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12 Essential Tips on How to Wear a Tulle Skirt for Plus Size Women

12 Essential Tips on How to Wear a Tulle Skirt for Plus Size Women

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Whether you love the classy or casual style, it’s the perfect time to start wearing a tulle skirt.

Why? Because it’s so trending and also because outfits with tulle skirts look just so cute.

For today, I decided to write an article on how to wear a tulle skirt for plus size women.

A lot of people, decide that since the tulle skirt is baggy, plus size women shouldn’t wear it. That’s totally wrong.

And in case you are the woman with the same thought, I have to change your mindset today. I am kidding but really – forget the thing that you are a bit bigger than others.

Everyone is perfect with their body. But you know what?! – women are never satisfied with themselves. We can always complain about something.

So, don’t think much about your fullness and always do experiments to discover your personal style. You are gonna discover a lot of things.

Now, let’s start creating the awesome list full of tulle skirt outfit ideas for you.

How to wear a tulle skirt for plus size women

1. Wear it with a tight top

how to wear a tulle skirt for plus size
Image source: Pinterest

The first option you have is a tight top with a boat neck.

Its true tulle skirt is fluffy and not tight, so it’s better if you wear something tighter on your higher body.

That’s why I recommended wearing a top with a boat neck with a tulle skirt. They pair very well together. And your outfit will gonna look chic and balanced.

There are other necklines that you can wear with a tulle skirt as well. V-neck, crewneck, and others.

Just remember, don’t cover your full body with clothes. It’s gonna make you look like a scared woman who wants to hide everything.

Instead, find tops with some cuts. Believe me, that’s gonna look a lot better.

2. Wear it with denim top

how to wear a tulle skirt for plus size
Image source: Pinterest

If you want to dress down your outfit, you should go for a denim top.

There are a lot of them available on Asos, Forever 21, etc.

It can be a shirt, jacket top, or just a regular denim top.

The only thing I can say about the tulle skirt and denim top combination is that outfit looks so chic and stylish.

It is easy to create as well.

If you don’t want to wear only a denim top you can wear it with a white or black basic tee. That look is gonna look more casual and sporty.

So, your body – your choice. You can choose the one you like on your body.

3. Pair it with off-shoulder top

Are your shoulders your favorite part of your body?

If yes, then it’s time to show them.

how to wear a tulle skirt for plus size
Image source: Pinterest

Was your answer no to that question? – why?

Do know that the shoulders are one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body for men? Why should you want to hide them? I don’t actually get it.

I want you to be confident. You look awesome.

Now, I want you to try an off-shoulder top on your body. Pair it with a tulle skirt and check out how it looks on you.

So, next time when you decide to wear a tulle skirt remember off-shoulder tops that look great with them.

By the way, do you already have a list of the best online clothing stores for plus size women?

If not…

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4. Wear it with a sequined top

You can wear the sequined top with a tulle skirt. If you want to look elegant, expensive, and chic that’s the one way to do it.

By the way, I have other ways to help you look more expensive. Check out the article about it. You are not gonna need to spend a ton on your clothes after reading this.

The sequined top and tulle skirt outfit look really elegant. That’s the outfit that you can go everywhere with. Whether you are looking for work, date night, shopping, etc. outfits this is the one you can try.

5. Make an outfit with a striped top and leather jacket

how to wear a tulle skirt for plus size
Image source: Pinterest

The next outfit that you can create with a tulle skirt is a striped top, leather jacket, and tulle skirt outfit.

This is the easiest but the most stylish outfit you can try with a tulle skirt.

It looks so cute and chic. You can wear this outfit without a jacket as well. But it’s good for layering.

You need to always try to layer outfits with something. It makes your outfit look more interesting.

6. Wear it with a sheer top

how to wear a tulle skirt for plus size
Image source: Pinterest

Another interesting piece that you can wear with a tulle skirt is a sheer top.

Being a plus-size doesn’t mean you can’t wear transparent tops. All the more so, while they are so trending right now.

Do you wonder what my thought about it?

I love transparent tops. They look beautiful on everyone. The only thing is it needs the right pieces to be paired with. In this case, the tulle skirt is the awesome one.

Tulle skirt and sheer top outfit look so elegant on women. You can also wear the jacket over it (for more coverage).

7. Wear it with turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are pieces that you can pair with a tulle skirt without any worries.

