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Cute Fall Outfits For Teachers – Stylish Professional Teacher Outfits

Cute Fall Outfits For Teachers – Stylish Professional Teacher Outfits

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Fall outfits for teachers – how you can create the best work wardrobe for this year.

Summer has gone quite quickly, I know. I already missed it by the way. But we need to say hello to the fall.

I think there are and always will be educational vibes in Autumn. It’s true, that the coronavirus slowed down the process but fortunately, pupils are now back in their classrooms.

So, I thought for a day and I guess that there are many things to worry about as a teacher.

I decided to gather all the stylish work-appropriate fall outfits for teachers to make it easy for you to create great outfits easily every day.

And I am sure this article will help you if you are a new teacher too.

So even if you are a first grade teacher and it’s the first new school year for you, this is the post that will be so valuable for you.

You will definitely have the perfect teacher wardrobe full of cute outfits that will be trendy, modern, and comfy as well.

First of all, I need you to know that you should always wear outfits that are comfortable for you. Since you will be standing almost all day, your shoes must be comfy as well.

If you need help finding comfy shoes here is my another article to find them.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the first day of school or not, you need to always look professional. But you need to always feel comfy in your outfits as well. 

There are other things to consider. Containing the fact that you should always wear work-appropriate outfits.

Indeed, there is not any dress code for teachers but since you are a person, whom twenty or more children are staring at, at the lesson.

So, it’s obvious that going in shorts at school is not really a great idea. You get what I mean, right?

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What teachers should wear at school?How to style professional teacher outfits


fall outfits for teachers

The first piece that every teacher’s wardrobe has to have is a blazer. Especially, this year when it’s so trending.

Another good thing about a blazer is that you can make any “casual” outfit look more polished with it.

So, if you want to wear jeans at school you can wear them with a blazer and you are gonna still look very professional. (It’s just for an example.) You can do it with other pieces, of course.

The thing is blazer will work perfectly for you. So, if you have one in your closet, that’s great but if not, you can check out some here.

I would say the blazer is the must-have for school season. 

If you haven’t yet got a single blazer, go for the black blazer first. Then you can go for a white blazer and so on and so forth. 

Don’t be afraid of bright colors blazers.

They will become wardrobe staples for you shortly.

You can create so many great outfits with only those blazers. Just believe me.

There is another useful thing about wearing a blazer at school. You will be able to keep yourself warm if it’s cold outside. If not, you can simply get it off.


fall outfits for teachers

The next wardrobe essential for teachers is a sweater. Agree with me, it’s an indivisible piece of the fall.

It’s the best idea to stay in neutral colors while you are picking a sweater that you are gonna wear at school.

So, you can get it in grey, black, white, or brown colors. You can’t miss the brown color in fall either. Don’t lose the Autumn vibes.

Oh and yeah, you can definitely have 1-2 animal print tops. They are easy to pair with dark jeans or pants.

I want to share my favorite outfit combination that you can try at school.

It’s a fall outfit with an oversized chunky sweater, black skinny jeans, and a basic white tee underneath the sweater. This outfit only works if your sweater has a deep neck.

Believe me, it looks so chic. It will become your favorite look.

Give it a try!

You have different options with different pieces though.

The main thing here is that the sweater is a great piece for the fall season and for fashionable teachers. 

If your sweater won’t be too baggy and loose you can use a denim jacket as a layer piece. 

Denim is coming back from old fashion again and again.

Fall Outfits For Teachers
image source: Pinterest

And guess what – ankle boots will be an amazing fit for the outfit. If you are struggling with wearing skinny jeans and ankle boots together, you can check out my blog post about it.

Besides sweaters, you can always use a cardigan to create school outfits in the fall. You know that layered outfits look better than just basic ones, right?

And one more thing about sweaters – they are great to style casual Friday outfits. And in case you need some more ideas about casual Friday, you can check out my article and discover some.

Some sweaters I liked are:

Dress Pants

fall outfits for teachers

The next thing I wanna talk about is dress pants.

