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Seaside Elegance: What is the Beach Attire for Women – Essentials for Summer Trip

Seaside Elegance: What is the Beach Attire for Women – Essentials for Summer Trip

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Dressing for a vacation is not just packing swimsuits and cover-ups. There are things that you should consider taking with you.

And in today’s article, I decided to explain what beach attire for women means.

Dressing in comfortable, breathable trendy clothes is what beach attire means. You don’t have to only wear a swimsuit at the beach.

Instead, you can wear so many variations of interesting outfits that you are going to enjoy wearing.

So, as long as you feel comfy with what you wear at the beach, you don’t need to think much about beach attire for women.

And the better news here is that I decided to look for some new pieces that will be perfect for anyone at the beach.

So, we will create a beach capsule wardrobe with just 16 pieces.

Fortunately, you are gonna have similar things in your wardrobe so you don’t need to buy every single new thing.

But refreshing the wardrobe in summer sounds great, right?

What to wear at the beach?

Can you imagine summer without colors?

Summer is the season when you should take out anything that you wanted to wear before. And the color doesn’t matter.

But today I decided to create a beach capsule wardrobe with the color palette.

Because it’s always a good idea to play with colors that you can pair with each other.

beach attire for women

So, here is an explanation of why I chose summer clothes within this color palette.

As I said above you should go as colorful as you wish for summer but…

Sometimes, and I would say, even often, it’s hard to pair different bright colors together.

So, I decided to stay a bit natural and also I’ve added some colors that will pop your outfits.

Most importantly you can easily pair what I am sharing here today. They are very easy to style together.

Now, Let’s start with dresses.

What is the Beach Attire for Women

Summer dresses for the beach

I can’t imagine summer without flowy dresses.

Did I mention that for this beach capsule wardrobe, I found only 26 pieces (including shoes and accessories) that you should pair?

Yeah, there are only 26 pieces.

My content may contain affiliate links, which means I may get a little commission if you make a purchase from my links with no extra costs from your side.

And you probably have similar items in your wardrobe, so you don’t need to buy every single of them.

I think 2 dresses are more than enough for the summer and let me share the first one with you.

It’s Roxy’s floral mini dress with a very cute back and flattering silhouette which you can get from Nordstrom.

I loved the dress because it will fit perfectly to any body shape.

Puff sleeves, the front pleats, the back cut out – those together make the dress look flattering on the body.

summer dress for the beach

If you heard about body shapes for the first time, it’s time to check out the body types section on my blog.

There you will find all the information about your body shape. Including the easiest method to find out which body shape you have.

And another cutest dress that is perfect for the beach is from Boohoo.

This dress would be perfect for everyone.

But it’s great for someone who may have a little tummy.

Ruffles are made so that your tummy will not be visible at all.

And the biggest reason why I decided to recommend those dresses to you is the material they are made of.

One of them is satin and the other one is made from linen, which is the perfect fabric for summer.

They both are breathable and cooling fabrics, so you can wear them in summer.

And one more thing about dresses.

When you are building a capsule wardrobe (don’t matter for which season or place) it’s better to have different styles of clothes.

For example, what I mean here is the length of these dresses.

The dresses that I chose have midi and mini lengths. So, you can try each of them.

Summer tops for the beach

I decided to contain only 4 tops for this beach capsule wardrobe. Because it’s enough, believe me.

For the first option, I found a lace long sleeve top for you. This looks and feels so flattering to me.

Do you remember those epic moments in movies when someone beautiful (meaning a woman, of course, lol) comes out from the sea with her feminine movements, XO

I immediately fall in love with her as well, lol

That’s what I remembered when I first saw this shirt top.

It has some lace crochet details on the shoulders, sleeves, and in front of it. And I think it makes it look so feminine and beautiful.

The material of the top also feels so relaxing to me, so I think I found the best thing for you (as always).

Summer tops for the beach

Talking about feminity – here is the next top I decided to share for this beach capsule wardrobe.

Beach attire for women – that sounds very cozy and comfy to me. That’s the main reason I get this top for you.

Now, besides the cuteness of this top, there are other flattering details that you are gonna love.

It’s a peplum top that is perfect for hiding a tummy. You knew that, right?

If not, here is the article to find more tricks about hiding the tummy with clothes. Check it out, I am sure you are gonna discover a lot of interesting things.

Summer tops for the beach

The next top is for someone who loves to show her stomach.

After having two babies, I was shy enough to wear cropped tops but after having the youngest baby (almost 2 years old) I almost got my normal body curves – so I am loving wearing crop tops now.

And I have to tell you – you shouldn’t miss that too.

They are so trending right now – and summer is the best time to style them with so many things.

So, let’s do it.

I have two shorts in this capsule wardrobe for you, that will go perfectly with this specific top, so don’t forget to stay till the end.

Summer tops for the beach

And the last top that I found on Lulus is very flowy and cute.

