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Trendy Outfit Ideas And Style Tips on How to Wear Burberry Quilted Jacket in Modern Ways

Trendy Outfit Ideas And Style Tips on How to Wear Burberry Quilted Jacket in Modern Ways

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I guess you know some things about the Burberry jacket since you are here. But you need some outfit ideas, am I right?

And so, this is the article where you will find out how to wear Burberry quilted jacket. Some people consider it as out of style. But is it really like that?

It’s an old fashion piece? Well, let’s see!

First off, I want to share my opinion about this.

I think designer pieces are things that are immortal. Because designers know what they are doing.

Especially, when trends are going around. We have current trends that were also very popular a few hundred years ago. For example, the blazer – it’s a really old-fashioned piece because everyone was wearing it in the 70s-90s.

But you know what? I love blazers and I love wearing them. Not because they came back in trend, it’s because I feel comfy and confident while I am wearing them.

What I mean by that is, never listen to others, when it comes to trends.

There are definitely trends that seem fantastic for some people. But there are also trends that seem weird to others.

So, I mean, if you like and wanna wear Burberry quilted jacket – go ahead, do it! No one will ever rebuke you for this.

And when it comes to outfit ideas with Burberry jacket, I am here to help, as always.

Let me start sharing them right away.

How do you style a Burberry jacket?

Wear it with skinny jeans and black turtleneck

There are many versions of the Burberry jacket. In fact, they change little things every year. For example, they add a new color, structure, pocket, and so on.

But I think a black Burberry quilted jacket is the best to style with so many outfits. Because it’s just a basic, simple color that you can pair with so many things.

For this specific one, you can style dark blue skinny jeans (ripped jeans-if you are OK with them), black turtleneck (tucked in your jeans), ankle boots, and a Burberry jacket together.

how to wear burberry quilted jacket
Image source: Pinterest

It’s gonna be a modern look that you can wear anywhere, except the office I guess. But you can wear the outfit to the office if you change a little thing as well.

Like, you can change ripped jeans to something classier, or wear classy work pants instead of jeans.

Don’t forget to add some accessories to the outfit. Not only this one but every single outfit you make needs accessorizing, remember that.

Burberry jacket looks great with a medium size handbag.

Don’t pair it with too large totes, or handbags. They just don’t go well together.

Wear it with ankle pants and sweater

I haven’t mentioned that the Burberry jacket is great for spring and autumn. But you can definitely wear it in winter if the climate is warmer in your place.

And the next outfit you can make with a Burberry jacket is the look with ankle pants (or jeans), sneakers, and a warm sweater.

how to wear burberry quilted jacket
Image source: Pinterest

That’s gonna be also a stylish outfit that will make you feel comfy and warm.

In most cases, I would leave the Burberry jacket open. Generally, I hate when I wear jackets and coats tied because I just don’t like wearing them like that.

The same goes with this jacket. Try to leave it open in most of your looks. It looks a lot better this way.

Wear it with black pants and high sneakers

You can see Rosie Huntington wearing Burberry quilted jacket below. She is wearing black pants and higher sneakers with it.

how to wear burberry quilted jacket
Image source: Pinterest

Does she look old-fashioned? I don’t think so.

She pays thousands of dollars to her stylists to look always great. And you are getting these outfit ideas for free. XOXO

The only thing I want to say about this is that you HAVE TO wear skinny, or at least fitted jeans with Burberry quilted jacket. It won’t look good with flared, or wide-leg jeans.

Why? Because they are also pieces that came from the old trends and became trending again. So, wearing more than 2 “old style” pieces in the outfit can really make you look old-fashioned.

I would add a scarf to this outfit. For example, a solid color beige or brown scarf that will make the look more complete and chic.

Wear it with high waited skinny jeans and sweater

Well, well…

It’s time to mention my favorite look so far. And this is the one…

You can pair Burberry quilted jacket with high waisted skinny jeans, sweater and boots. That’s more casual, comfy look that you are gonna enjoy to wear, I am sure about this.

how to wear burberry quilted jacket
Image source: Pinterest

When it comes to colors, you can definitely try everything possible you can. Play with some colors.

If you have more than one Burberry jacket in your closet (different colors), try to style them in different ways. Use different colors, to make more unique outfits.

And I have to admit. I love the waist bag idea here.

High-waisted jeans and the tucked sweater is the perfect combination to be paired with a small waist bag. It will help you to define your waist, and so it will make you look more flattered and stylish.

By the way, isn’t that the right time to find out your body shape? Or do you actually already know it?

If you haven’t yet discovered your body type, check out this section on my blog. You are gonna find out a lot of interesting things there, believe me.

Wear it with a turtleneck sweater and skinny jeans

If you want to create a warmer, comfier outfit with Burberry quilted jacket, pair it with a turtleneck sweater and skinny jeans.

how to wear burberry quilted jacket
Image source: Pinterest

There isn’t anything special in the outfit, but at least it looks modern and stylish.

