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What Is the Difference Between Hourglass and Rectangle Body Shape? And Why Should You Care?

What Is the Difference Between Hourglass and Rectangle Body Shape? And Why Should You Care?

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Hello there!

Have you already found out your body shape? If not, you can simply check my article about it.

If you already know about different body types and you want to find the difference between hourglass and rectangle body shapes, you are in the right place.

I already wrote an article about the difference between pear and hourglass and you guys loved it. So, I decided to write another article similar to that.

But today, we are gonna talk about only hourglass and rectangle body shapes.

Rectangle body shape characteristics

difference between hourglass and rectangle body shape
Image source: Pinterest

To find the difference between these two body shapes. First, you have to know what having each of them means.

Having a rectangle body shape means you have almost no curves. Yeah, you heard it right.

When you measure the main parts of your body (shoulders, bust, hips), you’ll find out that all of them are almost the same size. Remember, almost!

That’s only if you have a rectangle body shape. That’s the main “rule” that helps you to know if you are or not a rectangle body-shaped woman.

The easiest and quickest style tip for your body shape (rectangle) is to make curves.

We are gonna talk more about how to style a rectangle body shape, but this is the first thing you should always try.

The only downside of a rectangle body shape is the thing that women with this body type have no curves. So, do everything to create some with the right clothes.

Hourglass body shape measurements

difference between hourglass and rectangle body shape
Image source: Pinterest

If you haven’t read my post about measuring your body shape, you should do it as soon as you finish this one.

And if you’ve already checked it you would probably know that the hourglass body shape is the most wished body shape along with women.

But, listen!

I don’t think that is actually right. Every body shape can be beautiful if you wear the right outfits for them.

For example, I am a pear shape. That means my hips are the largest part of my body. I didn’t like it before I found something that flatters my body the right way.

I mean, I am always trying to minimize my problem area (hips) and maximize other parts of the body with my outfits.

And actually, you know what?! It’s also possible to make your body shape look like an hourglass if you are so in love with it.

Now, let’s get back to the measurements.

  • If you measure your shoulders, bust, and hips and you discover that the waist is the narrowest part of your body shape, it means you have an hourglass body shape.

What does that mean?

It means the waist is your asset. It is the part that you should accentuate.

So, the helpful “rule” for hourglass body-shaped women would be to make your waist look more defined.

But what are the differences between these two body shapes?!

What is the difference between hourglass and rectangle body shape

FeaturesHourglass body shapeRectangle body shape
Defined waist+_
Bigger hips+_
Bigger bust+_
May have a tummy++
Carry weight on top__
Carry weight on the bottom__
Need to define the waist++
Need to highlight higher body_+
Need to highlight lower body_+
Works well with a belt++
Works well with ruffle sleeves_+
Works well with off-shoulders_+
Works well with tight clothes++*
Works well with V-neck_+
Works well with square, scoop necklines+_
Works well with empire waist++
Works well with cropped clothes+_
Works well with oversized clothes_+
* tight clothes work with rectangle body shapes only if you add some oversized clothes over them

Hourglass body shape outfits

You can find some tips on how to style an hourglass body shape in this post.

But I can share some more here as well.

So, the first thing that you should have in your wardrobe as an hourglass is high-rise skinny jeans.

They work great for your body shape because their waist exactly ends on the waistline. It accentuates your waist and that’s what you should actually do.

Make your asset more noticeable.

The next option to wear as an hourglass is to wear wrap dresses. Actually, they are perfect for any body shape, because they show the body exactly with their own curves.

Wrap dresses are perfect for you if you are a plus-size hourglass.

By the way, if you want to know how to dress for plus size hourglass body shape, here is my article to check out next.

A flared dress will become your favorite from your wardrobe if you have one. Why?

Because it’s the perfect piece for your body shape. I mean it flatters your body perfectly.

Another type of dress that will gonna work very well for you is the mermaid-type dress. It’s the dress that follows your body curves as it is needed.

I think finding a casual (everyday) style mermaid dress won’t be easy.

But it’s gonna be an awesome idea to have in mind for classier meetings or parties. Whether it’s a prom, or wedding, or any commercial meeting, you can find this type of dress very helpful.

Another alternative that works great for hourglass body shapes is a skater skirt. It lures the line at the level of the hips and it gives you a horizontal line on that area.

It’s good for you because it gets eye attention there and that’s where your asset (waist) is.

So, again – you are working to maximize your waistline.

And if you have an hourglass body shape with a tummy, here is my other article you will love to read.

How to style rectangle body shape

It’s time to talk about rectangle body shape already.

You may haven’t yet noticed that many designers have most of their models with rectangle body shapes. Do you know why it is like that?

Because it’s very easy to fit any designer clothes to that body type. Because designers mostly create clothes depending on this body type.

The best thing about a rectangle body shape is that you can choose which part of your body you want to maximize.

You can make your body shape look like an inverted triangle by choosing to wear clothes with large shoulders.

You can also make it look like a pear shape by choosing wide-leg pants for you.

  • So, what I am trying to say is to choose which body shape you want to have and then style outfits the way it requires.

That’s the strategy you can use.

The first example of the perfect cloth for your (rectangle) body shape would be an asymmetric dress or top. It doesn’t do many things but in fact, it does what exactly you need.

It adds something interesting to your body.

Actually, I can’t list down any other clothes. Because there are many types of clothes that you can wear.

Let me share some of them. You can wear clothes with ruffles, off-shoulders, cutouts, peplums, pleats, and any other interesting details on them.

Along with these details, you can also wear tops and dresses with so many different necklines. Because almost all of them work well for your body shape.

The only thing you should know about necklines is that you should avoid square and straight necklines. They add squareness to your body. And as a rectangle body shape, you don’t actually need it.

And the last piece you should avoid is slim jeans.

Instead, you can go for straight-leg jeans, flared jeans, cropped jeans, etc. So, actually, any type of jeans you want to wear.

If you want to discover the flattering swimsuit for you, here is the article where you will find the best swimsuits for rectangle body shapes.

If you want to read a post like this about hourglass and inverted triangle body shapes, you can check out it on my blog. There are many things to discover.

Is it better to have an hourglass or rectangle body shape?

Well, the answer is it depends. If you enjoy your body shape, it doesn’t matter what your body shape is. Because if you enjoy yourself you are going to already look awesome.

But if we look at this from another side, I can surely say that it’s better to have a rectangle body shape because it’s easier to style outfits for it. Because it’s better to have no curves and still have some, lol.

And you guys who have an hourglass body shape, remember you have a body shape that is the most wished along with women.

You have a body shape that women try to visually create and you have a body shape that Merlin Monroe had.

Isn’t that enough?

So, remember the most important thing!

Love yourself with your own body shape or curves and be always confident in yourself.

And the last thing you can do is help other women with your body shape by sharing the image on Pinterest.

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