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16 Awesome Casual Friday Work Outfits to Look Classy and Still Feel Comfy at Office

16 Awesome Casual Friday Work Outfits to Look Classy and Still Feel Comfy at Office

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You know what casual Friday is right? It’s when we, employees can opt out of the office dress code and wear something more casual.

And so, I thought, it would be great if I shared 16 different casual Friday work outfits with you.

I hope this article will help you to have enough go-to Friday work outfits. Because I know how hard it is to think about styling different outfits every day.

Especially, when you have to make them under the office dress code.

And especially when you have children who need to get ready as well. And they are waiting for you with eyes wide open, lol

I am sure you already know about this but there are two main dress codes known and popular for offices. These are business and smart casual.

You may think they are the same, but they are totally different with their own little nuances.

Now, let’s get back to what we’ve started!

Casual Friday…

Hmm! This is the most comfortable work day for women who work at the office with a strict dress code.

And this is the day when you as an employee have the right to wear something more casual.

For example, you can get your jeans out of your wardrobe on Friday. Or you can also throw on a comfy cardigan over your shoulders.

Don’t go with flip-flops (kidding of course) but feel free to wear something less cooperative.

And now let me start sharing some outfits that you can guide with.

The Chicest Casual Friday work outfits you should try

Outfit 1

Friday work outfit that you are gonna love to try

Who thinks that leather leggings are appropriate for the office?! No one

For regular work days, it’s not a good idea to wear leather leggings. Yeah, for sure.

But when it’s Friday and your office has the option to use it as a casual Friday, why not?

In fact, leggings are not the only thing here.

The main goal when it comes to styling appropriate casual Friday work outfits is to pair pieces so that they all look put together.

Here the white turtleneck, handbag, and long trench coat make the outfit look more classy, elegant, and professional.

So for the first casual Friday work outfit, you can wear leggings, a turtleneck, or any other classy top, sneakers, and a trench coat together.

Of course, don’t forget accessories. Use them to make the outfit look as you wish it to.

Outfit 2

check out this casual friday work outfit with a vest

Well, well, well…

We can’t disregard the trends here…

You’ve probably already noticed that the sweater and vest combination became very popular this and the previous year.

Lucky you, they are great to use for a casual Friday work outfit.

Sweaters generally are considered casual pieces but I don’t totally agree with that.

Because there are sweaters that look pretty polished and elegant. So, you can wear (those) sweaters at work, for sure.

This outfit itself contains a lot of casual pieces but the overall look feels and looks very elegant and sophisticated.

Try it once and I am sure you are gonna love it. Not only you but everyone at the office.

Outfit 3

casual friday work outfit with a suit

Wait, don’t get me wrong here.

I am not telling you to go in a pink suit at work (although, some of the office rules allow you to do so).

The main message I want to send with this outfit is to use graphic tees in your casual Friday work outfits.

I loved this outfit and this is the perfect example of what I wanted to recommend.

Wear the graphic tee underneath the blazer. Whether it’s a matching suit or not, it doesn’t matter.

Pair them with classy pants and the perfect casual Friday work outfit is ready to go.

Outfit 4

casual friday work outfit with a jumpsuit

It’s time for my first favorite in this article.

Now, what’s the thing here?!

There are a few details that I loved in this outfit and so I want to share them with you.

First of all, it’s the thing that you can try some prints when you are creating a casual Friday work outfit.
I mean some prints that won’t be so busy and uneasy for the office.

The best prints for casual Friday work outfits are polka dots, stripes, and some plaid prints as well.

The second thing I love about this outfit is the jumpsuit. And fortunately, you can wear it to the office on casual Fridays.

But of course, you need to find a jumpsuit that will be appropriate for the office. It’s better to stay with neutral colors and everything will be OK.

And the last but not least thing that I wanted to share about this outfit is the accessories.

I can talk for hours about accessorizing. And I mention in every single article that you don’t have to ignore it.

For the casual Friday work outfits, you need to stay with classier accessories. Because one or two casual pieces of your overall look are enough for the casual Friday outfit.

Outfit 5

casual friday work outfit with a sweater vest

Here is my next favorite (if you wonder).

For me, this is the perfect example of pairing two, absolutely different styles. But on the other hand, it still looks so elegant and polished.

Both of those items, wide-leg jeans, and a sweater vest are considered casual pieces. But they are paired together so that the outfit itself doesn’t look casual.

That’s not because of magic.

Can you guess why this outfit looks so polished and chic?

Let me help. That’s because there are only two colors used in the outfit. And both of them are neutral colors.

Plus block heeled ankle boots make the look more refined.

If I were you I would try it as quickly as I could. Let me know what you think.

DM me your thoughts on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. I am always there for you.

Outfit 6

casual friday work outfit with a slip dress

There are many of my favorites today, I guess.

I have a question for you!

Have you ever seen an outfit like this before? I mean slip dress with blazer, boots, sunglasses and leather shoulder bag? Really?

I have seen many like this but this one is my absolute favorite.

It’s obvious that slip dresses are very comfy to wear, and so they are not (there are some exceptions) for classy and professional looks.

But the combination of a slip dress and the blazer is the perfect example of a casual Friday look.

There are other ways to use a blazer for office outfits.

And if you want to discover some of them, check out my article about classy, elegant blazer outfits that you can go with for official meetings.

Outfit 7

casual friday look with wide leg pants

Blazer again!!! You don’t know how much I love them!

I won’t say much about this outfit but the only thing I wanna note here is that spend more time accessorizing your outfits.

The belt, the handbag, the watch (or bracelet), rings make this outfit so complete.

