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What Shoes To Wear With Linen Pants – Outfit Ideas You Should Try

What Shoes To Wear With Linen Pants – Outfit Ideas You Should Try

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What shoes to wear with linen pants? That’s a good question to answer today.

Linen pants are probably the comfiest pants that you can ever wear. They are great for both classy and casual outfits.

They are actually essential pieces of a woman’s wardrobe.

I have seen so many people wearing them the wrong way. And I wanted to share the best shoes you can wear with linen pants.

I will try my best to find some shoes that will be an excellent choice for you.

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What shoes to wear with linen pants


what shoes to wear with linen pants
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Linen pants are both comfortable and elegant, flattering the female body silhouette.

When it comes to shoes to wear with linen pants, flip-flops are the first thing you can try with them.

It’s obvious that linen pants are mostly wearable in spring and summer. So, flip-flops will be just perfect for the linen pants outfit.

It’s so easy to create an outfit with this combo.

Generally linen pants are neutral colors (they have a print sometimes) so they are very easy to pair with everything.

If you need an idea, you can simply use another solid color top or shirt with linen pants and flip-flops. And you are good to go.

Recommended items:

Flat sandals

Another types of the right shoes that are great for your casual outings are flat sandals.

You can wear them without any doubt with linen pants.

Flat sandals make the linen pants outfit look comfier. It’s not only about look. Linen pants and flat sandals outfits are really cozy and enjoyable.

One of the shoes that you can consider with flat sandals is espadrilles.

what shoes to wear with linen pants

It is a great option to create a modern overall look.

Another shoe style that you can try with linen pants is strappy sandals.

They make the outfit look even chicer.

You can make a perfect outfit for your formal events with linen pants, espadrilles, and a button-down shirt too.

It will be an ideal business casual outfit.

But if you need more help with the business casual dress code, here is my other article you need to check out next.

Recommended items:


We are moving to the next one which is loafers.

what shoes to wear with linen pants

For me, personally, loafers are old-fashioned shoes (actually they were). However, they became very popular this year.

And you know what? – you can literally wear everything with them.

You can create a perfect work outfit by pairing loafers with linen pants. With the right choices, it can work for any dress code.

Linen pants are a versatile wardrobe item that can be used to create outfits for various dress codes. They are a must-have for anyone who wants to dress appropriately for different occasions.

Recommended items:

White sneakers

My favorite way to wear linen pants (which happens rarely) is to pair them with white sneakers.

Basic white sneakers are a must-have for our wardrobe. There are so many things you can wear with them.

The best part is that you can wear white sneakers all year round.

Recommended items:

Black sneakers

what shoes to wear with linen pants

White sneakers are great but you can’t forget about black sneakers as well.

I love the idea of wearing high-waisted linen pants with a crop top, black sneakers, and a blazer.

This outfit combines different styles, but they pair perfectly.

Recommended items:

Wedge sandals

Wedge sandals are another perfect shoes to wear with linen trousers.

This combo can become versatile for your summer wardrobe. They are perfect for everyday wear.

what shoes to wear with linen pants

Here is my recommendation – I want you to try wedge sandals with wide-leg linen pants.

Wide-leg pants are so trending right now. So, it is a MUST to have at least one or two in your closet.

Since the linen is a breathable fabric, it’s the best option for warmer months.

It’s hard to wear pants in hot weather. But since they are breathable material, you are good to go. They will help you to have that relaxed vibe and look chic at the same time.

Additionally, when you wear wedge sandals, you can use the straw hat as an accessory to make a completely comfortable look.

In case you want to have a more polished look, you can create the outfit with straight-leg linen pants, wedge sandals, a classy blouse (or shirt), and a blazer.

This will be an awesome, chic, and modern look for spring.

Recommended items:

Ankle boots

I said that linen pants are a good fit for summer and spring.

But when it comes to ankle boots, we need to say that you can have so many chic looks for fall as well.

what shoes to wear with linen pants

You can pair linen pants with ankle boots, and a sweater as a top, and layer pieces with this outfit.

For example, you can wear a denim jacket, faux suede jacket, or even a trench coat as a layer piece. As long as you stay in neutral tones, you are safe.

Recommended items:

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are always a good match for linen pants.

Ballet flat and linen pants will give you a stylish look that will be more formal look. You can wear that outfit for various occasions.

If you want to look taller and slimmer, you should go for pointed-toe ballerina flats. They will visually lengthen your legs.

Here is my other article where you will discover this and other tricks that help you look taller and slimmer.

Recommended items:


Mules are another perfect choice to style a relaxed look with linen pants.

what shoes to wear with linen pants

Mules look great with jeans as well.

But if you need to create a dressier look, they can become formal shoes as well.

This is the best thing mules can do.

For this, you are gonna need a polo shirt, linen pants, and mules to style an outfit that will be appropriate for business meetings.

Mules are in a variety of colors and you can try all of them. Although it will be the ideal choice to have beige linen pants or black pants.

By the way, you should also know that mules are perfect to pair with linen shorts.

Recommended items:

Stilleto heels

what shoes to wear with linen pants

Stiletto heels are versatile shoes that can complete many different outfits, including linen pants.

