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Tips To Find The Best Dresses For An Hourglass Figure

Tips To Find The Best Dresses For An Hourglass Figure

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You are here and it means you have the most feminine body shape.

And for today I decided to share some of the best dresses for an hourglass figure.

First, let me share some of the main things you should know about your body shape.

What is an hourglass body shape?

Upon measuring your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips, if you find that your waist is the smallest part of your body, it typically indicates that you have an hourglass body shape.

If you don’t exactly know how to discover your body type, check out my article where you will learn all the little things about it.

What does that mean and why is it important to know?

It’s important to know what your body shape is because you should know what your assets are to highlight them.

In this case, the waist is your king.

When it comes to outfits, you need to accentuate your waist with details such as belts, ruches, cuts, etc.

And when it comes to dresses you will know everything after you finish reading this article.

I am gonna share dresses that will flatter your body and make it look more feminine and beautiful.

My content contains affiliate links, which means I get a little commission if you make a purchase from my links with no extra costs from your side.

These are the dresses that will be perfect mostly for spring and summer. So, if you decide to update your wardrobe, I am sure this article will help a lot.

You are gonna find dresses from different retailers, which are 100% trusted for shopping online.

Best dresses for an hourglass figure

Starting with the number one and starting with my favorite one.

This is a very beautiful, flowy pleated maxi dress from Petal & Pup (It’s currently on sale, and don’t miss the chance to get it, please).

It’s a very pretty dress that you can use for so many occasions and events in spring or summer.

You can wear it daily at meetings or take it on the beach vacation with you. It will fit every situation.

In case you want to wear it in spring, you can add a white blazer as a layer piece. You will have a completely classy, and feminine look.

On the other hand, you can pair casual sneakers or sandals and make the outfit more casual.

Don’t forget that you can check out all the details about dresses by clicking the image (as I said this one is on sale and it’s only for 40 bucks).

Now, let’s talk about the reason why is this dress one of the best for an hourglass body-shaped woman.

This is because of the shape of the dress.

Sweetheart neckline, adjustable straps, padded cups, and a defined waist – this is the reason why you should have this dress in your closet.

These, all together get eye attention to your waist and upper body.

Guess what?! – that’s what our main goal is.

P.S. I probably will get one soon as well though.

We are getting better and better dresses.

When it comes to styling for different body shapes, you should know wrap dresses are perfect for any of them.

Because wrap dresses highlight your curves perfectly.

It’s an awesome summer mini dress with a tropical print design.

And you know what is the reason why this dress will work great for you?

Because of the monochrome print that makes it difficult to really understand what your body looks like.

So, if you are a plus-size hourglass body-shaped woman, this one is the go-to for you.

By the way, if you are a plus-size hourglass, here is the article that will help you find out how to dress for your body type. It will make you feel always confident while you are wearing outfits.

Off-shoulder dresses are another great option for hourglass-shaped women.

That’s because it accentuates your higher body, where you have your asset (waist).

I have so many favorite dresses in today’s article, which probably leads me to add some things to the cart, lol

I have to admit, I didn’t know much about this brand, but while I did the research ( I will get a dress soon too), I discovered that it has so many clothes that are just perfect for every season.

Now, let’s talk about this dress.

A-line skirt, off-shoulders, and a shirred bodice are all the things that work perfectly for an hourglass body shape.

They all make your waist more noticeable, which is again, your asset.

I love this dress so much.

Other than the flattering details, I love this dress because it looks stylish modern, and is high quality (100% cotton).

There are a dozen ways to style the outfit with this dress.

You can easily dress it up or down by just adding simple items.

I want to help you get more unique dresses. I am glad I found the one.

This is again from Petal & Pup, and I love it as well.

It’s a denim midi dress with pockets and buttons in front. The dress has shirred back to fit it to all types of bodies.

Don’t tell me that you don’t wear denim in summer, please. This dress is 100% cotton, so it will be comfy to wear even in hot weather.

There is one special thing that I love the dress for.

And these are the buttons.

Why do I care?

Because those buttons in front visually make the vertical line on your body. And guess what? – this vertical line makes you look taller and slimmer.

Yeah, for real…

If you want to look taller and slimmer, these kinds of details work perfectly. In case you want to know more tricks like this, check out my article about them.

It’s time for another of my favorites.

This is a very cute maxi dress with ruffle strap sleeves, side cut-out details, and an A-line skirt shape.

Cut-out details on your waist definitely make heads turn. That accentuates the narrowest part of your body – which is the waist (again).

I am sure, this will become an essential dress for the summer.

This next dress is a very cute A-line dress with retro vibes. Polka dot print really has these retro vibes that we miss (sometimes).

Oh, I haven’t mentioned that clothes with an A-line shape are perfect for hourglass body-shaped women.

This is because it defines that higher body, and then it adds more volume to your lower body.

Moving on to the next one which is my other favorite.

It’s a one-shoulder maxi dress with a beautiful paisley floral print.

This is a very cute, stylish, and flattering dress that you don’t have to miss.

You can wear so many chic outfits with this dress.

But you know what I love the most? – the hole in the waist area.

This is something that makes the dress so unique and flattering. It allows you to adjust the tight around your waist.

I mean this is probably the most flattering dress for an hourglass body-shaped woman.

There are some people who want to look simple, stylish, and elegant. This is the perfect dress for them.

This is again A-line dress that will go perfectly with a belt.

I mean it has some holes in the belt and you definitely need to wear it as an accessory.

Did I say that belts are essential for hourglass body shapes? – if not, yep you should know you have to use a belt to define your waist.

Along with belt holes, this dress has a button-up design which visually gives you extra height.

This is another A-line midi dress from Petal & Pup.

