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How to Figure Out Your Body Shape Without Calculators and Imaginary Lines on Your Body- Complete Styling Guide

How to Figure Out Your Body Shape Without Calculators and Imaginary Lines on Your Body- Complete Styling Guide

Knowing your body shape allows you to dress perfectly for any occasion. There are a few body types for women, and I am gonna talk about them today. You will find out how to figure out your body shape if you stick to the end of this article.

There are 5 most famous body types for women. I mean the actual body shapes, but there are also others like petite, tall, plus size, skinny, plus size, etc. But as I already said there are only 5 common body shapes you may fit.

  1. Triangle shape – known as pear shape as well
  2. Inverted triangle body shape – it’s known as the opposite of the pear shape. I have already posted an article to help women with this body type to dress the right way. You can check it out here. There you can find amazing summer dresses that perfectly fit your body shape.
  3. Circle – known as apple shape
  4. Rectangle – known as the square shape
  5. Hourglass – body shape that every woman would like to have.

How to figure out your body shape – the easiest way to do it

Let’s find out which one you actually have. To do so, you will just need a measuring tape

how to figure out your body shape
Image source: Freepik

Now, follow the steps below and write down the results. You will definitely need them to get the result.

how to figure out your body shape

To get the right results you need to calculate the size of the shoulders where they are the biggest in size. The same goes for the bust.

You need to measure your waist where it is the smallest. Normally it’s above your belly button.

For your hips, you have to estimate it by selecting a very low part of your actual hips. Usually, it’s almost where your trousers fly ends.

As I already said before, write down those results and now let’s start finding out what those results mean.

Knowing your body sizes in detail also is very helpful if you love shopping online. Almost all of the online stores have size charts that include dimensions of the bust, waist, and hip area.

So, you can use your measurements on that as well.

There is another thing you should know.

First of all, you have to understand that you may don’t fit any of these body shapes, or you may be a combination of two or even three types of them.

So, don’t ever think that you have an ugly or asymmetrical body shape. No, you don’t. Remember the next thing – “Every Body Is Beautiful”.

The only reason you have to know your body shape is that it will help you to dress right for your body type. You will be able to style outfits that fit just perfectly.

Let’s start talking about body types in more detail.

Female body shapes + celebrities with your body type

The first one is the triangle body (pear) shape. Now, look at your results. If your shoulder and bust size is smaller than your hips, then you have a triangle body shape.

I will help you to find outfit ideas with another post in the future.

But generally, if you are pear (triangle) shape, you need clothes that flatter on your higher body. Some examples can be, off-shoulder tops and dresses.

Also, it can have a top that has ruffle details on your chest and shoulders. That will balance your outfit, with both your lower and higher body.

Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are celebrities with triangle body types.

So, if you are looking for people for reference, there you go. Check how they dress for their body shapes and use them in your own style.

how to figure out your body shape
Image source: Pinterest
how to figure out your body shape
Image source: Pinterest

Next, we have an inverted triangle.

I already talked about this body shape here, and you should check it out in case your hip size is smaller than your shoulders and bust.

You should read the article because you will find some amazing summer dresses for only your body type as well.

Image source: Pinterest

Cameron Diaz is one of the celebrities who have an inverted triangle body shape.

Considering our measurements, she has bigger shoulders. And with this outfit, she is trying to take more attention to her waist by cinching it in with the belt. I think she looks awesome.

The next well-known body type is a circle (apple). That’s when your waist is the largest part of your body silhouette. So, your waist size should be larger than your shoulders, bust, and hips.

The quickest and easiest tip to follow for apple body shape is to manage to attract less attention to your waist.

Asymmetric, draped clothes will be the perfect option for you. Or another way, you must try not to show your waist at all.

If you choose the right pieces, no one will see your waist. And if you don’t feel comfortable with your waist, that’s what you actually need.

how to figure out your body shape
Image source: Pinterest
how to figure out your body shape
Image source: Pinterest

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Adele are perfect examples of apple body shape. If we don’t consider her (Adele’s) latest body changes, she was always trying to wear flattering clothes.

And most importantly, she was feeling comfy at every look. That’s what you should do as well if you don’t feel well in the things you are wearing, believe me, none of the outfits will look good on you.

The rectangle body shape is the next one. Having a rectangle body shape means that you don’t have any curves around your body. So, it looks like a real rectangle and your waist is not very defined.

You can guess if you are square shape if your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips are all the same size.

Celebrities with square shapes are Kate Hudson and Nicole Kidman.

how to figure out your body shape
Image source: Pinterest
how to figure out your body shape
Image source: Pinterest

The best practice for a rectangle body type is logically to create a waistline, that is not very noticeable. Make it more visible, by playing with color blocks.

What I mean here, is to wear clothes that have separate colors for your higher and lower body, or have a different color on your waist. It will definitely make your waist marked and shown.

Wide-leg pants are another option for you. It will help you to create a flared silhouette of your body. Very high-waisted jeans are also perfect for you. As a bonus, you should add a waist belt to show it more.

And the last body type is an hourglass shape.

This is the most favorable body shape for women and actually for men as well. This is when your waist is the thinnest part of your whole body. So, your shoulders, bust, and hips are almost the same size.

Celebrities that have hourglass body shapes are Salma Hayek and Scarlett Johansson. They really look just fantastic. Don’t you agree?

how to figure out your body shape
Image source: Pinterest
how to figure out your body shape
Image source: Pinterest

Look at their waist! I think they are really perfect examples to reference what the hourglass body shape looks like.

Belted clothes (dresses, pants, tops) are again very good for your body shape. Shortly, you have those perfect curves but you should highlight them. You need pieces that accentuate feminine details on your body.

Having an hourglass body shape doesn’t mean that you should be skinny. No, there are so many plus size women, who have this type of body.

And not only plus size, but you may also be curvy and still have an hourglass body shape.

That means you can have a combination of more than one type of body shape.

You can find more celebrity outfits on Pinterest. I would appreciate it if you follow me there. If you do so, you can check out my other helpful posts as well.

how to figure out your body shape

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