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How to Find the Right Swimsuit for Rectangle Body Shape – Guide to Read Before Buying

How to Find the Right Swimsuit for Rectangle Body Shape – Guide to Read Before Buying

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Congrats on stepping into the summer! I think I am the person who loves it the most. Having fun at the beach under the sun, is there anything better than this? I think, no!

So, today I am gonna talk about how to find the right swimsuit for a rectangle body shape. You definitely need the one, right?

First of all, if you don’t know what is your body type, check out my previous article on how you should figure out what body shape you have.

But if you already know that you are a rectangle (square) shape, you are in the right place. Read the whole post to fully understand what you should consider before buying a new bathing suit.

How to find the right swimsuit for rectangle body

Having the triangle body shape means you have your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips almost the same size. Having these measurements, mean that you don’t have so many curves on your body.

So, what should you do? You have to create different contours of your body. Choosing the right swimsuit that flatters your shape the right way, is the key for you.

Ok, so here is one example of the swimsuit you should look for if you are a rectangle body shape.

how to find the right swimsuit for rectangle body

This is a bathing suit that has more like a triangle shape.

It has a very deep cut at the bottom, so it creates the illusion of a more flattering body.

It also has a deep round neck, so it doesn’t look like you have a rectangle body shape and you don’t have any curves.

If you are looking for swimwear, something like this should be a good one for you.

how to find the right swimsuit for rectangle body

Look at this swimsuit again!

Can you see what type of shape it creates?

Swimwear that has some print, or cuts that create the illusion of your smaller waist is the perfect and actually the best choice for the square body.

This one has black transparent sheers on the sides, and its color is different from the main color. That’s what playing with colors means.

And that’s what helps a lot.

If you can’t find a swimsuit like this one, you can also check for others that have cuts on the sides, instead of sheers or different colors.

how to find the right swimsuit for rectangle body

Your swimsuit should have ruffles. They are perfect for rectangle body shapes because they add more volume to your body. As long as you need to create more curves, you definitely need those.

It is not required to have ruffles on the bottom. Actually, it doesn’t matter. Just choose the one that has it somewhere.

If you are not a lover of one-piece swimsuits, you can also look for two-piece bathing suits, that have ruffles either on top or on the bottom.

how to find the right swimsuit for rectangle body

Speaking about two-piece swimsuits, there are some details that flatter perfectly on your body. One of them is that you need to search for swimwear that has ties on the hips.

The reasons behind this are, first of all, they are very comfortable and they fit on your hips perfectly. Second, it makes you feel secure while swimming.

And the last and most important is that it adds more details to your hips. So, it looks more interesting and flattering.

how to find the right swimsuit for rectangle body

Swimsuits with the two matching pieces are great for rectangle body shape as well. Because it draws more attention to the colors on it and not your body. It’s about eye contact, it will see the colors first.

So no one would observe your body shape.

A bathing suit that is ruched and there is something going on in the front is another option for you. Actually, it’s not an option, it’s the perfect choice of yours.

More details, the better.

The trick here is the same, you will get away from the attraction of your body. If you are not comfortable with your body type, that’s what you need.

how to find the right swimsuit for rectangle body

I wanna say something, there are many people with your body type. Perhaps, they know which bathing suits are good for them.

But the most important thing is that they enjoy themself. Having one or another type of body, doesn’t mean that it needs to be hidden.

No, instead you have to be looking for pieces that just fit and flatter the best way.

That way you will feel comfier in any outfit, whether it’s a bathing suit or other things from your wardrobe.

Belted swimwears make your waist look smaller. That’s obvious but the trick to look at here is the bust area.

You need bathing suits that have a push-up top so that there should be something to get the eye’s attention.

The combination of these two details will be just amazing.

Belted bathing suits are perfect for hourglass body shaped women as well. Because they have a very defined waist.

And the belt highlights their curves perfectly.

By the way if you want to find out what are some differences between hourglass and rectangle body shape, check out my other article.

If you can find swimwear that has chains on the sides, this is gonna be another good option for you. When the bathing suit has a chain on the side, your hips are not defined.

So, it will be more difficult to find where your hips are, and what is their size.

how to find the right swimsuit for rectangle body

In case you don’t like chain details, try to choose a bathing suit that has as many details as possible on top or on the bottom. For example, it can be sequins.

There are so many swimsuits that have beautiful, sequined tops. You can choose one from them.

how to find the right swimsuit for rectangle body

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on bathing suits, there is a brand available on Amazon, which has various types of swimsuits.

According to people’s reviews, they are very good quality and affordable as well. The brand name is Cupshe. I think you should definitely check them out! You will certainly find the desired one for your body type.

What if you have a rectangle body shape with a tummy

You may have a rectangle body shape, and you still have a tummy. It is possible to have wide hips as well. But that’s OK!

There are swimsuits, that will help you to camouflage your stomach area. If you wanna know how you can do this, let’s find out right now.

So, here is the first option. You can look for a tankini swimsuit. It covers your tummy area because it flatters the most there. It will help you to look slimmer as well. This is a perfect option for you.

If you want to find the perfect swimsuit for other body types, you can check out another article about it. You can find swimsuits that are flattering for every body type.

rectangle body shape with tummy

Another piece you should look for is high-waisted two-piece swimsuits. It sits over your tummy, and it’s not visible at all.

If you don’t actually want to wear a swimsuit, you can go with high waisted shorts.

They are a good choice for you as well. To find out more outfits for the beach, you should check my previous article on it.

rectangle body shape with tummy

Try to always choose a swimsuit that has vertical stripes on it.

You may think, it doesn’t matter, but in fact, it does. It creates the illusion and attracts more eyes to your lower body.

So, people see your legs and don’t hips and tummy.

And also, it’s better if your bathing suit will have a deep cut in your bust area. It will bring the eyes to your chest.

So, not many people will take attention to your tummy.

rectangle body shape with tummy

Actually, if you have a tummy, it’s better to look for two pieces. Because you will have more options to hide your tummy.

But in case you still wanna wear one-piece choose the one that has some sheering details on your stomach area. It will create the illusion of a smoother belly, and camouflage it better.

Best bathing suit for wide hips

In case your problem is wide hips, there are some tips to follow before buying anything.

The first one is to try to get the attention away from your hips. You can do this by choosing a bathing suit that has many details on the top. It is possible for both, one and two-piece swimsuits.

The best way to achieve this goal is to get swimwear that has very bright colors on the top, and dark colors at the bottom. Or instead of colors, it can be printed.

best bathing suits for wide hips

This one is a perfect example. It has a tropical print, with so many colors on the top, and the bottom is just basic, matching color.

You can also buy a skirted swimsuit so that you can conceal your problem area.

Another detail your bathing suit should have is diagonal ruffles. They visually slash the hips and make them look slimmer.

I hope you liked the post and actually know how to find the right swimsuit for a rectangle body.

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how to find the right swimsuit for rectangle body

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