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What Type of Dress Suits a Pear Shaped Body

What Type of Dress Suits a Pear Shaped Body

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It’s difficult to style outfits for a pear shape. Not because it’s hard to create outfits for it. No, in fact, it’s easy if you know what type of clothes suit that body shape.

For today, I decided to talk about what type of dress suits a pear shaped body. There are definitely some types of dresses that look great on pear body shape. If you want to find them, stay with me.

And let’s start!

If you are not sure about your body shape, check out “What is your body shape and how to measure it in an easy way?“. It’s an article that you can find on my blog and it will help you to figure out your body shape and its main features.

In general, having a pear body shape means you have most of your weight carried on your hips. So, the hips are the largest part of your body. But not a problem at all, we are gonna figure out what is style of dresses that perfectly fit your body.

If you want to also find work pants for pear-shaped bodies, you can check out another article just about them.

The quickest and easiest tip for pear body shapes would be to minimize the bottom half of the body and maximize the top half.

Dresses for pear body shape

Let’s start talking about dresses in detail.

And the first option is a vertical striped dress for you.

What Type of Dress Suits a Pear Shaped Body
Source of images on the page: Pinterest

It’s the print that visually helps the body to look longer but it’s great for your body shape because it creates a vertical line on your body.

That vertical line makes you look higher and more “straight” if you know what I mean. So, your problematic area (hips) won’t be as much highlighted as before.

The next style of dress that you should look for if you have a pear body shape is a dress with an empire waist.

What Type of Dress Suits a Pear Shaped Body

The waist is the narrowest part of the pear body type while the hips are the largest.

The thing here is that an empire waist helps to make your waist more defined, resulting in the thing that it’s the best part of your body.

When it comes to styling for different body shapes, there’s always a good rule to follow: minimize your problem area and maximize your asset.

That’s what exactly empire waist does for you. It makes your asset (waist) to be defined and look better. So it automatically hides your problem area (hips).

I think, now you’ve got it.

A wrap dress is another perfect option for you. By the way, wrap dresses are a great option for anybody type because it’s customizable. It fits and flares the body with its own curves.

What Type of Dress Suits a Pear Shaped Body

So, that’s the exact same reason why you should invest in (at least) one wrap dress.

The next dress that will work well for you is the dress with different prints on top and bottom.

What Type of Dress Suits a Pear Shaped Body

Let me explain what I mean.

It’s hard to find many dresses like this but you still should try.

So, you need a dress that has prints on the top half and a solid color on the bottom. Or something that has busier print on top and simpler print on the bottom.

It works as dresses that I already mentioned. It gets the eye’s attention to your higher body and so, your hips are a less focused part.

I have to remember the same rule for you: you need to maximize the top half of your body and minimize the lower body – only if you are a pear-shaped woman, of course.

Prints, sexy necklines, bright colors, jewelry, and accessories are things that help you to grab people’s attention to your higher body.

There is another thing that can do it for you and these are sleeves.

If you have a pear shape and you want to flatter your body, you need dresses with interesting sleeves.

What Type of Dress Suits a Pear Shaped Body

In interesting sleeves, I mean everything that can get an eye on it.

It’s possible to go for sheer sleeves, puffed sleeves, sequined sleeves – I mean, anything interesting.

These little details play a big role in your outfit, believe me. I have a pear shape as well. So, I know what can be useful for women like me.

And here is another thing that I want to tell you.

Knowing these “rules” doesn’t mean that you can’t wear clothes in your own way. In fact, fashion is always about experimenting. You can wear anything you enjoy to wear and in any way you want, but…

But if you want to look the best version of yourself by choosing the right clothes depending on your body type, you need to know and follow these tips.

That’s only because of the thing that it makes you feel more confident in yourself and you are gonna enjoy every single outfit you make. That’s the thing.

Now, let’s move on!

Belted dresses work exactly like an empire waist.

What Type of Dress Suits a Pear Shaped Body

The belt is a perfect accessory that every pear-shaped woman should wear. It defines the waist and so it helps you to show your curves better with your outfit.

Belted dresses are more flattering than regular tunic (straight) dresses. It follows the rule of maximizing your asset (waist) exactly. So, it seems more interesting than any other part of your body.

So, remember that, and don’t forget to get a few belted dresses or put a belt on dresses that you already have in your closet.

There are still a lot of options for you. Don’t think those are the only ones.

And the next one is an off-shoulder dress. This is the type of dress that makes you look sexier, chicer, and more interesting.

What Type of Dress Suits a Pear Shaped Body

Yes, shoulders are not (maybe) your asset, but normally pear-shaped women don’t have any problem with them(if you have that’s OK too).

Showing more of your skin on your higher body takes the eye’s attention exactly on that area. That means you are minimizing attention to your lower body. Do we wanna do so? – yeah, for sure.

I’ve got the next amazing thing to share.

Other dresses that you can wear as a pear shape are dresses with padded shoulders.

What Type of Dress Suits a Pear Shaped Body

Padded shoulders balance your body silhouette and make it look prettier.

The thing here is that pads add extra volume to your shoulders. That means you have some extra volume on your higher body.

So, your higher and lower bodies are almost the same sizes and that’s what balancing means.

It means your hips are not the biggest part of your body (visually) and it’s not as noticeable as before. And you are good to go! <3

If you are looking for a new dress, that will be the right choice for your body, try to find it with a boat neck.

What Type of Dress Suits a Pear Shaped Body

Actually not only a boat neck but also something that will show more of your skin on your higher body.

I already explained why it works for your body shape but I can repeat, lol.

Showing more skin on your higher body minimizes the eye’s attention to your lower body. That’s what works perfectly for pear body shapes.

You can consider the same thing when you are looking for tops, swimsuits, and other things for you.

I can help you find a perfect swimsuit for your body type. This is the article where you will find swimsuits for you and all other body types.

The next type of dresses that are great for you are A-line dresses.

What Type of Dress Suits a Pear Shaped Body

This shape of the dress will work perfectly for you because it ends somewhere on your waist and then it flares out to your knees.

That’s working for our body shape because this is the shape of a dress that exactly follows your body curves. Nobody is gonna find out how big or small your hips are.

So, we can consider A-line dresses as an ultimate piece for pear body shapes. I mean, it’s the easiest choice for us.

Time for the next one which is a bustier dress.

Bustier dresses don’t only look sexy but they are also great, no, not great, an awesome option for pear body shapes.

Let me explain why.

So, the thing here is that bustier dresses create a horizontal line on your bust. Since you are the largest on your hips, you should imagine a horizontal line on your hips as well.

But as long as you already have that horizontal line on both, your higher and lower body, your body silhouette looks well-balanced.

Check the image to understand it better.

What Type of Dress Suits a Pear Shaped Body

Bustier dresses will be perfect for hourglass body shapes as well. But for a better result, they need to pair a belt with the dress.

If you’re interested in learning more about hourglass and pear body shapes, I recommend checking out this article. It explains the main differences between the two body shapes, helping you determine which one you belong to.

I think that’s all I wanted to share.

Tell me, as a pear shape what type of dresses do you enjoy wearing?

DM me on Instagram or on Pinterest. I love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading! and don’t forget to

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What Type of Dress Suits a Pear Shaped Body

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