I personally am not a fan of tailored pants because I don’t like how they fit on my body. So, I prefer to wear jeans everywhere.

If your school doesn’t have any private dress code, there isn’t any rule that says you can’t wear jeans at school. So, yeah you definitely can.

But as you already probably guessed, it’s a good idea to avoid wearing very distressed jeans at school.

Why? Because they will make you look unprofessional and I am sure you don’t actually want it.

Instead, go for dark denim jeans.

For example, you can wear outfits with black or dark blue jeans which are first, very easy to pair, second professional-looking, and last but not least they look very chic on everyone.

Apart from jeans, I found that plaid pants are awesome for teachers.

Fall Outfits For Teachers
image source: Pinterest

Actually, it’s another essential piece for them.

It’s also easy to pair with so many basic things. So, it’s easy to style and worth buying.

Talking about pants, I want to tell you another thing.

If you want to create more unique and different outfits every day, it’s better to shop for pants first.

You should have 3-5 colored (or printed) pants to create many stylish work outfits with them.

It’s definitely better to have more solid-colored pants (black pants, brown pants, navy blue dress pants), but in fact, you don’t need to stay out of trend so, get 1-2 floral printed ones too.

The thing here is that you need to balance your wardrobe. Your outfits don’t have to look boring and similar to each other.

I mean, you need to be able to wear printed clothes sometimes on top and sometimes on the bottom. So, always work on balancing your outfits.

Button-up Shirts & Blouses

OK, time to move on to the next one!! Which are button-up shirts.

Fall Outfits For Teachers
image source: Pinterest

They are awesome to wear at school. It’s comfortable to create easy outfits for school with them too.

The best thing about shirts and blouses is that you can wear them with everything.

If you love wearing skirts do it, if you want to wear pants you can still do it. The same goes for jeans as well.

You can sometimes wear a floral top with jeans or skirts.

So, you can actually wear anything you wish. Just need to find the most flattering clothes and wear them together.

By the way, if you haven’t yet noticed, blouses with puff sleeves are trending this year. 

So, you can get one pretty blouse with puff sleeves, and pair it with a trench coat and wide-leg pants (or pixie pants).

Get your tote bag as an accessory and the next chic look is ready to go. 

That’s a great way to style outfits even without building teacher capsules. 

In case you already have a blazer that’s another great option for you. You can wear button-up shirts with them too.

I will share more outfit ideas but before that, I would love to share some accessories that can really become essentials for you, as a teacher.


And you are right, a handbag is the first one. Have you ever seen a working woman going out without a bag? I don’t.

So, I mean you definitely need at least 2-3 handbags to always accessorize your outfits in different ways.

If you need help choosing the best everyday handbag here is my article where I share the list of the best handbags that you should consider buying. 

There are some reasons why you should always take a handbag with you.

Starting from the first reason which is the thing that, it makes your outfits look more put together.

Fall Outfits For Teachers
image source: Pinterest

Besides that, the handbag makes you look professional. As a teacher it’s a good reason, right?

Even if there are not any other reasons for wearing a handbag, the most important thing is that you can carry all the items you need with it.


Fall Outfits For Teachers
image source: Pinterest

Another accessory that you should have in your wardrobe is a scarf.

I mean, the blanket scarf, which is very cozy to wear in fall. I think it looks very cute and stylish as well.

Don’t forget fall hats, including fedora hats, crochet hats, etc. 

They are good options for styling the best teacher outfits. 

There are definitely other pieces that you can wear as a teacher. Containing dresses, pencil skirts, midi skirts, etc.

I just mentioned some of them above. Now, it’s time to show you very cute shop-the-look outfit ideas.

I found cute teacher outfits that are perfect and I really wanted to share them with you.

But that’s not all, I tried and actually found pieces that will help you create similar looks so that you can get exactly what you like and see.

Let’s start.

Shop the look women teacher outfits for fall

Outfit 1

Cozy warm sweater + slip midi dress + ankle boots + accessories

This is the first outfit that I loved very much.

