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10 Best Summer Dresses For Wedding Guest Over 50

10 Best Summer Dresses For Wedding Guest Over 50

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It’s great to hear that we are getting back to normal life after the pandemic. Holidays, summer vacations, and weddings are back.

And today, I decided to share the 10 best summer dresses for wedding guest over 50.

I already have a few articles for women over 40 and 50 and I still think (and I always will) that those are just numbers.

I mean, age doesn’t mean anything in styling. That’s just the phrase “over 50” which means you are a woman with more experience and knowledge. That’s all.

But the thing is women with 20-30 years definitely wear different wedding guest dresses from women over 40 and more. Not because you can’t wear short or bodycon dresses.

No, it’s just because different dresses look more or less flattering at a certain age.

Along with recommending some dresses, I am also gonna share some tips that you can consider for weddings. And I want to start with the number one, which is more like a rule than the tip.

You don’t have to wear a white dress as a wedding guest at a wedding, but you can wear black.

This is the rule for every woman because wearing a white dress will be disrespectful to the bride. If there is a special wedding, when everyone wears white, you have to definitely wear it.

In other cases, just avoid wearing white. Instead, you can go for a very light pink, ivory, or any color similar to white, just avoid wearing white dresses.

Now, let me share the actual dresses that I recommend you to wear at a summer wedding. Don’t worry, I will tell you why they are great for you. That’s what I am here for. And don’t believe me if you want to do so.

You can click on images to check out more details about them. Some of them may contain affiliate links – that means I will earn little commission from the retailer if you purchase the item. By the way that will help me to grow my blog.

The Best Summer Dresses For Wedding Guest Over 50


The first dress that you can wear as a wedding guest is this red (or orange) color midi dress.

summer dresses for wedding guest over 50

Midi dresses are great for women over a certain age because they look sexy but still very beautiful on them. I would say, it’s an essential length of the dress.

But the thing is you may don’t feel confident in it. Because you may think it doesn’t look good on you.

I am saying this because I am the actual one who doesn’t feel comfy in midi dresses and skirts. Because I am a pear shape and my hips are the largest part of my body. So, I think they don’t look flattering on my body.

So, I always prefer to invest in shorter or maxi dresses.

But that’s just me. You can try it and then you can decide, you return or keep it.

This dress has a V-neckline and you can accessorize it beautifully.

It’s a very lightweight fabric so it’s perfect for summer.

Another great detail about the dress is the transparent fabric on it. It looks very feminine. Especially with these cute sleeves with ruffles.

By the way, the dress has a lot of ruffles. It’s perfect to flatter the body. Why? Because ruffles help to hide the tummy or any other extra parts of your body.

Oh, and I almost forgot the best thing. It has a belt on the waist.

Actually, it’s not a belt, it’s a stretchable fabric that will beautifully sit on your waist. And more importantly, it will define your waist so it’s a great little detail.

Here are some other dresses with a belt that will be perfect for a wedding party. Check out this article and find them.

It’s an article for women over 40 who are on a budget. This is where you will discover some outfits for wedding guests and also other outfit ideas that are very affordable.


The next dress that actually is a jumpsuit is a wide-leg belted romper.

It’s in blue color. And I think it’s perfect for the wedding because it’s an extraordinary color which gets people’s attention.

I am sure you are gonna get a lot of compliments from people attending the summer wedding.

summer dresses for wedding guest over 50

As a woman over 50, you may have flabby arms. It’s totally OK! The only thing I want to say is that this romper has very unique sleeves.

They are like puff sleeves that will hide the higher part of your arms. But that’s not all. It’s just perfect because it looks so cute and feminine.

It has a belt too. So, you are gonna be able to define your waist with it. And you can hide a little tummy with this cute bow as well.


My next choice for a summer wedding guest is this black dress with florals. Along with a pretty floral print, it has many other beautiful details.

For example transparent embroideries on shoulders, bust, and at the end of the dress.

summer dresses for wedding guest over 50

They make the dress look stunning. Remember embroideries are very trending right now, and they are more than appropriate for women your age.

You can wear this dress with wedges or black heels or pumps. They can be black or a similar color to the flowers on the dress.

Although, I want to give you another “caution”.

Avoid wearing pumps and stiletto heels for outdoor weddings. Because you may leave them buried in the yard.

Lol, I am joking but actually, I already had that situation. I almost stayed in the grass because the heels on my shoes dug into it. So, keep that in mind!


