Amazon Finds for a Beach Vacation – Cute and Stylish Wardrobe Pieces for Summer

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

Summer is coming and it’s already a good time to start thinking about summer vacation. But the thing is along with choosing the destination, you are gonna need some stuff for it.

For today, I decided to share 25 Amazon finds for a beach vacation. If you decide that you are going to the mountains, I can also share some outfit inspiration for that as well. Just let me know on Instagram.

Now let’s get the party started!


So, the first thing that is perfect for a beach vacation is the dress with a very beautiful shape and details on it.

It’s a very affordable but good quality dress by Pretty Garden. It’s a long dress with little polka dot prints on it. It has a few pleats and more importantly, it has a belt on the waist.

You can click on the images to check out more details about products on Amazon.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

Generally, having a belt is already a good thing for the outfit. Because it helps you to show your waist more defined and so you are gonna have more beautiful body silhouette.

Yes, it’s right. You have to always try to wear clothes that flatter your body right way. belt is great for any body shapes. So you don’t have to worry about it at all.

But in case you want to find out more about your specific body shape you should check out the “body types” section on my blog. It will help you first figure out what your body shape is and how you should create outfits for it.

Now, let’s continue with our finds.


And the next thing you are gonna need for a beach vacation is another dress. I have many dresses on today’s list. You know why? – Because there is nothing better than wearing a flowy, breathable dress in summer.

Really, summer is the best time when I, personally wear dresses mostly. In fact, I rarely wear dresses in other seasons, unless I am going to a party or any other official event.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

So, this dress is more like a wrap dress. It’s also long with a deep V-neck and a beautiful split in front. It is a floral print dress. You should know that florals are still trending for summer. But that’s not the only thing why you should get it.

It’s because of its shape. I mean the deep V-neck and a big cut in front of the dress. They look fantastic in a combo. It’s sexy, it has summer vibes and so it’s really awesome.

Oh, by the way, I have to say once more – wrap dresses are good for any body shape. That’s because they follow and show body curves exactly as they should.


The next item that I found on Amazon is also a dress. But this time I decided to go for a short dress.

It’s another cute dress with tiny florals. It’s also a deep V-neck and it also has a belt. There is not anything new to say about it. The only thing I wanted to say is that you have to accessorize the outfit with it.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

In fact, any outfit needs accessories, but this one obviously needs some more interesting pieces to be paired with.

In the best case, you can wear a fedora hat, handbag and sunglasses with the dress. It’s gonna look so chic and cute.


This next dress is also perfect for a beach vacation.

Fortunately, you can order it in larger sizes. It’s a long dress with floral print, strap sleeves, and off-shoulders.

This dress also gonna need some cute accessories to create cool outfits with it.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

I haven’t tried it, it’s true, but I know that dresses with this style are comfy to wear.

It will make your summer days cooler. So, check out it on Amazon and decide which one do you like the best. I can say that I love all of them.


The next Amazon find for your beach vacation is another dress. This one is my personal favorite.

Because I love the style of it. I love the print on it as well.

It’s a short dress with a deep V-neck and extra fabric on every part of the dress.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

These details make the dress look so cute and flattering on the body. It looks sexy chic and cute.

I also love the sleeves of the dress. It’s 3/4 sleeved and it’s perfect for cooler summer days, which are pretty often in my country.

It’s time to share another chic piece for your beach vacation.


Along with dresses you are gonna need some beautiful tops as well. That’s why I found this for you.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

It’s an almost sleeveless top with a very unique but modern-looking print on it. I am really fell in love with this color combination: brown and black – well you can create something amazing with this top. Just pair it with some accessories.

You can wear the top with jeans, shorts or a skirt as well.

But since it’s casual and not tight you have to pair it with pieces that will be tighter on your lower body. That’s gonna be a good balance of the outfit and so your body silhouette will look pretty as well.


The next piece that you can carry in your beach suitcase is a midi skirt with an interesting shape.

So it’s a midi skirt with an elastic waist. It’s knee-length and it has ruffles at the bottom.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

Generally, it looks so chic. Because it has modern style and shape.

You can wear it with any top.

You can sometimes tuck the top in it. Or you can also make a little knot in front of the top.

Oh, and you can wear it with crop tops as well.

So, you have many options to try, if you will decide to get it for your summer wardrobe.

Oh, wait I remembered that I have something interesting for you. I have a post about creating a capsule wardrobe for summer.

So if you want to be more organized start creating it. What is does it helps you to have pieces in the wardrobe that you actually wear. So, you will have the closet full of pieces that you need or like.

And you will be able to see exactly how I managed to create a summer capsule wardrobe. And so you are gonna know what are some pieces in my closet.

We have to back to dresses once again.


The next dress that I found on Amazon is from Romwe.

Romwe is a fashion brand that has a lot of customers. Because they have very affordable clothes but they are good quality as well. You just need to check out some reviews before purchasing the item. They have a website as well.

So, this is a short dress with a very beautiful print and color on it. It’s a floral print dress with a square neckline and ruffled sleeves.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

I love it because it’s gonna looks so cute on everyone. But especially on women with beautiful shoulders. it looks so chic and feminine. And I think you should check it out.


The next dress that you are gonna love to have for your beach vacation is from Simplee Apparel. It’s another brand that has very cute and trending clothes. So, they are worth checking out as well.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

This time I found a very unique dress for you. It’s one of my favorites. So the reason why it’s unique and pretty is that it has a beautiful neckline, straps and actual print on it is also awesome. It’s backless and it has a wide belt on the waist.

As you know the belt is great for any body shape. It helps to make your body look prettier.

You are gonna look more awesome if you add some accessories to the outfit. Bug round earrings and bangle bracelets will pair with this dress perfectly.


