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Best Summer Dresses for Inverted Triangle Body Shape (Definitive Guide)

Best Summer Dresses for Inverted Triangle Body Shape (Definitive Guide)

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Dressing right for your body type may be pretty difficult if you don’t know what body shape you have. If you are an inverted triangle, stay with me to find the best summer dresses for inverted triangle body shape.

And that’s not everything, you will find very useful tips to use for your styling.

Inverted triangle body shape – Explained

If you are familiar with different types of body shapes, you can pretend the inverted triangle body shape is the opposite of the pear shape. But if you are not, let me explain more easily.

Before I start explaining I want you to check out my article on how to find your body type first. Then come back here and continue reading.

Or if you are too lazy to read more articles, here are some things you need to know.

When you have a bigger higher body and a smaller lower body, that means you have an inverted triangle shaped body.

But if you are opposite to this, like you are bigger after your bust and smaller above it, you probably have a pear shape.

Did you understand? I hope you did.

There are other body types as well.

But I am not gonna talk about them today. Because I wanna stay concentrated on an inverted triangle to help ladies to find some gorgeous summer dresses for that type of body shape.

Best summer dresses for inverted triangle

Affiliate Disclosure: I am an affiliate for some of the brands that I recommend products from. That means if you buy a thing I will get a $$. You know, I appreciate it <3

*Some of the images may not show because some items are out of stock. I will try to add new ones as soon as I can.

You don’t wanna miss anything in this section because I am gonna share some useful tips that you should use if you have that body shape. Along with that, you can find really amazing summer dresses that perfectly fit you.

It’s not actually only about this body type, but also in every case try to (somehow) hide the problematic part of your body and show off something else.

Tip #1 – In this case, you should minimize bringing attention to your shoulders and maximize getting it to your lower body.


Other than the fact that this dress looks so cute and feminine, here is the reason why it will look perfect on your body. It’s because there are fewer details used on the higher body.

The shape of the dress is also good for an inverted triangle because it’s more flattering on your lower body. And that leads us to the next tip.

Tip #2 – It’s the most important task for you to manage to have an almost exact size width on your lower and higher body. You can do that by choosing the right clothing items for you.

If you can’t understand let me explain what I mean with this tip.

So as your shoulders are bigger than your waist and hips, you have to wear something that has flattering details (ruffle, drapes, peplums, etc.) on that part. It will make your body shape more balanced and your shoulders won’t look as big as before.


summer dresses for inverted triangle body shape

Tip #3 – Use solid colors. At least try to wear dresses that have a solid color on top. If it’s not a dress, it’s better for you to wear brighter colors at the bottom, because again, it will bring more attention to your lower body.

This dress has a perfect solid color. As you can see here, it has curves at the bottom. So your lower body will look a bit bigger than it is and that’s what you want while you have an inverted triangle-shaped body.

I think that will be the most comfortable summer dress that you ever own. And you know what, I think that’s gonna be also perfect for the beach.

You can also use it as a swim cover-up there.

Oh, and by the way, if you are going on a beach vacation (soon), I have another post where you can find stylish beach day outfits for this summer. Go, get inspired!

And if you need a perfect, flattering swimsuit for any body type here is the article you need to check out next.

Tip #4 – look for deep V-necks.


summer dresses for inverted triangle body shape

Following tip #4, this dress is also perfect for your body shape. Generally, try to find a dress that has an even deeper v-neck.

That will bring more attention to your bust area and that decreases the size of your shoulder naturally.

Tip #5 – use the belt to show off your smaller waist and get more eyes on there.

Using a belt is very important for women with hourglass body shapes as well. Because the waist is the area they have to highlight with their outfit.

If you want to know more about hourglass body shape and find differences between hourglass and inverted triangle body shapes, check out this article here.


Again, that’s another dress you should try because it almost follows all the rules that are good to go with if you are inverted triangle body shaped.

Plus it comes with a belt, and as I already said, it helps a lot. It makes your waist show even slimmer than it is, so that brings the most attention to your bottom and waistline.

