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Flattering Tops Tips to Hide Everything Extra – How to Hide Big Bust…

Flattering Tops Tips to Hide Everything Extra – How to Hide Big Bust…

Women always think about how they can look good. Unfortunately, not everything is under control. We can`t decide everything. By that time, we are experiencing weight gain in our bellies (I am not yet). That`s where flattering tops come to help.

Thankfully, there are some ways to hide some extra lbs. I`m going to share useful tips with you today. Be sure, they definitely help to solve that problem.

Flattering Tops To Hide Tummy

First of all, you need to know what type of tops will work for you. There are some options out there.

Get Away From Very Tight Tops

Actually not only for the tummy but also if you have any extra parts on your body, avoiding tight tops will surely be the better idea.

Instead, choose flattering tops that have a ruffle or ruching details on them. They will take more attention from people. And your belly fat won’t be as noticeable as before.

Wear Something That Takes More Attention

I mean, you can wear a top or blouse, that has something unusual. Something that people will pay attention to. That way, your tummy will be less remarkable.

What actually works for it? Let me tell you some examples so that you can understand what I exactly mean. You should get rid of that solid, simple print flattering tops. Another way, you need to choose enormous, colorful, or even striped prints. People’s eyes will now be busy looking at your clothes prints and not your tummy. And also you will feel more confident in yourself.

Put On Long Flattering Tops With Your Leggings

If you`ve already been on my blog, you would notice how I love leggings. I can speak about them all the time. Btw you may need to check out my post about, how you can wear leather leggings as well.

So, here`s the next option for you to hide that damn tummy. Leggings that tuck in the tummy will be a perfect option for you. They will fit comfortably around your belly and that way you will look fabulous too.

Long flattering tops or even tunics are other options to dress with leggings. If you follow my previous tip, no one will notice your belly fat.

Also, long cardigans or coats will make your body look straight. I mean, they will hide extra parts of your body.

flattering tops
Image source: Pinterest

But that`s more likely for fall and winter. But in summer you can change the coat (or cardigan) to a vest. I mean sleeveless vests, that will add layers to your outfit. More layers = less attention to details of your body.

Stay Away From Tiny Belts

If you love wearing belts and you are reading this, don`t think that you have to completely avoid wearing them. I just wanna tell you, putting a very little belt on your waistline, is not a very good approach. Because it draws a line of your stomach area, and focusing on the problematic area should not be a perfect idea.

Instead, if you are going shopping, try to find at least a 1-inch belt for your jeans or pants. But if you wear a belt above your waistline, I mean, under your bust, that`s on the contrary, a big plus for you. So, the sizing of belts doesn`t matter that way.

Peplum Or A-line Flattering Tops

Look, there are so many options to hide your tummy. Here are two other options.

Flattering tops with peplums is a great choice if you are struggling with the problem. That`s because these types of tops are designed that way to show more of your very high waistline. Then it stops for the stomach area and it`s becoming flattering. And guess what, your belly is not showing at all.

And what about a-line flattering tops? They are ideal for people with a big belly or stomach area. It works perfectly because it starts flattering from your arms all the way down to your waistline, maybe even longer. So, it will hide everything extra on your body.

What To Wear When You Have Big Arms?

That`s another pretty famous problematic thing in styling. Personally, I don`t face this problem yet but there are some people around me, who do. So, I decided to discover and share some tips to “get the key out of the door”.

Off-shoulder Flattering Tops

Since you have a big arm problem, let`s move people`s attention to another side, such as the shoulders. That`s what off-shoulder tops will do for you. They actually cover your arms, where you have that flabby and fat arms area. And another way, they show off your shoulders a bit more.

Keep An Eye Of Your Top`s Armholes

That`s the tip you need to remember before you go to stores. When you are looking for a new top for your wardrobe, choose the one that has a bigger hole for the arms section. Because tight armholes will look your arms bigger and you will look fatter as well.

Boat-Neck Tops Or Blouses

flattering tops
Image source: Pinterest

As you can see here, boat neck tops show more of your collar line, and it`s getting more attention from people. So no one notices your big arms anymore.

Lace Sleeves Will Become Your Best Friend

Actually, not only for big arms but also you need to know that lace tops are becoming very trending for the following year.

So, flattering tops with lace sleeves just look perfect. That`s true, your arms are showing but others can`t see how big they are. Keep that in mind, or just try doing it in the mirror. If you think that`s working, you are ready to go.

Flattering Tops For Big Bust

Here comes another common problem for women. But I have some tips for you to fix that.

First Choose The Right Bra

If you don`t have the right size of your bra, you may wouldn`t be able to look good in your fabulous tops. You need to make sure, your bra has full-breast coverage. It shouldn`t over-accent your chest shape.

Find Your Desired Neck Style

If you have a big bust, you should know that the v-neck style is your perfect choice. It makes your silhouette slimmer and directs your eyes downwards. That`s what you actually want. So, start thinking to get a new v-neck-flattering top.

Use Your Waistline

Maybe you thought now, what the hell can the waist do with the bust?

Believe me, it can. What you need to do is to wear dresses or even tops, that show your waistline. You can use the belt for it as well. Just make sure your waistline is more noticeable than your bust. That way, you make people pull their eyes down to the legs from your chest area.

You can also check out other pretty clever tips from Wikihow.

Flattering Tops That I Recommend

Considering the tips I mentioned above, I decided to show you some of my recommendations from some brands. You can read my review of the online stores for women`s clothing as well.

Don`t forget the thing that I always recommend things that are high quality, but very affordable as well. So, all of these fabulous pieces cost less than 50 bucks. You can check more details about them by clicking the images below.

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