This is gonna be another elegant outfit that you can wear almost everywhere.

Along with it, you can accessorize the outfit. Turtlenecks are the best pieces that you should accessorize with jewelry.

Whether you like a statement, bold, or simple jewelry – go for any of them. Use them to accessorize the turtleneck. They look awesome with it.

Why are turtlenecks great to wear with tulle skirts?

Because they are tight on top. So, they will be in a good balance with a tulle skirt.

By the way, if you want to find more tips and tricks about balancing outfits, you can check out my post about it. You will find out how you should mix and match two different pieces for a complete, chic look.

8. Pair it with button-down shirt

Do you want to create a more formal but still cute outfit with a tulle skirt?

Then go for button-down shirts. They will help you to feel comfy and look appropriate for work as well.

how to wear a tulle skirt for plus size
Image source: Pinterest

Another good thing about these shirts is that you can wear them either as business or smart casual. Button-down shirts are appropriate for both of these dress codes.

The only thing I want you to know is that you have to always tuck your top into the tulle skirt.

Not because you are plus size. That’s only because it looks a lot better this way.

In case you don’t like tops tucked in the skirt you can also make a little knot on your tops.

If you know that you have an hourglass body shape, I have another interesting article for you. It’s the post for you if you want to understand how to dress plus size hourglass. So, check it out as well.

And in case you don’t know what your body shape is, find out it now! It’s pretty important to know that you want to look perfect with every single outfit.

That’s exactly my next way to create tulle skirt outfits for plus-size women. Wear a white basic top with a tulle skirt and make a little knot around your waist.

First, it’s gonna look cute and also will create something interesting on your waist area. That’s great because women should define the waist because it is the most feminine part of the body. So, let’s do it.

9. Wear it with a nude color top

Have you ever heard that nude shoes make you look taller?

Yeah, that’s right. And the same happens with tops. If you want to look taller and slimmer wear the nude top with a tulle skirt.

You can wear a classy blazer over it. Because this outfit combination looks just gorgeous.

If you are looking for tulle skirt outfits for work, that’s not a problem. This outfit will be a perfect fit for the office.

Along with a blazer you can wear a denim jacket with the outfit. And if you want to wear a tulle skirt outfit in winter, you can go for trench coats as well.

In this case, a denim jacket will make the outfit look more casual than classy.

10. Graphic tee and a leather jacket

how to wear a tulle skirt for plus size
Image source: Pinterest

For another casual look, you can pair a graphic tee and a leather jacket with a tulle skirt.

This one also looks so stylish and modern. And it’s an outfit that you can also wear everywhere.

Most importantly you are gonna feel comfy in it.

Here is another thing I want to share with you,

As a plus-size woman, you should know that jackets, cardigans, or coats are great choices for you. Because they make your body look slimmer and longer. Especially, oversized jackets.

how to wear a tulle skirt for plus size
Image source: Pinterest

They also hide some extra parts of your body. That’s what makes you look tighter. So, always try to wear something over your top. Even if it’s transparent and does nothing for the outfit – still wear it. Believe me, you are gonna look a lot better.

I mean, you look awesome now as well but I want you to look the best version of yourself. That’s why I am here, writing this. <3

11. V-neck top with denim jacket

how to wear a tulle skirt for plus size
Image source: Pinterest

For the sexier look, you can wear a white V-neck top and an oversized jean jacket with a tulle skirt.

This one is cute as well. You can wear it on a date. Hehe

The only thing I can say is that I guarantee your boyfriend will fall in love (more) with you.

Oh, you can also check out another article where I share tips on how to wear a tulle skirt without looking fat. So, read it after finishing this one. I believe you are gonna find more helpful tips there.

But that’s not all.

12. Wear it with a satin top

For the next date, you can pair a slip (satin) top with a tulle skirt.

Depending on the office dress code you may or not will be able to wear the outfit at work. Although you can wear the outfit anywhere.

Layer the outfit with a blazer. Make it look more interesting.

I want to hear your opinion about it. You can send a DM on Instagram or on a Facebook page.

I would like to know what is your favorite way to wear a tulle skirt. Which one was your favorite from today’s article? Let me know in the message.

I hope you found some ways to wear a tulle skirt for plus size women.

Remember to enjoy experimenting with fashion and be confident in yourself.

Thank you for reading!

Have a nice day!

how to wear a tulle skirt for plus size

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