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How to Look Pretty in Spring Dresses for Apple Shape

How to Look Pretty in Spring Dresses for Apple Shape

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Spring is officially here. It is the season that I love so much. It’s amazing to feel the warm sun after the cold winter.

But the most important reason why I love spring is that we can go as colorful as we want. So, whether you love floral or other prints, spring is the time to try them.

For today, I decided to recommend the best spring dresses for apple shape.

Dresses are a must for spring. You can look the cutest and most feminine in them. So, why should you miss the chance of wearing them?

If you have another body type and want to see a similar post for it here, you can DM me on Instagram with the request.

And now, let’s get the spring party started.

What is an apple body shape?

So, having an apple shape means you may carry most of your weight in the middle of your body. It can be your waist or stomach area.

But the good thing is you have assets as well (as all other body shapes).

If you want to flatter your body the best way, you should avoid getting attention to your “weakness” which is the stomach and/or waist.

While your shoulders, legs, and bust are your assets, you have to try to get all possible attention to those areas.

If you aren’t sure whether you have an apple shape or not you can check out my post about figuring out your body shape. You are gonna discover all body shape measurements there. So, you will obviously find out what type of body you have.

There are many places where you can find the most flattering dress for your body shape. But for today I decided to pick a few. These are all online stores that you can trust. They will send what you order and the quality will be what you expect.

Now, let’s start!

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you purchase the item I may get a little commission from the retailer.

Best spring dresses for apple shape on Asos

The first dress that you are gonna look perfect in is available on Asos.

The dress is a mini dress with a floral print and a square neck. It has some details that perfectly complement your body shape.

spring dresses for apple shape
Image source: Asos

First off, it’s a neckline. Dresses with square, scoop, or V-neck are perfect choices for you. Why? Because they draw attention to your neck and away from your middle section.

You can click on the images to check out more details about dresses.

That’s what exactly you should look for while you are gonna be in a clothing store. But why should you spend extra money to get to the store? Instead, you can sit in your comfy chair and find lovely pieces for your wardrobe update. I mean just from your smartphone or laptop?!

Another useful thing that this dress has is sleeves. It’s a 3/4 sleeve dress that has puff shoulders on it. Can you guess why they are great for you? Because they also get attention to your shoulders which are your assets.

That’s tricky, right?

Another great detail is the length of the dress. It’s a short (mini) dress in a floral print. That’s awesome because it looks so feminine but also because it elongates legs, which is another asset for you.

So, this dress is 3 in 1 (xoxo) so this is the perfect dress for apple-shaped women.

Let’s move on.

There are other cute dresses on Asos that are perfect for spring. But I found and recommend dresses that are flattering for your body shape.

So, the next spring dress that apple-shaped women should wear is another mini dress in a very beautiful color.

spring dresses for apple shape
Image source: Asos

It’s so unique. It’s somewhere between blue and green colors and it looks so interesting. Do you wonder what’s so special in this dress?

First off that’s the neckline of it. It has a V-neck that is not very deep but still shows some of your skin.

Another cute detail is its shoulders. The dress has tie shoulders. They look so unique and pretty, but that’s not all. The most important this is that they draw attention to your higher body. That’s great because it will make the middle part of your body less noticeable.

And even in general, the shape of the dress is also perfect for your body shape. It’s neither too tight nor too baggy.

As an apple shape, you should try to avoid tight clothes. Like bodycon dresses. Yes, they look great on a woman’s body – but they just show all of your curves, whether they are assets or weaknesses of your body.

Instead, it’s always a better idea to wear more flowy dresses that look more beautiful on your body. I mean at least dresses that have some volume.

I have to tell you the truth. I feel weird when I am writing an article about a specific body shape. So, I am always trying to mention one thing.

Tips like getting attention away from one part of your body don’t mean that you have something to hide.

But since we are talking about body shapes you should know every body shape is different and everybody looks beautiful in their body. But in case you want to look for the best version of yourself you have to know some tricks to do so.

That’s all I am sharing. Other than that never think like you look bad in one or another type of cloth. That’s not right! You are beautiful <3

Now, let’s move on to the next one.

This dress is the similar to other two dresses but it still has some cuter details.

spring dresses for apple shape
Image source: Asos

It is a mini dress with very cute florals on it.

The dress has a square neck and it has a little cut in the bust area. These little details visually make big changes to your body. They get attention to your bust and neck area which as you know is perfect for an apple body shape.