By the way, you can try cropped oversized sweater with this look. If you have the right size of Burberry jacket, it will perfectly pair with it.

And if you decided to do so, don’t forget to add a belt as an accessory.

Make yourself look the best version of yourself. Do everything to flatter your body silhouette and you are gonna feel awesome as well.

Wear it with dress pants and high heels

how to wear burberry quilted jacket
Image source: Pinterest

I should say wear it like Melania Trump, haha

I have to admit – she did a great job making this classy outfit with Burberry quilted jacket.

She even did a greater job with accessorizing. Her outfit looks complete, modern, and chic. Most importantly she looks elegant and polished in it.

So, what should I say more?

Try it on yourself, see how it looks on your body. And if you like it, I guess you have a perfect office outfit.

Wear it with a dress and heels

Another way to style a classy outfit with Burberry quilted jacket is to pair it with a short (or medium length) dress.

how to wear burberry quilted jacket
Image source: Pinterest

By the way, you can wear the outfit on holidays.

Burberry jacket is a very structured jacket itself. It has details that make your body look beautiful.

But you can always pair it with a dress that has some shape on it as well. That’s gonna flatter your body even better.

The thing about the length of this jacket is that it’s not very short. It’s pretty long. It normally covers a small part of your butt.

Wearing a dress which will be also long, won’t be a good idea. It will look weird anyway.

Instead, you should wear this jacket with a dress that will be at least above your knees. That’s gonna look a lot better.

And yes, you definitely need to wear high-heeled shoes with this outfit.

Or else, you can pair it with high knee boots. You probably already know how cute short dresses look with long, high boots.

Oh, and in case you are looking for other dresses that you can wear with thigh high knee boots, here is my article about it.

Wear it with striped top and flats

how to wear burberry quilted jacket
Image source: Pinterest

For a more basic, casual look you can pair Burberry quilted jacket with a basic striped top, dark skinny jeans, and flats.

This is gonna be a perfect outfit for spring.

This is the time when you can wear a larger tote bag with this jacket. It’s look good with this specific look.

And you can also use sunglasses as another accessory.

This look is so simple and elegant that you can wear it everywhere. Yes, it looks casual but still, it’s gonna work for most of the events you may have planned.

Wear it with leggings and long tunic

Another stylish way to wear a Burberry jacket is to pair it with leggings and a long tunic top (it can be a sweater as well).

how to wear burberry quilted jacket
Image source: Pinterest

For example, try a black jacket with black leggings and a brown or beige sweater. That’s gonna be so comfy outfit for fall, right?

And the best thing is that leggings are the pieces that you can pair with most of the shoes you have in your wardrobe.

You can wear ankle boots, sneakers, high knee boots, mules, loafers, and other shoes with this outfit. It won’t go well with high heels, of course.

This is so a basic and simple outfit that you can add so many accessories as well.

For example, the brown scarf would make it look totally different. Or what about a black fedora hat?

Wear it white skinny jeans and pointed toe shoes

Before I continue with the next outfit, did you know that pointed shoes make you look taller and simmer?

Yeah really, they visually lengthen your legs and so they make your look taller in outfits.

If you didn’t know this and other style tricks to make yourself look taller, you should check out another article about it. You are gonna learn some cool hacks that really work. So, go for it after you finish this one.

Let’s get back to our outfit!

This is the outfit with other skinny jeans, but in this case, I want you to wear white skinny jeans. If you are feeling weird wearing them, you can definitely change them to black.

how to wear burberry quilted jacket
Image source: Pinterest

But actually, why you should feel weird?

By the way, this outfit is the one that you can also wear at work. Because white is the color that makes outfits look professional and polished.

So, don’t think like these are jeans. You can wear them at your office (unless your office dress code is very strict).

What is Burberry quilted jacket’s price

We all know designer pieces are always much more pricey than any other. That’s because they are very high quality and they are made so that they will last forever.

For example, I have another article where you can find the cheapest designer handbags. So, I searched on the marketplace and created a list of handbags that are designer’s but are still affordable.

I did the same for the Burberry jacket and here is the table of different online stores that sells it. You can check out the price on each of them.

You can also find what colors are available on each website and so you can easily decide where you can find what you are looking for.

Burberry950$Black, Midnight Blue, Beige
Farfetch1,050$ Midnight Blue
Nordstrom950$Black, Burgundy
Saks Fifth Avenue950$ Midnight Blue
Net-A-Porter1,050$ Midnight Blue, Beige

I hope that’s gonna give you some insight and you will find the right place to get your Burberry quilted jacket.

I want to ask you a few things. Help me by sharing this article with your friends. You can click by clicking the share icon in the bottom right corner. I will really appreciate it.

Other than that, thanks a lot for being here.

Don’t forget that you can find me on Pinterest or Instagram. Follow me there to read the newest articles and stay up to date.

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