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How to Wear Ankle Boots With Skinny Jeans

How to Wear Ankle Boots With Skinny Jeans

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How to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans? I think that is the trickiest question women ask.

That’s why I decided to gather all the possible ways to wear them together. I’m sure you’ll find the best option for you.

Without many thoughts, it’s obvious that you need to find the right jeans and the right boots to pair them well together.

Cropped jeans + ankle boots

The first option is definitely cropped jeans.

You just need to find the jeans that have a hemline short enough, so that it won’t compete with the top of your ankle booties.

How to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans
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Another way, it’ll really look weird!

You need to have some skin showing between the jeans and boots. In the best case, it should be around 1-3 inches.

That’s the trick that makes all of your outfits very stylish and modern.

Tuck the jeans

The next option to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans is to tuck your jeans in your boots.

But there are things that you should remember before you do that.

I personally use this method only in the case if my boots and jeans are the same colors. Why is it a thing?

Because in other cases, I think it doesn’t look very good. I have seen many people doing it and I always thought they didn’t do that on purpose. They just didn’t know the thing.

So, don’t be the one!

There is another good thing that the combination with the same color boots and jeans do for you.

Let’s say it is black. If you were black skinny jeans and ankle boots, it will elongate your legs and make them look longer.

If you wear high-waisted black jeans, you are gonna look much higher.

And that’s not all. If you wear all black, that’s gonna be looking amazing. You are gonna look slimmer and higher too.

How to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans
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Your height will be visually starting from your neck to your toes. If you are petite, I have 18 ways that help you to look taller and slimmer. That’s just the one from them. You are gonna discover a lot more!

Tuck the jeans into combat boots

The second thing that works great with tucked jeans (into boots) is to wear combat boots.

They have the height where tucking the skinny jeans into them works just perfectly. So, there won’t be any weird fabrics folded above your boots. Try it!

How to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans
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Cuff the jeans

Cuffing your jeans is another option to wear with ankle boots.

There are many possible ways to cuff the jeans so that they fit with boots.

One long cuff

The first one is to do the one long cuff on your jeans. You need to make them look like cropped denim jeans.

How to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans
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Between, it works well with very skinny jeans. Because there shouldn’t be any weird folds. I mean, it has to look neat and clean.

If you do that on jeans that are not tight enough on your legs, then it’s gonna look really uncomfortable and weird.

Two shorter cuffs

Another cuff method you can use with skinny jeans and boots is to do double cuff.

How to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans
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So, you make a little cuff on your jeans and do another short one again. That’s called double cuff.

I personally prefer the second cuffing method, because it’s easier to do.

The thing is, with short cuffs you won’t be able to do too much to too small.

That will be different with long cuff when you don’t know, how long should you fold the jeans. You may do too much, which makes more of your skin show and which makes you look shorter.

Watch the video from Busbeestyle here:

I remember something about folding.

You can fold jeans under to make it look like cropped again. It’s not cuffing but it works the same way.

I think it looks neater and cleaner. The best thing is that you can do that without tailors’ help.

Moving on to the next one. Which is flared jeans.

Wear flared jeans with ankle boots

How to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans
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If you haven’t seen my post about fashion trends for fall/winter 2020-2021 you should definitely do that.

Flared jeans are the ones from other trends that are gonna be huge this year.

By the way, it didn’t only appear on fashion runways but also many women already wear it on the street.

Ok, now let’s continue what we’ve started!

So, why flared skinny jeans and ankle boots work together?

Because they just do! ))

In fact, this combination is perfect because it doesn’t look bad. It looks better than anything.

In most cases flared jeans have the hemline finishing after the ankle bone. That hides the boots under the jeans without any weird folds or cuffs.

How to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans
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If you want to look chicer, let’s do a bit more advanced things. I am kidding, of course. There is nothing advanced in here.

But in fact, if you wear pointed-toe ankle boots with flared jeans, you are gonna really look more interesting. So, your outfit will look chicer as well.

Time for my favorite one!

Frayed jeans + ankle boots

And that’s the frayed jeans and boots.

How to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans
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There are not many people using this method while making their outfits. Do you wanna look unique and more interesting?

Do this!

Wear frayed jeans and your boots together. Believe me, it looks just AWESOME!

You have two options. You can either wear tight frayed jeans and wider boots or wider frayed denim jeans and tight boots.

You can try both ways. They both look great.

The most important thing is to avoid wearing both, jeans and boots wide or very tight. It’s just not gonna work. Instead, it looks so unprofessional.

Side-cut jeans

If you are looking for another stylish way to wear skinny jeans with ankle boots, go for the denim jeans that have a side cut on the bottom.

They will pair with boots perfectly because it has cut exactly where your boots will. So, it won’t make any weird layers above it.

How to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans
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In the best case, your jeans should be cut exactly where the top of the booties start.

And if you choose something high-waisted that’s gonna be even better.

Another good thing that you can do with side-cut jeans is to fold them. Actually, they are the best for folding. Because it has some space.

This trick makes your outfit more interesting and more casual and street style, which is very common among women.

Wear fishnet stockings under the jeans

How to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans
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Make your outfit more stylish by wearing fishnet stockings underneath your jeans.

It looks so modern and chic.

Also, it makes you look more ready for fall and winter. It doesn’t make you feel warmer but it definitely makes you so fashionable. So, don’t miss the chance to try it!

That’s all for today!

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How to wear ankle boots with skinny jeans

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