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15 Classy Fall Outfits for Women Over 50 – How to Master Fall Fashion Over 50

15 Classy Fall Outfits for Women Over 50 – How to Master Fall Fashion Over 50

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Are you a woman over 50 looking for fashionable and sophisticated outfit ideas for the fall season?

Look no further! I’ve compiled a list of 15 classy fall outfits that are sure to make you feel confident and stylish.

From cozy sweaters to statement jackets, these outfits are perfect for any occasion. Don’t let age hold you back from expressing your unique sense of style. Try out one (or all!) of these outfits and embrace your inner fashionista.

Welcome to the best guide to styling classy fall outfits for women over 50.

Fall is nearly here and it’s always a good idea to have a better organized wardrobe.

First of all, I want to mention a few things before I move directly to classy fall outfits for you.

The first thing is the phrase that I will mention probably many times in this article – “over 50”. I want to explain why I do that.

I don’t write “over 50” because I want to accentuate your age, or neither because I think women over 50 should style things differently compared to youths.

I want to get this article to the audience that is over 50 and since they search outfits with this phrase, I have to use that.

That’s the only reason why I accentuate the age here.

Other than that I think that 40+ is the age when you should do everything to make you feel fantastic and confident by yourself.

You have to do so many experiments and try anything you want to try and just enjoy life and then style different outfits.

Now, second thing.

I often get comments on my Pinterest account, that I don’t use images with over 50 models in articles about them.

And there is one main reason behind this – there are not any brands that use women over 50 as models to represent their products and clothes.

So, when I recommend clothes I can’t find any images with models over 50 that wear those clothes.

And another thing…

This is the article where you will find ready-to-go classy fall outfits for women over 50.

That means, I searched on different high-quality, trusted online stores and found and put together those clothes for you.

You definitely can get every single one of them (before they sell out) from the links I will put here, but this is not necessary.

Those are just ideas for you to think about what you have in your wardrobe. Then you will use clothes that you already have there to create classy outfits for this season.

My content may contain affiliate links, which means I may get a little commission if you make a purchase from my links with no extra costs from your side.

Now let’s get started!

But one more thing before we start sharing those awesome stuff, if you want to find some additional style tips for women over 40 check out my article.

I am sure you are gonna discover things that you have never thought about before.

Ready to go classy fall outfits for women over 50

Outfit 1

classy fall outfits for women over 50

I love naming my personal favorites but it will be pretty hard because all of those clothes are my favorites.

Starting with a very basic, simple classy fall outfit that you can style this year.

For this, you are gonna need a white shirt, black wide-leg pants, white mules and some accessories (a handbag for this specific outfit).

If you haven’t already noticed, wide-leg pants are very trendy this year. They look so flattering on women’s bodies as well.

I want to always recommend the best stuff to my readers. I am glad I did this – found a very unique white button-up shirt for you.

By the way, there are some valuable youtube channels for women over 40 where you will find some cool stuff too.

I think this will become your wardrobe essential if you get it.

You can easily dress up or down it by pairing the right pieces.

For example, for other classy fall outfits, you can pair this white shirt with skirts and tailored pants.

Or for more casual events, style it with jeans. Throw a jacket over and you will be good to go.

In general, this outfit is perfect for any professional meetings, office, library, etc. You can wear this look anywhere you need to look polished and classy.

Outfit 2

classy fall outfits for women over 50

Fall is the season when I think you should feel the most comfortable. I think this way, you may not.

It has those types of vibes for me.

So, this next outfit (and I think actually, all of those 15 outfits) is both a comfy and classy fall outfit.

I wanted to share that I found a great deal on an oversized sweater from Nasty Gal. It’s currently 82% off and only $14. I highly recommend checking it out before the sale ends, as it’s definitely worth the price.

Another thing that makes this look like one of the best classy fall outfits for women over 50 is mules.

They are perfect for you since it’s trending, very appropriate for anyone, and chic looking shoes.

Outfit 3

classy fall outfits for women over 50

Dress is the perfect piece to create some cute classy outfits for fall over 50.

Do you wonder why?

First of all, because most of the dresses are already classy and elegant. I mean, it’s easy to find those types of dresses.

Dresses are perfect for fall also because they can be paired with so many layer pieces. Such as a blazer, leather jacket, trench coat, and others.

And there is another thing that I love about this dress specifically. I think this is the perfect length of the dress for women over 50.

Midi dresses look so feminine and elegant on women’s bodies.

I don’t put any outerwear here specially because this is the dress that you can pair with so many things. I mentioned some of them above.

And I think this dress will become your essential for not only fall but other seasons as well.

By the way, if you wanna discover other fall essentials appropriate for your age, here is the article you should read next.

And don’t worry if you are looking for wardrobe essentials for you, you can read my other article about it.

