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The Best Tips on How to Choose a Handbag for Everyday

The Best Tips on How to Choose a Handbag for Everyday

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It’s a great idea to have a collection of beautiful handbags. But having a collection requires spending a lot of money on it.

That’s great if you have enough budget. But what if we, you and me, don’t have that money to spend on expensive accessories and clothes?

Well, well. You can do one thing.

Purchase the handbag that you are gonna use for everyday style. And that’s what I am here for today.

I am gonna help you to find out how to choose a handbag for everyday use. I don’t promise that they all will be cheap but at least they are affordable.

How do I choose a handbag?!

Find the right shape of bag for your body type

You probably didn’t know that it’s important to wear the right bag for your body shape. I didn’t know that as well, at first. But now, I can give you some examples for each body shape. Believe it or not, handbags also need to flatter your body the right way.

Check out the body types section on my blog if you want to find out more about your and other body shapes. I am sure you are gonna discover a lot of interesting things about your body.

Now, let’s figure out which handbag should you wear depending on your body shape.

Let’s start with my body shape which is a pear.

Handbags for pear shaped body

We, pear shapes usually have bigger thighs and hips. So, we have a smaller bust, waist, and shoulders. But our hips are the largest parts of the body.

If you are a pear shape and you want to flatter your body, check out my post where you are gonna find out everything you need. Tips and tricks that will help you to flatter your body with the right clothes and outfits.

For bags, it’s the best idea to find a handbag that draws attention to your higher body and away from your lower body. Because it will balance your body silhouette. And so, your lower body (hips) won’t look as big as before.

Everything bright can get attention to some parts of your body. But for an everyday handbag, it’s not a good idea to go for bright colors or sparkle details.

Yes, they will draw attention to your higher body (if you put it on your shoulders), but they probably get dirty very easily. And also sparkle handbags aren’t for everyday use.

What you need is to find a good structured bag with shorter handles. Because it definitely adds some interest to your higher body.

how to choose a handbag for everyday
Image source: Pinterest

For the next body shape, we have an inverted triangle.

Bags for inverted triangle body shape

It’s a body type when the body looks like an athlete’s body. It’s when the shoulders are the largest part of the whole body.

That means if you have an inverted triangle body shape, you have large shoulders, a narrow waist, and small hips. So, you need to add something interesting to your lower body. Because it’s smaller in size.

How you can do it with a handbag?

You can wear a long crossbody bag that will sit around your hips. So, it will add volume to that part of your body.

how to choose a handbag for everyday
Image source: Pinterest

Another type of bag that you should wear is a waist bag.

They add volume to your waist, definitely. They have become very popular in the last few years. And they are great for defining your waist.

I would say it’s a perfect accessory for inverted triangle body-shaped women.

Your shoulders won’t appear as the largest part of your body by wearing those types of bags. They will be in a good balance with other body parts.

To see more useful tips and tricks for an inverted triangle body shape, check out this and this. These are my older articles where you can find style tips for just your body type.

Let’s continue with other body shapes.

Bags for rectangle body shape

So, for a rectangle body shape, it’s a good idea to find a big round bag that will be softer. I mean, don’t go for a structured bag. Instead, go for a slouchy handbag.

That’s because women with rectangle body shapes have shoulders, busts, waist, and hips almost the same size. So,’ it’s kinda like a strict body shape. And adding another shaped piece will not make it look good.

Here is another thing I want you to keep in mind.

Avoid wearing bags with square shapes. Because they just won’t look flattering on a rectangle body shape.

how to choose a handbag for everyday
Image source: Pinterest

There is an article for rectangle body-shaped women. So, if you want to discover more about your body shape check it out on my blog.

Best bags for apple-shaped body

For the next body shape which is an apple, you are gonna need a larger structured tote bag. It’s the type of bag that flatters apple body shape.

how to choose a handbag for everyday
Image source: Pinterest

If you don’t know, having an apple shape means that you are the largest on your midsection. It can be around your tummy or hips.

So, the large structured bag will look good on this body type. The good thing about structured bags is that they look more expensive than softer handbags.

They are good also because you can pack a lot of things in them. I mean, you can carry anything you need for a whole day.

To find style tips for apple body shapes, you can check out some articles on my blog. You can find them here and here.

Bags for hourglass

For the last body shape, we have an hourglass body shape. It’s the most popular body shape among women. It’s the most wished body type as well.

By the way, Merlin Monroe had this body shape. She had a very defined waist. That’s a typical hourglass body.

For handbags, you are gonna need some type of bag that will accentuate your waist. Because as I already said it’s the slimmest part of your body.

how to choose a handbag for everyday
Image source: Pinterest

For example, you can carry a purse that you can hold in your hand. Or you can put it on your arm as well. It will draw attention to your waist. That’s exactly what we need to do.

