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What Should I Put on My Christmas List: a Simple (But Complete) Guide

What Should I Put on My Christmas List: a Simple (But Complete) Guide

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Have you already started creating a list with Christmas gift ideas? Let me help you a little bit.

I decided to elevate your Christmas mood because it’s pretty difficult because of the pandemic situation. But let’s don’t talk about bad things for now.

Let’s get straight on this.

I promise, today you are gonna find the answer to the question you may have in your mind and that is “what should I put on my Christmas list?”. Didn’t you think about it?

If you do, I am with you today.

You are gonna find Christmas gift ideas for everyone. Some of them may be pricey, but believe me if you aren’t on a tight budget, they would be so thankful when they see your gift.

Along with pricey things, I will also be sharing cheap gifts that look expensive for Christmas. That may not be only for clothes, so stay tuned till the end of the post.

You can find products by clicking on the image or on the link itself to check it out!

Affiliate Disclosure: my post may contain affiliate links. That means I will get a commission if you purchase the item from the link without extra cost from your side.

I want to start with men because I rarely talk about them on my site.

Christmas gifts for men

In most cases, we (women) think that men love to get fragrances, knives, and wallets (some of them may do). But don’t you think that it’s becoming a bit boring already?

It doesn’t matter how much money do you spend on the gift. More important thing is to make it thoughtful, make it enjoyable for the person you are gifting.

That’s what I decided today. I am gonna share unique gift ideas for men that will be thoughtful and pleasing as well.

And now let’s start!

3D pen to make interesting projects

The first thing that you can gift to men (boyfriend, father, boss, or husband – doesn’t matter) is a 3D pen.

Do you know what is it?

It’s a pen that helps to make anything he likes in 3D format. It can be anything from table accessory, decoration, or any other project he could be interested in.

Check out some of my favorite projects made exactly from the same pen.

You can easily find it on Amazon and fortunately, it’s under 100$ (59.99$ exactly).

Plaid shirt

What Should I Put on My Christmas List

It’s always good idea to buy a clothing piece for men. Why?

Because they may don’t have time to buy some for them or may they don’t wanna invest in some. Or worse, they don’t know what to buy.

I found a very cute and comfy flannel shirt which is gonna be the perfect gift for someone who loves shirts. Who loves to enjoy free hours in a comfy, warm cloth.

There are several colors available, so you guys can play with different colors.

Set of “GOT” books

What Should I Put on My Christmas List

In case you want to gift man who loves reading, you have a various options to choose from.

But think about something that everyone should have in their library. I think that’s the set of books of Game of Thrones.

It is the bestseller fantasy novel by George R. R Martin. If you haven’t read it yet, I beg you to do it as soon as you have time. You can watch a TV series inspired by the same novel by HBO as well. But reading can get you better feelings, you know?!

So, whether he has already seen or read it, he would love to have the whole collection of books at home.

Bluetooth speaker

If you haven’t purchased a Bluetooth speak for “your” man, it’s a perfect time to do now.

They have become very popular in 2020. There were so many of them produced by different companies but I wanna recommend the one that I already have at home.

It was pretty pricey when I purchased it, but I can say it’s worth the money.

If you enjoy watching Netflix together while you are away from your computer or you love listening to music, there you go.


What Should I Put on My Christmas List

Men love to work with meat (not all).

If you are looking for a gift for someone who enjoys cooking meat, you can buy a grill for him.

I am sure he would be amazed and you may end up by a delicious dinner with him as well.

New watch

This one is kinda like traditional gift that everyone can think about.

But here is the thing: every man loves to have many watched in their collection. So, maybe it’s time to add one.

I personally love Invicta watches because these are not that pricey but they still look so expensive.

Beer growler

What Should I Put on My Christmas List

Another thing that every man loves is a beer. Here would be exceptions as well, but if “your” man loves it you can get him a growler.

He can always have a good beer at his home with it. So, if you want to gift something that will be useful, that’s it.

Workout equipment

In case the person you want to gift something loves doing workouts, it’s a good idea to gift him a new gym bag. What do you think?

Or else if you have enough budget you can gift him a piece of workout equipment too. Why?

Because he will be able to do workouts without a mask at home. Because he will be able to do workouts whenever he wants and how long he wants. That’s why!

Christmas gifts for women

Perfume is always a good idea

What Should I Put on My Christmas List

Women don’t ever have enough fragrances. So, if you are looking for a gift for a woman (mom, colleague, teacher, daughter, grandmother, friend) you can gift her a perfume that will be new for her.

Believe me, we, women love fragrances.

Amazon gift card

If you aren’t sure what your addressee enjoys, you can give her an Amazon gift card which is very customizable. You can personalize it how you wish and most importantly you can choose the amount from 25$ to 2,000$. So you can look at your budget and make an easy decision out of it.

Gift her more time

If you want to make a woman happier you need to gift her more free time. What do I mean?

We, women, spent a lot of time cleaning things at home. And you can fix this! How?

There is a robot called Robot Roomba which does a pretty good job for housewives. It cleans any carpet, pet hair, hard floors, and many more.

What Should I Put on My Christmas List

So it can give us more time to do something else, she enjoys more.

I think that’s gonna be an amazing gift for any woman by the way.