But the cutest thing in the dress is the sleeves. It has tiny ruffled sleeves that look really cute. And it gets the attention to your shoulders as well.

So, as you probably already discovered, the main trick to flatter your body is to get attention to your asset and away from the problem area.

Another cute spring dress that I found perfect for an apple shape is this V-neck mini dress in rose color.

spring dresses for apple shape
Image source: Asos

Spring is not Spring without colors. You can go as colorful as you wish for your outfits.

But if you want to make your middle area look smaller you can sometimes wear darker solid colors. But there is not nothing wrong with wearing colored clothes as well.

That’s why I decided to recommend this cute rose-pink dress to you.

As you already know deep V-necks are a great choice for apple body-shaped women. That’s what this dress has.

It’s a deep V-neck that shows your beautiful bust area. And that automatically makes you look sexier and more feminine too.

Another detail that will work for your body shape is the sleeves of the dress. It has ruffle sleeves. Which visually makes your shoulders look bigger.

That’s great because they will be in a good balance with your stomach (waist) area. And as with other details, they also draw attention to your shoulders.

If you are looking for skirts that are great for your body shape, you can check out my post about them. This is just like this one, where you are gonna find skirts that look awesome on your body.

And last but not least ruffle details at the end of the dress are a great detail for your body type. They get attention to your legs which are another of your body.

Here is another cute spring dress that I found for you. It’s also from Asos.

When you look at it at first, it looks as simple as possible. But there are some details that make the perfect so unique and flattering for your body shape.

spring dresses for apple shape
Image source: Asos

The first one is the shape of the dress. It is not very tight but it’s not very baggy as well.

It’s true it has some volume on it but it’s OK. I mean that’s great for apple body shape because no one gonna find out how big or small your middle area is.

Another detail that will work perfectly for your body type is the top half of the dress.

It has an embroidery print on the neck, sleeve, and bust area. Aren’t these all of your assets? Yes, they are.

So, embroideries definitely draw the eye’s attention to those parts. And this is an amazing opportunity for you.

In case you are a woman who can’t live without tighter clothes I found the dress for you as well.

spring dresses for apple shape
Image source: Asos

It is a solid color but white.

Yes, white makes your curves look a little bigger but listen to me…

This dress has details that are more important than the color. They are more noticeable than the color or the tightness of the dress. So, it can flatter your body great way.

Do you wonder what are those details? OK, let me tell you.

The first thing the eye will catch is the bust area of the dress. It is so beautiful. It doesn’t only look sexy but it also looks so elegant.

And another pretty detail in the dress is the side cut. Which definitely gets the attention of your legs.

So if you love wearing a tight dress or dress that is in a classier style, I would recommend trying this one. This is gorgeous.

The next dress is similar to the previous one.

spring dresses for apple shape
Image source: Asos

It’s also white in color.

It’s longer and obviously, it looks different. But the most important point is that it works the same way as the other ones in today’s post.

The interesting neck and the sleeves get all attention to your higher body. And exactly after the waist, it becomes wider. Because it has some kind of pleats which help you to hide your mid area.

This is another pretty dress that is perfect for spring. And it’s perfect for apple shapes, of course.

spring dresses for apple shape
Image source: Asos

It’s a very deep V-neck, puff sleeves embroidered dress on Asos.

I don’t want to talk the same all the time.

But as you probably guessed, it’s very similar to other dresses in today’s list. I mean, it works the same way as the others.

Embroidered details, neckline, and puff sleeves get people’s attention to your higher body. And so it’s great for you as well.

So, there are spring dresses that I found on Asos for apple-body-shaped women. Now let’s see what can we find in other stores.

We are continuing with Forever 21.

If you don’t know (but I think everyone knows about it). it’s a clothing store with very affordable but good quality clothes. They have local stores in the US but they have an online store as well.

Oh, have you seen my list of trusted clothing stores on my blog? If you haven’t, check it out after you finish this one. You are gonna discover online stores that are trusted and also have clothes of good quality.

Spring dresses for apple shape available at Forever 21

This is the dress with a very beautiful leaf print. By the way, I love the color of it. It really has some spring-summer vibes.

spring dresses for apple shape
Image source: Forever 21

Why is it good for your body shape?