Define your needs by daily routine

What do I mean by that?

Every human, has a different daily routine, right? Some of us are at-home moms, some are working at the office, some are traveling a lot, and so on and so forth.

So, it’s always a good idea to buy a handbag that will be useful for your daily events. I have some examples and I can share the best handbags for each one. So, let’s start!

Best handbag for work

If you work and you are looking for a handbag for everyday use, the easiest decision that you can make is to look for a good structured bag.

how to choose a handbag for everyday
Image source: Pinterest

I said it already, but I can repeat thousand times. Structured bags are great for carrying things that you need. Whether it’s a little makeup bag, phone charger, hairbrush, perfume bottle, and such things. There definitely is a more important thing we (women) pack in our bags.

The other reason why structured bags are good for work and everyday use is that they look elegant. It makes you look more professional as well.

And another thing! They are just the most appropriate for work.

Best handbags for everyday casual style

In case you work in less corporate space, you can wear a more casual handbag. You can definitely wear a structured bag as well. But if you prefer to try another style of bag you can do it.

For casual, it’s the easiest thing to find a good handbag. Just try to choose something that won’t look like you are going to a wedding or other corporate party. Forget about sparkles and beads and you are gonna be OK.

how to choose a handbag for everyday
Image source: Pinterest

Remember that handbags with chains are very popular right now. They are very trending. So, you can look for a bag with chain details. That will help you to look always stylish, regardless of what you wear for clothes (you just need to feel confident in what you wear).

Best women’s handbags for travel

If you are a woman who is always on the way, you are gonna need a different type of handbag. For this case, it’s better to be larger.

Here is a Louis Vuitton bag that is perfect for traveling. It’s stylish, it’s big and it’s just perfect for packing all the things up.

how to choose a handbag for everyday

It’s a good idea to have a little purse for your phone and money. So, you aren’t gonna need to take this big bag everywhere.

It’s not an absolute must to invest in a designer bag. we are gonna talk about this later though. But the thing is cheaper bags won’t last that long. So, keep that in mind.

Best evening bags

If you are a person who is often invited to evening parties, you are gonna need totally different bag.

It’s obvious that you should find something classier for this. There are thousands of different classy handbags so I can’t recommend the single one.

how to choose a handbag for everyday
Image source: Pinterest

Although I can recommend a brand from where you can get a perfect classy handbag for the evening. That’s Chanel. Start from there. I am sure you are gonna find a bag that will become your absolute favorite.

Best day-to-night handbag

Let’s say you are invited somewhere for a night party or event (whatever). But you are doing something different outside for a whole day. You are gonna need a bag that easily transforms from day to night with your outfit and events.

In this case, you can find a handbag that you can dress up or dress down according to your needs. There are also many bags of this type.

how to choose a handbag for everyday
Image source: Pinterest

And you can find them on Chanel as well. So, it has to be as casual as classy. So that, it will pair well with both day and night events.

The best handbag for a minimalist style

how to choose a handbag for everyday
Image source: Pinterest

Well, it’s obvious that if you are a fan of minimalism, you have to find something simple and beautiful.

In this case, I would go for a smaller bag. In fact, this is the style of bag that you are gonna love the most.

A small wallet bag would be a good choice as well. It will be a simple little purse that will complete your look.

What is the best color for an everyday handbag?

how to choose a handbag for everyday
Image source: Pinterest

Getting the right color of handbag is a very important thing. Especially when you need it every day.

Wearing a handbag with neutral colors will be helpful. For example, you can look for handbags in black, brown, red, dark green, and nude colors.

White is a neutral color as well. But it will be a nightmare to use a white bag as an everyday accessory. It will easily get dirty and it will need to clean more often. So, it will get damaged sooner.

Consider the size of an everyday handbag

This is the case when I am not able to recommend the exact piece. But the only advice I can give is to have at least one big tote handbag in the closet. Absolutely everyone needs it.

Other than that, a little wallet bag is also a must-have for women. It’s as useful as a big tote. And the best thing about a small purse is that you can put it in a big bag or suitcase when you are going somewhere.

I think women should have at least one piece of a big, small, and medium handbag. But if you can’t afford too many bags, choose the optimal size of handbag according to your daily routine.

Pay attention to handbag hardware

Some handbags are just too simple but some of them have metal details on them. They can be silver or gold color details.

As stylists say it’s important to find out your skin tone to pair it with jewelry. For this case, you need to pair it with handbag details.

So, if you have a warm skin tone, you probably look good with gold jewelry. And if you have a cooler skin tone, silver accessories will be a good fit for you.

Definitely if you think that you look great with both, silver and gold jewelry, wear them. It’s not a must to follow the “rules”. Because the “rules” don’t actually exist.

But it’s true it works as stylists say. So, your body – your choice. I just shared this for people who love the best version of themselves. That’s just as it works.

