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What is difference between hourglass and inverted triangle body shapes?

What is difference between hourglass and inverted triangle body shapes?

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Knowing your body shape is very important if you want to find the most flattering clothes for you.

If you haven’t started finding out your body shape yet, you should first check out this post on my blog. Because at least you should know your body measurements.

Today we are going to find out what is difference between hourglass and inverted triangle body shapes.

But in case you already know the main body characteristics and you can’t say exactly which body shape you belong to, then you need to check out my other post.

It’s about the difference between hourglass and pear shapes, also you can find another article about rectangle vs hourglass body shapes and this is the article about the difference between an hourglass and an inverted triangle.

So, if think you are any other them, go check them out and you will know exactly what your body shape is.

Now, let’s start talking about the inverted triangle and hourglass body shapes.

What is an hourglass body shape – hourglass shape measurements

hourglass shape measurements

When you look in the mirror and you see that your waist is very noticeable, you may be an hourglass. But that’s not the right method to check it.

However, if you know your body shape measurements and you discover that your waist is the smallest part of your body there is a 90% chance that you have an hourglass body shape.

So, having a very defined waist is the first factor in having an hourglass body shape.

By the way, if you don’t know, the hourglass is the body shape that most women wish to have. So, if you have it, you are a lucky woman.

You will find out more about the body shape after checking out the table below.

But what I want to say is that having one type of body shape doesn’t mean that you will have the exact shapes on every part of your body.

So, you have an hourglass but you still have a tummy. The good thing is I already have tips for this “case”. If you have an hourglass body shape with a tummy, you should check out my other post about it. There you are gonna find how should you flatter your body the right way.

There are many possible “cases” for any body shape. Another example would be that you may have an hourglass body shape but you may or not have a big bust. Hips may be larger or smaller as well.

So, there is not the exact, perfect body type that belongs to only one body shape. As I already said, your curves may be a bit different from a woman with your body shape (hourglass).

I have another article about how to dress plus size hourglass. That means you may be a bigger size but still be the hourglass. So, if you are the one, go check it out as well.

Inverted triangle body shape characteristics

What is the difference between hourglass and inverted triangle

What about an inverted triangle?

If your shoulders are the largest part of your body, most likely you are an inverted triangle (IT).

This body shape looks very sporty and athletic. And if you love to have it, you can easily achieve that by doing a workout for an inverted triangle body shape.

In case you have an inverted triangle body shape, you need to minimize your higher body. It’s not because strong, wide shoulders don’t look good or pretty.

No, that’s because of balancing the body.

So, when you have one big part on your higher or lower body, you have to try to create more volume on the opposite of the body.

There isn’t a bad time to do experiments in styling. So, whether you have broad shoulders, a big bust, or wide hips … you have to always try new things. You are gonna discover a lot of things by doing that.

Here is the article that will help you get inspired and discover how to style flattering inverted triangle outfits.

Summer is coming and I am looking forward to wearing cute girly dresses. But you know what?! I remember and I love to help women with styling outfits.

That’s my goal here.

So, I created the guide for your body shape (inverted triangle) to discover and find the most flattering dresses for you. Check it out after reading this one. You are gonna love it.

In case you are looking for dresses for hourglass body shape, here is the link to my new article.

And I have one more good news for you. If you or your friend or daughter or someone is getting ready for a prom party and she has broad shoulders I found some great options, which I want you to check out as well.

Looking for the best version of yourself is the most important thing for prom, right?

And now, let’s find out what are some differences between these two body shapes – hourglass and inverted triangle.

What is the difference between an hourglass and an inverted triangles?

Since inverted triangles (ITs) have large shoulders they are very noticeable for them. While hourglass body shapes would have round shoulders that wouldn’t be so noticeable.

As I already mentioned in hourglass body shape measurements women with hourglass body shapes have very defined waists. That’s because it is the smaller part of the whole body.

That’s totally different for inverted triangles. In most cases, yes they may have a small waist but it’s not as defined as for hourglass body-shaped women. We can say, that inverted triangles have no waist.

Another difference between hourglass and inverted triangle body shapes is their actual look of them. What do I mean?

The shape of inverted triangles looks athletic and sporty (as I already said). But the hourglass body shape looks more girly and feminine. So, they look totally different on women’s bodies.

Is any of them better or worse?- no, of course. Every body shape is beautiful! They just need to be flattered the right way. Other than this there is nothing to worry about. You are beautiful.

What are the other differences between hourglass and inverted triangle body shapes?

So, hips on hourglass body-shaped women look rounder than on inverted triangles. Inverted triangles have more flat hips.

Why? I don’t know.

But I guess that’s because it’s good for balancing women’s bodies. It looks better this way.

Along with hips, there is a little difference between legs for inverted triangles and hourglass body shapes.

In general (I mean in most cases) inverted triangles have better legs than hourglass. Because the hourglass body shape gets bigger after the hips.

So, women with hourglass body shapes would have bigger thighs.

Another characteristic that hourglass body-shaped women have is that their busts and hips are almost the same size.

They are bigger than the waist of course. That can be different but also can be the same for inverted triangle body-shaped women.

Now, it’s time to share the table that visually helps you find the differences between these two body shapes.

But this table will be more helpful for creating outfits for each body type. Because I already listed all the common differences that women may have according to their body shape.

Here is another article where I do hourglass and rectangle body shape differences. I think you are gonna love it.

Inverted triangle and hourglass body shape characteristics

FeaturesInverted triangle body shapeHourglass body shape
The belt works great with++
Need to maximize waist++
Need to minimize shoulders+_
Looks great with off-shoulders_+
Carry weight on top+_
Works well with tight clothes+*+
Works well with wrap tops++
May have a tummy++
May have a bigger bust++
Works well with V-neck++
Works well with vertical lines++
* If you have an inverted triangle body shape, it’s better if you wear tight clothes on your lower body. Because they draw attention to that area and away from your shoulders

Inverted triangle body shape celebrities

If you want to find celebrities who have hourglass body shapes, check out the older posts I linked above. Because there are many of them.

So, celebrities with inverted triangle body shapes are…

Angelina Jolie

what is difference between hourglass and inverted triangle
Image source: Pinterest

Deni Moore

what is difference between hourglass and inverted triangle
Image source: Pinterest

Naomi Campbell

what is difference between hourglass and inverted triangle
Image source: Pinterest

Teri Hatcher

what is difference between hourglass and inverted triangle
Image source: Pinterest

You can watch how they style outfits for their body. That definitely will help you out.

At least you are gonna have inspiration from people who pay money to get perfect outfits for them.

You can find their outfits on Pinterest.

Thank you for reading!

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