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Fashion Over 40 On A Budget – Affordable Outfit Ideas

Fashion Over 40 On A Budget – Affordable Outfit Ideas

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How fashion over 40 on a budget may look? – It’s the main question I am gonna answer today.

But overall this article will help a lot to find outfit ideas for women over 40 and also discover style tips and tricks for them.

So, here are some things I want to mention first before we start creating anything.

First of all, I get a lot of comments about not mentioning “over 40” too many times because that accentuates the age.

That’s not the case here. I have to mention over 40 in my articles so that people over 40 find it on the web. That’s just it!

Other than that, I think that age is only a number. I don’t think there is anything special for any age.

If a woman feels confident about herself, then she is beautiful, no matter what she looks like, what age she is, etc.

The second thing I want to mention here is the budget for the outfits.

You will see the price of all the items that you can use to create an outfit. Remember those are the prices for all items starting from top to shoes.

My budget for the whole look (in this article) is around 200$. Since you can create a whole look with them, I don’t think that’s expensive.

Please note that the pricing may vary over time.

And the other thing that I wanted to say is that those are just outfit ideas for you. That doesn’t mean you need to buy every single piece of the outfit.

I am sure you are gonna find some similar items in your wardrobe. And you can use them to make those looks.

My content contains affiliate links, which means I get a little commission if you make a purchase from my links with no extra costs from your side.

Now let’s get the show started.

Today, I decided to share outfits that will be appropriate for spring and summer.

The first outfit that I want you to try is this black belted midi dress and block-heeled sandals.

There are little plus signs on the images. You can click on them to see more details about products.

Both of those items are from River Island.

I wanted to find clothes that you can buy even when you are on a budget. However, for some, this can also be pricey.

But remember one thing – all these items are quality pieces. You can use them as many times as you wish.

They are great for everyday wear and for those who love casual wear.

Summer dresses are good choices for women over 40. You can create many stylish outfits in different ways with this actual dress.

I want to tell you one thing.

I chose this dress because of its length, A-line shape, and other little details on it (that I will talk about soon).

The first thing that I love about this dress is the buttoning.

This dress has buttons from top to bottom. You may didn’t notice but that’s a visual vertical line on your body.

Clothes with vertical lines are great for any body type because they make the body look longer.

That makes you look taller and slimmer.

Here is my article with other tricks to make you look taller and slimmer. You definitely need to check out that.

It’s cotton – remember that as well!

Another great detail on this dress is a belt. Which makes your waist more defined and will help you to make feminine looks.

Chain details are trendy right now. That’s why I chose these sandals for you.

But as I mentioned above, you can wear similar shoes that you already have in your closet.

It’s not a must to get all new clothes.

Although, shopping is what makes us happy sometimes, so…

This next look exceeded the 200$ mark but some things are happening in the outfit, that will cost you less.

Cheap items weigh less, so I don’t recommend buying them. I don’t also love fast-fashion clothes, but there are definitely some exceptions.

These items are from Land’s End, Gap, Nordstrom, and Zappos – they are affordable but not that cheap.

You can style this next outfit with a v-neck cotton tee shirt, high-waisted black jeans, and mules.

This will be a perfect everyday look for summer. But if you want to make it the right fit for the spring season, you can add a jean jacket for layering.

That’s what I meant in “some things are happening in the outfit” above. You can get this look for around 165$ without this denim jacket.

And the other thing that is happening in this outfit is that all those pieces are pretty basic (except shoes). I am sure you have all of them in your wardrobe.

So, this is the idea to use those pieces to create a chic look.

Before we move on, I want to invite you to a 7-day wardrobe challenge.

Why should you join? – just to have fun! And definitely to get the idea of how to get the most out of your wardrobe.

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I am so surprised about this one. This is one of my favorites for today.

I am surprised because of the cost of a full outfit. It looks more expensive for me. Doesn’t it?

This is the perfect outfit for the summer season.

This includes trendy items, and timeless pieces that are all in natural fibers.

For this outfit, you are gonna need one shoulder puff sleeve top (or a classy top), high-waisted wide-leg pants, and some pumps.

As you probably already guessed this is a classic style that you can try as your work outfits or other special occasions.

Wide-leg pants have become popular in recent years, and they’re a great way to step out of your comfort zone. If you haven’t tried them yet, now is the perfect time to do so.