There you will find clothes that are not appropriate only for fall, those are must-haves for all seasons-one by one.

Outfit 4

classy fall outfits for women over 50

Let’s get more advanced.

I think we can’t get to fall without brown clothes. I really think brownish colors are essential for fall.

So, I decided to style my next classy fall outfit with tailored pants, a bodysuit, a trench coat, basic white sneakers, and some accessories.

This is one of my favorites from all of today’s classy fall outfits for women over 50.

This outfit looks so stylish and chic. And if you live in a colder area, it will also keep you warm and comfy as well.

You can wear this outfit actually everywhere. Even when you are shopping for groceries.

Other than that I don’t have anything to say about it.

Outfit 5

classy fall outfits for women over 50

Styling the next classy outfit for fall and I am thinking about how chic anyone will look in it.

I really can’t hide my feelings and impressions when I see a blazer in the outfit.

I am really crazy about the blazers. I can talk a lot about them.

Blazer is the piece that every woman must have in their closet. It’s the thing that makes life easier, lol

Now, let me get back to our outfit.

I style those pieces together because I wanted to create something basic, and elegant outfit that feels comfy as well.

Blazer will do its thing here. It will pop in the outfit and make it look more unique.

By the way, this shirt is silk, and it’s available on Nordstrom.

It will make the outfit look satisfied and more expensive.

Oh, do you want to get some cool tricks on how to look expensive on a budget? Check out this article and enjoy looking luxurious.

Outfit 6

classy fall outfits for women over 50

This next outfit doesn’t look very classy if we don’t count the handbag and headband.

The look is created with sweatpants and sneakers but it doesn’t mean you can’t look elegant in it.

In fact, the outfit looks comfier than other classy fall outfits presented here in this article.


You know what I did here?

I don’t put any top here because you can dress this outfit up by choosing the classy top underneath this cute green cardigan.

I would recommend you use a white top for this. And you will be good to go.

Outfit 7

classy fall outfits for women over 50

I guess, you are gonna feel comfiest this year if you style outfits that I recommended here.

All of these outfits will be so comfy for you to wear anywhere.

Talking about classy fall outfits for women over 50, I couldn’t miss classy white pants and a beret.

I don’t want you to get dissatisfied because of young models on those products. I mentioned this in the beginning but I can repeat.

The thing that I am sharing is products presented with younger models because brands don’t have over 50 women as models. So, it’s hard to find images of older women.

That’s the only reason and I am sorry about that as well. I wish I knew any brands that I could use.

What else I can tell about this outfit? I think there is nothing to say.

This is the classy fall outfit that you are gonna love to wear, I am sure about this.

Outfit 8

classy fall outfits for women over 50

It’s time for another one of my favorites.

And I think this outfit can become my and your favorite for holidays as well. Yeah, I think it will be perfect for Christmas.

You will just need to add some tweaks and shining details to the look. And if you want ready-to-go Christmas outfits you can check out my article about it as well.

So for this classy outfit for women over 50, I decided to pair this very cute burgundy top with a white buttoned midi skirt, blazer, some high-heel pumps, and accessories.

This is the perfect classy fall outfit that you can wear anywhere starting from office to night out spending time with friends.

If you live in a colder area you can swap the blazer for any coat, like a trench coat or you can also wear a leather jacket with this look.

In case you want to make this outfit comfier you can also change pumps to mules or ankle boots, which will go with this skirt very well.

Outfit 9

classy fall outfits for women over 50

Okay, it’s better I don’t name my favorites because there are so many.

I think a lot of things about this outfit.

First of all, I think it’s a perfect classy fall outfit for women over 40 and more.

Then I think this outfit looks so unique and different.

This skirt is so trendy right now, and so I really wanted to share this with you. You can style it with so many pieces for every season.

And another thing that I love about this outfit is the accessories that I found for you.

This long necklace will look so beautiful with this turtleneck bodysuit (which is very comfortable to wear as well).

And, and…

The best piece in the whole look is this sherpa coated vest which is from Marissa Webb and is available on Revolve (it’s selling very fast, so check out it very soon).

If you can’t find this, here is an alternative vest that will also go perfectly with our outfit.

Outfit 10

classy fall outfits for women over 50

I think I mentioned that dresses and skirts with midi lengths are perfect for women over 50. That’s why I found and I am sharing this cute floral midi skirt with you.

I found this cozy pullover sweater to pair with the skirt.

Since I wanted to share the comfiest classy outfits, I decided to recommend those white sneakers to wear with the look.

But you can always change them to something classier.

For example, if you wear this outfit for the office, you can either choose loafers or ankle boots to pair with the look.

There are so many variations of this outfit when you use some outerwear with this outfit.

You can put a blazer, trench coat, or anything over it.

