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Stylish Beach Day Outfit Ideas for Women – Summer Inspiration

Stylish Beach Day Outfit Ideas for Women – Summer Inspiration

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Only a few months left till summer. So, today I decided to share some cute beach day outfit ideas for women.

A little story here. One day, my family and I went to a town which has a beach. My town doesn’t have one. I don’t know why, but somehow I went there in skinny jeans. I remember my reaction when I saw what other people were wearing.

They were in shorts, dresses, short skirts, or even in bathing suits, and me?! Me in the hottest skinny jeans. That was the weirdest feeling for the whole summer, last year. 😀

So, I have a strict rule here resulting in my experience. Never ever decide to wear denim jeans if you are going to the beach, even just for a walk. That’s just one but I have more to share. So continue reading <3

What Is The Actual Beach Attire For Female

Well, if you wonder about the stylist’s answer you should know there is not any beach dress code for women (or men). Although there are some related dress codes like “cocktail attire” which you can also consider OK for beach fashion as well.

source: wexlerevents

That’s the formal answer to the question.

If you wonder about my answer to this, actually I have to tell you the whole post is the answer to this. Because I will try my best to share beach outfit ideas that are not common so that you feel self-confident.

And so, you look stylish, chic, and comfy in each of these outfits.

What Is The Best Beach Outfit For Chubby Girl

First of all, let me tell you every woman is beautiful with her body, face, or any other person’s “dimensions” and feelings.

So, I want you to be confident in yourself. Love yourself with your bad or good things.

And then I will help you as well. Now, I am gonna share the best beach outfit ideas for someone who just thinks she doesn’t have a perfect body.

Beach Outfit For Chubby Girl
The source of all images on this page: Pinterest

Shorts are not only for skinny girls

Yeah, don’t ever try to restrict yourself from anything. And beach outfits are no exception.

Shorts are an indivisible piece of summer. So you don’t need to make yourself suffer in long denim jeans for a whole season.

The only thing you should care about is to take the right size of shorts to get them to look perfect on you. What I mean by that is to be aware of too skinny denim.

Because it will make the skin on your legs appear fatter than they really are. Don’t worry about anything more than this.

Beach Outfit For Chubby Girl

The best thing about wearing shorts is that you can simply just put on your swimsuit (one-piece better) and then wear it with shorts above. This will be the easiest beach outfit you can ever make (lol).

In case you are not confident enough to actually wear shorts on a beach, you can also use a swimwear cover-up on your waist so that it will cover more of your hips and legs. If you don’t have one, use a thin cardigan instead.

It will make you feel more confident.

No, crop tops will not make you look fatter

I have heard so many times in actual society, “curvy girls shouldn’t wear crop tops because they look weird on them“.

No, it doesn’t at all! Never listen to anyone who is telling you this.

best beach outfit for chubby girl

Crop tops are trending, stylish pieces of the wardrobe that you can wear if you wish so. For example, I personally don’t like them on me but I am in love when I see others wearing a crop tops. It really looks so stylish.

I just don’t feel comfortable in it.

Unlike me, if you are the one who loves to put it on, you should do it. There are thousands or even millions of types of crop tops you can choose from.

But there is one thing that you need to consider. Choose the top for beach outfits that is long enough to cover the area below your bust.

I mean it should be long enough so that you can show your belly as well.

The best outfit you can wear for a beach day is to make a look with high waisted shorts and a crop top. Flips flop, sandals, or cute flats on your feet, and you are done.

Additionally, don’t forget sunglasses or beach hats for more accessorizing.

best beach outfit for chubby girl

Go from very tiny sleeves to something more flattering

If you haven’t already seen my post about how you can use flattering tops to hide the belly, big arms, and bust you need to check it out right after this one.

Tops with very tiny sleeves make your skin chubby, and that makes you look fatter. It’s better to go with off-shoulder tops or ones that are at least with mid-sleeves.

Or tops that have more flattering shapes, like ruffled sleeves. They will help you to hide big arms (if you have one) and make them look smaller.

The same rules go with dresses as well. Whether they are sundresses, beach dresses, maxis, or midis, doesn’t matter. Make them look more beautiful on you.

best beach outfit for chubby girl

Sundresses are the comfiest piece for beach outfits

I already mentioned sundresses above. You just can’t miss wearing dresses, because they really are the comfiest pieces that you can wear at the beach.

Another great thing about dresses is that they are the best piece to wear in summer because you feel cooler in them. Also, they are easy to wear and easiest to make outfits with.

best beach outfit for chubby girl

Simple But Cute Beach Trip Outfit Ideas

While the summer is associated with the sun, happiness, hot weather, and fun the best thing you can do is to get the time off of your job and go on a beach vacation.

And I can help you with choosing the right beach outfits for that amazing trip.

Make it more fun

Beach vacation definitely is the happiest event in summer. So I want you to make it more fun with your outfits.

Try to never wear black clothes at the beach.

On the other hand, always choose beach clothes that are colorful. You are going to have fun and your outfit colors express your feelings.

beach trip outfit ideas for this summer

Tropical or floral print clothes

These trending beautiful print clothes will be a perfect choice for your beach trip outfits. You can wear a floral (tropical) print dress, top, jumpsuit, skirt, or whatever you have in the wardrobe.

beach trip outfit ideas for this summer

Simple mini dresses

You definitely have to take one or two cute mini dresses on your beach vacation. You can have very elegant, fancy and attractive outfits with them.

beach trip outfit ideas for this summer

Wear clothes with lace details

If you wanna feel cooler in summer and also look chic, lace tops, dresses, or cover-ups are the perfect decision for beach day outfits. They are so cute as well.