Let’s continue with another interesting piece. It’s a long ankle-length high-waisted wide-leg pants.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

It looks like culottes because it’s so wide at the bottom. It also has two side cuts which make it to be flowy and cool for summer.

You can wear it with tight crop tops or with other tight tops. But remember to choose a simpler piece for your higher body. Because the pants already have a print that looks busy in the outfit.

So pairing another print won’t be a good idea.

There are many prints available for this pants. So, check out them and choose the one you like the most.


Skirts are other pieces of wardrobe that are great for the beach. My next Amazon find is exactly the skirt.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

There is nothing special in this skirt but, most importantly it’s a flowy, beautiful, pleated skirt that is perfect for summer vacation.

Another great thing in it is the waistline.

High-waisted clothes are very useful and flattering for any body type. It helps to make your legs look longer and also you can hide the tummy in it.


This is our next Amazon find and I think you should check it out.

Generally, satin clothes are very trending right now. It’s a cool fabric that you can simply wear in summer.

That’s why I wanted to share. I looked for it and fortunately, I found the satin top for you.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

I found the one with a very beautiful neckline and sleeves. It’s a V-neck cami top with some ruches on the bust. I think it looks so chic.

You can create elegant outfits with it.

Or else you can wear some bohemian jewelry to create a cute boho outfit. Either way, I should say it’s perfect.


The next piece is similar to the pants I shared above. it’s wide-leg pants with a high waist and belt.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

But I loved this print so I thought I should share it with you.


Maxi dresses are very popular this year as well. But if you find the dress that looks as pretty as this next one I think you are so lucky.

As you probably guess, this one is the most favorite for me.

It’s a dark blue dress with white and cute pink flowers on it. It’s a deep V-neck and it has a split in front of the body.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

I think it’s the best option for the beach. Even if you will be at the party, you will have enough coverage but also gonna look sexy and cute. And most important thing is that you are gonna feel comfy.

So, check it out. Don’t lose second thinking about anything else.


The next dress is exactly like the previous one. It’s just another version of it.

But you know what?!

Having different colors of the same piece is a very useful thing in styling.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

So having both of them in your wardrobe just give the more option for different outfits. That’s all.


If you believe me I haven’t worn a cover-up on the beach. Why? I don’t know. Actually, I know. It’s because as long as I reach the beach, I am in the sea. I mean all the time, all day. So, I don’t need it.

But let me tell you another thing. I was staring at women who were wearing cover-ups. Because I love how they look at women.

It kinda covers the butt and the body but it still shows them. So. I think the coverup looks sexy and just amazing on women.

And my next Amazon find is a cover-up. It’s a crochet bathing suit cover up with some beautiful cuts on it.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation


The next cover-up is chiffon fabric. But it’s more like a kimono. It’s longer and so it has more coverage on the body.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

If you ask me I love both of them. They both look awesome.

This one is different because of its print. Its long green leaves, that have tropical vibes. And agree with me, tropical vibes are so special for summer.


I have another cover-up ready for you. But this time I decided to go for a more vintage-looking one.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

Vintage style becomes more and more popular with time.

Look at the jeans people wearing, they are becoming wider and wider.

That’s the comeback of old fashion. But I dont think its old fashion at all.

You should try everything out if you like them on your body.

So you should start investing in those pieces already.


You are gonna definitely need sunglasses for the beach vacation.

I said already, that vintage style becomes more popular over time. So I decided to choose the one with brown details on it. But in fact, it’s more like a leopard print which is not less popular right now. It looks modern and chic.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

You can definitely pair it with today’s picks. It’s the perfect accessory either for dresses, skirts, or any tops. It’s just a summer essential.


Can you imagine a beach vacation without a beach bag? – I can’t.

That’s why I have it ready for you. It’s a beach bag with rope handles that actually look like straw handles. Straw details are perfect for summer and the beach.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

This bag has outside pockets which I guess is pretty comfortable.


Another beach essential is a sun hat. So, my next Amazon find is also a sun hat.

I chose the one that I think will be the best with every outfit. I mean it’s not either too busy so it’s easy to pair with outfits.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

It’s in a very neutral color which you can wear with anything.

I shared it because I personally have seen many summer outfits with this exact hat. And it looks awesome.


The next piece that you are gonna need for a beach vacation is sandals.

Summer is the time when you have to forget about boots, sneakers, and other hot shoes.

Instead, you can just wear flip-flops or sandals. That’s a lot better, right?

This time I decided to share Steve Madden’s donddi sandals. Because it’s one of the most comfortable sandals in the world.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

I have an article about outfits with donddi sandals. So if you need some inspiration you can find some outfit ideas with it as well.


And the next sandals that I want you to check out other comfy sandals from Steve Madden.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

They both are flat sandals which are perfect for the beach.

The best thing about them is that you can wear them with anything.


I found these cute, elegant sunglasses on Amazon. So, I wanted to share it with you.

It’s from Michael Kors and it’s perfect for summer as well.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation


And the last thing for today is these cute leopard print shorts for the beach.

Amazon finds for a beach vacation

You can wear it with a crop top or just with a swimsuit bra. I think it’s gonna look cute.

As for other “busy” pieces you have to try to wear them with simper tops.

That will be a good balance of the look. So it won’t be like you tried to style it too hard.

By the way, do you want to know more tricks about balancing the outfit?

If you do, I recommend you to check out my post about how to mix and match clothes for women. You are gonna learn a lot of stuff there too.

You can also check out and follow my Pinterest and Instagram accounts to find more useful tips, all about styling.

That was all for today. I hope you liked my Amazon finds for a beach vacation.

Have a nice day!

Thank you for reading!

Amazon finds for a beach vacation