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How to Style Modern Christmas Outfits for Ladies Over 50

How to Style Modern Christmas Outfits for Ladies Over 50

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Christmas is almost here. And I couldn’t leave my favorite people without Christmas outfit ideas.

So this is the article with Christmas outfits for ladies over 50. And if you are a mature woman, you have to know, you are beautiful despite any age.

Everyone is beautiful in their bodies. Don’t you agree?

But let’s leave it and continue with what I promised. Aren’t you excited about discovering tons of outfit ideas for Christmas?

And if you are reading this article while it’s still fall, here is the article about classy fall outfits for women over 50. You can discover stylish fall outfits for you there and I am sure you are gonna love them.

Let’s start!

I’ve been scrolling through Pinterest and decided that I had to gather and share these outfits with you.

So, all the images in this post are from Pinterest.

By the way, I have to recommend you start using Pinterest because it’s a very popular and useful website (app) where you can get tons of ideas for your outfits, home decor, recipes and so and so forth.

Christmas outfits for ladies over 50

Faux leather leggings and chunky sweater

Christmas is the holiday and the day when you have to look festive, elegant, and still comfortable. It’s definitely a family holiday so you have to feel comfy all day and night long.

But looking chic is not less important when it comes to styling outfits, right?

Age and occasion don’t matter but it matters to wear something trendy and stylish. Or at least something that you think you look good in.

That’s why I decided to share this outfit as a Christmas outfit.

You can wear faux leather leggings (which are very trendy) and a comfy, warm sweater over them for Christmas.

This would be an outfit that expresses everything I said above.

Faux leather leggings make it look chic and stylish but the sweater will make it feel and look comfortable.

In case you want to look more elegant or polished you can pair classy high heels with them. And don’t forget accessories. They are important to make your outfit look finished.

What about colors?

Well, well…

If this wasn’t a post for Christmas, I would definitely recommend you to go for neutral colors but…

In this case, I have to tell you, go for any color you wish.

If you have seen my older article with spring/summer outfit ideas for women over 50, you would know, that I mentioned avoiding wearing red clothes.

The reason for this is that when women are getting older skin tone changes to red. Because capillaries are getting to be shown more on their face.

And red doesn’t look very good for older women.

But remember it’s Christmas! It’s the holiday! And more importantly red is one of the most common colors for Christmas.

So, it’s more than OK to wear red in your outfit.

If I were you, I would go for black faux leather leggings and a comfy red sweater. Plus some ankle boots or just classy heels. That would be perfect.

As long as you love style tips for women over 40, here is the next article you should check out next.

Classy pants+button down shirt+sweater

For the second look, I decided to share the outfit that you can see above.

I think it looks great but I would change some things a little bit. That’s about colors again. She looks awesome, that’s right but…

We have to remember this is the outfit for Christmas. Make it look more festive and exciting by adding some colors to it.

Colors give happiness to you and your outfits as well. Don’t make yourself closed in some frames.

For example, change the black sweater to something more fun, like a printed sweater, or even to an ugly Christmas sweater.

If you are getting ready for a more serious party, go for prints. They will also be a lot better.

Other than that, I have to admit, I love this outfit and I love the idea of pairing a button-down shirt and sweater together.

It’s not a new thing but it’s different and looks fantastic.

Skinny pants+blouse

christmas outfits for ladies over 50

Who said that mature women can’t wear tight clothes?

Especially clothes that aren’t too tight and look flattering on their body?!

And by the way, skinny jeans are not that tight so just forget what others are saying.

Get ready and find good skinny jeans in your wardrobe (or get a new one) and pair them with a beautiful blouse and heels.

Adding some accessories like a handbag and jewelry will be perfect as well.

In case you need some ideas, you can check out some of my recommended pieces for this outfit.

I often get comments on Pinterest that not every woman over 50 is skinny and tight.

And so, I wrote another helpful article where I share festive plus size Christmas outfit ideas. So, if you are a plus size or curvy woman, I highly recommend you to check out this as well.

Blue skinny jeans+long tunic shirt+plaid scarf

christmas outfits for ladies over 50

I have to admit, I can’t imagine winter without a scarf. It became and stayed very trendy for cold weather.

And I think it would be perfect to use it for a Christmas outfit as a woman over 50. Why?

Because it adds a cozy, comfortable feeling to all outfits.

Plus it makes you feel warm as well. And lastly, it looks amazing with skinny jeans.

Also, it can easily become an essential piece for you.

By the way, here is the list of wardrobe essentials for women over 50. So, I would check it out in your case.

And what happens if you add high boots to the look?! Nothing bad but everything fantastic.

By the way, you can wear a sweater dress with thigh-high boots as well. And in case you are looking for some dresses to wear with high boots, you can check out this article here.

Sweater+high waisted midi skirt

christmas outfits for ladies over 50

Many of you are angry when you see younger women’s pictures in the articles for mature women.

But the thing is it’s hard to find product images with mature women on them, so I had to use them.

I am mentioning this because the woman above probably wouldn’t be a woman over 50. But I got excited about the outfit so I couldn’t miss sharing it.