Try it too.

And you already know that you can use wide-leg pants (jeans) to style casual Friday outfits.

If you are a woman over 50 or someone who is looking for classy fall outfits you should check out this article here.

There you will discover much more than just blazer outfits, believe me.

casual friday look with wide jeans fashionjackson

Outfit 8

casual friday look with wide loafers

This is another example of pairing casual and classy pieces. And this is the number one “rule” for casual Friday outfits.

Casual Friday is the day when you can throw a casual comfy cardigan over your shoulders and go to work.

And the other thing that I want you to use for Fridays is loafers.

They are the type of shoes that you can use for both casual and classy looks.

Outfit 9

casual friday look with sweater

When it comes to casual Friday outfits, you can go as comfy as the office rules let you do so.

The thing that I want to say with this outfit is that you can pair classy pants with a casual sweater and throw on your favorite trench coat over them.

Wear white sneakers with the outfit to make it perfect for a casual Friday.

And I have to mention again – add some accessories to make the look complete.

Outfit 10

I love monochromatic outfits. Because, no matter what color they are made of, they look so fantastic.

And for today I decided to share one of the possible versions of the casual Friday monochromatic look.

casual friday look with pleated skirt

So, for casual Friday you can pair a metallic pleated skirt with a casual sweater.

For the best result, it’s better to wear turtlenecks because they just look classier.

But don’t forget about layering.

It’s not a must to wear a trench coat with those pieces. You can throw a casual cardigan or a blazer with them.

It depends on your taste.

Outfit 11

Casual friday work outfits with culottes

Culottes become very popular these years.

And I have to admit, I loved them.

They are so flattering.

And if you have an inverted triangle or apple body shape, better for you. Culottes are perfect for you.

Oh and by the way, if you are in love with culottes and you are looking for more outfit ideas check out my article about it here.

Now let me tell you a few things about this specific outfit, that looks just amazing.

This one is my other favorite though (if you wonder).

So, for the next idea – for the casual Friday you can style a basic white tee with culottes and throw a denim jacket over them.

As I said above, the main thing in casual Friday looks the most important thing is to have at least one casual piece in the outfit.

This one denim jacket does this job for you.

Other pieces, like a basic white shirt, high heels, and culottes are very classy and polished. So, they do their job in the outfit.

Outfit 12

Casual friday work outfits with dress and leather jacket

I don’t remember if I mention this in today’s post but you should know it’s important to know.

So the thing is layering outfits the right way looks always different. I mean it looks fantastic.

And the next outfit is the perfect example of what I mean here.

For another casual Friday look, you can pair the dress with a collared shirt and put some chic outerwear with them.

Accessories are a must-have here as well.

If you decide to wear a black dress for this or any other outfit, here is the article where you will discover accessories that go with a black dress.

Check it out as well. I am sure you will find some interesting accessories for your looks.

Outfit 13

Casual friday work outfits with dresses

Talking about work outfits, we can’t miss the dress itself.

Generally wearing a dress is the easiest decision for the office. Because dresses mostly look classy and polished.

But I have to mention wrap dress is the best out of the best for almost everyone.

I am saying it for everyone because I mean for any body type.

If you don’t know much about different body types, here is the category page on my homepage that you need to check out. Here is the link to access it from here.

It is the place where you will read interesting and useful articles about various body shapes and their features. So you will be able to create outfits that elongate your body and make it look more flattering.

Outfit 14

Casual friday work outfits with shirt and cardigan

Don’t tell me that your office rules don’t allow you to wear denim at work. This next outfit is my favorite one and I want you to definitely try it.

Nothing so special… But I am still loving it.

So, for a look similar to this you need a cute shirt a very feminine looking casual cardigan, and denim jeans.

Put them on together, take a beautiful structured bag with you, and add some extra accessories. I am sure you are gonna get so many compliments.

Outfit 15

Casual friday work outfits with sweater and dress

This next outfit is also my favorite way to style a dress and sweater together.

But here is the thing, this outfit may look and feel too comfortable for the office. So, I would make it look more elegant by shortening both the sweater and the dress (or the skirt).

I would also change boots to something classier. For example blocked heels, ankle boots, or something that just looks nicer.

Outfit 16

Casual friday work outfits with with printed clothes

And last but not least, you can also definitely wear a good, pretty skirt at work. I don’t mean pencil skirts here because we are creating casual Friday work outfits.

So you can change the pencil skirt to something more casual.

You can see the perfect example here.

Plaid skirt…

Actually, the printed plaid skirt…

Pair it with a classy bodysuit, or with a basic top. Don’t forget layering here as well.

I would choose the blazer, leather jacket, or trench coat for this look. They will pair perfectly with those pieces.

I am sure it’s gonna be the perfect casual Friday work outfit and you are gonna love it as well.

That’s it for today. I hope you liked the article. And if it’s so don’t hesitate to send me your thoughts.

You can find me on all social platforms: Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. DM me, and tell me what is the next article you would love to see on my blog.

Thank you for being here!

And the last thing…

Share the pin with your friends!

Casual friday work outfits

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Saturday 3rd of February 2024

Loved these looks. Appreciate your attention to detail. Classy Casual Friday is my kind of vibe. Thanks for putting together this blog!


Saturday 3rd of February 2024

I am glad you liked the article. Classy casual is my kind of vibe as well <3 Welcome on my blog and thank you for being on my blog.


Sunday 3rd of December 2023

I didn't write this article for any specific season. However, thanks for the idea. I can write summer casual friday outfit ideas if you wish so. I am glad you liked the ideas.