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How to wear lace dresses with boots – outfit ideas you are gonna love

How to wear lace dresses with boots – outfit ideas you are gonna love

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A lace dress is a piece that says a lot about our elegance and feminism. It does the perfect job of feeling us, women, pretty.

So, today I decided to share some ideas on how to wear lace dresses with boots. This is our main topic for today, but believe me, you are going to discover a lot more.

So, stay till the end with me.

How to wear lace dresses with boots

The first question I am gonna answer today is how to wear lace dresses with boots. Or what are some boots that go well with lace dresses?

There are many types of lace out there. Some of the most well-known are crochet, beaded lace, guipure, embroidered lace, and others.

Each accessory gives a unique look to the outfit. While some can be styled elegantly, others may not.

Wear it with pointed toe martin boots

how to wear lace dresses with boots

The lace dress looks perfect with pointed-toe Martin boots. And actually not only Martin boots.

It looks great with every shoe that has a pointed toe.

You can wear a midi lace dress with pointed-toe Martin boots. Add a leather jacket, blazer, or coat for layering.

And your outfit will be ready to go.

Pointed-toe boots (and shoes) are not great only because they are trending and modern. They are great for petites and women who are shorter.

You will ask? – what the hell are you talking about?!

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

Pointed-toe shoes help you to make your legs look longer. They also elongate them and make your body more attractive.

If you want to know more like this about how to look taller and slimmer, check out my tips and tricks in another article.

Style block-heel boots with lace dress

Other boots that you can style with lace dresses are block heels boots.

Why is this a good option for you?

The answer is simple.

Block heels look great with lace flowy dresses. They are modern and most importantly you can style so many casual outfits with this combination.

Flowy dress and block heels boots – try it, and let me know what you think.

I want to go with more details so I decided to share some ideas about what boots (shoes) you can wear with a black, blue, and white lace dress.

What shoes to wear with a black lace dress

Patent leather boots

how to wear lace dresses with boots

If you want to create a cute and unique lace dress outfit, wear it with patent leather boots.

This look is pretty and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

One of the most important things when you are creating the outfit is to accessorize it.

Whether it is jewelry, head accessories, or other things, you must add them to each look you create.

If you are going to a prom this year, I would definitely try this outfit in your place.

And if you decide to wear a black lace dress at a party, here is my other article where you can discover accessories that will go with your dress perfectly.

That is the article full of accessories that can make a black dress outfit look complete.

Buckle boots

how to wear lace dresses with boots

I love mentioning my favorite looks when I am sharing some in articles.

And yeah, this look is my favorite.

I love the idea of wearing a bra top and a short skirt underneath the lace dress. And I love how the blazer makes the outfit look finished.

If you are frequently reading my articles you know how I love blazers.

This is the one perfect example of how a blazer can change the whole look of the outfit.

But today we aren’t talking about blazer.

I wanted you to pay attention to the boots she is wearing.

These are buckle boots.

It’s easy to complete the black lace dress outfit with interesting accessories.

And this is why buckle boots are handy here. They have silver buckles that add a tough edge to the outfit.

Boots with chains

how to wear lace dresses with boots

Similar to the buckle boots, boots with chain details add that impressive feeling to the lace dress outfit.

Plus, chain details on clothes, shoes, and accessories are so trending right now.

So you have no reason to not try them.

Platform boots

how to wear lace dresses with boots

You remember that platform boots from Steve Madden, don’t you?

If you don’t know what I am talking about, look at the picture again.

It’s not necessary to wear Steve Madden, but what I wanted to say is that platform boots are also great pairs to style with a black lace dress.

And not only boots.

You can change platform boots to platform sandals if the weather is appropriate.

Platform boots are a pair of shoes that you can try with either casual or classy lace dresses.

I personally think platform boots look so chic and modern with so many outfits.

Over the knee boots

how to wear lace dresses with boots

Sometimes when I look at people wearing midi or maxi dresses with over-the-knee boots, I want to help them change quickly.

But here is the exception when the over-the-knee boots work with those long dresses.

The truth here is that this dress is made with tulle fabric, and it’s totally transparent on the lower body.

So, it looks like you are wearing something short. That’s why those high-knee boots work great here.

If you want to discover other dresses that go with knee-high boots, check out my article here.

What shoes to wear with a blue lace dress

Let’s go more concretely and let me share what shoes you can wear with a blue lace dress.

Lace-up knee high boots

how to wear lace dresses with boots

The first boots that you can try with a blue lace dress are brown lace-up knee-high boots.

