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About Me

Hi there! I am Mari, the creator of the Maridfashion blog.

Actually, the name of the blog comes from my real name and surname.

I am 23 years old, mommy blogger from Georgia and I wanna say welcome to my blog! I am a married woman, owning a 6 years old princess, who is already in a passion for fashion with me. The first sentence of her waking up in the morning is “Which dress can I wear today, mom?” That`s the main reason I`ve come to an idea for creating a blog about fashion.

I make this blog to help women (not only) to give key ideas when it comes to outfits for various seasons and events. Trying to discover and then share upcoming trends with my readers. And you know what, I`d love to communicate with my readers, so don`t forget to follow me on Pinterest or DM me on Instagram.

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    Let`s enjoy the journey together! 💓