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Never Worry About Choosing Prom Dresses for Broad Shoulders – Here Are the Best Ones

Never Worry About Choosing Prom Dresses for Broad Shoulders – Here Are the Best Ones

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The best days started for juniors. They are going to finish the one important part of their life, but also the more important part of their life begins.

This article is for them. I am gonna share, the best prom dresses for broad shoulders. So, this is gonna be a post for girls, of course.

Why broad shoulders? Because this is the type of body that needs specific details to look awesome in everything. And I know there are many girls who are worried about this. So, I want to help them choose the perfect prom dress.

But in fact, there is nothing to worry about. If you have broad shoulders, you just need to know some details to make every dress fit amazingly to your body.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about that body type.

Generally, if your shoulders are the largest part of your body, that means you probably have an inverted triangle body shape.

You can check out my other article to clear it out. There you are gonna find out what your body shape is and also you will understand basic things about each body shape.

And now, let me share prom dresses that you can wear if you have broad shoulders.

10 best prom dresses for broad shoulders


The first prom dress is from Black halo. Actually, it’s a cocktail dress. But listen to me well now. It’s perfect for prom and it’s great for your body type as well.

There are several factors that make it very flattering for broad shoulders.

prom dresses for broad shoulders

The first one is sleeves. They are neither too wide nor too narrow. That’s great for your shoulders. This type of sleeves looks great for wide shoulders.

Another thing that this dress has for your body is its neckline. It has a deep V-neck, which is not a regular V. It has an irregular shape with a neckline and it does the next thing for your body.

It gets all eye attention to your bust area. That means less attention goes to your shoulders.

The lower part of the dress is another great thing here. But in fact, it works like the neckline. It’s sparkly, so it definitely gets more attention to the lower area of the body.


The next dress that I found for you is also from a Black Halo. But it’s totally different from the previous one.

prom dresses for broad shoulders

It is fully covered in front but it’s a one-shoulder short dress in a very glamorous look.

It’s great for broad shoulders because it usually cuts your shoulders in half. That means a lot to you and that means you don’t have wide shoulders anymore.

But let’s forget about shoulders for a second. Look at it again! Doesn’t it look beautiful?

It think it’s awesome. And it’s perfect for prom as well. You are gonna shine like a star at the party, I am sure about it.


The next prom dress for broad shoulders is from Asos and I am falling in love with it.

prom dresses for broad shoulders

It is a burgundy color midi dress with some beautiful pleats.

But the prettiest thing about this dress is its shape. It looks so elegant, cute, and feminine.

Along with that, it has a waist belt and a very interesting shape of sleeves.

It has fallen shoulders. It neither shows nor hides the shoulders. What it does is it makes your shoulders look very thin and sexy.

And also the belt does a good job for your body type. As you probably already know belt helps you to cinch in the waist. That means you have your waist looking more defined. That makes the eye look at that area because it looks more interesting than other parts of the body.

So, will there anyone find that you have broad shoulders? – Nope.


There is another dress I love on Asos. I loved it but more importantly, I found it perfect for you. Why? Let me explain.

So this is a mini, white dress with a pleated skirt and an elegant-looking blazer top. It has a belt as well.

prom dresses for broad shoulders

The first thing that works great for your body type is sleeves. It has long sleeves and that’s good because your shoulders are covered (you don’t need to cover them though).

Another good part of the dress is the bust area. It has a deep V-neck that creates a very feminine shape of your body.

And last but not least, the pleated bottom is the best thing in this dress. It looks more interesting than the higher part of the dress.

And as I said that’s great for you. Because you are gonna get more eye attention to your lower body and so away from your shoulders.

We can say that getting more attention to your lower body is the main rule if you have broad shoulders. So, remember that and try to wear interesting pieces on your lower body.


I have good news for you!

There is 60% off on Boohoo for some clothes and dresses. And it’s the online store where I find the next dress for you.

So, the next dress is more like a bodycon dress which is available in some different colors.

prom dresses for broad shoulders

I loved it for inverted triangles because it has a very unique midsection on the dress. If you love how your bust looks, you should try this on your body.

It’s perfect for the woman who has broad shoulders because the most interesting things happen on the bust and waist area of this dress. So, no one will gonna be interested in your shoulders.

The only thing I am worried about is the sleeves of this dress. I won’t lie, this type of sleeves is not the perfect option for broad shoulders.

It just doesn’t look good because they are strap sleeves. And they are too small for wide shoulders.

But I recommend this dress because other details that the dress has, will have more effect on your body than those tiny sleeves.

And also you can put on a sparkly blazer over the dress or you can just throw it over your shoulders. It’s gonna look a lot better. But in case you are planning to go in only dress, it gonna be still OK.


