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Work Trousers for Pear Shaped Body – How to Look Perfect at Office

Work Trousers for Pear Shaped Body – How to Look Perfect at Office

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The best thing to know about pear shape is that it is the most common body shape that women have. Also, it’s pretty easy to style for it.

But since the hips are a major problem area for pear shaped women, it’s difficult to find pieces for the lower body.

That’s why I decided to show you some of the best work trousers for pear shaped body to look just perfect at the office.

I said already but in order to understand well what the pear-shaped body means I will explain that again.

By the way, you can find more details about different body shapes, on how to figure out your body shape article.

But the main thing to know is that having a pear (triangle) body shape means that your hips are the widest part of your body.

The easiest and most useful tip for you would be to maximize your upper body and minimize the lower body.

That will help you to get more attention to your upper body, so your problem area will be less noticeable.

The first step you should do is to wear light colors on the top and dark, solid colors on the bottom.

That’s the basic rule for you if you want to balance your body silhouette with your outfits.

Now, let’s find out what work trousers that you should wear in a pear shape.

What are the best work trousers for pear shaped body women?

Denim jeans to avoid for pear shaped women

Skinny jeans

If you really want to dress right for your body type you have to say NO to skinny jeans. Even if it’s a dark color, it still shows your problem area and you don’t wanna do it.

* There are some options for you to wear skinny denim jeans. But you should stay tuned till the end to find them.

But if you love them and still want to wear them, there are some tricks that will help you hide your hips to make them look smaller. I will tell you those later in this post.

Jeans with some details on the hips

You should also avoid denim jeans that have pockets on the hips area. Not only pockets but also details on there such as some lines, decorations, embroideries, and so on. Try to find something that has the simplest design.

Distressed jeans

Distressed jeans often have many detailing over your hips. And as I already mentioned, it’s always a better idea to avoid that.

Perfect denim jeans for pear shaped women

Flare jeans

What you can do is find classy flare jeans that you can wear at the office. You can pair it with a blouse and high heels. A blazer would make your work outfit perfect and you can use it as a third layer as well.

It’s better for you if you put a belt on your waist. It will make your waist look more defined and also help you to look a lot slimmer.

work trousers for pear shaped
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Make a similar outfit with:

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Bootcut jeans

If you wanna find alternatives to flare jeans, bootcut jeans are also great for pear-shaped women.

They are both similar but bootcut jeans have a more straight shape than flare ones. So, it almost looks like straight jeans and it’s the second option for you.

Try to always stay in dark solid colors for pants. Like black, or blue.

Just don’t wear too “busy” colors at the bottom. I mean don’t put something on that gets attention to your lower body.

Do all these on your upper body where you have pretty defined feminine curves.

work trousers for pear shaped
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Make a similar outfit with:

Which dress pants to wear for pear shaped women at the office

Fit and flare pants

In case you don’t wanna or your office rules don’t let you wear jeans at work, go for trousers. Fit and flare-shaped pants are the perfect options for you.

And they are not very hard to find. You just need to find the one that fits right on you.

Other than fitting, the color and pattern of pants are also very important.

Since your hips are broad and they create a horizontal shape on your body, you can and have to find pants with vertical lines.

That will make your body silhouette visually more vertical, also it will also draw more attention to your lowest body. That’s when choosing the right shoes becomes strategic as well. Find shoes that will be nice to look at.

work trousers for pear shaped
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Make a similar outfit with:

If you decide to wear white flare pants, you should wear busy prints at the top. You can go for leopard, floral, and horizontal striped print blouses.

Or some classy tops with deep v-necks. Shortly again, try to draw more eye attention to your upper body.

No one will see your hips as broad and large, believe me!

You can wear flare pants with a classy blouse tucked into the pants.

But in case your trouser is not high waisted it’s better to leave your top as it is, above the pants. Because tucking the top where it sits on your lower waist, will create a visual horizontal line again.

And that will make your hips look larger. So, go for high-waisted flare pants, put beautiful high heels on foot and your outfit is ready.

Side split pants

Another pair of pants that you can also wear is leg-side split pants.

Instead of splits, it can have a sheer fabric on the sides below the knee.

This style of pants is perfect for you because, it will definitely get eye attention to the bottom, and also, it creates a sexy, feminine silhouette of your body.

It’s really worth trying.

work trousers for pear shaped
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Make a similar outfit with:

Along with pants, dresses with side splits work the same way.

There is my article where you will find more about how to find flattering dresses for pear body shaped women.

Check out it and find the perfect dresses for your body type.

Flat front pants

Flat-front pants are another great option for a pear-shaped woman.

Anything that helps you to have more vertical lines on your outfit is just PERFECT for you. That’s what flat-front pants are for. It creates a vertical line that makes you look slimmer and higher. And that’s exactly what you wish.

The one thing you need to always make sure of is to choose pants that are high-waisted because it is the ultimate detail to style stylish outfits for a pear shape.

work trousers for pear shaped body
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Make a similar outfit with:

* How to wear skinny jeans as a pear shape

I mentioned above that skinny jeans are a big NO for triangle body shapes.

Only if you would like to look balanced with your outfits. Since you are reading this you really wish so. But I also promised that I would share some cool tricks to be able to wear skinny jeans so that you look still perfect.

The reason why skinny jeans are not so good for a pear-shaped body is that they show all of your curves in detail.

Pear shapes normally have big hips, so skinny jeans make it show even larger. But here are some tricks that will help you to wear them, so that your hips look smaller or less noticeable.

Wear skinny jeans with a long tunic

Yeah ))) You can pair skinny jeans with a long tunic that covers your butt halfway.

If you love wearing crop tops and that’s pretty OK for pear shaped body, you can use a longer cardigan to cover some part of your hips area. The rule that you should only wear high-waisted pants still stays the same for skinny jeans.

work trousers for pear shaped body
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Another piece that you can use is a vest. Vests are very trending this year and you have many choices starting from long to short sleeves. They make your outfit look stylish and you will also feel more confident while wearing skinny jeans.

You can use a blazer instead of a vest to make it more appropriate for work.

work trousers for pear shaped body
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There is another choice for you. You can wear skinny jeans with a top that has an empire waist. It will make your waist more defined, which will make you look slimmer and so no one will be interested in your hips.

Other than those factors, empire-waisted tops create a body shape that looks like an hourglass and that’s great for you as you have a pear shape.

Did you know that there is an hourglass body shape too?

I think you know that.

So, I wrote a very interesting article about the differences between hourglass and pear body shapes.

This was the article that helped me, discover that I also have a pear and not an hourglass body type.

Use some accessories to make it work for you

Beautiful, statement, bold jewelry is perfect for you to minimize your lower and maximize your higher body.

You should wanna do this to get more eyes on the higher body and make your large hips less noticeable. So, go for it.

Check your wardrobe and find some pretty jewelry that will draw a lot of attention to them.

work trousers for pear shaped body
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There is a thing that you still should avoid wearing if you are a pear shape. Those are big bracelets or watches.

Do you wonder why?

Ok, so here is the thing. When you put a big bracelet or watch on your wrist, it creates a horizontal line around your hips.

Because the wrist normally ends around your hips, so accessorizing that area draws more attention to it.

Instead, find good necklaces and earrings that will bring more attention to your higher body.

C o n c l u s i o n :

Wearing pants when you have wide hips may become so uncomfortable if you don’t know how to wear them the right way.

I hope my recommendations on work trousers for pear shaped bodies were useful for you.

If it was don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest and check out some of my other articles on Maridfashion. You will get many other interesting ideas for other topics as well.

Thanks for being here!

work trousers for pear shaped

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