If you choose the right dress you are gonna have an outfit that takes everyone’s attention.

Lace-up boots are great because they visually create a vertical line on your body (legs). That works like magic.

Those together make you look higher and your legs look elongated as well.

Steve Madden knee-high boots

how to wear lace dresses with boots

When I am talking about high boots, I can’t miss Steve Madden’s knee-high boots.

Which goes with…


Really, you can wear these boots with almost everything.

Short skirts, denim jeans, tailored pants, dresses, etc.

Suede ankle booties

how to wear lace dresses with boots

We can’t forget ankle boots.

They are also trendy and modern. And lace dresses look great with them as well.

You can wear this outfit for both casual and more formal occasions.

Ankle boots are universal exactly for that reason. They look great with jeans, skirts, dresses and all the other things.

Chunky heel boots

how to wear lace dresses with boots

In case you decide to style a more casual lace dress outfit, I recommend you to wear chunky heels high boots with it.

Chunky heels make the outfit look more relaxed and they are also more comfortable to walk with.

Cutout boot sandals

how to wear lace dresses with boots

And if you want to look elegant with your blue lace dress wear cutout boot sandals with it.

The only advice that I want to give you here is to choose the dress that will last on your knees or will be even longer.


Because cutout boots show some of your skin. Lace dresses are also transparent in most cases.

So, it will look awkward if you show everything on your body. I don’t mean you have something to hide.

I mean it’s more attractive when you balance how much of your skin is showing in the outfit.

Here is my article about balancing the outfits. I am sure you are gonna love the tricks and simple style formulas I share there.

What shoes to wear with a white lace dress

Brides often choose lace wedding dresses. And they usually wear pumps or sandals at a wedding party.

But I want to share more unique outfit ideas with a white lace dress (not necessarily a wedding dress).

Boots won’t be always a good idea to pair with a wedding dress.

Red pointed toe boots

how to wear lace dresses with boots

I said I wanted to share unique outfit ideas.

Look at the picture and tell me what you think. Doesn’t it look fantastic?

I think it does.

I love combining colors in the outfit but I think I have never tried red and white together. Why? – I don’t know.

I love how red boots look with a white lace dress.

This gets us to my other favorite outfit of the day.

First of all, the combination of colors…


The vibrancy of these colors evokes a sense of joy and happiness.

You have so many options to take this idea and try it on your body. Check out how it looks in the mirror.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Black combat boots

how to wear lace dresses with boots

It’s time for another casual look with a white lace dress and boots.

In this case, I want you to try black combat boots with your dress.

This will be a modern casual look that you can enjoy wearing on casual occasions.

I don’t think combat boots look elegant though.

So, it isn’t a good idea to consider or use this outfit as a classy outfit.

Faux suede knee-high boots

how to wear lace dresses with boots

Another stylish white lace outfit that you can try is a white lace dress and faux suede knee-high boots.

You can use layers depending on the weather, location, and season with this outfit.

For this specific one, I would wear a leather jacket with the outfit.

It will make the outfit look complete.

Don’t forget accessories, NEVER AND EVER!

Cowboy boots

how to wear lace dresses with boots

If you love wearing bohemian, rustic outfits this is the perfect option for you.

This would work for boho-inspired weddings as well.

So the thing is, you can style a rustic lace dress with cowboy boots.

Add a cowboy hat, and some other accessories in this style, and your outfit is ready.

Actually more than ready.

This is not the outfit I would wear, because it’s not my style. However… I love it.

It looks so unique to me. The outfit is so impressive and stunning.

Sock booties

how to wear lace dresses with boots

I see sock booties everywhere. Literally, everyone wears them.

I have sock boots which I love. I wear them with so many things.

Since I am not a dress type girl, I haven’t yet tried it with it but I tried every other outfit.

But I have to say it looks great with a lace dress.

And the best thing is, you can easily dress up the look with sock booties. However, it’s better if you get the short sock booties since they are more versatile.

White boots

how to wear lace dresses with boots

And last but not least, for another boho outfit, you can style a white lace dress with white boots.

I love all-white outfits.

It looks so great, chic, elegant, and sophisticated.

You will get a fantastic outfit if you add the right accessories to your outfit.

And that’s all I wanted to share today. That was how to wear lace dresses with boots and also what are some boots that you can wear with a lace dress.

I hope you liked the article.

Don’t forget to follow me on my socials. Here are my Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram profiles you can follow me.

how to wear lace dresses with boots

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