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Maxi Skirt For Apple Shape – Styling Tips For Apple Body Shapes

Maxi Skirt For Apple Shape – Styling Tips For Apple Body Shapes

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Are you the largest in the middle of your body? That means you have an apple body shape.

The high-waisted maxi skirt will be the ultimate piece for you. It will make you look slimmer and also will help you to create the illusion of a smaller waist.

That’s not everything.

I am gonna help you to find the ONE perfect maxi skirt for apple shape.

Remember one thing: love your body with its own downs and ups and feel always happy by yourself. Without this thing, nothing would make you look just amazing.

Now, let’s find out what type of maxi skirts you should look for if you are an apple shape.

First, let me tell you what having an apple body shape means.

  • It’s when your waist is larger than your shoulders, bust, and hips. So you are getting most of your weight around your waistline. Check out my previous post on how to figure out your body shape.

I don’t wanna talk about actual body shape much, but I want you to know that Adele, Katy Perry, (…), and Catherine Zeta-Jones have your body type.

So, you can use their styling as a reference.

The best place to find and save some ideas is Pinterest. Check some of their looks and you save the ones that you like and wear similar to them. Don’t go to the store with celebrities’ dresses, XOXO.

Ok, now let’s really get into it.

Affiliate Disclosure: some of my links may be affiliate links. That means if you purchase the item, I get a little commission from the retailer.

Maxi Skirt For Apple Shape

Long flowy skirt

This skirt is perfect for apple-shaped bodies because it’s very flowy and so it’s comfy to wear. Not only that, but it also has an elastic waist, so it fits any size.

The most important thing about the skirt is that it has beautiful ruffles at the end. So, it will get more eye attention to your lower body.

Actually, if you are an apple, you may have beautiful legs or shoulders.

You need to show off your strengths and hide the problem areas.

That’s why the skirt is perfect for you with its length. It is becoming very interesting below your knee, your pretty legs are also shown and so no one is looking at your waist.

maxi skirt for apple shape

Floral print slip maxi skirt

maxi skirt for apple shape

Like this or that, you should know you need a high-waisted (or at least mid-waisted) skirt to make your problem area (waist) look better.

The ones that have an elastic waist, are better for you. Because they are just universal for everyone.

This skirt is longer than the previous one and it has a pretty high waist.

The thing that you should look at is that it has side splits at the end. That’s the spot where the most eye attention goes and that’s actually what you want.

  • Take more eyes away from your waist, because that’s the area where you carry all of your weight.

Beautiful linen maxi skirt

If you are looking for a well-fitted skirt and also wanna feel comfy that’s when you should get a linen skirt.

It is the most comfortable fabric to wear, especially in summer.

maxi skirt for apple shape

Along with the beautiful and impressive color of the skirt, it is good for apple shapes because of its style.

It has an elastic waistband, and after this, there are some pleats going on below your waist.

Most importantly, it is an A-line silhouette that is perfect for apples who need to visually create a more defined body shape.

This is the skirt from Free People and you can check out more details by clicking the image.

When it comes to dresses for apple body-shaped women, A-line dresses are also the perfect option for you.

To find more dresses for apple shapes, check out this article here. You are gonna find flattering dresses only for your body type.

Lace maxi skirt

There is another skirt from Free People that I think is the greatest for apple body shapes.

First of all, it looks just very cute and amazing as well. It has a very high-rise waist with white elastic behind the lace.

maxi skirt for apple shape

Can you look at it again?

I think, first, you are gonna see a pretty lace detail at the very end of the skirt.

It’s our brain that sees interesting details first, and guess who wants to take attention away from the waist?!

Of course, we – you, me, and other people who have an apple body shape.

What I mean is, believe me, no one will look at your tummy or waist, while you have such amazing details on your lower body.

Pairing the skirt with pretty high heels would be just awesome.

Sheer slip maxi skirt

maxi skirt for apple shape

This skirt is from Urban Outfitters. There are several reasons why you should try this on.

The first one is that it is very different from all the other skirts available in clothing stores. You can create various stylish outfits with this one.

Another thing is that it has a more simple design around your waist.

Nothing important is happening here.

But it’s getting more unique to the end.

As you can see there, it has a beautiful sheer below your knee. And if you are an apple that has pretty long legs, this one will look gorgeous on you.

  • And last but not least, the asymmetrical lines and texture of this skirt will make your body visually more defined.

This is useful for apples, because the biggest part of their body is just a waist, and it’s defined only because of its size.

Leopard print maxi skirt

maxi skirt for apple shape

After a little black dress, I think a leopard print skirt is a piece that every woman should have in the closet.

It never goes off of the trends.

And you know what, having one or another body shape, doesn’t mean you can’t wear prints or busy clothes.

Anyway, this leopard print skirt has again a split on the side and actually, it has an A-line shape.

The mid-waist will fit your waist perfectly because it has an elastic band.

Those details together help you to hide your waist area and get more eyes on another place of your body.

I mentioned getting more eyes to somewhere too many times, lol.

  • But that is the MAIN RULE for all body shapes: you should minimize your problem areas and maximize your good ones. Yep!

Button-down maxi skirt

This one is my favorite!

maxi skirt for apple shape

Ok, so this skirt has buttons halfway down to your knee, and then it has a vertical split in front.

Generally, when you want to pay more attention to your lower parts, you need to wear something that has vertical print or details, like this one that has a split.

I love how this skirt is designed and I think it was made actually for women with apple body shapes. If you are still thinking to get it or not, don’t think too much.

At least give it a try!

Style tips for Apple body shape

Since you are here I think you would love to discover some other general style tips for your (apple) body shape.

Let me share some of them with you!

Before we start, I wanted to recommend my article about choosing a swimsuit for all body types.

There are other tips and tricks for apple-body-shaped women, so I want you to check them out as well.

You have two style strategies to choose from while you are an apple (known as a circle shape).

  • The one is getting the eye’s attention away from your waist. And another one is the opposite, to show off your waistline because whether it’s big or not, it very feminine part of the women.
style tips for apple body shape

I talked about the first strategy a lot above, so I am not gonna talk about it anymore.

  • I just wanted to say that scoop or V-necks are your best friend. As they are able to get more attention to your bust and shoulders.

Another ultimate and useful piece is a bolero cardigan for you. It is cropped below your bust and it shows your shoulders a great way as well.

I said I wasn’t going to talk about it but I still did.

Ok, now let’s talk about the second strategy which is to show your waist, but only the right way.

Don’t get me wrong, you can wear anything you like and feel comfortable in. But in case you wonder what are the best ways to flatter your body, then you should consider and follow my tips.

  • So, if you want to use the second strategy you can do that by wearing peplum tops.

They have those details on your waist so that the waist is still defined but no one can find out how large or big, or small, whatever, your waist is.

  • Clothes with draping details are another best friend for you.

If they are asymmetrical better for you. This is another way to show and also hide your waist very strategically.

  • Another piece that you should look for is fit and flare dresses or tops. They are perfect for apple body shapes.

Actually, I wanna share my thoughts about wearing two-piece outfits.

I don’t mean outfits that are two-piece, I mean it’s more practical to create and wear a top and skirt, or top and pants, and so on.

Yes, you can still wear one-piece outfits, like jumpsuits or dresses but I think it’s better and easier to create your own look with two pieces that flatter the best way on your body.

Does it make sense? I hope, it does.

Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram. You can DM me with your questions or suggestions as well.

Thank you for visiting!

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