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How to wear a tulle skirt without looking fat

How to wear a tulle skirt without looking fat

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You probably already have seen many fashionistas wearing tulle skirts on Instagram. And let’s admit it, they look great.

Do you want to look perfect in those cute skirts?  Then stay with me and find out how to wear a tulle skirt without looking fat.

How to wear a tulle skirt without looking fat

Why am I mentioning fat here?  Because in most cases women who wear tulle skirts look bigger than they really are. Fortunately, there are some ways to avoid that.  Let’s discover them together.

Find the best tulle skirt for you

There are some features that you should know about tulle skirts. They are different because of their length, waistline, and shape.

For the waistline,  it’s always the best idea to go for the highest waist, because it works perfectly for curvy ladies as well.

Even if you are slim and tall it’s still a good idea to wear high-rise tulle skirts, because it will make you look slimmer and taller.

How to wear a tulle skirt without looking fat

If we talk about the length of the tulle skirts, trying a short skirt is the first good option for you. I mean if you want to wear a tulle skirt without looking fat, that’s your choice.

I know you may think “that girl is crazy, I am not that slim to wear a mini skirt” but listen to me.

First of all, being curvy or even fat doesn’t mean you have anything wrong with your body. On the other hand, you may have perfect legs or shoulders. So, it’s always a good idea to maximize your assets and minimize the parts that you don’t like on your body.

In case you are plus size, you can check out another article about how you can wear a tulle skirt. I’ve shared wardrobe pieces that look gorgeous with a tulle skirt. So, check it out as well.

If you don’t have that long and slim legs (like me) that’s OK as well, of course. But if you wonder about my thought about this, I will share my personal experience with you.

I think I look more stylish so I am feeling more confident when I am wearing a skirt which is above my knee. I never wear a skirt, if it’s below it. Unless it’s a maxi skirt. Because that’s another option to wear a maxi tulle skirt without looking fat for us, who have fatter legs.

Now let’s talk about the shapes of tulle skirts. I can’t name each of them, but there are tulle skirts that are too fluffy which makes the woman look very bulky and fat.

It’s obvious that you need to wear a tulle skirt which has some kind of volume on it. It’s not a tulle skirt without it, right?

Shortly, the first thing you have to do is to find the most flattering tulle skirt for your body type.

And now let’s move on to the next one.

Always wear heels with it

Actually, it’s a must to wear high heels with a tulle skirt, even if you are not petite. If you are, you just have to think about wearing heels while you’re going to style a tulle skirt outfit. I mean every day, every minute.

Why so strict? – well, because my main goal is to help you look the best version of yourself.  So Wearing a tulle skirt without heels is not a really great idea. On the other side, it really makes you look bulky.

I have other 100% working tips to look slimmer and taller without wearing heels. So if you are looking for some ideas you should check out my post about it. (The rule that you must wear  heels with a tulle skirt stays active, always.)

How to wear a tulle skirt without looking fat

Wear it with tight tops

Pairing tight and wide clothes is the rule that you should always follow if your goal is to look stylish.

It’s always a good idea to wear something tight (wide) on top and wide (top) on the bottom.

There are some exceptions when both, tight tops and bottoms work well too. Sometimes both wide pieces look OK as well. But not in most cases, remember that!

So, we are talking about a tulle skirt, and let’s agree to wear tighter tops with it.

If you have a big bust and you don’t feel very confident in tight tops, you can definitely try something wider but don’t go too wide.

You can check out my older article about flattering tops to hide some parts of your body, such as a big bust. You are gonna find the best alternatives for your there.

Choose the right colors

How to wear a tulle skirt without looking fat

I am sure, you already have heard that darker colors always make you look slimmer. I won’t talk much about it, I promise.

But here are other things I wanna share with you.

In the best cases, it’s a great idea to wear a top that has a similar color to your tulle skirt. Yeah, I mean monochromatic outfits.

If you go for all black, that’s great for you. But it’s not satisfying to always wear black because of some extra kilos, right? So, always try to play with different colors.

Here are my suggestions.

You can wear the top with the same color shade as your tulle skirt.

If you want to try more colorful outfits you can also go for complementary colors, such as orange and blue. You can find them easily on the color wheel, just search for them on Google.

So, what do I mean in the same shade?

I mean, for example, if you have a beautiful blush tulle skirt you can wear it with a lavender blush top, or a violet, which are great shades of blush color.

Use a waist bag for tulle skirt outfits

Do you actually love this trend? I personally do.

I really like how cool the waist bag looks with different outfits. Even if we forget the styling side of that piece, I would say it’s so comfortable. I really enjoy wearing it everywhere because I can always carry some little things with me.

Ok, so now let’s get back to what we’ve started.

Wearing a waist bag with a tulle skirt is an amazing idea. But I have another amazing thing to share with you.

You can create an outfit with a basic top, tulle skirt, blazer, and a waist bag. Believe me, that’s something wonderful, chic, and stylish. Everything in one outfit.

How to wear a tulle skirt without looking fat

Why does the combination work? Because the waist bag performs the part of the belt which pairs perfectly with the blazer and skirt itself. So, yeah, they work together just amazingly.

Always accessorize the tulle skirt outfits

Whether you want it or not, a tulle skirt always attracts eye attention. You need to balance that. No one loves to watch how people stare at their bottom part. Haha

So, you should always wear accessories like jewelry, a handbag, etc.

They will take more attention to your top half and your outfit will look more interesting as well.

Put a hat on your head

Whether you like Panama or Derby hats, you have to know – hat is an accessory that goes with tulle skirt outfits amazingly.

The look of a woman who wears a tulle skirt with a hat looks luxurious, so chic, and feminine.

Wear pointed toe shoes

If you want to look interesting and stylish and you also don’t want to look fat, you need to wear pointed-toe shoes with tulle skirt outfits. It makes your legs look longer, so you will look slimmer and taller as well.

C o n c l u s i o n:

I hope you find some ideas on how to wear a tulle skirt without looking fat. The best thing you can do is to always feel confident in yourself. Without that, none of the outfits will make you look perfect.

I am glad if I help you with anything. Thank you for reading!

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