The one-shoulder top is great because it makes you look and feel more feminine.

One shoulder is a unique feature for inverted triangle body-shaped women. So, if you are the one, this will be a perfect choice for you.

If you hear about body shapes for the first time, here is the article that will guide you to the basics about them.

This article will help you to figure out your body shape. It also will help you understand the basic but the most important “rules” for your body type.

It’s time for another cute outfit that you can try as a woman over 40.

This is a pretty cheap find since the whole outfit will cost you 97$. Isn’t that awesome?

For this outfit idea, I found a regular short sleeve swing black dress on Amazon and paired it with a basic white sneakers.

This is another casual outfit for summer, but you can easily make it perfect for spring.

You can do this by using a denim jacket for layering. It will be a more casual look that will also create a more youthful look for you.

But if you want to dress up the outfit, you can opt for the pointed-toe strap sandals I shared above. For this one, the blazer will be a perfect layer piece.

Make your look more polished by adding classic pieces that match your personal style.

Let’s continue sharing fashion over 40 on a budget outfits.

This is another cute outfit that you can wear for summer and spring.

By the way, I have another article where I share casual summer/spring outfits for women over 40. Check that out to find more outfit ideas.

This is a look with a cute halter top, high-rise skinny jeans, and platform sandals.

This is a very cute casual outfit that is really affordable as well. You can wear that pair of jeans with so many other outfits for spring (and sometimes for summer as well).

High-waisted pants and jeans can be a great choice for women who are over 40. But why exactly are they a good option for them?

It is common to gain weight around the tummy area after the age of 40 because the body changes a lot.

High-rise pants make tummies look flatter. They are a great choice for those who want to hide their tummy.

Another thing that will make your outfit flattering is the ruffles on the top. This is another little detail that will help you hide some extra kilos in them.

Did I say that dresses are essential for summer yet?

Yeah, they really are.

Summer dresses are things that will help you stay cooler on hot summer days.

This next outfit is with an A-line maxi dress with some wedge sandals and a cute straw handbag.

This outfit will be perfect for the beach vacation.

Straw details give a summer, casual, cozy, and comfy vibe perfect for the beach.

If you want to discover other beach outfit ideas, here is my article you need to check out next.

This dress is very flowy and cute. It has an A-line shape, that is very flattering for most women’s bodies.

It’s time for another one of my favorites for today.

This is the outfit with a long-sleeved shirt and cut-off denim shorts.

Please don’t tell me that women over 40 can’t wear shorts. Please, just don’t!

This will be a cute summer casual outfit for you.

This shirt is made of cotton and linen which are natural fibers, so they will make you feel cool in summer.

Both of them, top and bottom are in neutral colors and that’s pretty important to stay cooler in hot weather as well.

Neutral colors are also perfect if you want to look stylish and chic with your outfits.

You can sometimes forget about fashion trends, and just wear clothes in neutral colors, to match them easily.

Oh, and if you need some help with mixing and matching your clothes from your closet, this is my article you can read next.

This next outfit is something that every woman should try at least once in their life.

Let me tell you a little back story, about why I am saying this.

If you are my reader (and I guess you are) you would know, I have a pear body shape.

That means, my hips and thighs are the largest parts of my body.

I was avoiding wearing jumpsuits for this reason. Because I thought they wouldn’t look good on me. But…

One day, when I was writing another article, I decided to try the one in a clothing store.

I tried and I loved it.

It’s a great thing to wear in summer. There are so many types of jumpsuits that are very flowy and cool.

So, I want you to try them as well.

This is the back story of why I wanted to find a perfect jumpsuit for you. Fortunately, I found the one for you.

It’s a jumpsuit with an open-back design from Free People.

It will be ideal for both beach or street outfits.

You can wear it just alone, or you can add some layers to make something more unique with it.

I chose basic white sneakers to wear with this jumpsuit. They will make the outfit look and feel even comfier.

There are some things that I can never miss when I am recommending some things here.

One of them is a blazer.

Blazers have become an essential piece for me. I wear them literally everywhere and with everything.

If you want to discover wardrobe essentials for women over 40, here is the article you can read.

This next outfit is pretty basic but it has a very polished, elegant look.

