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The Perfect Fall Clothing Capsule for Women Over 40 – Stylish Outfit Ideas

The Perfect Fall Clothing Capsule for Women Over 40 – Stylish Outfit Ideas

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I have to admit, I also didn’t know about capsule wardrobes a year ago. But I loved it as soon as I discovered them.

Don’t worry, I will tell you why later but for now, you should know that we are creating a fall clothing capsule for women over 40 today.

Before that, you can check out what are some fall fashion essentials over 40. Or you can read that article after finishing this one.

Now let me share some reasons why you have to start creating capsule wardrobes.

Pros and cons of capsule wardrobes

Benefits of a capsule wardrobe

fall clothing capsule for women over 40
  • More free time

Have you ever thought about, how much time have you been spending standing in front of your closet to choose something to wear for that day?

A capsule wardrobe is the first time-saver thing in fashion. Because you already have clothes ready for every day.

Most importantly those are pieces that you enjoy wearing.

  • More money

Remember the amount of money you spent on clothes last time?

There are many possibilities that you purchased the pieces that you haven’t worn yet. Am I right?

If not, I am glad for you.

The thing here is that a capsule wardrobe helps you to understand what exactly you need to buy to complete your wardrobe. So that it will help you to wear outfits that you love and feel comfy in.

A capsule wardrobe will help you to determine what is the item that is missing from your closet. And so you will be able to create a shopping list of pieces that you actually need.

  • More confidence

You are gonna feel more confident when you will discover exactly what you enjoy wearing. Believe me, that’s the most important part of fashion and style.

  • Better organization

Once you finish creating your first capsule wardrobe, you will find out that your clothes are well (better than before) organized.

You can organize it depending on the season, color palette, or the main event of your daily life (working, traveling, running, or whatever…).

Today we are building it depending on the season – which is fall.

  • More durability

Your clothes will last more time when you use a capsule wardrobe. Because you are not gonna use the same pieces again and again.

Since you mix and match different pieces for different outfits, clothes will serve longer for you.

Disadvantages of capsule wardrobe

  • It needs time at first

Time is the most expensive thing in our lives, am I right?

I don’t know if it’s actually a disadvantage of a capsule wardrobe but I still had to mention this.

Building a capsule wardrobe needs time (I still think, it’s worth your time though).

But another thing is that you will need less and less time once you build one or two different capsule wardrobes.

  • It makes you wish to shop more
fall clothing capsule for women over 40

Not everyone needs to buy need some new staff while building a capsule wardrobe.

But I have heard (and I was feeling the same thing in the beginning) that building a capsule wardrobe makes you shop for new and new things all the time.

But in fact, that’s not the right tactic.

You have to stop buying new clothes as soon as you find enough pieces to match together. That’s the main rule of a capsule wardrobe.

Get what you are missing from the closet and then stop.

25 pieces are enough for a small capsule wardrobe, but you can definitely contain more for more unique outfits.

  • It may become boring

A capsule wardrobe should last for around 3 months or a season. So, it sometimes may become boring for some women.

But here are some solutions for it.

  • You can use different accessories. The ones that you don’t include in your capsule wardrobe.
  • You should choose colors that don’t become boring for you. You have to love all of them.
  • You can have more layering pieces than basics. Because it will help you to mix and match your outfits in more ways. So, they won’t become boring as well.

Fall clothing capsule for women over 40

Now, let’s start creating an actual capsule wardrobe for you.

First, let me explain first why I mentioned the age here.

I hate mentioning age, skin color, or weight when I am writing the articles. Because I don’t think any of them look bad. They just look different, that’s the only thing.

But another thing is that styling differs for age or body shape. Different clothes flatter different bodies in different ways. That’s the only reason I have to mention “over 40” a few times today.

How many clothes should be in a fall capsule wardrobe?

The minimum amount of pieces that you should have in your fall capsule wardrobe is 25. But you can add up some more pieces depending on the size of your closet.

But for today I decided to contain 30 pieces. Because this capsule wardrobe is for fall.

And fall requires to have more layers and outerwear pieces. And we will contain shoes in this capsule wardrobe as well.

How do you color wardrobe capsules?

In the best case, you should start creating a capsule wardrobe with more neutral colors. But you have to add up some pieces with brighter colors to make it funny.

For this specific, fall capsule wardrobe I chose the colors that are just perfect for fall. Here is the color palette you can try.

fall clothing capsule for women over 40

These are colors that will make your fall outfits look chic and stylish. But they will help you to easily create different outfits for every day.