In this combination, stiletto heels can give you an instant style boost, making you feel confident and put-together.

The added height of stiletto heels can elongate your legs, creating a sleek and elegant silhouette.

Stiletto heels can balance out the relaxed fit of linen pants, plus creating a fashionable and chic look.

So, if you’re looking to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your linen pants outfit, consider slipping on a pair of sleek stiletto heels.

Recommended items:

High heels

what shoes to wear with linen pants

Along with stiletto heels other high heels are also good choices to style with a pair of linen pants.

Pumps, platform, open-toe, and t-strap heels are a great choice for you.

Another type of shoes you should consider pairing with linen pants are block heels. They make an elegant look that works with other linen clothing as well.

Recommended items:

Before we end this section, I want to summarize a few things.

  • When you decide to start wearing linen pants, you need to make sure you stay in neutral colors to make sure you are not doing too much.

However, it’s all about your personal style.

  • If you want to wear bright colors with some prints, make white sneakers your go-to choice.
  • You will need a pair of white linen pants if you want to style so many chic outfits.

Let me know what is your favorite shoes that you wear with linen pants in the comments below.

Shoes you should avoid wearing with linen pants

As you can see you have so many options to choose shoes that you pair with linen pants.

But there are some types of shoes that you should avoid while you are wearing linen pants.

High boots

The first shoes you shouldn’t wear with linen pants are high boots. Not only knee-high boots but all high boots.

They just don’t work with linen pants.

That’s because of their length. They are too high for linen pants.

But even if you wear linen shorts, high boots still won’t work.

The main thing why they don’t work is that linen pants are considered to be worn in warm weather. You can’t wear them in winter.

High boots and linen pants would not be a good combination and would look weird together.

If you want to discover outfit ideas that work with thigh-high boots, check out this article here.

Chunky sneakers

Linen pants are a great addition to any wardrobe, but they can be tricky to style.

One common mistake is pairing them with chunky sneakers, which can throw off the balance of the outfit.

Shoes you should avoid wearing with linen pants

Remember, the right shoes can make or break an outfit, so choose wisely!

Chunky heels or other clumpy details ruin the lightweight vibe of a linen pants outfit.

By the way, if you want to know more about creating more balanced outfits, here is my other article you can read next.

Cowboy boots

Most of the shoes that you will see in this section are boots. That proves the one thing – none of the boots work well with linen pants.

There are so many ways to style boho inspired outfits with linen pants. And cowboy boots would be a great type of shoes to wear with them for this.

But, it’s just not gonna work.


Clogs look perfect with denim jeans. But as you already probably guessed, they don’t work with linen pants.

Shoes you should avoid wearing with linen pants

The chunky design of these shoes conflicts with the simple style of linen pants outfits. So. you should avoid wearing them with linen pants.

Chelsea boots

Do you know why high-length shoes don’t work with linen pants?

It’s about the balance of the look.

Linen pants cover full legs, you probably wear the top with the same kind of style. When you add shoes that don’t show any of your skin that creates the weird look of your body.

There is nothing interesting to look at in your outfit.

That’s the reason why chelsea boots don’t work with linen pants as well.

They end above your ankle so everything is covered. That’s not ideal for a linen pants outfit.

On the other hand, did you guess why ankle boots work with linen pants?

I won’t answer this here. I want to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for reading!


Crocs are one of the shoes that I will never wear. I just don’t like them.

Although they can be styled in various ways.

They look great with jeans, leather pants, leggings, shorts, and some other things.

But they are the first thing you should forget about when you want to wear shoes with linen pants.

It’s true, that linen pants need casual shoes but Crocs are too casual for them.

Gladiator boots

Gladiator boots and sandals are other shoes that don’t go well with linen pants, so you should avoid wearing them.

Why they don’t work? – because of their height and style.

UGG boots

I love UGGs because they can make cute outfits, but they don’t pair well with linen pants.

Shoes you should avoid wearing with linen pants

There are many reasons behind this.

Firstly, the chunky appearance, followed by the length of the UGG boots, and their warmth also don’t complement linen pants outfits.

The most important reason is the thing that UGG boots don’t work with pants that have at least some volume at the end of your legs.

On the other side, they look just perfect with skinny pants, jeans, or leggings.


While trainers are comfortable and practical shoes, they may not be the best option to pair with linen pants.

Mixing and matching different styles can be tricky.

Shoes you should avoid wearing with linen pants

For example, pairing linen pants with trainers might not be the best choice. While trainers are known for their casual look, linen pants are more about elegance and sophistication.

I mean, trainers are too casual for linen pants.

Also, trainers are often associated with athletic wear and may not be the best choice to pair with a more formal or dressy outfit.

As we discover it’s the best idea to opt for shoes that complement the style and aesthetic of linen pants, such as loafers, sandals, dress shoes, and others.


This is the guide where you find what shoes to wear with linen pants and what to avoid.

As you guessed, you should try to find the perfect balance between pants and shoes.

I hope you discovered perfect linen pant outfit ideas for both formal and casual occasions.

Thank you for being here!

what shoes to wear with linen pants

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