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How to Wear a Blazer for an Interview – Professional Looks That Will Impress the Employers

How to Wear a Blazer for an Interview – Professional Looks That Will Impress the Employers

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The blazers became huge this year. So I thought I had to have one, so I did. Just bought a blazer which I loved so much.

There are thousands of ways to wear blazer outfits, but I decided to share some ideas on how to wear a blazer for an interview.

Blazer looks were popular last year but they became really trendy for this year.

And you know what I think? – I think that they are the essential pieces of women’s wardrobe. Because they help you to put together an amazing look in just seconds.

Whether it’s a casual or classy look, a blazer will go with everything. And it makes the outfit complete.

But for the interview, you definitely need more polished, elegant pieces to pair with a blazer. Because you won’t be able to impress employers by wearing sweatpants or distressed jeans in an interview.

So, let me share actual ideas of outfits that will get you to the successful result you are aiming for.

Affiliate Disclosure: Some links are affiliate links which means I will get some cents if you purchase the item from the retailer.

How to Dress Blazer for an Interview for Female

Collared shirt, blazer, and dark wash jeans

how to wear a blazer for an interview
Image source: Pinterest

The first and the simplest outfit that you can create with a blazer is with a collared shirt, dark wash tight jeans, and a blazer, of course.

But unlike the picture above, you should wear a classier and simpler shirt with the outfit. Not because some prints do anything wrong. Just because fewer details look more elegant and professional.

The yellow belt is not paired well as well. Instead, you can wear a silver Gucci belt, which won’t make your look incomplete.

If you feel comfortable wearing higher heels, it’s better for you if you go for them. But try them to be pointed-toe shoes because they make your legs look longer and look just more feminine.

Other than that you can copy this outfit and wear it in an interview. Actually, you can find similar products down below. Because I already found them for you.

Bodysuit and blazer

how to wear a blazer for an interview
Image source: Pinterest

Well, you need to be less sexy than this, obviously. Lol

No, for real, you don’t need to look extra sexy in an interview. There are definitely some limits that you consider before you choose something to wear.

And also darker jeans are always a better choice. Because they look just better for a professional look.

You can even change jeans to regular pants. They need to be well fitted on your body. And for the best result, choose very high-waisted tailored pants with a bodysuit and blazer outfit.

For shoes, you can go for wedges, pumps, or even stiletto heels. You just need to pair colors with every piece in your outfit. We will talk about the best colors for a professional look later in this article. So, stay tuned.

Spaghetti strap top, pencil skirt, and blazer

how to wear a blazer for an interview
Image source: Pinterest

Strap tops became also very popular this summer. Especially the ones with cute embroideries on the neckline. They look so classy and chic.

So, that’s your opportunity to wear and try them.

A pencil skirt and blazer are a perfect combination of an elegant, professional look. But you can’t miss the handbag here. You need to wear a tote bag with this outfit, without a doubt.

Some luxury-looking accessories won’t be extra as well. In fact, they will make your look even more complete. So, look into your wardrobe once again. See, what’s there.

Try to stay in the color palette. Don’t mix too many colors.

If you think that you are doing something wrong, you can go for black-and-white pieces.

In case you are in love with a black skirt, here is the link to my article where you’ll discover elegant looks that you can create with a black skirt.

Embroidered striped shirt, blazer and jeans

how to wear a blazer for an interview
Image source: Pinterest

The next way you can wear a blazer for an interview is to pair it with an embroidered striped shirt and jeans. But, this time you can pair the colored blazers with them.

But not the pink, please.

There are embroidered striped shirts that have blue flowers or details on them. So, for this specific look, you are gonna need a blue blazer.

The woman wears black pants which look like leggings. But instead, I want you to wear black or dark wash jeans with the outfit. Because leggings definitely are not appropriate for interview attire. Don’t you agree?

Or you can go for simple black pants which I shared below. They will go with a blue blazer and striped shirt perfectly.

You can wear pumps with this outfit. And they can be in a color that the outfit already contains.

Bralette top and blazer

Image source: Pinterest

Bralette tops are very comfortable and beautiful. You may think they are not for an interview but you are wrong. Because blazer will cover enough for you. So, you won’t look too provoking.

And actually, I found the bralette top which looks just fine for you. So, check it out below.

You probably already guessed that it’s the best time to go for suit pants. And yes, you can pair the same color of blazer and pants for this specific look.

Another thing that you should consider is the height of the waistline of the pants. Bralette tops are usually very short as crop tops. So, you need to find pants with a very high waist that exactly sit where the bralette top ends.

Use some jewelry with the outfit. For example, a gold chain necklace or a small pendant necklace.

Wide leg pants and blazer

how to wear a blazer for an interview
Image source: Pinterest

For the next outfit, you are gonna need a blazer and wide-leg pants with an elegant top. That’s gonna be the next elegant, professional outfit that will definitely get attention from employers.