As I mentioned above you can change or add up some brighter colors to the palette. But if you wonder about the truth, I think this one is the best for autumn.

All those colors have something unique for warmer fall vibes. And don’t forget that they are great for your age as well.

Now let me share actual pieces that you are gonna need for this fall capsule wardrobe.

Seeing the item that you don’t have in your closet, doesn’t mean that you have to purchase it. However, if you want to have the exact same outfit combinations, yes you have to either buy or find similar ones in your wardrobe.

And the best thing is that all of those 30 pieces are affordable and easy to find. They are all from Amazon. So, you can shop for them without any extra worries.

fall clothing capsule for women over 40
fall clothing capsule for women over 40
fall clothing capsule for women over 40

So, those are all 30 pieces I have found and shared with you.

Some of you may think, that as mature women, we are not as slim as those models on product images. But I have good news for you.

Those are clothes that are available (for now) in larger sizes. So, if you are not as slim as models, you can still get them.

The only thing here is that they won’t be available forever so, I would quickly check out them in your place.


  1. Pink short sleeve t-shirt tee top
  2. Double-layered printed chiffon blouse top
  3. Leopard print long sleeve sweatshirt
  4. Cuffed sleeve tunic top
  5. Backless loose fit sweater
  6. Cute twist knot knit top
  7. Oversized turtleneck sweater


  1. Sherpa jacket
  2. Button down knit sweater cardigan
  3. Open front sweater cardigan with pockets
  4. Fringe cardigan

Jackets & coats

  1. Distressed boyfriend jean jacket
  2. Leather moto jacket
  3. Faux suede jacket
  4. Faux fur cardigan hoodie


  1. Calvin klein classic fit suit pant
  2. High waist pencil pants with bow
  3. High waist denim leggings

Dresses & skirts

  1. Bodycon midi dress
  2. Vintage midi dress
  3. Turtleneck long sleeve knit sweater dress
  4. Denim skirt
  5. A line skirt


  1. Chunky heel ankle boots
  2. Frye and Co. lace up ankle boot
  3. Cole Haan ankle boot
  4. Low heel ankle boots


  1. Guess tote
  2. Fossil rachel tote
  3. 3pcs set – shoulder bag, top handle satchel, and purse

Here are 10 possible outfit combinations that you can create from those pieces. But in fact, there are much more to try.

Outfit #1

The first outfit that you can create from this capsule wardrobe is a casual outfit that will be comfy and warm.

It’s a very simple look that you can create with a short-sleeved top, dark skinny pants, fringe cardigan, and low-heeled ankle boots.

But most importantly, the outfit looks stylish and chic. The only thing you have to remember is to add more accessories to the look.

For example, for this specific look, you can wear a casual crossbody bag, sunglasses, or/and fedora hat. They will make it look complete and even more interesting.

Assuming that you love finding valuable tips and tricks, here is my article full of style tips for women over 40.

So, if you want to discover them and make more stylish outfits quickly check out the article.

Outfit #2

The second outfit combination that you can create is a sweater, suede jacket, high-ankle boots, and skinny jeans outfit.

It’s a perfect outfit if you want to feel the comfiest.

Suede is a great fabric for every woman, but especially for mature women. Why? Because it has a vibe that feels and looks vintage.

fall clothing capsule for women over 40

I guess almost all of my outfits today are casual, lol. That’s maybe because my fundamental style is casual. And I can’t hide it.

But don’t worry, there are some classier looks that you can also try. And remember you can create more than 100 outfits from those 30 pieces.

By the way, the next outfit is a safe combination of classy and casual pieces.

Outfit #3

Those pants and blouse tops are elegant, while boots and the cardigan feel and look more casual. Although all of those pieces are perfect to put together.

You can wear this outfit at the office if you need it. You may just need to change up the cardigan to something classier. Because it doesn’t look very professional.

Oh and if you are looking for a helpful guide about smart casual dress code over 50 here is my article that you can check out.

fall clothing capsule for women over 40

Outfit #4

The next outfit contains a midi dress, ankle boots, a leather jacket, and accessories. It’s another outfit that is perfect for you.

The leather jacket looks very chic on everyone. And it’s perfect for women of your age.

I already purchased this dress and I should say it’s perfect. It looks like a bodycon dress but in fact, it has enough stretch, so it fits all body types perfectly.

By the way, if you would like to know more about different body shapes you can check out the body types section on my homepage.

