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10 Christmas Eve Dinner Outfits That You Can Copy This Year – Updated

10 Christmas Eve Dinner Outfits That You Can Copy This Year – Updated

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Christmas is almost here. I love it as much as I loved it before, when I was a kid, lol.

So, you already started getting ready for the Christmas party?! That’s great.

Let me give you some Christmas Eve dinner outfits ideas. You are gonna need it if you want to look festive, be happy, and feel comfortable in what you are gonna wear.

That’s all you are gonna get from this article.

And so, welcome here!

Everyone wishes to know what are trending (and lucky) colors that they have to wear on Christmas. That’s what most people ask.

This year you are gonna need to wear clothes with silver/grey, white, and gold colors in your outfit.

Those are the colors that I used to create Christmas outfits for you.

Do you know what is the best thing here? You can get anything that you are gonna like in the outfit. Or better, if you like the whole look, you can easily copy and wear it. Isn’t that so great?

OK, I can’t wait to share these outfits. So, let’s start sharing and enjoying the upcoming holiday.

You are gonna see some links that are affiliate links. That just means, if you purchase something from there, I’ll get a little commission from the retailer.

10 best Christmas Eve dinner outfits that you can copy this year

The first outfit that I created for you contains a beige sweater, leather jacket, satin skirt, and accessories.

Christmas eve dinner outfits

This is the outfit that you can comfortably sit with at a Christmas dinner. Actually, all other today’s outfits are like that. You can really enjoy your holiday with them.

So, a sweater and satin skirt is a combination that already become pretty popular this year. But has anyone tried a leather jacket with them? – I think not many people tried it.

You can try it and believe me you are gonna love it.

Satin and leather are perfect together as well. They give a festive feel to the outfit and that’s what you actually need.

Along with that as I already said it’s so comfy that you can enjoy it for a whole night without any worries.

I chose sunglasses as an accessory for this outfit. I hope you are not thinking that it’s not a winter accessory. If you think like that, just forget that.

In fact, sunglasses will gonna look so modern and chic with the outfit.

You can add jewelry or a handbag as additional accessories.

Moving to the next one.

My second outfit recommendation is to wear a sweater dress with boots and accessorize it with a handbag.

Christmas eve dinner outfits

I found a sweater dress with some ruffles on the bottom because I think it’s gonna look so cute on everyone.

You can wear thigh-high boots with the dress if you wish so. But if you don’t, you can change them to mid-calf boots.

I love the idea that you should wear faux fur for layering the outfit. There are different styles and colors of fur available in the stores. You need to choose it depending on the color of your dress.

But black is an easy decision, right? – you make your choice.

The third outfit that I created for you is to wear a green jumpsuit with a silver jacket.

Christmas eve dinner outfits

Green and red are always perfect colors that you can wear either on New Year’s or Christmas. I am saying this because you are gonna see them frequently in today’s outfits.

Black heels will pair with them very well. But you definitely need to add some extra pieces to accessorize it.

Silver earrings would be a good choice since you have a metallic silver jacket in this outfit.

The next outfit is for you if you want to look sexier at dinner. You can make it by pairing a sexy blouse with a short skirt and using a long blazer for layering. And a cute handbag will place everything in place.

Christmas eve dinner outfits

Have you already seen my post about matching outfits the right way? – if you haven’t check it out.

If you already have seen it, you would probably know that it’s not a good idea to wear all clothes that don’t have enough coverage, together. Because it looks weird and seems boring to people.

Instead, you can use something to cover more parts of your body. I chose a blazer for this. It’s gonna be fantastic to pair a long blazer with a short blouse and a skirt.

You are gonna have an awesome outfit. I believe everyone will love it and they won’t leave you without compliments.

Another thing you will notice in this outfit is the handbag, which has got chain details. I found it for you because chained accessories are very trending this year.

So, along with a festive look, you are gonna have a stylish, trending outfit as well.

The 5th outfit that I created for you contains a green sweater and white wide-leg pants.

That may seem very simple for you and you are right. But “beauty is in simplicity”, you know?!

Christmas eve dinner outfits

In fact, this outfit is perfect for Christmas. Because first of all, both white and green colors are great for the holiday season.

Then because wide-leg pants are so trending this year and also because white and green pair amazingly well together.

And you know what? – you can always make the outfit look more interesting by adding some accessories. Since our current outfit is classy, you can and should wear elegant jewelry with it.

I found very cute, elegant, and modern earrings with pearls, that are gonna beautifully pair with the outfit.

