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Complete Guide To Style Flattering Inverted Triangle Body Shape Outfits

Complete Guide To Style Flattering Inverted Triangle Body Shape Outfits

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I discovered that you love reading my articles about body types.

Today I decided to share inverted triangle body shape outfits that will flatter your body perfect way.

If you are not sure which body shape exactly have, here is the first article that you need to check out.

This is the guide to figuring out your body shape.

After reading that one, come back and find chic outfits for inverted triangle body-shaped women.

Inverted triangle body shape characteristics

Let me explain what having an inverted triangle body type means.

If your shoulders are wider than your bust, waist, and hips, you have an inverted triangle shape.

So having an inverted triangle figure means, means you have wide shoulders, narrow hips, and probably a small bust as well.

But remember that’s a general “rule”. You may have different body dimensions but you are still an inverted triangle.

Flattering inverted triangle body shape outfits

Now let’s start our journey.

I am gonna share only ideas that you can try on your body. Be sure you are gonna learn a lot of interesting things about your body type today.

All those tips are practical, so you can try them.

And one more thing – I love those kinds of articles because you can style outfits with items that you already have in your wardrobe.

Or if you love experimenting with new things, you can also go shopping.

In case you need some cute summer dresses for your body type, here is my article and I recommend you to check out it.

Generally, an inverted triangle body-shaped women have a narrower waist.

Also, their upper body is always bigger than the bottom half.

So, the main “rule” for this body type is to accentuate its best features and avoid paying attention to the upper half.

But in this case, crop top and the belt are the things that work great for this body type.

Crop tops show your stomach and the waist area.

Mostly these are not problem areas for inverted triangle body shapes, so they are great options.

The outfit idea is to wear crop tops with wide-leg or flared jeans (or pants). And add a belt as an accessory.

Other than that, you can do anything for accessorizing.

Adding bulky items to your shoulder area will accentuate them. Avoid doing so.

For the next outfit idea, the main thing is to wear one-shoulder tops, blouses, etc. on your upper body.

So you should style a one-shoulder top with a skirt, pants, jeans – anything.

The reason why one-shoulder tops work for inverted triangle body shapes is that they cut your shoulders in half (visually).

So, it’s hard to identify how wide your shoulders are.

That’s tricky, right?

For the next outfit, I want you to wear a peplum top on your upper body and pair anything with it.

In anything, mostly I mean wider pants (jeans), or at least straight-leg jeans. Because they will extra volume to your bottom half.

You need this to balance your body. That way, your shoulders won’t show as the widest part of the whole body.

You need to wear skinny jeans not as frequently since they will accentuate broader shoulders.

Why you should wear a peplum top?

Wearing peplum tops can add volume to your waist area, creating an illusion of normal shoulder size in comparison to other body parts.

Did you get me?

If not, remember you can always contact me with your questions, concerns, or anything on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

You can wear dresses with some cuts over the waist area, to show a more defined waist.

On the other hand, your wide shoulder line is not as noticeable as well.

When it comes to what not to wear, read till the end of the article for tips.

For another flattering outfit idea, I want you to try block-printed clothes. Look at the image to understand what I mean exactly.

Clothes with color blocks look so stylish and modern.

And the most important thing is that it looks so flattering on inverted triangle body-shaped women.

That’s because the print itself is so busy that it’s hard to find the size of any part of your body.

That’s another good strategy to try.

The next thing that works great for your body type is tops and dresses with deep V-neck.

Along with the thing that V-neck clothes look sexy and feminine, it’s so flattering for an inverted triangle body shape.

For another tip and outfit idea, I want you to always use layer pieces.

In the best case, I want you to wear things that have some volume on them.

You need to wear fitted tops with an oversized blazer or jacket, but you MUST wear wide-leg pants as well.

Those together will get you a more balanced look.

The next thing that looks flattering on an inverted triangle body shape, is a dress with a side split.

That split elongates your long legs, making them the only reason heads turn.

For the best flattering outfit, you need to wear clothes with vertical lines.

Vertical lines visually elongate your body great way and make you look taller and slimmer as well.

By the way, if you want to learn a few great tricks to look taller and slimmer with the right clothes, here is the article you need to check out.

Vertical lines create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette, which is perfect for those with an inverted triangle body shape.

When you are creating an outfit, I want you to always follow this “rule”.

Actually, I hate the word “rule”, in fact, there are not any rules.

It is recommended that you wear lighter colors on the lower half of your body while opting for darker colors on the upper half to avoid drawing attention to strong shoulders.

The only reason behind this is to get less visual interest on your shoulders.

There is nothing wrong with your shoulders and these tips aren’t meant to hide anything.

I am just sharing useful tips for an inverted triangle body shape to style flattering outfits, making them look their best.

For the next outfit, I want you to try a wrap dress.