You are gonna discover a lot of interesting information about body shapes. You can also find out what is your body shape so that you can wear everything that flatters your body the best way.

fall clothing capsule for women over 40

Do you know why a capsule wardrobe is a great thing? Because you can mix and match pieces that you have already chosen before.

What I mean is that, for example, I used the same leather jacket, boots, and handbag for another look.

But the great thing is that changing one or two details in the look makes the outfit absolutely different. And it is considered as a new outfit.

Outfit #5

For the next look, I chose another midi dress that is in our set of the fall wardrobe capsule.

You should know that this dress is perfect for women with any body shape. Because it has a very interesting design on it.

It will look so flattering because of those black stripes. Designers made it so that it visually creates the illusion of an hourglass body shape.

And if you don’t know, the hourglass is the most wished body shape for women.

fall clothing capsule for women over 40

This capsule wardrobe contains very neutral colors. And they pair together perfectly. So, you don’t have to worry about creating outfits with those pieces.

Along with this capsule wardrobe, you can check out my article about classy fall outfits for women over 50 here. You will discover ready-to-go outfits for you there.

Outfit #6

For the next outfit, I tried to stay in brown and black color. But for this case, I paired black flared pants with the top that has a leopard print on the sleeves.

The only thing that I don’t like about this combination is that both pieces are too wide to be paired together. I would choose a tighter top to wear with these pants.

But this top is also OK. Because it may look tighter on you (because you are not a model, lol).

fall clothing capsule for women over 40

It’s time for the next casual outfit. This is the one with the same high ankle boots we used before.

Outfit #7

But for this outfit, we are gonna pair them with skinny jeans, an oversized sweater, a handbag, and a denim jacket. You can wear this look without a jean jacket though.

Don’t forget that you need more accessories for ALL those outfits. Because I don’t include accessories in this fall capsule wardrobe.

fall clothing capsule for women over 40

Some bloggers say that as a woman over a certain age, you should wear loose clothes. And I partly agree with them. Just partly.

In fact, you have to avoid wearing too tight clothes. Other than that there is not anything bad about tight clothes.

The fact is that some flattering details on clothes make you look more interesting. But this is when you know what looks flattering on your body shape.

Outfit #8

I started talking about this because, for the next outfit, I chose a top that is tight inside, but also has looser fabric hanging above it.

But you know what? I love it. Because the loose fabric has a triangle shape on the body. That’s perfect for any body type. Because it creates the illusion of a taller and slimmer body.

And another great thing about this top is that it can hide even a little tummy. I think it’s very useful for women over 40 because we gain most of our weight in the middle section after we are getting older.

Oh, in case you want to find similar tips that will help you hide some parts of your body, you can check out my article about it. I mean, flabby arms, big bust, double chin, and so on.

fall clothing capsule for women over 40

Time for the blue!

Outfit #9

For the 9th outfit, I decided to go for a more unique combination. So, I paired the blue sweater with a brown midi skirt.

But here is the thing I wanna tell you…

This skirt has a high waist, and the top is also pretty long. So, they won’t match well unless you shorten the top.

You can do this with a belt, or you can also make another knot in front of the top. Just put it higher on your waist.

fall clothing capsule for women over 40

I have another article about spring and summer outfits for women over 50. And I am getting the notice that I should use images of that age.

I agree with them.

I have to.

But the thing is, it’s hard to take or find images of women over 40. So, if you think that while reading this article, I am sorry but I can’t find many pictures with mature women.

And don’t feel weird about that. Those are product images and they are just for better preference.

Now, let me share the last outfit idea that you can create from the fall clothing capsule that we created above.

Outfit #10

This is the outfit with a denim pencil skirt, a casual shirt a fluffy, cozy cardigan, and block-heeled ankle boots. There is nothing to say about the look.

Just a few things.

I love that cardigan. It’s perfect for fall.

And I am sure you are gonna get a lot of compliments when you wear this outfit. Because it will make you look younger.

In addition to the boots, I want to say that they will become an essential piece for you.

And in case you need to discover more wardrobe essentials for women over 50 check out this article here.

These are a few things I wanted to say about this look.

fall clothing capsule for women over 40

Remember these are just 10 outfits that I shared as examples for you. You can have ten times more outfits with those 30 pieces. So, you will have enough everyday outfits for fall.

You can also add some pieces to the capsule wardrobe. It depends on the size of your wardrobe.

And now, I hope you liked the article and capsule wardrobe that I created for you.

DM me with your thoughts on Instagram or Pinterest. You can also send me a msg to the Facebook page. I am always there to answer your questions or just enjoy your comments.

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