It’s available in different colors. So, you have so many options to choose from.

But remember, if you decide to build a beach capsule wardrobe within this color palette I shared above, this is the color that you should style.

Along with cuteness, this top is very sexy and comfy as well. It has some openings on the sides and back as well.

And I think it looks unique and different.

Summer tops for the beach

Oversized shirt for the beach outfits

I don’t want to make you stop here for a long time but I wanna tell you the reason I included this oversized shirt for the beach outfits.

Because an oversized shirt is so useful as a cover up on the beach.

Also, the oversized shirt outfit looks so feminine and cute for the beach. And so and so forth.

It’s just the must have piece for the beach attire for women.

You may haven’t thought about this at all, but believe me it’s so helpful. Just believe…

oversized shirt for beach outfits

Shorts for the beach attire

If you are my reader and you are reading some of my articles sometimes, you should know that I have a pear body shape.

That means, my hips are the largest part of my body. Why I am saying this here and now?

Well because I was always holding back from wearing shorts because I didn’t like how they look on my body.

But this summer I decided that I could give it a try as well. And I have to admit, I am loving them.

And I think shorts are must-have item for the summer.

Shorts for the beach attire

I found two of them for you.

One is denim shorts and another one is linen.

I think I already mentioned how pleasing is to wear linen clothes in summer. It’s very breathable and comfy.

Shorts for the beach attire

Wide leg pants for the beach attire

Talking about linen and I wanted to share these linen wide-leg pants with you.

This is a great piece to have in the beach bag.

First, because it’s so damn cooling.

Then because it’s perfect for evenings when you decide to go out for walking.

And the last is because wide-leg pants are flattering and it looks so feminine on women’s body.

Wide leg pants for the beach attire

Skirts for the beach attire

Summer is the time for skirts as well.

But skirts are just great for beach attire as well.

I tried to find two of the best skirts that will be perfect for beach outfits.

One of them is a midi and another one is a mini skirt. So, you can try both (or one) of them.

Skirts for the beach attire

Do you know what is the best thing about beach attire for women?! It’s the thing that you are ready for everyday outfits.

You don’t need to think about what to wear at the beach every time you decide to go there.

Skirts for the beach attire

Swimsuits for the beach

Well, I just couldn’t miss swimsuits on this list. Since we know a swimsuit is the first thing you should have at the beach.

But if you are not comfortable with wearing a swimsuit (and I can’t understand why), it’s ok as well. You can read my article about beach day outfits on my site.

There you will find outfit ideas that are not only swimwear and cover up. And most importantly these outfits are not only for skinny girls, they are for cuter chubbier girls as well.

Swimsuit for the beach

I decided to contain two swimsuits for this beach attire list.

And I did this because you have to try what looks flattering on your body. You should try both one and two-piece swimsuits.

They look both flattering – but the most important thing is to choose the right shape of swimwear depending on your body type.

And if you are a woman who heard about body shapes for the first time, you need to check out the “body types” section on my homepage.

You will find everything you may need to know about your body and its “positive and negative features”.

And if you are specifically looking for some tricks to find the right swimsuit for your body shape check out this article here.

Swimsuit for the beach attire

Cover up for the beach attire

It’s time for my favorite piece in today’s article.

I mean, I love everything that’s why I shared them but this is one of my favorites.

But I am in love with this swimsuit cover up.

And I think cover up is the essential, really must have item for the beach attire.

This cover up is a sheer fabric that makes your swimsuit visible on the beach. But that’s not a problem since you will be on the beach, right?

Generally, I love transparent clothes because they make every outfit look so feminine and cute.

It’s so sparkly as well. And you know what?!

I think this cover up will be perfect for summer festival outfits as well. This will be fantastic with everything.

And if you are planning to go to summer music festivals this year, here’s the article you should check out next. There you will find outfit ideas and useful tips for those amazing adventures.

Cover up for the beach attire

Cardigan for the beach

Cardigan is as necessary as an oversized shirt for the beach. It’s just cozier and cuter.

For the beach attire, I chose this very lightweight, simple, knit cardigan that is perfect for cooler nights.

It’s from Lulus if you wonder and it’s so affordable as well. So, in your place, I would definitely check it out.

Cardigan for the beach

Accessories+shoes for the beach

There are already 16 pieces that I shared above. And I don’t want you to get exhausted by the endless list.

So, here are some additional accessories that you need to have for the beach.

I shared them because I thought they look great and also they suit our current color palette for beach attire.

staff for the beach attire

Round Sunglasses, Double Strap Flat Sandals, Straw Tote Bag, Cat Eye Sunglasses, Anklet, Gold Rhinestone Earrings, Woven High Heel Sandals, Brim Boater Hat

That’s everything I wanted to share with you today. I hope I was able to provide you with some helpful insights.

It would be great if you share this pin on Pinterest with your friends. It would be very kind of you.

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beach attire for women

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