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How to Match Clothing Well for Women – Simple Style Rules to Dress Better

How to Match Clothing Well for Women – Simple Style Rules to Dress Better

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Hello. If you have already been on my blog, welcome back again! I am glad to see you here!

And if it’s your first time visiting my blog – hi, I am Mari and I am a creator of the blog.

I am writing and sharing useful articles for people who need some help with their outfits or just need some inspirations for their wardrobe.

For today, I decided to write a complete guide on how to match clothing well for women.

I know you may think that’s not what I wonder or you just think it’s easy to do. But the thing is, I am gonna share both easy and advanced style rules that will be useful to match every single outfit the right way.

Let’s start with colors.

How to match colors in clothing

Wear solid colored outfits

You may already have heard that solid colors are very useful in fashion. Why? – well, because they are easy to style.

You can wear both top and bottom pieces with solid colors.

If you are not very familiar with matching different colors, you can definitely wear them both in the same color.

By the way, I am gonna help you with easy ways to find the right colors to match your outfits.

In the best way, you can wear all black or all white outfits. They are colors that look fantastic with every piece you may have in your closet.

Metallic outfits

Outfits with metallic colors can be paired very well together. You can mix and match those colors to look very put together, clean and polished.

Bright colors with white

If you are a lover of bright colors like pink, green, light blue, or any other, the best thing you can do is to pair them with white pieces.

I mean, if you wear a bright pink top you can wear it with white pants or denim jeans. Because white balances colors and makes the outfit look more fashionable and elegant.

I had exactly the same situation today. I wanted to wear my thin pink coat with something but I couldn’t find anything to pair with it.

I often don’t like to wear white because it makes me look fatter. I thought it wasn’t the real thing but I experienced and believed it. It really makes me look bigger.

I wear white color on my top because I am smaller on the top and bigger on the bottom. So, I am trying to balance my body with the right outfits for my body type.

In case you want to find out more about your body shape, check out all of my articles on my blog. But first, find what is your body shape and what does it actually mean.

So, back to the story. I was saying that I don’t actually wear white so I decided to wear an all-black outfit with my pink coat. And guess what – it was perfect!

I mean, if you want to create an outfit with very bright colors you can wear it either with white or black.

Pair different shades of the same color

If you have already seen the color wheel, that’s great. If not, check it out here.

how to match clothing well for women color wheel
Image source: Google

That’s the color wheel. It has 3 primary colors (yellow, red, blue) on it. There are other colors that are secondary (greens, violets, oranges) and tertiary. But the thing is all of these colors have their own shades.

The trick here is to find the shade of the color of your piece and pair it with your piece.

Let’s do an example.

If I use this method for today’s outfits, with my pink coat, I could pair it with pants with different shades of pink. You can see some of them below.

how to match clothing well for women
Image source: Google

So, I could wear rose pink pants with my coat. Or I could also wear a magenta top inside the coat. Both ways would look great together. (I just didn’t have any of them, so I didn’t follow the method.)

You should try this method because you can get awesome results.

Pastel colors

Pink is one of the pastel colors as well.

This method is about pairing different pastels’ colors in the outfit.

Pastel colors are pink, mauve, baby blue, magic mint, peach, winkle, and lavender.

So, if your outfit contains one of these colors, use another one to complete the perfect outfit.

Example: If you have a baby blue top, you can wear a peach bottom with it. It can be everything – a skirt, jeans or just classy pants. That’s how it’s gonna look!!!

Don’t you love it?

how to match clothing well for women
Image source: Pinterest

Brown with black or white

If you don’t know what to wear with brown clothes I want you to know that it’s the color which looks amazingly stylish with white and black.

Brown is a very popular color in the fall. So, if you decided to wear a brown trench coat or brown sweater, pair it either with black or white.

Red with black

I think you would already know this. But still, I have to say red and black outfits look so chic and vibrant.

So, if you want to wear a red jumper this fall, pair it with black pants at least once. The last thing you should do is to enjoy the outfit and your day as well.

Another thing here is that any vibrant colors work perfectly with black.

Let’s say you want to wear an all-black outfit. You can make it more interesting by adding an accessory with vibrant color. In this case, I would say, vibrant blue handbag would be an awesome option. But you can choose whatever you like.

Before I continue sharing any other outfit combinations, I want to share the trick that you can use to create stunning outfits.

Whether you are creating an outfit by the colors or the style, the first thing you should think about is “where are you going”.

It’s definite that the wedding outfit will be very different from a work or college outfit. It doesn’t matter what style is your choice, it doesn’t matter what color you choose.

In fact, it really matters to wear an outfit that is the most practical for the event you are going to go to. Because if you won’t feel comfortable in what you wear your day probably won’t be like you planned it to be.

So, think about what you are gonna feel comfortable in.

Then choose the main piece. It can be favorite pants, tops, shoes, or even accessories.

And now it’s time to choose other pieces for your outfit. Look at your main piece and pair it with every other piece. Try to make them look put together. Use all of my tips and you are gonna get it.

You can also get some outfit ideas by completing the “How to match clothing well for women” quiz below. You just need to answer the simple questions.


Now, let's talk about style tips that will help you to make easy stylish outfits.

How to pair and balance outfits?

Wear only one print at a time

If you love to wear prints, that's great because they make outfits look more chic and interesting.