Outfit 11

classy fall outfits for women over 50

I am gonna cry now – I am in love with this. Really, I didn’t pay enough attention to details when I was finding those pieces to set the look.

I love them (more) now.

I wish to see some pictures of you wearing any of these outfits. You can send me some pictures if it feels right for you on my Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

For this next outfit, I did something special and paired a maxi dress with a leather jacket and pointed-toe ankle booties,

Why is it so special?

If you have seen my post about pairing different things to put together the outfit, you would see I am saying to avoid wearing boots with maxi dresses. Because it looks so weird.

And I don’t think differently now. It’s really like that for me.

But here is the exception that happens with our outfit.

In this case, those booties will not look weird with this maxi dress because the dress has some openings in the front. So, it looks like a midi dress which is OK to style with boots.

Other than that there is nothing to say about this outfit.

But what I can say about this dress is that you can definitely use it in other seasons like summer and spring.

In case you will need some summer dresses for you, here is the link you need. This is my article where I share the list of dresses that are great for older women.

And if you are stuck somewhere and need some spring and summer outfit ideas for women over 50 you can check out this link here.

I am sure you are gonna love this outfit and it will become one of your classy fall outfits for women over 50.

Outfit 12

classy fall outfits for women over 50

Fashion for women over 50 is the topic that I love to talk about. Fortunately, you can find so many articles created around this topic on my site.

We are talking about classy fall outfits here but if you want to discover casual outfits for 50 year women here is the link you should check out.

It will be easier for you to master fall fashion for women. And not only fall, there are a lot of ideas for all season.

Now, let’s get back to our outfit.

So, for this next look, you are gonna need pieces that I think you already have in your wardrobe.

Those are a simple black blouse top, black tailored pants, cropped blazer (you may not have it), classy handbag, shoes, and accessories.

You can pair them together and make the perfect classy fall outfit that will be appropriate for your age.

Outfit 13

classy fall outfits for women over 50

Don’t tell me that you can’t wear shorts in the fall. You definitely can.

Especially with such a great outfit that can still make you feel warm. Please don’t think or say anything about this outfit before you try this at home, at least once.

What you should do is style black classy leather shorts with a comfy oversized sweater and put a brown draped trench coat over them.

I won’t tell you anything more, I want you to share your thoughts. Please share how it went. DM me on my socials.

And if you don’t have similar items in your wardrobe, I have to tell you that you won’t ever regret buying all of these pieces.

Even if you do this only to create this specific look, they are worth it.

This outfit is the best out of the best for me.

In case you need to go more advanced check out my fall clothing capsule article and find all the pieces that you are gonna need for this fall.

Outfit 14

classy fall outfits for women over 50

The more I share more I think that those classy fall outfits are greater for women of any age. They will look fantastic on everyone.

This next outfit is a set of fashionista women actually.

But since you are on my blog, reading this and other articles, you are a fashionista as well. And as I said, I don’t care about age at all.

The most important thing is that I know you are gonna get so many compliments when you wear these outfits.

For the next classy fall outfit, I found a matching blazer and pants that you can wear in many ways.

But for the fall, I want you to pair a white sweater with them. They will look put together.

And don’t forget accessories. They are very important to make every outfit look fabulous.

Outfit 15

classy fall outfits for women over 50

Speaking about perfect accessories I should say, that I am in love with the accessories that I found for this next look.

Those are these pearl earrings and a cute bag from Palm Angels. They are on sale right now, by the way.

These earrings will help you accessorize your summer outfits as well. And if you need some summer outfit ideas, you can read my article after finishing this one.

You are gonna love the article since I shared tons of outfit ideas you can try for summer.

For this actual classy fall outfit, you are gonna need a black classy bodysuit, a short blazer, and wide-leg pants.

Did you know that wide-leg pants look very flattering on women’s bodies?

They make the legs look longer and slimmer as well.

Another great thing about this outfit is pairing the right lengths of the clothes.

I mean, it’s great to style high-waisted pants with shorter, cropped tops or jackets. Your body looks longer this way.

By the way, if you want to find out more tips about looking taller and slimmer, I have an article about this as well.

How do you dress elegantly in the fall as a woman over 50?

It’s easy to look more elegant in the fall as a woman over 50 if you change up some things with classier pieces.

Consider wearing tailored trousers instead of denim jeans, a blazer instead of a cardigan, and stylish heels instead of sneakers. Opt for more neutral colors rather than bright hues. To enhance your professional look, accessorize with chic and classy pieces.

Those are some general things that will help to make your outfit look more elegant.

If you need to look elegant because your job has some kind of dress code, here is the definitive guide to mastering smart casual over 50.

You have access to 15 fashionable and classy fall outfits for women over 50 that will instantly elevate your style.

That’s all I wanted to share with you! I hope you loved the article!

See you in the next post!

Thank you for being here!

classy fall outfits for women over 50

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