You can create a similar outfit very simply. Just get one cute sweater in a neutral color, pair it with a slip skirt and ankle boots, and accessorize it.

The belt with a matching color to your outfit works great. That’s why I contained it in the look.

This outfit looks very stylish, right?

But besides that, it is perfect for teachers, since it looks very neat and clean. 

So, it is a work-appropriate outfit that you can definitely wear at school.

And the best thing is that you can style so many types of fall teacher outfits with just this skirt. 

I mean, you have so many options to make yourself look fantastic in outfits with it.

Outfit 2

Black skinny jeans + sweater +animal print flats + accessory

If you are like me and you prefer a great pair of jeans to a skirt, that’s the outfit just for you.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact sweater to share with you but I am happy that I found this one.

Deep v-neck brown sweater with white stripes which looks so stylish. But the most thing that I liked about the sweater is the thing that it has vertical stripes.

So, if you have a wide waist or hips, it helps you to make them look smaller than they really are.

If you haven’t heard anything about that before, you should check out the body types category on my blog. You are going to find so many useful tips that you can then use in styling.

The way vertical stripes work on your body is, that they take the attention away from your wide area, and instead, they attract people’s attention to your bottom half.

That makes you look slimmer.

I decided to pair flats with this stylish teacher outfit because I think they are a great choice. 

I contained glasses as an accessory but you can accessorize the outfit with a handbag, jewelry or any other things you think will go well with the look.

Outfit 3

Cute top + high-waisted skinny jeans + ankle booties + fedora hat

I already have that sweater in my wardrobe and believe me it looks amazing.

It’s also easy to style with many things like jeans, or pants which are dark colors. So, I recommend you try it as well, I am sure, you are gonna love it.

I think there are not many things to talk about the outfit. I just think it’s great to wear at school.

The only thing I wanna share with you is the thing that high-waist jeans are perfect for you if you are not very slim or have a little tummy.

It is great for hiding a tummy (you can find out useful and working tips on how to hide some parts of your body, with the right flattering clothes in my other post). Because it makes it look flat and slim.

So, you can hide a few extra kilos just with high waist bottoms.

Outfit 4

Oversized sweater top + skinny cropped jeans + ankle boots

If you want to create simple but stylish fall outfits for teachers, it’s the perfect option for you.

Things that you are gonna need are simple, dark cropped jeans, your favorite pair of ankle boots, and a cute sweater top.

It’s that simple and easy to create, so go for it!

Outfit 5

Basic white top + midi skirt + blazer + high heels

fall outfits for teachers
Skirt, White top, Blazer, Heels

If you wonder, this is my favorite one. I tried to find similar pieces and I did my best for this. Did I get it?

I hope I got it.

But the best thing is that, if you decide that you like the outfit, you can create something amazing with these pieces I showed you here.

This is the look that is so stylish, cute, and modern. Most importantly it’s work-appropriate and perfect for teachers to wear in the fall.

If you want to discover more classy outfit ideas with blazers, check out my article. This is the place where you can find all the pieces that you are gonna need to put together outfits that you are gonna love.

Outfit 6

Silk blouse + slip midi skirt + ankle booties + handbag + earrings

This is the outfit that looks perfect!!

By the way, if you don’t know, slip skirts are very trending right now. So, if you make more outfits with it, that’s gonna be great.

You can also wear outerwear because this short sleeve top won’t be enough in fall, while it’s cold outside.

It can be a white blazer or a cute simple cardigan that will go very well with the outfit.

In case you need more help with matching wardrobe pieces together, here is the next article you will love to read on my site.

If you ask me, we have gotten a great fall teacher capsule wardrobe today. 

But if you think that you need to see more like this on my blog – please tell me.

As you know, you can always find me on my Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook pages. 

I think that was all for today. 

Hope you discovered new things for your favorite season. And you enjoy the teacher outfit ideas that I shared above. 

The best part of today’s article is that there are not any teacher outfit formulas you need to follow.

There are only fall outfits for teachers that are easy to style and wear. 

Thank you for being here!
Love ya! 

fall outfits for teachers

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