Because, like other dresses that I found on Asos, it also has some details on the higher part, which definitely gets people’s attention to your assets.

You can wear it without any worries since it has details that are very flattering for your body shape.

So, if you are going to find a perfect fitted spring dress you have to try the one that has some details on the higher or lower body. It doesn’t have to have anything in the middle, because it will accentuate your problem area.

I have shared a lot of examples of styles of dresses that work for you. But there are more interesting aspects that can get the eye’s attention.

That’s what exactly those two dresses have. They have asymmetrical shapes on the area that you should accent.

The one has it in the middle because it’s a wrap dress, And the second dress has an asymmetrical shape at the end of the dress.

Wrap dresses are an awesome decision for apple shapes themself. In fact, they are very flattering for any body shape. Because they show your curves the way they should.

Those asymmetrical shapes on dresses are good just for getting attention to your assets and away from the stomach (waist).

There are other spring dresses that I found for you at Forever 21. They are all different but they have one thing in common – they all will look flattering on your body.

So, check them out.

Flattering spring dress for apple shape that you can find on Missguided

As I already said a few times, little details on your higher body make the dress perfect for your apple body shape.

These next two dresses have very different colors and styles. But ruffles are the details that work best for you.

They hide your mid area and they also get attention to areas that are your assets. So, yeah, you have to go for it!

Another good detail that these dresses have is a little line in the middle of the body. In one case it’s a belt and for others, it’s just a line with little drapery.

What it does is, it defines your waist. Yes, you have heard it right. You may don’t like your waist since you carry most of your weight there but the thing is defining the waist still works perfectly for you.

Why? Because defining the waist is the most feminine thing you can do in styling.

When it comes to defined waist, it’s important for you to choose clothes mostly with this detail. Not only dresses, or tops etc.

I’ve got an article where you will find a perfect swimsuit for apple (and all other) body shapes. You are gonna love them.

The next dress that you can wear in spring is this floral print, over-the-knee dress. It looks so cute and flattering. It has the perfect neckline, sleeves, and length for your body type.

spring dresses for apple shape
Image Source: Missguided

But that’s not everything. It has a wide line on the waist area which works exactly like the belt. So it’s like an empire waist. This is another type of dress that you should look for if you want to flatter your body.

Other dresses that are on Missguided and that are great for your body shape are:

There are not any special different details in these dresses that I can talk about. But still, there is the type of dress that I haven’t talked about yet.

It’s a blazer dress. Well, I can’t say anything bad about them. I am crazy about blazers and blazer dresses this year.

But you shouldn’t wear them because I love them, lol. You should try them because they are perfect for your body type as well.

First, because this one has a V-neck which definitely gets the attention. Then it has the best length for apple-shaped women who generally have perfect, long legs.

And the last thing in the dress is the belt. Which as I already said is great for defining the waist.

So, if you love blazer dresses, or want to try them out, you should go for this one first.

Beautiful spring dresses for apple shape – Amazon

These are dresses that I found on Amazon. They are perfect for spring and for your body shape.

Some of them have ruffles, some are off-shoulders, and some of them have V-necks, belts, cuts, and other details on them. And as I said a few times already, those are details that work perfectly for apple body shapes.

So, you should check them out if you are looking for the perfect spring dresses for your body type.

As you may notice most of these recommended dresses in the article are short sleeves. Why?

I don’t know about your place but the country where I live has pretty warm weather in spring.

But if it’s different for you, you can (and you must) wear a jacket, cardigan or blazer over the dress.

First off because they make you feel warmer (if it’s needed). But the best thing is that jackets and other layer pieces are great for apple body shapes.

In general, layering the outfit looks a lot better than without it. but they are perfect for you because they help you to hide some extra kilos in them. Even if you are slim, they make your outfit look more put together.

So, you can find a well-fitted jacket (or cardigan, …. etc) and wear it with these dresses. You are going to look awesome.

And the last thing I wanted to talk about is accessories.

Accessorizing the outfit is as important as layering it. Because you may wear a perfectly flattering dress for your body shape but still your outfit won’t be complete.

So, always accessorize the outfit. You can go for any type of jewelry, Just one thing that you should avoid is very long necklaces that will draw attention to the middle of your body.

That’s all I wanted to share for today.

Of course, don’t forget to love yourself for how you look. Always feel confident in yourself.

And also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest to find more outfit ideas for future looks.

Thank you for reading!

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