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Cute, Comfy, Stylish Summer Dresses for Older Women – Updated

Cute, Comfy, Stylish Summer Dresses for Older Women – Updated

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Getting ready for summer is the most enjoyable thing to do. But that’s not for all, because sometimes when women are over 40 (or 50), they think it’s hard to find clothes for them.

But that’s not right. I am gonna prove it today by sharing the list of best summer dresses for older women.

Stay with me, and choose the desired one for you.

First of all, I wanna talk about some of the common problem areas you may have at your age.

But before we start our article I want to give you an update and tell you that I just made an ultimate fashion book for you.

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Perfect dresses for flabby arms

When we are getting older, it’s unavoidable not to have flabby arms. Because after some period of time, our skin stops manufacturing things that keep it elastic. So, arms are becoming flabby and stretchy.

Choosing the right wardrobe pieces can help you to solve the problem. Actually, it’s not a problem but many of us don’t enjoy looking at the loose parts of the body.

In that case, there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

Talking about summer dresses, here are some options to hide your flabby arms.

You should look for dresses with a cap or 3/4 sleeves. They will help you to hide your arms and actually don’t show them. Plus you should find a dress that has details on your lower body.

It will help you to naturally attract more eyes to that place.

Here are my recommended dresses for you.

Affiliate Disclosure: some of my links may contain affiliate links. That means, if you purchase from them I may get a commission from the retailer.

Ruffle dress with 3/4 sleeves

This ruffled dress is perfect for you because it has so many pretty details on it.

First of all, it is great because it has 3/4 sleeves and the arms are not visible at all.


Also, it’s a shirt dress, so it is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. It’s perfect for beach days as well.

This dress will look so beautiful and flattering on your body, in spite of your weight and height.

It has little detail that will cinch in your waist and that’s gonna make it look so feminine on your body.

Wrap dress with a zipper

Here is another perfect summer dress for women over 40. Let me explain why you should have this in your wardrobe. First, check out how cute it is.


It is a viscose dress with a zipper. It has 3/4 sleeves and as you can see, flabby arms also won’t be shown here as well.

Another great thing about this dress is that it flatters the right way on your body. So it is not very straight on your waist and hips. It’s perfect!

This fabric is great for summer but the length of the dress is perfect to wear for colder weather as well.

You can easily dress up the outfit with this dress by wearing it with high heels.

Or you can dress it down casually as well. You are just gonna need basic white sneakers or cute sandals to do it.

If you do not feel like wearing this color, this dress is also available in black. So, you can check it out.

Solid midi dress

If you are slim and tall, you probably should look for something more straightforward. Something solid, that can also make your body look slim and flattered. Here is the one I found for you.

Although it’s a sweater dress, it’s great for summer. Because it has short sleeves.

However, it’s even better because you can wear it every season. You are just gonna need a jacket or something to feel warmer in fall and winter.

This type of dress (solid color) is great for styling classy outfits for any season. This specific dress would be perfect to create classy fall outfits for women over 50.

You will just add a third layer piece like – a blazer, leather jacket, trench coat, or something to make you feel warmer.

And in case you need some helpful tips to style smart casual outfits for you, check out this article as well. This is where you will find tricks to make perfect outfits under a smart casual dress code.

Banana Republic

Sheer sleeved dress

If you want to show your arms more beautifully, you can also search for dresses that have sheer sleeves. Transparent things are getting more and more popular this year.

It’s on-trend, so you can also try those. As you can see, there are many things to consider but you can easily find the perfect dress by doing these.

If you are wondering about new trends, here is another article on my site about casual outfits for mature women and you can check it out as well.

summer dresses for older women

I know It’s not very good to show you dresses on young models, but unfortunately, it’s hard to find product images with mature women.

I hope it’s not a big problem for you. But the main thing here is that I am recommending products that will definitely fit women over 40-50 too.

So, I am trying to help you find the perfect dress by giving tips and sharing images that follow those tips maximally.

So, it will work on anybody.

Now, let’s get into another problematic area that you may have if you are over 40. After the flabby arms, it’s definitely the tummy area.

Even if you are very slim, over time you may notice a little belly on your body. Keep calm, styling is the tool that can help you with everything.

If you ever need some inspiration or just some ideas about styling different outfits, here is my article with the list of the best YouTube channels for women over 40 where you will find some interesting details.

Yuppy! Let’s make this happen.

First of all, I want you to check out my previous post on flattering tops to hide everything extra. You can find very helpful tips to hide the tummy and other parts of your body. Don’t miss it!

Midi dress

Midi dresses are great for you. They are perfect for summer as well.

But here are some things you should consider before getting any midi or maxi dresses.

It’s always a better idea to wear something loose in summer because your skin needs to breathe to make you feel cooler.

That’s the midi dress I found for you. It’s from Zara and so it’s pretty affordable and I would say… It’s one of the must-haves to have in the closet as a woman over 40.

It’s a very cute, lovely, embroidered dress with a very feminine shape.

I am not gonna talk a lot about it, you can check it out by yourself. I just wanted to share it with you because I know you are gonna enjoy wearing it.

Another midi dress that I found for you became my favorite as well.

This is a zebra print midi dress with so flattering shape. It also has puff sleeves and becomes looser by the end.

So it will create a stunning structure for your body shape.

