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Youtube Fashion Over 40 – the Most Practical Channels for Making Perfect Outfits

Youtube Fashion Over 40 – the Most Practical Channels for Making Perfect Outfits

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You need to style outfits depending on your taste (first off) but also depending on your age, body shape, body type, and other things.

And today I decided to share channels on Youtube fashion over 40. I mean, I am gonna share YouTube channels that you should check out if you want to discover current trends, style tips and tricks, or/and just inspiration for your outfits.

Most of these women are over 40 too. And I think, it’s perfect to learn from someone who is similar to you. In that case, that’s just the age.

Additionally, I will share other YouTube channels that are not over 40 but are very useful. You can learn a lot of things from them.

I know, that reading the article and watching YouTube videos are totally different things. Some people prefer reading and some do not.

You can and should always read some helpful articles but at least you can sometimes watch some Youtube videos as well.

So, let me start sharing the list of popular fashion YouTube channels for women over 40

Best YouTube channels for fashion over 40

Busbee style

Youtube fashion over 40

The first YouTuber that you need to learn some things from is Erin from Busbee style. She is over 40 as well (as we know) so she will become your best friend.

It’s really important to learn from someone who has some similarities to you.

Personally, I love the outfits she makes and wears. She does really have a good fashion sense. Another way she wouldn’t be the first one on the list and she also wouldn’t be the stylist.

You will discover a lot of interesting videos once you visit her channel.

For example, you are going find the latest trends, outfits she wears, style tips and tricks, and many more things.

She is also very popular because of her body shape videos. And I should admit, they are great.

Anna Bey

Youtube fashion over 40

I am not sure about her age and I don’t want to prove something false. Besides, does age actually matter?

As she says, Anna is the elegance coach. What does that mean? That means she teaches how to look more elegant and how to enjoy each of the things in your life.

Except for the Youtube channel, she also has a course where you can sign up to learn a few more advanced steps to look always elegant.

I haven’t personally tried her course but I think Youtube is still pretty enough to learn some things from her.

What you can learn from her? Well…

Everything about elegance.

For example, the most elegant bags, what elegant women never wear to work, and so on and so forth. This is less than a minimum of her content. There is a lot to check out.

What to Wear – Classic fashion for women

Youtube fashion over 40

If you want to discover outfit ideas with every single piece, you have in your wardrobe this is the channel you need to watch sometimes.

As the creator of the Busbee Style channel, Erin, the lady on that channel is over 40. That doesn’t mean anything. Just saying the fact.

Finding women over 40 online is hard sometimes. And so, I think as a mature woman you will be glad to see them. And as I already said, it’s great to learn from someone with your age.

Now, I have to say one thing.

There are different people out there and so there are different thoughts about different styles. You MUST not follow each of them. But sometimes we are all stuck and we need some inspiration.

That’s why we, creators create articles and videos for you. We want to help you to get inspiration, find trends, outfit ideas, or even items that you may love to have without searching nonstop online.

The style insider

Youtube fashion over 40

The next YouTube channel that I recommend is the channel from Leonie. The woman who is over 50 and the woman who looks just awesome.

And remember she is the mother of two. What I mean by that is that every woman MUST look elegant, polished, chic, modern, and happy despite her age, marital status, and other important things.

You can learn a lot from her YouTube channel.

Outfit ideas, fashion trends, seasonal fashion, style mistakes, perfect color combinations, etc. are the things you can discover from The Style Insider YouTube.

Beth Djalali

Youtube fashion over 40

If you are familiar with Pinterest (and you probably are), you would know her already. She is very popular on Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

She’s got 176k followers. You know what that means.

You are gonna learn a lot of interesting things from her as well.

She talks about anti-aging skincare, eating healthy, style outfits, trends, and many more interesting things.

So, I want you to check out her YouTube channel. Watch or listen to her videos.

Moving on to the next one.

Sixty and Me

Youtube fashion over 40

This is the channel that every mature woman has to see. Why?

Because this is not only about fashion and style but there are other videos that teach you how to live great at your age. How you can do some things the right way when you are over 40 and more.

The creator herself is over 60 as we guess from the name of the channel.

So, this YouTube channel is for grey people (kidding of course <3) who are willing to create an independent, happy, healthy, and most importantly, fashionable life.

Justine Leconte officiel 

Youtube fashion over 40

I have to admit, this is my favorite YouTube channel so far.

So, Justine is a French fashion and jewelry designer. And she is definitely a successful YouTuber, 900k subscribers confirm that.

You can learn how to style outfits for your body type, how to find out the quality of clothes you have or are gonna get in the future, and other interesting things.

You are gonna be able to see how she works to create new collections. She’s got her own label. So, her channel is definitely more than worth checking out.

Heather Anderson – Fashion Over 40

Youtube fashion over 40

Another awesome woman who is over 40 and looks just fantastic. She looks like a Barbie, doesn’t she?

You can find style, beauty, and fitness tips on her YouTube channel, and believe me, there is a lot to discover.

So let me share some examples of videos similar to what you should expect.

There is a video called “7 Style Hacks to Look 10 Years Younger ” where she shares tricks that really work to look younger.

By the way, her videos are very informative. You can really learn a lot from them.

Petite Dressing

Youtube fashion over 40

This channel is the perfect discovery for Petites.

If you are struggling to choose outfits for you because you are lower than 5’4″, you have to see this.

By the way, I was planning to write some articles for Petites here as well. But, if there is something very specific, that you want me to write about, please let me know. you.

Don’t forget that you can find me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. I will be there to help.

Mommies, Makeup, And Moscato – Fashion Over 40

Youtube fashion over 40

This next channel was created by Christina and Kelli.

They are fun to watch and their channel is great to learn some about fashion over 40.

So what you can learn from them are clothing hacks for different seasons, outfit ideas for different events, styling hacks, and most importantly you will learn how you can look perfect even when you are on a budget.

I’ve got the post for this as well. So, you can check it out first. Here is the link to my article.

My Over 50 Fashion Life

Youtube fashion over 40

This is another awesome example of confidence.

This is the channel of a woman who is 55+ and looks way younger than that. This is because she knows some tricks to look great.

On her channel, you can learn fashion, beauty, skincare, and other interesting stuff. But here is something I love about this channel. This is something unique.

She uploads videos of unboxing different fashion subscription boxes. So, if you ever decide to try those boxes, those videos will help you to decide where to start.

Fashion and Style Edit

Well, well…

Here comes my next favorite.

Youtube fashion over 40

I can’t say anything about her age, but I have to admit I love her. She has a gorgeous style sense and she is sharing pretty interesting information.

More specifically, on this channel, you will find fashion, style, and beauty videos with her lookbooks, and brand reviews. It seems impressive, right?

Angela Mashelle

Youtube fashion over 40

This is another channel with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle videos on it.

As its creator says, it’s for women over 40, but women at any age can find something enjoyable for them.

Personally, I am watching and enjoying her videos, in spite of the thing that I am not over 40. (lol)

So, if you are looking for some YouTube channels and YouTube fashion bloggers over 40, and you want to get some inspiration or learn some new things, check out these and other channels I shared above (only after reading some articles on my blog, XOXO))

And if you have (and I am sure you’ve got a lot) some friends, help them find this article by sharing this image on Pinterest.

youtube fashion over 40

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