In case you want to plan a Christmas family photoshoot, don’t miss this article here. It’s where you are gonna discover cute outfit sets for a whole family.

And yeah, I am sure you are gonna love them.

The next outfit is similar to this because it’s also a classy outfit. It’s just different because it contains the bottom with different colors which is red.

So, you need to wear the same color (white) bottom but in this case, you are gonna need a red top.

Christmas eve dinner outfits

This outfit can be created with a red (burgundy) cropped top and a cute white tulle skirt. High heels will make this outfit look more put together. And some jewelry won’t be extra as well.

The outfit itself will be so cute, elegant, stylish, and most importantly it’s gonna be very festive. So, definitely try it out!

I’ve already shared six outfits that you can use as Christmas Eve dinner outfits. I wonder, were there any of your favorites yet? – please let me know.

You can always find me on Instagram or on Pinterest. You can DM me there anytime you like. Or else, you can join the Facebook group which I’ve created only for fashionistas like you and me.

Now, let’s continue with the 7th outfit.

You can create it with a green pleated skirt and a white sweater.

Pleated skirts are another piece that became very trending this year. They are perfect for almost all body types. Because it flatters the body in a great way.

Actually, sweater and skirt outfits are great for winter. You just need to tuck your sweater into your skirt.

I chose a white sweater which has a boat neck. It is a great neckline that looks sexy on a woman’s body.

If you are an inverted triangle (body-shaped) you should know it’s a great option for you. Because you have broad shoulders you can show them to make yourself look sexier and chicer.

If you don’t know what your body shape is, you can easily find out that in a few minutes. Check out my article and you are gonna know how exactly you need to do this.

I didn’t have shoes for all the outfits, because it’s easy to decide what to wear at Christmas Eve dinner.

By the way, Christmas dinner is the best place to wear heels. Because it’s not standing or a dance party, you are gonna be sitting for most of your time. So, it won’t cause pain to your feet.

Other shoes that you can wear are boots. Whether they are ankle or high boots, All of them will go well with outfits.

If you don’t want to wear any of them, you still have another option. Those are high-heeled sandals that are perfect for Christmas Eve dinner outfits.

Time to move to the next outfit.

I couldn’t miss outfits with bodysuits. It’s a huge thing this year. I mean really, it’s so trendy.

I often see bodysuits that are more beautiful than regular tops at shops, but the bad thing about them is that you can’t find good quality bodysuits easily.

Unless they are from brands. But branded bodysuits may not be that affordable for everyone.

I tried to find the best ones for you. You can definitely check their pricing but the only thing I can tell is that they are of great quality.

So, our next outfit can be created with a bodysuit, skirt, and thigh-high boots. Don’t forget accessories of course.

Christmas eve dinner outfits

If you already have many bodysuits in your closet, try to find one that has beautiful sleeves or details on the neckline or shoulders. Without those little details, the outfit will gonna look too simple.

This outfit looks so beautiful but I think you can make it filled with festive vibes by adding glittered clothes or accessories.

I don’t know if tights are accessories or cloth but I can say that it’s gonna work perfectly for you.

You can find some on Forever 21 since they have so many of them and each of them is very affordable.

You can wear jeans if you want to at Christmas as well.

But you know, Christmas and New Year are both once in a whole year, so doing and wearing something different would be a better idea. Don’t you agree?

So, for the next outfit, I’ve found a cute sweater glittery gold metallic skirt, and heels in a neutral (nude) color, that can make the outfit complete even without accessories.

Christmas eve dinner outfits

This is the only time when I think you are not gonna need any extra accessories. Why? – because the outfit is already pretty busy. I mean the sweater is bright, and the gold skirt is also very glittery – that’s already too much.

Try them together and if you think they need accessorizing, you can definitely do it. If I were you I would just add little statement earrings or bracelets.

Last but not least, we’ve got the next outfit which is one of my favorites.


You can copy that by wearing a peplum top (with a belt) and a mini skirt together.

Christmas eve dinner outfits

I am glad because I was able to find this top. I found it a few days ago and immediately got the feeling that I had to share it with you guys.

It is so beautiful. It has got a peplum which is great for hiding a tummy area (if you have it).

Along with this, it is so flattering for any body type. And the best thing is that it is sequined, so it surely will gonna make you look festive and bright.

I think you will be the best-styled woman at the Christmas party. I am kidding but really…

Get this as an additional tip.

You can and should wear a belt with a peplum top. It will cinch your waist in and make it look even more beautiful.

This is it for Christmas Eve dinner outfits. I hope you loved the article and now you are somewhat ready for the holiday.

Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share this pin on Pinterest.

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