And another thing is that age doesn’t really matter. You have to wear anything you enjoy wearing or feel comfortable in. I can say this a million times for you.

Now, let’s back to our outfit.

For this one, you can pair the white sweater with a high-waisted midi skirt, which in the best case should be red or green. Because it’s Christmas.

High-waisted bottoms are great for everyone whose problem area is the stomach or tummy. That’s because they can hide a little tummy in them.

I bet you would already discovered or known that. But wait… You can find more tricks to hide some other parts of your body (like flabby arms, tummy, a large bust, and so on) in another article on my blog.

And if you want to find out more style tricks about style and your body type, here is my article with the list of the best YouTube fashion over 40 channels.

I have to say, if you will be able to find a skirt in similar colors, that’s gonna be fantastic. Because I think that’s a great color combination for Christmas.

Pairing it with red heels will be another next step you can make.

I am sure you are gonna look amazing in this outfit.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this and other outfits. Let me know which one is your favorite now! You can DM me on Instagram or Facebook. I am always there to meet my readers.

Red sweater+leather skirt

christmas outfits for ladies over 50

I won’t talk much about this outfit. It’s a regular, pretty common outfit, but not for mature women, I guess.

I am saying this because I haven’t seen many women over 50 who wear leather clothes. And I think that’s not right. They look amazing on everyone. And they are still so trendy.

So, as you can already guess, you can pair a short leather skirt with your favorite sweater or a blouse.

But accessories are a must for this specific outfit. Without them, it’s gonna be a regular, not very interesting look and you may not be happy with it as well.

If you or your family have planned a holiday photoshoot, you can find some cute outfit sets here. It’s another article where you are gonna discover Christmas outfits for everyone in your family.

So, check it out.

Crewneck sweater+midi skirt

christmas outfits for ladies over 50

I mentioned the midi skirt above but I have to do it again. They are great for mature women.

Maybe because it was pretty popular years ago as well. Who knows, but the thing is it really looks great. You can make many flattering outfits with midi skirts.

But for Christmas, you can pair it with an ugly Christmas sweater which will be in the same colors as the skirt.

Or else if you have a skirt with a solid color like green, burgundy, red, or any other you can go for a printed sweater. Remember, one solid piece is enough in any look.

In case you would like to know more about creating and balancing outfits with the right wardrobe pieces, you can check out my older post about it. You are gonna learn how you can create stylish and well-balanced looks without thinking about them overnight.

Christmas sweater+leggings

christmas outfits for ladies over 50

I love to point out my favorite looks in my own articles. And you guessed right, this is THE ONE!

Despite loving wearing stylish outfits I always consider Christmas outfits as the most comfortable ones. But this depends on many things, definitely.

For example, if you are invited to a corporate Christmas party you can’t go in a too-casual outfit. Yes, you have to look festive, chic, and polished but you have to feel comfortable as well.

But in case you are going to have a family dinner, you can definitely wear something casual like the one above.

I am the one who mostly spends Christmas nights and days at home with my family, so I am also the one who would enjoy wearing this.

The only thing I would change here is the slippers. Even if you are at home, you have to look special for the holiday.

So, you can definitely wear ankle boots with leggings. Or else you can go for comfy sneakers as well.

Blouse+wide leg pants

christmas outfits for ladies over 50

Wide-leg pants are another piece that you as a mature woman can wear for Christmas.

But not only for Christmas though. It’s a perfect wardrobe staple for any woman because it flatters and shows the body silhouette so beautifully.

So, you can wear these pants with a classy blouse and jewelry that will make you look festive and cheerful.

Opt out for heels with this look, because they are gonna make it look even better. And you are gonna have an awesome stylish, comfy, polished outfit that will pair with Christmas so well.

I would change the style of the top from that to something more classy and skinny. The thing is there are too many flared pieces in the look.

It’s better to balance the outfit with one flared and another skinnier piece. So, in this case, you have to get the top that is more skintight.

This outfit will be a perfect fit for the smart casual dress code.

Here is the link to a very helpful guide where you will master smart casual over 50.

Black skinny jeans+white tunic+elegant cardigan

christmas outfits for ladies over 50

It’s time for my next favorite look.

This is the outfit with black skinny jeans, a long tunic top, and a stylish, chic cardigan.

This outfit is perfect for fall as well. By the way, I have another useful article about fall clothing capsule over 40 and you can find similar items there for you.

And here is the article about fall fashion essentials over 40 if you ever need to discover them.

But do you know what I love about this outfit? Believe it or not, these are shoes.

I love it when I discover something special and powerful while creating outfits. And one of the discoveries was pointed-toe shoes.

If you didn’t know before you should find out now. Pointed-toe shoes make you look taller because they visually lengthen your legs.

So, it’s always a good idea to choose them for most of your outfits, especially if you are a petite woman.

In case you want to learn how to look taller and slimmer in your outfits, you can check out this article here.

There you are gonna discover tricks and tips that will help you to elongate and lengthen your legs. This is MUST read article for any woman, believe me.

So, that’s all I wanted to share for Christmas outfits for ladies over 50. I hope you are gonna love this article and find it useful.

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