There are some things that I loved this dress for but the most flattering detail (for the hourglass body) is the crochet details around the waist.

This will perfectly accentuate your waistline, making it appear more defined.

By the way, this dress is perfect for both dressing up and down.

You can dress it up by wearing pumps and a lightweight cardigan with it.

You can create a more casual and comfortable outfit by pairing it with a denim jacket.

There is another perfect midi dress that you need to consider checking out as well.

It’s a very beautiful denim dress with a collared v-neckline.

It has an elastic waist so it will fit your body perfectly.

It’s time for my other favorite.

This dress reminds me of a Cinderella dress. It looks so cute, doesn’t it?

It has ruffled shoulders, some shirred design on the waist, and all the things that you need to flatter your body.

This flowy summer dress is perfect for receiving compliments.

This next dress, one of the best dresses for an hourglass figure is from Anthropologie.

It’s an embroidered midi dress with so many pretty details.

All those details will make your body look so flattered and feminine.

The cuts on the waist are the best option for you. And I mentioned this so many times today.

I want you to wear dresses that will accentuate your waist and make it more defined.

Another dress, another perfection.

It’s a puff sleeve square neck maxi dress from Anthropologie.

This will be a very cute dress for date night looks.

It looks so romantic and pretty, you can wear it for Valentine’s Day as well.

There are so many favorite dresses on the list.

This one is also from Anthropologie.

Clothes from Anthropologie are a bit pricey than others, but they have a very unique style.

They make clothes that have so many flattering details on them.

The list goes on and on.

And here is the next dress that will be so flattering for a woman with an hourglass body shape.

The print on the dress makes it look so flattering and chic.

I just want you to try this one on your body.

Look at this cuteness!

This is another cute dress from Anthropologie.

It’s an A-line midi dress that you can use for both, spring and summer.

This dress is so chic and modern and it’s so easy to style outfits with them.

You can style a leather or denim jacket or a cardigan as a layer piece for spring. You can do so many things with this dress.

Things are still getting better. I love this dress as well.

The defined waist, zipper, and the shape of the actual dress are every little aspect of why an hourglass body-shaped woman should wear it.

When it comes to styling flattering outfits for hourglass body-shaped women, is to wear something to accentuate a higher body.

This is because the hourglass body-shaped woman has the asset which is the waist.

You need to do everything to define and highlight your curves.

All these dresses are on my recommended dress list because they do this job for you.

This next dress is from NastyGal and its currently on 50% sale.

I would hurry up to get it in your place.

This is a perfect summer dress with so many pretty details on it.

I love the print, the neckline, the back, the little cut on the waist – absolutely everything.

The only thing I want to say here is to wear high-heeled sandals with this dress. Only if you are not as high as the model in the picture.

Heels will make your body look even more flattered and feminine.

It’s time for my other favorite.

This dress is from Free People and I am just in love with it.

The only thing I want to say is to check out this dress on the website. You will love it as well, I am sure!

This next dress is from Asos.

And I think it is the most unique dress on the list.


Look at it.

Along with the flattering details on the dress, it is a sheer fabric and it flares at the end.

It looks like a tulle skirt and I think it’s awesome.

I love Asos because of their unique style. They make flattering clothes that will look great on any body.

This dress will be perfect for classier looks as well.

You can style a blazer with it. Pumps or some other heels and you are good to go.

This one is my other favorite dress from Asos.

This will be a perfect dress for vacation. It’s a cute, flatering, flowy pleated mini dress.

By the way, if you are planning to go on a beach vacation, here is my article where you will find stylish beach day outfit ideas.

I want you to be ready for summer. So, there you go!

Another cute dress which is available on Free People.

I love the silhouette of this dress. But I love the neckline the most.

I think no one will pay attention to other places on your body. Everyone will look at your higher body.

That’s what we want.

If you have an hourglass body shape and you are looking for a classier dress this next one will be the perfect option for you.

It’s a dress with some retro vibes. It has a beautiful back and most importantly it has an A-line skirt.

Shortly, as you probably guessed A-line, off-shoulder, sweetheart neckline (or others that show your skin) dresses are your best friends.

Here is my next find on Free People.

It has a cozy feel and I am sure it will turn heads with every wear.

Personally, I would wear this next dress to a photo shoot. It will look so beautiful in movement.

It’s from Asos.

I have to say this this dress is not my favorite, this dress is the ESSENTIAL for the vacation wardrobe.

Well, the list is not finished yet.

This is another flowy dress from Free People.

I love the print of this dress. It looks so beautiful.

I don’t want to say the same things again and again. But how can I don’t mention those pretty details on the dress?

The neckline, balloon sleeves, buttons – it has everything that a dress can have.

If you are an hourglass-shaped woman who loves wearing mini dresses, this is the one for you.

Make yourself look modern and chic with this cuteness.

By the way, this dress will be perfect for a night out. And it will be perfect to pair with high-knee boots.

In case you want to discover things to wear with thigh-high knee boots for a night out, here is the article you need to check out.

And here we are at the end of the list of the best dresses for an hourglass figure.

This is the last dress that I recommend you to try for this summer/spring.

This dress has some romantic vibes for me. So, it can be the perfect option for a summer date.

It’s from Petal & Pup and it’s currently on sale. So, check it out.

This is what I wanted to share today.

These are the best dresses for an hourglass figure and I hope you will get a few. It’s hard to choose the one from all those pretty dresses.

The most important thing here is you can be sure that all dresses will flatter your body the right way.

They will highlight your assets and make your body look the best version.

If you don’t mind me asking, I want you to ask to follow me on my socials so as not to miss anything I do on my blog.

You can also DM me with any concerns or thoughts.

Here are my Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook pages.

Thank you!

best dresses for an hourglass figure

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