You are gonna pair it with just sandals and some jewelry and you are gonna look and feel cool for a whole summer.

Not only cool and comfortable but chic and modern as well.

Summer dresses to hide the tummy

If you want to hide a tummy, you should find a dress that flatters from the bust all the way down to the bottom. What I mean is that it should hang underneath your bust.

It can have any neckline, but the v-neck is a better one for you. Because it looks just more elegant and feminine.

Look at the dress below, how cute it looks. It is a great dress for elder women too because it has a flattering silhouette. A little section under the bust looks like a belt and this is great if you want to hide a belly.

It will make your waist smaller and since it has loose fabric below, no one is going to find your tummy.

summer dresses for older women
summer dresses for older women

The best thing you can do to hide a tummy is to get the most attention to the other part of your body that you like.

You can do this by choosing a dress that has the most simple details, prints, ruffles, and pleats (…) in the belly area. That means, it has to have some things but not on your tummy.

But also keep the thing in mind, that you need to show some curves. Don’t go with too boxy (loose) dresses which will hide everything, positive and negative parts of your body.

Instead, if you have a small waist go show it. If you have long legs go for shorter dresses and so on.

Considering those tips and tricks, I wrote another helpful article about must-have wardrobe items for you (women over 40). Go, check it out if you want to have only the right pieces in your closet.


If you read the tips above, you probably already guessed why I recommend this dress to you. I do this because it’s just a perfect piece that you should have in your wardrobe, only in case you feel comfortable wearing dresses above your knee.

The dress has strap sleeves, a little cut, and tie on your bust area, and ruffles at the bottom.

So, nothing is happening in the belly area, so it is not very defined. Plus, it has a loose fabric, that flatters and moves with your body. Believe me, and believe in yourself as well, you will love this!

In case you have little bust details like ruches, ruffles, and cuts on your dress, it can make your bust bigger.

But if you have a big bust, you need to draw attention to the part of your body that you like the most.

It means, your dress should not have any details added to your chest. Because it will give more volume to that area and you don’t want that.

Here is the next dress that you can wear in summer.

But before we move to the next one, I want to you check out my article where you will discover affordable outfit ideas for women over 40.

There you will discover other dresses that are perfect for you. And you are gonna also find other things that you can use to create stylish outfits.


Don’t tell me that you can’t wear this dress in summer because it has long sleeves.

It’s a cool fabric that can help you look stunning in hot weather as well.

And there are so many things to talk about.

The first thing is that I loved this one as soon as I found it. Because it has so many eye-catching details on it.

Starting from puff shoulders, V-neck, little ruching on the front, little opening in the middle – that’s ALL IN!

Those are the little details that make our bodies look flattered and feminine. So, I definitely recommend you check out it right now.

If you need other summer outfit ideas for women over 40 here is the article you can check out next. You will discover outfits that are appropriate for your age and are trending as well.


Images in this article caused a lot of discussion on Pinterest because I am showing these dresses on younger models, while the article is for older women.

I want to mention this again here – that’s because it’s hard to find brands that are using models over 40 to represent their clothes online.

So, for us, bloggers it’s hard to show you products on older women. I hope you will understand this!

Tips to find the perfect summer dress for women over 40-50

Along with the tips and actual rules I mentioned in this post, I wanna share some extra tips. They will help you to get the dress that is perfect and more than perfect for you.

Let’s continue!

Wearing tight clothes sometimes appears comfy, but many stylists think it is not a good thing if you are over mid-age.

Since the body changes a lot, you may or may not have the perfect body. (Remember every body is beautiful with their own things!!!) If you have you can definitely wear tight dresses but if you don’t go for loose summer dresses.

Choose the fabric that flatters and moves with your body.

Pair the dress with cute sandals or wedges, add some accessories and you are done.

If you are not slim and you love wearing a black dress (you know it makes you slimmer, right? ), you can read and find some accessories that go with a black dress. They make your black dress outfits just perfect, so check this out!

summer dresses for older women

If you have a part of your body that you don’t like you should try to hide it.

For example, I am talking about legs. If you don’t work out or do exercises, it’s possible that you don’t feel comfortable showing your legs. That’s what the next tip is about.

Try to look for dresses that are below the knee. Choose something cute but stylish as well. Don’t forget florals. They are still on-trend and they look amazing at any age.

In case you are looking for a dress for a summer wedding, you can already find my newest article about it. Check out and find the perfect summer wedding guest dress for you.

Image source: Pinterest

Having at least one wrap dress in a wardrobe if you are over 40 is a must.

First of all, it’s very easy to wear on the beach, you can use it as a swimsuit cover-up. Also, it sits on your body very well. And last but not least, it shows the unique curves of your body.

summer dresses for older women
Image source: Pinterest

Since you are in mid-age, it’s better to go for dresses with cap sleeves. Yeah, I said it above.

I want to add a thing that is about a dress neckline. Some women enjoy wearing v-necks and it’s totally OK if you feel comfortable in them.

But in case you are looking for something else, go for scoop necks. It is the detail that makes your dress look more elegant and helps your body look the right way as well.

If you loved my style “hacks” here is another one you are gonna love. It’s the article where you will find these and other helpful tips for women over 40.

summer dresses for older women
Image source: Pinterest

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summer dresses for older women

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