Wrap styles are great for any body shape since they flatter any body type.

Another thing that makes wrap dresses the best option is that they are great for any season.

You can make so many outfits with them. They look great with layer pieces as well.

The better thing is that the wrap dress gives the body an hourglass look.

If you are not sure what an hourglass body shape looks like, here is my article where you will find differences between inverted triangles and hourglass body shapes.

I mentioned wide-leg pants above but I didn’t recommend it enough.

Wide-leg pants are essential for inverted triangle body-shaped women.

They add much volume to your lower body, which creates straight lines on your body and gives it visual balance.

Another thing that works perfectly for your body type is pleats.

Pleated pants, skirts, and dresses are great choices for inverted triangles.

Box pleats and all other types of plates are a great option for you.

That’s again, because they add interest to your lower body which makes your shoulders less noticeable.

If you want to discover some outfit ideas with pleated pants, here is my other article you can check out next.

There is only one thing I don’t like in this dress.

And you will find out more about it in the things to avoid section.

The list goes on and on.

Other outfits that you should try are the outfits with A-line dresses or skirts

This is the style when clothes are tight from the shoulders and start widening after the waist or hips.

That will create so flattering look on your body.

Flare dresses work the same way. So, you can try them out as well.

If you love creating cute outfits, this next wardrobe item will help a lot.

This is a tulle skirt.

A Tulle skirt is a full skirt that will draw eye attention to your lower body.

Tulle skirts are another perfect choice for your body type.

Like A-line and flare dresses, tulle skirts add volume to the lower half of the body, creating a more balanced overall look.

Here is the article where I share outfit ideas with tulle skirts if you want to discover some.

Things to avoid as an inverted triangle body-shaped woman

It’s time to help you flatter your body shape, by avoiding things that are not great for it.

Shoulder pads

  • The first thing you need to rarely wear (or don’t actually) wear is clothes with shoulder pads.

I mean, when you go shopping just forget the clothes that have those pads.

They will accentuate your shoulders and make it look even wider.

Horizontal stripes

  • The next thing that you should stay away from is horizontal striped print.

After examining, I found that horizontal stripes are more common than vertical stripes on clothing.

However, finding vertical-lined clothes is not as difficult.

I mean that for everything that you consider wearing on your upper body.

On the other hand, you can wear pants with horizontal lines but in the best case, vertical lines are still better.

Strapless dresses

Summer is coming and this is the time when I personally love wearing dresses.

I am looking for dresses that draw less attention to my hips. Off-shoulder, strapless, and similar styles are more flattering for my body shape.

  • As an inverted triangle body shape, it’s best to avoid wearing strapless dresses as they draw attention to your shoulders.

Do you get it?

Another type of dress that you should avoid is dressed with spaghetti strap sleeves.

inverted triangle body shape outfits
Image source: Pinterest

Straps look very small on broad shoulders and they still accentuate them. So, you can opt for dresses with cap sleeves, 3/4 length sleeves, wide straps, etc.

You should try to cut your shoulders in some little parts. You need dresses that have at least some coverage of your shoulders.

Wide necklines

  • You have to avoid wearing tops and dresses that have wide necklines.

They widen your shoulders even more.

Boat neckline

The first neckline that you should avoid is the boat neckline.

Because it has a shape that makes your shoulders look wider.


  • Another thing that you should avoid is off-shoulder dresses and tops.

They will definitely accentuate your shoulders, making them more noticeable.

One shoulder is the right neckline for your body shape.

You can also opt for asymmetric, V-neck, halter, and scoop necks.

Puff sleeves

You remember that I didn’t like the one thing in one of these dresses. That was puff sleeves on the dress.

  • Puff sleeves are another thing that you should not try.

Adding volume to the widest part of your body, your shoulders should be avoided.

Skinny jeans

It’s right that skinny jeans don’t have anything in common with your shoulders. But here is the thing…

inverted triangle body shape outfits
Image source: Pinterest

When you wear skinny jeans, you are saying “Yeah I have skinny legs but I also have wide shoulders”.

I mean, wearing skinny jeans indicates that you have a wider upper body and a slimmer lower body.

In fact, you have so many options for pants to choose from. You can wear pants that have at least some volume for your lower body.

For example, you can wear straight-leg, flare, wide leg pants and jeans. Pants with slight flare are also good options for you.


That’s all I wanted to share today. I hope you find the article helpful.

This is an inverted triangle body shape outfits that look flattering.

We discovered that you should pay attention to shoulder details to get fewer eyes on your shoulder area.

You can do this by accentuating the right places. You need to consider and be proud of your waist definition and narrower lower body.

Use the belt as an accessory to show your narrow waist. Make it become your wardrobe essential.

And the most important thing, enjoy your personal style and start experimenting with new things.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. You know you are free to DM me anytime.

inverted triangle body shape outfits

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