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How to Create Stylish Winter Outfits With Thigh High Boots

How to Create Stylish Winter Outfits With Thigh High Boots

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Hi there!

So, you are looking for some winter outfits with thigh high boots?

Well, that’s great because I just discovered some cool ways to create stylish outfits with knee-high boots.

How to style winter outfits with thigh high boots

The first thing you should know about outfits with knee-high boots is that you should mostly wear them with anything that is also tight.

In tights, I mean bodysuit, skinny jeans – anything fitted. But there are some exceptions when knee-high boots look great with oversized clothes as well. You are gonna find some of them throughout the post.

Another go-to piece to wear with thigh-high boots is a long coat. It’s a perfect combination.

winter outfits with thigh high boots
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I know it seems very simple and you are right it’s that simple. But here is the thing that you should know about the coat as well.

Since thigh boots are very long on the body, it’s not a good idea to wear it with something that is gonna be too long.

What I mean is, your coat should be long enough but short enough too. In the best case, it should be covering your butt and maybe a little longer.

Let’s move into the next one because I have many to share.

You can wear thigh-high boots with a sweater dress in winter. It’s perfect for winter, right?

winter outfits with thigh high boots
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Dresses are sometimes hard to style in winter but here it is. Outfit idea that you can use for the next season.

When you try this look, you’ll probably find out that it’s too simple. It definitely needs something extra to make it look chicer.

If you wonder about my advice (I hope you do), a belt will be a perfect option for you.

winter outfits with thigh high boots
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First, because it will help you to create a more beautiful shape of your body. It will define your waist and believe that looks amazing on every woman.

Along with a belt, the handbag will be a great accessory for thigh-high boot outfits as well. Depending on your style, it can be a little clutch or crossbody bag. You can decide for yourself.

Talking about dresses I can’t miss sharing that you can definitely wear a coat with them.

For the next example, you can wear a crewneck dress with a brown trench coat and thigh high boots – that’s gonna surely grab people’s attention.

If you haven’t seen my article about fall/winter trends you should do it now. You are gonna discover that trench coats are very trending this year, as well as capes and long cardigans.

Another great look that you can create with thigh-high boots is the look with a black (or grey) bodysuit and a leather skirt.

winter outfits with thigh high boots
Image source: Pinterest

You can always put some outerwear over the outfit. The outfit itself looks so chic. So, definitely try it out.

An oversized sweater is another piece that will help you to create other cool outfits.

The first outfit that you can try with an oversized sweater and leather leggings.

winter outfits with thigh high boots
Image source: Pinterest

This one is my favorite so far because it doesn’t only look fashionable but it also looks modern and just stunning.

Along with that, it is the outfit that you can consider as an everyday outfit because it’s more casual.

If an oversized sweater is what you love to wear in winter, then I have some other options for you.

Besides thigh-high boots, you can definitely use oversized sweaters to create other stylish outfits. You can find some ideas in my older article.

You can wear it with knee-high boots and a short skirt. That skirt should end exactly above your knee. Because that is the height that will look OK with high boots.

winter outfits with thigh high boots
Image source: Pinterest

This outfit looks very stylish and cute too. If it’s cold outside you can again, always wear a coat or warm jacket with the outfit.

Another option to create winter outfits with thigh-high boots and oversized sweaters is to pair them with a short denim skirt. But in that case, it’s better if you choose a cropped oversized sweater (you can also use a non-cropped sweater too). The reason behind it is that it looks cuter and it will be more interesting to see.

Let’s continue talking about skirts. You can definitely create a lot of outfits with a skirt and high boots in winter.

The next outfit idea that you can try is to wear boots with a white turtleneck sweater, a faux leather pleated skirt, and a blazer coat.

It is as interesting as it seems so why you shouldn’t try it out?

I said I’ve got a ton of ideas today and be ready for the next one.

It is an outfit that you can make with a short pleated skirt (with tights), white top, short faux fur coat, and thigh-high boots (definitely).

Agree with me, it’s a perfect winter outfit that doesn’t only keep you warm but also will make you look so modern and stylish.

Are there any favorite outfits yet? – if yes, that’s great.

If your answer is no, it’s not a problem – I’ve more to share.

For the next outfit, you are gonna need dress pants, a turtleneck top, and a trench coat to wear with thigh-high boots.

If you already have all of these in your closet, go try them on you as soon as you finish reading this post. I am sure you are gonna love it.

Everyone has black skinny jeans in their wardrobe – you too, I guess. That’s what we are gonna use to create another winter outfit with thigh-high boots.

So, you can create another awesome winter outfit with knee-high boots, black skinny jeans, and oversized sweaters.

winter outfits with thigh high boots
Image source: Pinterest

That’s pretty simple as well. But if you don’t know how you can match outfits (top and bottom) you can check out my previous post.

Since black is a neutral color, it’s also a great idea to pair it with tan high boots and an oversized sweater which also gonna be in a different shade of brown.

This outfit will look minimalist but also look so interesting and chic as well.

You can play around with other oversized sweaters you may have in your closet. You can also change black skinny jeans to a skirt, add a long blazer coat, and guess what, you have a totally new outfit with your thigh-high boots.

As you can see there are many possible ways to wear thigh-high boots in winter. And I still have some more to share.

This outfit needs to be created with a sweater dress, leather jacket, and boots of course.

winter outfits with thigh high boots
Image source: Pinterest

Always consider using neutral colors together since they are easy to style. You can’t go wrong with them.

I want you to wear sunglasses with the outfit as an accessory. It is a perfect option exactly for that outfit.

Here is the thing you should know about other accessories that you can wear with thigh-high boot outfits in winter.

Since high boots are both casual and classy, the best accessory that you can pair with them is a handbag. Why? Because we can say the same for the handbag. It is considered a casual and classy style as well. So, they will pair very well together.

it’s time to move to the next outfit idea.

That one is pretty simple. Because you should wear blue denim jeans and a black top with thigh-high boots. But why am I here? I am not here to give you those simple outfit ideas, right?

Yeah, you are right!

I’ve something that can make that outfit look much more stylish.

That’s a puffer coat. Have you thought about this?

So, wear a black puffer coat with your blue denim jeans and a black top. Put your boots on your feet and the last thing you should do is to enjoy a perfect outfit.

winter outfits with thigh high boots
Image source: Pinterest

And last but not least you can create another chic outfit with a red leather skirt, black tights, and a fur coat.

winter outfits with thigh high boots
Image source: Pinterest

This one is a great combination that pairs amazingly well with thigh-high boots. The outfit isn’t only stylish or chic, it’s elegant and sexy as well.

So, I think that’s all for today.

I would love to hair which outfit was your favorite?

Oh, and don’t forget to join my Facebook group. There we are gonna build a community only for fashionistas. You can ask, answer, and share daily outfit ideas to help someone who needs help. We will be there to help you as well.

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