The next dress is also an embroidery dress. But it doesn’t have little details – the whole dress is in embroideries.

summer dresses for wedding guest over 50

I love this dress. Yes, I haven’t tried it yet but I would definitely think about investing in it.

It’s beautiful and unique because it has a black fabric embedded below embroideries. It’s so pretty. The dress is perfect for you and actually for any woman. Because it’s beautiful, trending, sexy, and elegant.

I love the heart shape on the dress. It also looks so pretty.


The next dress for wedding guests over 50 is a bit different from others. It’s more elegant and festive. It will be perfect for the mom of the bride or groom too.

It’s a grey maxi dress with a very beautiful shape. It’s like a bodycon dress, although it will fit women with any body type.

summer dresses for wedding guest over 50

The best thing this dress has is peplums around the waist and stomach area.

It’s unavoidable that after a certain age, we gain most of our weight around the tummy. Unless you do some exercises to remove it.

So, this little peplum will help you to hide that area of your body. And your tummy won’t be as noticeable as before. (There is nothing wrong with a tummy though.)


If you love this style of dress, the next dress is also perfect for you.

summer dresses for wedding guest over 50

It’s an elegant straight midi dress with strap sleeves. It has some transparent embroidery details. But it has a simple fabric underneath it. So, it’s covered enough.


I love one-shoulder clothes. They look so pretty on women’s bodies. And I decided to find a simple but very beautiful summer wedding guest dress for you.

It’s available in red and black colors and as I said already it has one shoulder.

summer dresses for wedding guest over 50

It’s below the knees, so it’s a great length for you. Because you are gonna look awesome but you gonna also feel comfy and confident in it.

It has a pencil shape after the waist. So it gives the illusion of a perfect hourglass shape. Which is the more feminine body shape of women.

Check out the body types category on my blog to find out everything about each and every body shape. Let me help you find out what your body shape is.

I can’t miss the dress’s sleeves – I mean sleeves. It’s one shoulder but that shoulder looks like a little bow. And believe me, it looks so flattering on the body.

By the way, if you want to discover more about flattering clothes to hide some parts of your body, check out this article on my blog.

It’s useful for somebody who may have a tummy, flabby arms, and a big bust. If you have any of them and you are worried because of that, I recommend you to check out that article after you finish this one.


Let’s continue with the other dresses I found for you.

So, the next dress is also a maxi dress. But it has some very beautiful unique details on it.

The first thing that everyone will notice first, is the cut on the side of the dress.

It’s really pretty, sexy and elegant. And please don’t tell me that this style is not appropriate for your age. Please don’t!

summer dresses for wedding guest over 50

Another beautiful thing that this dress has is a neckline. It has sleeves, although the one is so narrow that the dress looks like a one-shoulder dress.

And the last thing I love about the dress is the drapes on the bust. It also looks gorgeous.

If you haven’t yet found out it’s my favorite one on today’s list. So, if you like it too, you should be ready to try it on your body.


I know, I said “Don’t wear white at weddings” but I must contain this dress on the list. Because first of all, it’s perfect for a wedding and then also because it’s not white actually.

It has a small dotted print which makes it look different from white. So it will not definitely do anything wrong for the bride.

summer dresses for wedding guest over 50

So, it’s a midi dress with some print. It has a halter neck, which also looks feminine on a woman’s body. The most important thing is that you are gonna feel comfy in a dress.

That’s my mission – to find something that makes you look great and also something that makes you feel comfortable.


I think all the dresses that I shared today are comfy. Don’t you think so?

The last dress also looks and feels comfortable. It’s another maxi dress in a darker color. It’s a long dress that comes with a glittered bolero cardigan. It’s perfect for an outdoor wedding.

summer dresses for wedding guest over 50

If you look at celebrities’ photos and pay attention to their red-carpet outfits, you will notice that they always choose dresses that have some details on them. For example, cuts, drapery, ruffles, and so on. This last dress has exactly those details on it.

Do you know why they chose this style? Because they make dresses look unique, interesting, and flattering.

That’s the reason why I recommend this dress to you as well.

You can wear it if you want to look unique, elegant, and flattering at a summer wedding. That’s what this dress is for. So, feel free to check it out as well.

That’s all summer dresses for wedding guest over 50 that I wanted to recommend today.

I hope you find the post helpful. Share your thoughts and send me a DM with any questions on Instagram or Pinterest.

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