What are the cheapest designer bags?

You can click on images to see more details about handbags. You can also click on links with designer names. Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means I will get some money from the retailer if you purchase the item.

Before I share some cheaper handbags I want to tell you something.

It’s hard to pay thousands of dollars on a single piece, I know. But remember you are looking for something that you want to wear every day.

If you get lucky, cheap bags can last for some time as well. But not after everyday use. You have to rarely use them.

What I mean to say is that it’s better to invest in one good designer bag (that lasts forever) than in ten bags that may get destroyed in one year.

Keep that in mind and decide depending on your budget.

I am gonna share the cheapest designer bags and purses anyway. Because it’s always a good idea to save money and still get a quality piece.

The first designer bag which is actually a wallet is a Saint Laurent leather wallet, which currently costs only 425$.

how to choose a handbag for everyday

It’s a very practical little wallet that you can take everywhere. It’s the perfect example of a little purse I was talking about before (above).

It’s available on Nordstrom and it’s available in black and khaki colors. For everyday use, I would definitely go for a black one.

The next designer bag is cheap (compared to 4k-30k-priced bags) and is perfect for everyday use. It’s a Moschino nylon crossbody bag.

how to choose a handbag for everyday

Its price is 655$ for now. I can’t say anything bad about it. It’s a perfect bag for every day. The only thing is that it probably pairs with more casual than classy outfits.

The similar bag that I wanted to show you is from Michael Kors. It’s also a crossbody bag. Both of them have enough space to store some necessary things in them.

how to choose a handbag for everyday

Moschino bag is available only in black and MK is in camel, nude color. They are perfect for everyday use as well. And they are easy to pair with most outfits. So, I would say they are more than worth investing in.

Another handbag that you should consider buying is Michale Kors’s signature Carine satchel in size medium.

how to choose a handbag for everyday

If you need a larger bag to pack more things in, this is it. You can easily store a little makeup bag, a small wallet, a phone, and other things in it.

I have to admit, it’s the best offer I saw while checking out other designer handbags. So, I think you dont have to miss the chance of getting it.

In the 1k price range, there are some designer bags that you can use as an everyday bag. Here are two of them. One is from Jimmy Choo and another one is from Kate Spade. I love both of them. They both are great.

how to choose a handbag for everyday
how to choose a handbag for everyday

But here are some different and similar things these two bags have.

Jimmy Choo’s bag is brown and Kate Spade’s is in black color. The first one (Jimmy Choo) costs around 900$ and another one costs only 230$.

It depends on their material of course. Jimmy Choo’s tote is leather, while Kate Spade’s is nylon. So you should decide what you prefer.

They both are casual handbags but Jimmy Choo’s handbag can be paired with classy outfits too. Because it’s leather and its shape gives you an opportunity to complete the elegant look.

The next handbag is my favorite one from Saint Laurent. It’s a smaller leather puffer purse. That’s definitely a classier style but it will perfectly pair with casual outfits too.

how to choose a handbag for everyday

The price point is under 1k again (945$) and believe me, it would be the best purchase in your life. You will never regret it. And the best thing is that it has a design that looks more than its price. It’s so luxurious.

Another designer handbag that you can use every day is from Balenciaga. It’s a small leather tote (1050$) but it’s pretty big for carrying essential things.

how to choose a handbag for everyday

It’s great for every day because it’s black. It’s also minimalistic, so it will pair with both classy and casual outfits.

If you haven’t noticed yet, all the bags that I shared today are structured bags. That’s because they look just better than soft bags.

They make you look more expensive as well.

I couldn’t miss this bag. Everyone knows about it.

It’s a Michael Kors Emma medium signature bag. It’s a dark brown handbag with MK prints on it. It has gold hardware which as I already said is great for women with warmer skin tones.

how to choose a handbag for everyday

So, if you are a woman who has warm skin tones it’s a perfect bag for you. But that’s not the only reason why it’s good. It’s great because of its color, style, size, and everything. And now it’s great for the price as well.

So, it’s time to add it to your wishlist.

I am sorry but I have to go above 1k again. We are talking about designer bags and it’s the fact that they are not cheap.

So this is a Prada shoulder bag with a chain. it costs around 1960$ but it’s also an investment piece that you will never regret.

how to choose a handbag for everyday

I wanted to find a handbag with a chain at a lower price. But I wanted to also recommend the one that looks awesome. So, the price and design of the bag depend on each other.

It has silver hardware. So, it’s great for women with cooler skin tones.

But if you want a similar bag, Chloe has a similar one with a gold chain in the same price range.

how to choose a handbag for everyday

They are not identical but they are similar to each other. So, if you have warmer skin tones go for this one.

I think that’s all I wanted to share for today. I hope you will find a handbag for every day. I am sure you are gonna love what you will have in your updated bag collection.

Thank you for being here!

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