line. That line gets attention to that area.

How To Dress Plus Size Hourglass
Image source: Pinterest

In case you love another part of your body you should do the same. Find pieces that will get people’s attention to your favorite “place” of your body. When you love something you want to accentuate it right? You want to show it to more people, am I right?

So, do this!

If you like your neck – choose interesting necklines. If you are in love with your legs – always be ready to wear short clothes (whether they are shorts, skirts, or dresses). If you like how your bust looks go for V-necks or you can also go for a statement necklace.

If you love your waist and you think it’s your asset you have many ways to accentuate it.

This list can be unlimited. There are a lot of body parts you may like. In case you want me to write about each of these, DM me on Instagram. Tell me what you want to accentuate or hide – I will always be there for you.

Now, let’s continue!

Wear wrap clothes

How To Dress Plus Size Hourglass
Image source: Pinterest

If you read my articles about body types, you would know that wrap clothes are great for any body shape.

Wrap dresses or tops are specially made so that they will accentuate the right curves and hide some extra kilos as well.

Choose solid colors

I know you may have heard this a million times but I couldn’t miss this step.

Solid colors are great! Not only because they make you look slimmer, that’s because they are easy to create outfits with.

The only thing I wanted to add here is: to choose one part of your body (on your higher or lower body). If you are bigger on your higher body you should wear solid colors on there. And if you have a wider lower body you should opt out for solid-color pants, skirts and etc. But you have to wear “busy” clothes on your higher body.

Wear pants with a big waistband

Well, this works the same way as a belt.

The belt and large waistband help you to again accentuate your waist.

But what if the stomach is your problem area? – that’s not a problem. Because wide waistband also will help you hide a tummy and make the stomach area look smaller.

That’s great, right?

Make a pencil skirt like your friend

The pencil skirt is a great wardrobe piece for plus-size women. It fits and flatters your body.

In the best case, if you have wide hips or bulky legs it really will become your best friend.

How To Dress Plus Size Hourglass
Image source: Pinterest

Pencil skirts hide some space on your legs. It would be difficult to find how big or small your legs are. but in fact, they will look smaller than they really are.

So if you don’t have at least one pencil skirt in your closet, it’s time to invest in one or two.

Find tops with peplums

Do you want to know another trick to hide a tummy (even if you have a little one)?

Then go shopping. Look for peplum tops. They are a great choice for you.

Peplum tops have a little extra fabric around the stomach. It helps to hide a tummy! But that’s not the best thing about them.

How To Dress Plus Size Hourglass
Image source: Pinterest

Peplum tops are made so that they are very slim-fitted on your waist. And as a plus-size hourglass, you already know that you have a very defined waist that looks so beautiful on you.

So, at least try them. Find out how they look on your body. I am still sure you are gonna love it.

And you know what if you want to find other tricks to hide a tummy, go check out my article about it.

Wear long coats

How To Dress Plus Size Hourglass
Image source: Pinterest

Why should you wear long coats?

Because long creates a long vertical line on your body. This line makes you look taller but also helps you to look slimmer. It also can help you to hide some extra kilos.

Even when you are not wearing too tight clothes, it’s always better to layer the outfit. It’s because layering helps you to show off fewer details of your body.

Not because you have something to hide but still as a plus-size woman, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to show less, right?

Wear flared jeans

Flared jeans are very trending this year. More loose clothes have become very popular. Do you know when these pieces were trending? – a very long time ago. But fashion trends are coming back. They are moving in a circle.

So, why should you wear flared jeans?

Because it creates a very interesting, flattering silhouette of your body. It looks beautiful on curvy girls exactly because it flatters their bodies in a great way.

How To Dress Plus Size Hourglass
Image source: Pinterest

Along with flared jeans, you should wear fit and flare dresses.

They work even better for your body type. Fit and flare dress follows your curves till your waist and then it will start to become looser. That’s great for you. It will accentuate your waist and will hide the stomach and hips area. Which can be problematic areas for you.

Other types of pants that you can wear are culottes and wide-leg pants. You can find some ideas on how to wear culottes in my older post. So, check it out for some style inspiration.

Try clothes with an empire waist

Tops and dresses with an empire waist are other options for you. It is a little detail that helps you, as a plus-size hourglass-shaped woman to flatter your body.

Empire waist defines your waist even more. Basically, it accentuates and creates the interesting shape of your perfect body.

By the way, if you want to find the difference between hourglass and inverted triangle body shapes, you can check out my post about it. If you are not sure which body shape you have, you can find out there.

If you wonder I am pear-shaped, neither very slim nor plus size. I am somewhere in the middle. But I shared these tips because some of them work for my body shape as well.

If you wonder how pear and hourglass body shapes differ from each other, check out my article here.

Some time ago, I thought that creating outfits for slim women was easier and they look beautiful in everything.

But now I think a different way,

The thing is if we find what flatters our body, what works and doesn’t work for us, we are gonna look fantastic. But the more important thing is to always feel confident in our body.

So, I would like you to always love yourself as you look. And don’t forget to experiment with everything you like. Fashion is always about experimenting.

That’s what today’s article is all about. These tips are not “rules” but if you want to flatter your body then you should remember and consider trying them.

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