You can wear this look anywhere, but adding a blazer would make it more complete and appropriate for work dress codes.

It’s the perfect time to share this next outfit with a great style.

This outfit really has a unique style.

It’s a very modern look with a cami slip dress and a boyfriend (vest) blazer.

Don’t forget those perfect accessories. These are the things that make the outfit look so special.

Slip dresses are so popular right now. They are great for parties, work, and other occasions.

You can wear this actual outfit as a wedding guest as well. You can wear this whole look for only 153$. Isn’t that great?

Oh and if you are invited to a summer wedding, and you need some wedding guest outfit ideas for you, check out this article here.

We are continuing.

And for the next outfit you are gonna need these tailored wide-leg pants from Nasty Gal. Cotton, one-shoulder mesh top, and some heeled sandals.

This is the outfit with all the trendy items. So, if you get it, you are gonna have a very chic, modern look for summer.

I love mesh details in outfits. I think they make women’s bodies look so feminine and elegant.

For another cute casual summer look, you are gonna need a basic white top, high-waisted black skinny pants, and mule sandals.

This will be another perfect summer outfit that you can wear every day.

Those are affordable pieces that you can style in so many ways.

In case you need a different look for spring, you can layer the outfit with a denim jacket, blazer, or just a lightweight cardigan.

It’s time for my other favorite look of the day.

This one is also pretty basic but I love the top so much. It’s so pretty and feminine.

For this outfit, you are gonna need a wrap top, skinny jeans and some heels.

This is an elegant look that you can wear at work.

Wrap tops and actually all wrap clothes are perfect for anyone in the world. They fit and flatter every body shape.

That’s why I wanted to share at least one wrap piece for the outfits.

If you love wearing cozy, comfy, cool outfits this next outfit is just for you.

This look is perfect for women over 40 because it looks so lightweight and stylish.

It’s the look with linen wide-leg pants, a cami top, a belted cardigan, and some pumps.

This is the next outfit with a jumpsuit. But this time I wanted to share a classier look so that you have an idea for formal events.

It’s a very elegant look with black and gold details in the outfit. It looks so expensive, doesn’t it?

Oh, I wrote another article where I share tips and a list of actual items that can make you look expensive on a budget.

In general, I love wearing black outfits. I can wear them all the time, every day, 24/7. But sometimes it feels and looks boring.

Because of this, I decided to create another article where I share 30 different all-black outfits for a whole month. You can check it out as well.

Another classy, chic outfit idea with a blazer.

This is the look that I often wear and I think this will be perfect for women over 40 as well.

I want to say only one thing, the only downside of blazers is the price of them. They are never cheap even on sale.

That’s when thrift store helps a lot. You can find pretty awesome blazers at various price points.

I have to admit, I hate brown color, especially when it comes to home decor. I don’t know why, but I am just like this.

In fact brown color looks so elegant and chic in outfits. It’s a neutral color that pairs with other neutrals perfectly.

So, this next outfit is in brown color tones.

Actually, it’s a monochromatic outfit that will make you look taller as well.

Do you know, why? – because wearing the outfit in the same color visually creates that long body silhouette.

By the way, this is another jumpsuit outfit. But this look is stunning.

I want to remind you – those prices are variable.

And some pieces also won’t be available after some time. So, if you are reading this and you liked something, get it.

It’s time for another unique style.

This is the outfit with a blazer, shorts, and a pretty top.

The outfit looks so elegant and modern. So, if you want to look different please try this out.

I am sure, you are gonna love it.

Loafers are a classic fashion choice that has made a trendy comeback in recent years, and it’s no secret that women over 40 absolutely love wearing them.

And it’s the thing you need for the next outfit.

Other things that you are gonna need for this specific outfit are leggings and a cropped oversized shirt.

You can make a very cute, basic, and stylish outfit that you can wear anywhere.

Hey, don’t worry about wearing a cropped shirt! These leggings are high-waisted and cover all the important bits. You’ll look great!

And the last pearl of the day – another cute summer outfit for women over 40.

I absolutely adore this stunning ombre slip midi dress. Its originality is simply breathtaking.

I paired it with strappy-heeled sandals and you can do the same.

You can wear this look anywhere, including the beach.

Here we are – at the end of the article. Don’t forget to share your thoughts.

You know, you can always send me a message on my Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

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