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Cute, Festive Christmas Outfits for Family Pictures

Cute, Festive Christmas Outfits for Family Pictures

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Christmas is incredibly impossible to believe without a Christmas tree, presents, festive outfits, and memorable photoshoots. Don’t you agree?

And today I decided to help someone who doesn’t have enough time to create outfits for every single family member for a Christmas photo shoot. Here you are gonna find 7 ready to go Christmas outfits for family pictures.

There are several options to take family pictures. You can get them in a photo studio, at your home, or at a specific location that you and the photographer choose.

So, outfits always depend on the location. That’s logical.

But don’t worry, you are gonna find out which outfits are the best for which location.

I can’t wait for Christmas and I can’t wait to share what I prepared for you.

You can check out all of those items on Amazon. You can find links to the products below the images.

Affiliate Disclosure: images on this page contain affiliate links. That means, if you click on them and decide to purchase the item, I will get a small commission from the retailer.

Christmas outfits for family pictures: set number 1

christmas outfits for family pictures

This is a set of outfits, which includes green, white, and black colors.

You will find out throughout the article that I created different sets of looks depending on the colors for each one.

That’s because it’s always a good idea to wear clothes with the same color palette for pictures. Especially for pictures that have many people on them. Because that works well in photography.

This set would be perfect for pictures that you take with a Christmas tree that is decorated in green and white colors.

It also will go perfectly for outdoor Christmas family pictures.

I decided to choose girly dresses for female members and classy, but very cute pieces for males.

If you can’t yet understand, outfits are organized with the next standing: baby girl, toddler girl, woman (wife), man (husband). toddler boy, baby boy.

In case you have two of the family members who are the same age, you can just copy their outfits. Believe me, it looks perfect in family pictures.

Christmas outfits for family pictures: set number 2

christmas outfits for family pictures set 1

If you follow my blog, you should know we are waiting for a baby (boy) in December. I think that’s the perfect gift for Christmas (I mean there is not anything better than that).

I am saying it because I loved the dark green romper and pants for my baby boy. And I couldn’t miss ordering them, so I did. It hasn’t yet arrived yet, but I am sure I and you are gonna love it.

Now, let’s review this second set of looks in more detail.

This is a mix of red, dark green, white, and black colors (plus some nudes).

We all know green and red are the perfect “couple” for Christmas. They are very festive colors that pair for the holiday amazingly.

I preferred to choose classier, more elegant pieces for this set. But you can wear more casual pieces if you wish.

But since it’s the only time, when you and your whole family are taking family pictures for the following year, it’s better to look a little bit different than usual. At least for your best memories.

So, I would suggest sticking to those outfits.

This set is great for any background. Whether it’s your house, photo studio, or the main Christmas tree of the town.

By the way, it still contains pieces that are casual, festive, and cute for family pictures. For example, baby girl and boy rompers and toddler boys sweaters and jeans. So, not everyone is going to look serious.

I forgot to say that all those clothes are available on Amazon (now). And you can definitely order the whole set or the only items you like in it.

Christmas outfits for family pictures: set number 3

christmas outfits for family pictures set 2

I should admit, that I love green – especially at Christmas. That’s why the next set of clothes is in this color.

But this time, I paired it with only white. Why? Because they are great to be combined together.

If you observe that set well, you will notice that girls have classier looks compared to males.

I decided to do so because I wanted to create outfits that make your female family members look cute and feminine.

And for men, I chose outfits that are more casual and still classy, so that they won’t slip out from the set and the pictures.

This set would be perfect for outdoor or studio pictures. So, if that’s what you have planned, you’ve got outfits ready for everyone.

Christmas outfits for family pictures: set number 4

  Christmas outfit for family pictures set number 4

The next set of outfits for Christmas family pictures and the next color combination that pairs beautifully with Christmas…

It’s a pretty popular color combo for Christmas and it’s pretty common as well. But I still wanted to create a set with it, so I did it for you.

There is nothing special about this set. But I have to say, I loved it so much.

I would use this set for the studio photoshoot. Because it’s gonna express family happiness well in Christmas family pictures.

Christmas outfits for family pictures: set number 5

Christmas outfit for family pictures set number 5

Well, well I love mentioning my favorite outfits when I am writing articles here on my blog.

And this won’t be an exception.

The fifth set of outfits for Christmas family pictures is my favorite one. Although I hate the brown color myself, I loved the set.

It’s a cute combination of brown (beige), black and white.

By the way, these would be perfect outfits for fall photoshoots as well. Because brown is a great color for fall.

I am glad that I found what I wanted to find.

Ankle boots and a midi dress are perfect to be paired together. So, the mom can wear it.

Plaid shirts are very trending right now so I contained it for Dad’s outfit.

So, along with good pairing, you are gonna be able to wear well-balanced, stylish outfits that are trending right now.

I would definitely recommend using this set for outdoor pictures. Because I think, that’s gonna be a perfect fit for everyone’s outfit.

Christmas outfits for family pictures set number 6

Christmas outfit for family pictures set number 6

It’s possible to have more than one favorite thing, right? XOXO

I loved this set with beige and white colors as well. This looks so smooth, polished, and elegant.

But the best thing is that those pieces are still comfy to wear. So, you are not gonna need to be stuck in something to take good pictures.

I don’t know if I mention this here but taking pictures is one of the things that I love to do if I have free time. So, I learned a lot about it as well.

And one thing that I can share with you is that you have to try to wear pieces that fit exquisitely on your body.

I mean, it’s not a good idea to wear baggy clothes on a photoshoot. Because they hide all of your body curves and you are not doing very well in pictures.

You have to try to wear pieces that show at least some details of your body. That’s gonna look a lot better.

If you are a woman over 50 or someone who needs outfit ideas for them, check out my newest article about it. It’s the place where you will discover Christmas outfits for mature women, who also deserve to dress fantastically.

Now, let’s back to our set.

It’s a set of very elegant colors, that also pair with Christmas. And I think you can use this set at any photoshoot location.

Whether it’s outdoor pictures, studio images, or your own house pictures, those outfits are gonna express the best holiday feelings.

Christmas outfits for family pictures set number 7

Christmas outfit for family pictures set number 7

If you think about the color of Christmas you can’t really miss red.

There are definitely other colors like white, green, and gold but red is one of the most common colors that we use for decorations, clothes, and so on.

So, I had to create a set of colors. I decided to pair it with white this time. And I loved it so much.

Even if you don’t have all of the family members, like a baby boy or girl at home, this set will be awesome for everyone who is at your home right now.

And by the way, this set would be also great for any location. You can even try a few outfits with your Christmas tree.
For example, you (mom) and a baby with those outfits – huh, that’s gonna be so cute.

I have seen Christmas family pictures taken in a photo studio with white and red outfits. I loved them so much, and that was the reason I wanted to create this set.

Clothes in the set feel and look very warm and comfy. But white color helps them to look elegant as well.

One more thing that I love about this set is the stockings that mom and toddler girls should wear. They look so cute for the Christmas family pictures.

That’s all I wanted to share with you.

I hope you liked the article. And I want you to enjoy the holiday <3

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