Cookware set

Spending money on kitchen things is always a good decision. It’s better to cook with tools that we love to use. But it’s better if someone would gift those to us, haha

I am talking about a cookware set, right now. Because they are so useful in the kitchen. They contain pans of different shapes and sizes. So we can use them for anything we cook.

Makeup desk

Women love looking in the mirror. Especially in the one that makes them feel like a queen.

There is a makeup desk that is perfect for someone who loves makeup on their face. Every woman loves it by the way.

That’s what I found. It is a desk which has lights on it and it looks amazing. It’s a fantastic gift you may give to someone you love.

What Should I Put on My Christmas List

Fur coat

Do you know that furry coats are very trending this year? Did you also know that fur coats make women look so luxurious?

What Should I Put on My Christmas List

Yeah, and there are so many reasons why you should gift a faux fur coat to someone you love or care about. By the way, it’s gonna be a perfect gift for fashionistas as well.

Dslr camera

If you know someone who loves taking pictures you can get her a new camera. It’s not needed to buy the strongest and the newest DSLR but you can help her to get better pictures for her photo album (you can gift her a beautiful photo album as well).

You may think the phone is enough to take good pictures with and you are partially right. But mobile phones don’t have abilities like a DSLR camera. It has different functionality and it’s just amazing to have one.

By the way, I am the one who loves photography and I experienced how it feels to get a good camera as a gift. My sister gifted it to me for my birthday and I was so glad when I saw it.

You can do the same – make someone happy.

Cute warm pajamas

Make someone feel comfortable, even at home. There is nothing better than sleeping in warm pajamas.

I mean you can gift “your woman” a very cute, comfy pajama set that I’ve just found.

Actually, you know what? I discovered that more adults started wearing pajamas in bed this year. I don’t know why but that’s the fact. So, brands have used this and there are thousands of models you can choose from.

I just tried and found a comfy and luxury looking one for you.

What Should I Put on My Christmas List

Handbag or purse

There aren’t enough accessories to have in the wardrobe, especially for women.

You can choose some from jewelry or scares but I think, it’s better to find the handbag for your addressee. Because it means a lot to the outfit. So help her to make awesome outfits more easily.

If you don’t know what exactly look for, I can tell you something. I think that’s gonna help a lot.

If you are not sure what is her favorite color, it’s always a good idea to go for neutrals. Black, white and beige are neutral colors if you don’t know but black is still the best one because it is easy to pair with anything.

Christmas gifts for kids that aren’t toys

What Should I Put on My Christmas List

It’s time to think about kids. What should you gift to the kid that have everything or isn’t interested in toys at all?! Well. let’s find out.

Actually, I have a kid exactly like that at home. My daughter – who has almost every toy that she liked. I mean the ones that we could effort. And so I am kinda like in the same boat with you.

I was thinking about what can Snowman bring for her this year. But when I look at her toys, I think there isn’t anything left. She has her own kitchen, doctor tools set, her own remote controller car, etc.

But this is the first thing that I came up with.

Piano but not the regular one

She loves music so much. As much as she can listen to it for a whole day. So, I thought we can gift her a musical instrument that will be actionable and educational as well.

That’s what I want to recommend to you too.

I found it on Amazon and I loved it. It’s an electronic keyboard with a screen that includes a piano app and she can learn how to play some music on it. Isn’t that awesome?

Children camera

Every kid loves to take pictures with adult phones or cameras. But you can help them to do it better by getting a toddler camera.

It’s not a toy and if you think it is, forget it. Because with this camera your kid can learn a lot of things. I don’t mean photography, at all.

“According to expert research, children’s photos can help increase their self-confidence.” It will help them to understand the world and its beauty. And the biggest thing they will be able to capture the most enjoyable moments of their life.


The next option is to gift headphones to your kid(s).

Why? Well, because technology is always ahead of us. You probably already found out that headphones have become very popular for both, adults and kids this year.

So, I think you can make them happy by giving them cute headphones.

Kids costume

There is another way to make your kid happy, of course.

You probably know which character(s) your kid loves. It doesn’t matter if you have a son or a daughter. You can still find their favorite character in cartoons or movies.

And guess what?! You can gift her (him) the costume of it.

Fortunately, I already did that. We gifted her a Snow White dress. She would love to have other princess dresses but we couldn’t find anything for that time. She was so happy and she wore it on her next birthday as well.

Now you can find them on Amazon. Check out what I found here.

What Should I Put on My Christmas List

Gift card

And the last but not least, you can give her (him) a gift card to her favorite brand, shop, or whatever they love.

In whatever I mean Mcdonalts too. Kids love it.

The thing here is that kids love to act like adults sometimes. They wish to be elder.

So, you can help them make it for a day. They can pay with their gift card so that makes them happy and proud of themselves. They can shop whatever, whenever, and how much they want.

And I think they will be so thankful for this.

That’s the answer to your question: what should I put on my Christmas list. I hope you found what you were looking for or just got an inspiration that you are gonna use to choose the perfect Christmas gift for everyone.

In case you want to find Christmas dinner outfit ideas, you can find awesome ones in my older post. I am sure you are gonna love it.

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What Should I Put on My Christmas List

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