But here is the thing. You have to wear only one printed piece in your outfits.

It's difficult to pair prints even if it's a simple plaid and striped. You are gonna look just weird.

Instead, you can wear (for example) a plaid jacket with other basic pieces like black pants or any other basic top.

Don't wear baggy on baggy

Oversized and baggy clothes are very trending this year. So, if you want to follow the trend, do it. But try to do it in the right way.

If you decided to wear oversized pants, pair it with a tight or fitted top. Do the same for tops.

If you are wearing an oversized sweater (top, blouse, jumper...) pair it with skinny (tight) pants.

That's how you'll have a stylish, balanced outfit.

Wear cropped with longer clothes

Do you love cropped tops? Then you should know that it's a good idea to wear it with a longer jacket, cardigan or a coat.

That doesn't only covers your body parts but it also makes the perfect balance of the look.

Imagine how would you look if you wear everything cropped. Wouldn't you look weird? (Definitely, there are some exceptions.)

Mix and match cloth details

I need to share my favorite combination of outfits with different fabrics and styles of clothes.

The first one is ruffles and leather.

Have you ever heard this?

It's the cutest thing you can ever do.

I mean, put a ruffle top (or dress) on your top half and then pair it with a leather jacket.

You are gonna need to pair the right colors, of course.

Satin and leather

Here is another combination that you can try.

Satin slip midi skirts are on-trend as well. So, why should you miss wearing it?

Pair it with a leather jacket and check how chic it looks. It looks great, doesn't it?

If you want to know every trend that is current or upcoming this year, you can check out my article about it.

Pair anything with interesting tops

What do I mean? - well, let me explain.

Every time when I see someone wearing a top with transparent sleeves or someone who wears a top with puff sleeves, I am automatically thinking that she looks so stylish.

In fact, I don't know the actual reason but I discovered that tops with some interesting sleeves always look chic with outfits.

Whether it's puff sleeves, or off-shoulders, or sheer fabric on sleeves, they can be paired with so many pieces and most importantly outfits with them look feminine and actually fantastic.

Play with styles

I am a fan of casual style. I wear jeans all the time.

If you believe me, I bought dress pants and I decided to sell it in the next week. Because I couldn't feel comfy in it.

But I always try to mix the style because I don't want to look like I ran out from home directly without putting anything on me.

There are many clothing pieces that can make your outfit look more elegant and feminine. I want to share one of my favorites.

It's a combination of a classy suit and a backpack that is not very vibrant.

how to match clothing well for women
Image source: Pinterest

This outfit combination is the perfect example of a pairing of casual and classy styles. And it's a great way to make you look fashionable and elegant.

Another combination (which is already pretty popular) is to pair a blazer with jeans. It's when the blazer is a classier piece and the jeans more casual, of course.

Always wear only one voluminous piece

Like oversized pieces, you should also wear only one piece in your outfit which will have some volume on it.

So, if you want to wear a tulle skirt on your bottom, you should pair it with a tight top. Or in another case, if your top has a lot of volume on it, always wear it with skinny pants.

Balance the amount of your skin showing

Best place to wear both top and bottom pieces way that show almost whole body parts is a beach. XOXO

I am kidding of course. But in fact, you really need to balance how much of your skin showing in your outfit.

Let's say you are wearing an off-shoulder top. Would it be good if the top will have a deep V-neck? I think, no. Because off-shoulders already show enough skin so it doesn't need any extra cuts on your body.

If your best feature is your legs, opt for a more covered top. Or if your shoulders are your asset, wear basic long pants with an off-shoulder top.

Too much skin will ofter look a little trashy. While you can still appear stylish and elegant only if you do enough and not extra.

How to match accessories to the outfit

Pair the color of your accessory with the color of your top

Sometimes, I am stuck on choosing the right accessory for my outfit. But the trick that helps me to pick the one is to look at the color of my shoes or top. I often choose the accessory with the same color as them.

Try it. It helps a lot.

My favorite accessory is a handbag. It's difficult to have it in all different colors, but I am trying to buy handbags (or backpacks) in a neutral color since it is easier to pair with something.

So, I have a crossbody bag in black and brown in color. But I also have the one in pink (which isn't definitely very neutral). I bought it because I loved it so much. But guess what, I don't actually use it.

Look at your top's neckline

If you are wearing something that doesn't show any of your skin on your neck, it's a good idea to wear a long necklace with your outfit. That will make it look more advanced and finished.

If your dress, blouse, or top has a scoop neck, you can wear a statement necklace with it.

If you are wearing a turtleneck, it's always a good idea to wear a statement bold necklace with it. That's because in most cases turtlenecks are very basic. So, it really needs more accessories.

In case you wear off-shoulders on your top, you should pair it with a short necklace, which also will have a tightness on your neck.

Choose gold or silver jewelry

Silver is considered a cool metal, while gold is a metal with a more warm undertone.

So, if you are wearing cooler tones like blue, it's better to pair them with silver jewelry. But if you are wearing brown clothes, you can wear gold jewelry with them.

I already said that on the color when there are three primary and three secondary colors. If you cut them in half as shown in the picture, you will get three cool and three warm colors.

how to match clothing well for women
source: Youtube

Red, yellow and orange colors are warm, while purple, blue and green colors are cool.

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