No one notices that you have broad shoulders.


summer dresses for inverted triangle body shape

You probably know that floral print is still on trend this year, so you don’t have to miss wearing some clothes with it.

Can you guess why is it perfect for your body shape? – if yes, that means I did something that helps you understand what you should do if you are an inverted triangle.

Well, if you can’t find out why is this dress great for that body shape, let me answer this.

It’s true with the strap sleeves your shoulders will be completely shown but no one will look at them when you are wearing this dress which has a split edge. You know what I mean, don’t you?

Generally, if you are an inverted triangle you probably have slim and long legs. Get more eyes on there and not on your shoulders. Actually, I wanna say something.

Shoulders are not a problem at all, you don’t need to hide your shoulders. You just need to avoid making them look bigger than it is. That’s the thing tips are all about.

Here is my new article where you can discover flattering outfits only for inverted triangle body-shaped women.


summer dresses for inverted triangle body shape

Here is the next option for you. Solid color, off-shoulder ruffle dress that you can definitely try.

As long as the waistline and lower body details are more noticeable, you don’t need to worry about off-shoulders. The dress will do its job perfectly.

Tip #6 – I know it’s not about dresses but you should know that as well. Sometimes when it’s very hot outside it’s not very comfortable to wear unrolled hair.

But still, if you wanna hide at least some part of your shoulders, keep your hair laid on your shoulders. You may even feel much more confident in yourself.


If you are looking for something more unique this cute dress should be for you. Fit and flare dresses, like this, are a perfect choice for your body shape.

This white dress is so cute and perfect for every occasion to wear in summer. That cross-over cut on the back makes the dress look more feminine. If you wonder, that one is my favorite on the list.


summer dresses for inverted triangle body shape

This cami linen maxi dress is another perfect and my favorite on the list )) You have the option to tilt in your waist with this little belt, also it has a split edge which is perfect for your body type.

And that’s not all. Find out another reason you should own this in the next tip.

Tip #8 – vertical lines are your best friend when you have an inverted triangle body shape.

Yeah, you’ve just found the golden key (XOXO). I am sure you have at least one dress that has vertical lines. If you don’t take this one.

Why? – because it’s very stylish, comfortable, chic, and very affordable (48$) as well.

Vertical lines move the attention to the bottom, and that helps you to get away attention from the part of your body that you don’t like.


If you wanna spend Summer in the most comfortable clothes this dress is just for it. Of course, it’s another one that also fits very well with your body shape. No one will look at your shoulders when you have that pretty silhouette down there.


This dress is perfect for the beach because it seems very comfy. It has large sleeves that sit on your shoulders, and that doesn’t do anything wrong with your look. So, go for it!

In case you are looking for a prom dress for your body type, I have some cool ones for you. Most importantly, all of those are flattering for your body. They will look awesome on you.

I want to tell you that the inverted triangle body shape is not very uncommon. There are many celebrities that have this body shape.

It’s true they have their own stylists, but the thing is they manage to look always fantastic. Check out some of them and get the inspiration, to find out how they style different outfits.

Angelina Jolie

If you will look at her outfits you find out that she is trying to avoid getting attention to her shoulders.

Flattering clothes, dresses, or jumpsuits that have some volume on the lower body are her choice. Because as you already know, they work perfectly for that body shape.

Naomi Campbell

Miley Cyrus

Celebrities with inverted triangle body shape
Image source: Pinterest

She is using a split dress perfectly because she definitely will draw more attention to her legs, not her shoulders. You got it, right?

Renee Zellweger

Celebrities with inverted triangle body shape
Image source: Pinterest

Cindy Crawford

Again, you can see here the dress Cindy Crawford is wearing has a vertically striped print. She is using a belt to cinch her waist as well. Have you noticed that she has a big shoulder? If you haven’t, no one will.

C o n c l u s i o n :

If you are an inverted triangle this guide will help you to look perfect with your body. The most important thing you need to do is to make a balance between your body parts.

I hope my post will help you to do that very easily.

If you have any other styles that you like on your body, please share them with me. Follow and DM me on Pinterest to find out more useful articles.

Thanks for being here!

summer dresses for inverted triangle body shape

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