It’s also a good idea to pair the same color top and pants together. Because it visually lengthens your body, so you will look slimmer and taller.

By the way, if you want to know more tricks to look slimmer and taller, you can check out my article about it. Believe me, there are a lot of interesting things to discover. In fact, 18 tricks work like the keyboard I am clicking on now. XOXO

Wide-leg pants are also very trending right now. I have to admit I have never worn or would wear them. Because they just don’t look good on me, I think so.

But if you are not like me, believe me, you have to try this. Because wide-leg pants and blazer combination is just the chicest thing you can ever do.

Turtleneck and blazer with tight fitted pants

how to wear a blazer for an interview
Image source: Pinterest

If you ever think of what should be the most elegant look for women, you have to remember about the blazer and turtleneck combo.

Actually, even only turtleneck already looks very feminine and elegant. But adding a blazer and other accessories will be just perfect.

You don’t have to forget that bold jewelry over the turtleneck looks the best as well. So, if you feel confused while you choose some jewelry, it’s time when the result is 100% guaranteed.

This is because in most cases turtlenecks are very simple. And you can’t ever go wrong with adding accessories to it.

I know we are going to talk more about colors later, but I can’t wait to share some next tips for the blazer and turtleneck combo.

I want to share some color combination ideas for it.

In the best case, you can wear a black turtleneck with any color blazer. Such as brown, white, grey (plaid), blue, and so on.

But in case you decide to wear a colored turtleneck like blue, red, brown, or any other, you have to wear a black or white blazer with it.

You can also go for all black. So, you are gonna need a black turtleneck, a black blazer and black fitted pants (or very simple black jeans). Add a few accessories like a belt (which will have another color on it), handbag, sunglasses, and jewelry, and you are gonna look awesome.

In case you are in a black mood, meaning you like to wear black outfits every day, I can share my older article which will give you 30 different ideas for all-black outfits for every day.

Blouse suit skirt and blazer

how to wear a blazer for an interview
Image source: Pinterest

The skirt is already a well-known piece to wear with a blazer. There are many two-piece outfits which contain a skirt and blazers as well.

But I just couldn’t miss this because it’s one of the easiest looks that you can wear in an interview. And it also looks stylish and chic.

So, I won’t talk more about this one, and let me continue with another one.

Metallic pleated skirt and blazer

Although, I said it’s a simple outfit to wear a skirt and blazer together. But for this one, we are changing the suit blazer to a pleated skirt.

how to wear a blazer for an interview
Image source: Pinterest

It’s just awesome. It looks so chic and modern. And it’s perfect for an interview look as well.

So, I am not saying anything more about it. I will just share actual pieces that you can use to create a similar outfit with a metallic pleated skirt and blazer.

Simple graphic tee and blue jeans

how to wear a blazer for an interview
Image source: Pinterest

I know it’s not blue jeans in the picture. But the thing is you can also pair suit pants with some graphic tee.

But I prefer to recommend blue jeans because it’s simpler and more elegant.

There is another thing I want to tell you about this. There are many types of graphic tees available on the market. But, you have to find the most simple graphic tee. It has to have just a little detail or writing on it.

You don’t need a graphic tee that has anime graphics on it for the interview.

Really, I know you won’t choose the tee like that, but I just mean that you have to pair a very simple graphic tee with a blazer for this interview.

Can you wear jeans and a blazer to an interview?

Yes, you definitely can wear jeans. But wear a more elegant top with them. Also try to pair dressier pieces with jeans, so that you don’t go too casual. And wearing a blazer with jeans outfits is the best thing you can do here.

What is the best color to wear to an interview?

For the best case, you need to stay in neutral colors for an interview. Colors such as black, white, grey, and brown are perfect for it.

But as I already said above it really depends on the outfit. You can sometimes pop up yourself with a color that pairs with other simpler and more neutral colors.

If you ask me, blue and white are the best color combinations for the interview. I don’t know why, but they look fantastic together. Especially, for the professional look, they will do their job perfectly.

Another color combination that you can also try is nude brown and black. They are also great for professional looks. But these are definitely more neutral colors than blue.

There are many colors that you can try but don’t go over 3 colors at a time.

The maximum amount of colors that you use for an interview outfit must be 3. And they don’t have to be all bright colors, definitely.

If you wonder, what I mean check out the outfit below.

There are 3 main colors used in the outfit. Black, brown, and white. They are all neutral colors and so they don’t look like a rainbow. In fact, they look fantastic together.

how to wear a blazer for an interview
Image source: Pinterest

In case you are getting ready for a college interview here is my article with back to school outfits for college. You can definitely check out it and find other outfit ideas with a blazer.

This is it for today.

This is how to wear a blazer for an interview. But here you can find outfits with blazers that are appropriate for everyday outfits as well.

So, enjoy!

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