And the most important thing is that they are in the upcoming trends for this year.

Cute matching set

If you have a cute matching skirt and top, or beautiful print khaki pants, you should definitely put the one in your suitcase.

That’s another piece of your wardrobe that you can’t miss. Strap sandals should also be with them.

cute beach trip outfit ideas

Wide leg pants + cami top

You already probably discovered that wide-leg pants are also classic pieces that many women wear. They are perfect for a beach vacation as well.

Pair them with a cute cami top and sandals, add a beautiful fedora and your outfit is ready.

cute beach trip outfit ideas

One-side open maxi dress

There are so many pretty open side maxi dresses that you can choose from. Try to choose as many colors as you can find.

Wear it with flat sandals, or even flip-flops and your look is done. Additionally, you can take a belt bag or straw bag with them.

cute beach trip outfit ideas

It will be so adorable if you will use a hair scarf for your hairstyle.

All-in-white outfit

White clothes and outfits with them look just amazing. It makes the whole look elegant and also it goes with beach fashion vibes.

So, at least take one set of clothes with a white crop top and a mini or maxi skirt.

Give it a complete look with white strap sandals (you can find Steve Maddens white donddi sandals here if you don’t have the other one).

simple but cute beach trip outfit ideas for this summer

Off-shoulder top and high-waisted denim jeans

If you are OK with crop tops this is gonna be the simplest and the cutest outfit that you should at least try one time on your beach trip.

Since both crop tops and shorts are very specific for summer outfits, you should use a summer hat and sunglasses as well.

That will make your apparel perfect for cool summer vibes.

Backless dress + fedora+shoulder bag

This outfit needs more accessories.

So if you have any chic jewelry, it may be pendants, bracelets, or rings you should pair them with the outfit.

A foot bracelet is another piece that can make your look more unique and stylish.

simple but cute beach trip outfit ideas for this summer

Swimsuit and boyfriend shirt

This is a simple but very cute outfit for beach days.

You can look a bit sexier on the beach, and this is the one way you can do for.

simple but cute beach trip outfit ideas for this summer

What To Wear To The Beach If You Don’t Have A Bathing Suit

The title of this section actually may not be appropriate. There are people who have swimsuit but they just don’t wanna put it on. Maybe because they feel uncomfortable, or not confident in swimwear.

I don’t think this is right, because as I said you should adore your body. Nothing can be so wrong then don’t accept yourself in any outfit.

But still, if you need my help choosing what to wear on beach day, I am always here for you.

Crop tops

In crop tops, I don’t mean very short tops. There are top sets that have tank tops (inside) and oversized crop tops (outside). You can wear them both with joggers or shorts and a cover-up.


No one will see the unusual thing about your outfit, because a sundress is a classic piece of wardrobe that you can wear on a beach either do or don’t have a bathing suit.

There is nothing wrong with it.

What To Wear To The Beach If You Don't Have A Bathing Suit

Jogger + Casual Top

The perfect joggers you need are cotton-linen joggers. They are amazingly comfortable and stylish as well.

About the top, it can be anything starting from casual tank tops, or oversized ones. It depends on you and your wardrobe.

Just make sure to pair them with the right colors and also don’t wear so long top with joggers. I think this is the most useful from other beach day outfit ideas, in case you don’t wanna wear a bathing suit.

What To Wear To The Beach If You Don't Have A Bathing Suit

The Best Beach Fashion Tips To Follow In 2020

  • Always put your swimwear under the clothes – changing clothes at the beach is not a really great idea. So, be prepared
  • Forget straps for a day or twoif you are going to get a tan at the beach, it will be easier to get a neutral tan that doesn’t have straps on shoulders (lol)
  • Get the biggest bag – there are many things that you need to take to the beach, so get a huge beach bag for them.
beach fashion tips
  • Don’t wear white if you are not going to swim – in case you are going to the beach just for sitting there, it’s better to go with bolder colors so that you don’t have to come back home with dirty, ruined clothes
  • Always take sandals, a hat, and sunglasses with you
  • That’s more like caution, not a tip – ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN AT THE BEACH
  • Get the big scarf for the beach – I don’t mean a wool scarf, I mean a big sheer scarf because it’s very practical at the beach. You can use it as a cover-up later. (I think you can buy it at Walmart)

What Should You Not Wear To The Beach?

First of all jeans. I already said why 😀 because I experienced it very badly. If you are going for a whole day to the beach, just believe me and don’t wear denim jeans.

What Should You Not Wear To The Beach

Sweaters – unless you are getting ready for a midnight bonfire, it’s actually a really bad idea to put sweaters on for beach day.

Black clothes – black clothes are good only because it makes you look slimmer. But it attracts the most sun rays so you will feel so hot.

Badfitted swimsuit – you can get the worst results with it. So make sure to choose the one that fits very well for the top and the bottom as well.

Sneakers – if you want to have the sand bath in your shoes, then go with sneakers. Another way, wear shoes that can be easily off of your shoes, so that you can remove the sand from your feet.

What Should You Not Wear To The Beach


I hope you enjoyed the beach day outfit ideas I’ve shared above in the post. Follow me on Pinterest and DM me the things you want me to write about.

Thank you for visiting!

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