If you are looking for a dress with more transparency, I have the one for you.

This is the next perfect prom dress that you can wear at the party. it’s from Boohoo as well.

prom dresses for broad shoulders

So, it’s a lace-skated mini dress with a V-neck. It has a transparent sleeve which looks so beautiful. And you know what?! it is the most feminine-looking dress I have shared till now. I really loved it.

Why it’s good for women with broad shoulders?! Because nothing happens on the shoulders area and everything interesting the dress has, is on the lower area. That’s the bust and waist area (again).


I couldn’t leave Boohoo without sharing this next dress.

Do you love satin? Don’t you think that it’s the most expansive-looking fabric?

So, the next prom dress that you should check out is a satin wrap dress.

prom dresses for broad shoulders

By the way, if you want to find out tips and tricks on how to look expensive on a budget you can check out my older post about it.

The first thing this dress has is the belt. You already know why it’s good for your body type. It’s also a v-neck.

But the best thing is that it’s a wrap dress. Wearing wrap dresses (or tops) is a BINGO for all body types and shapes. It’s the piece that fits every body shape perfectly and so it looks amazing on everyone.

But that’s not everything. Another thing I loved about this dress is the shape of the bottom of it. Its irregular shape looks unique, elegant and also definitely draws attention to it.

There are green, red, and black colors available on the website. The price is secret, shhh….


There is a dress on Anthropologie that looks like a wrap dress but in fact, it is not. It’s a long one-side split dress from BHLDN. It has some ruches in front of the dress. And most importantly it has wide sleeves, which is the best thing for a woman who has broad shoulders.

prom dresses for broad shoulders

Yes, you are right! The sleeves of the dress definitely will get the attention. But the trick here is that no one gonna find out how wide or small your shoulders are. That’s smart, right?

Another smart decision in this dress is a split on one side. It doesn’t only look sexy (and elegant) but also it will be the area in which the eye’s attention goes to.

Pairing beautiful high heels with it obviously will be a gorgeous idea.


The next dress that you should check out for your prom is from Jenny Yoo. It’s available on Anthropologie, so you can check out it there.

This dress also has a side split, so that’s already a good sign for you.

Another interesting thing the dress has is its neckline. It’s a one-shoulder dress.

So, here is the thing I want you to know.

There are fashion bloggers and stylists who say off-shoulder dresses or tops are things you should avoid while you have broad shoulders. They are true.

You have to avoid wearing clothes with off-shoulders, wide or straight, and puff sleeves. They all make your shoulders look bigger.

But I don’t recommend an off-shoulder dress to you. This one has one shoulder that means you are visually cutting your shoulders in half. That’s the opposite of off-shoulders. They get attention so people will notice that you have broad shoulders. But dresses with one shoulder get attention but visually make your shoulders look smaller than before.


This next prom dress is from Ever New and it works exactly as the previous one for your body type.

It is a one-shoulder side split dress that looks too simple but believe me, you can create an awesome look with it. Especially for your prom – do everything possible to make you look pretty but also feel happy and confident.

prom dresses for broad shoulders

Remember always love yourself.

How to balance accessories for prom dresses

prom dresses for broad shoulders

I didn’t mention accessories in this article. Because I wanted to talk about them in more detail.

So, balance is the most important thing in styling. Whether it’s for clothes or accessories -everything must look in place.

You can check out my post about balancing looks after you finish this one. There you can find some helpful tips and tricks to create stunning outfits for any occasion.

So, let’s say you are gonna need to wear a heavy, bold necklace (by the way it’s not a good idea for you), you have to stay more simple for bracelets and rings.

If you wear a heavy bracelet (it’s a better decision) then do the opposite – avoid wearing too dazzling (flashy) rings. Did you understand what I mean? _ I hope you do.

Now, let me tell you another thing about accessories.

When you have broad shoulders (so inverted triangle body shape), you have to avoid getting attention to your shoulders. Do you think a heavy bold necklace will be a good option for you? – No, it will draw attention to your problem area, so don’t do it.

Instead go for lighter, smaller necklace and pair more interesting things on your lower body ( I mean hands, not legs, lol).

Wear rings, an elegant, luxury-looking watch or bracelet, and/or take a classy handbag with you. You can also put a pretty hair accessory on your hairstyle.

That’s all I wanted to share with you. I hope I’ve helped you. I don’t know what style of dress you are looking for but I know the one thing:

If you have broad shoulders and you are looking for a prom dress for you, any of those dresses will look perfect on you. Because they are all flattering for your body type.

By the way, congrats on the graduation, and wish you good luck in your future path.

Thank you for being here!

prom dresses for broad shoulders

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