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What to Wear With Culottes in Winter: 12 killer ways to look chic

What to Wear With Culottes in Winter: 12 killer ways to look chic

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What to Wear With Culottes in Winter

So, you already decided to follow a very popular trend. Congrats, nice decision!

But you aren’t sure what to wear with culottes in winter? It’s OK! We are gonna figure out how you can create awesome outfits with culottes.

In case, you wonder what actually culottes are, let me tell you.

Culotte word itself comes from France (culot) and it’s a pair of panties, pants, trousers, etc. It is the style when pants are knee-high and they are cut so that they look like a skirt. These are culottes.

Check out the image to understand what exactly I am talking about.

What to Wear With Culottes in Winter
Image source: Pinterest

The fact is, if you are already looking for outfit ideas with culottes, you probably already know what they actually are.

So, I think it’s time to start talking about outfits with culottes that you can wear in winter.

1. First find the right color of culottes

It’s always a good idea to choose the most appropriate color for the season.

Not because they look bad in any color. Just because it looks great to wear, for example, colored clothes in summer, brown and other warm colors in fall, and so on. The same goes for winter.

Winter is bold and bright and it often has high contrast in coloring.

The best colors to wear in winter are red, emerald green, black, and other colors that have a black tone in them.

Brown is a good alternative to black, by the way.

It’s always a good idea to wear darker colors in winter. That doesn’t mean you should wear black all the time.

You can find a very cute pair of culottes on Shopbop in a variety of colors. So, you can get the ones that you love the most. Just avoid getting too bright colors for winter.

2. Wear them with ankle boots

If your place is not very cold in winter, wearing ankle boots is a pretty awesome idea. They are comfortable, they are warm and they are easy to pair with many things.

What to Wear With Culottes in Winter
Image source: Pinterest

By the way, if you wonder how you can wear ankle boots with skinny jeans, you can check out my older post about it.

As regards culottes, the best thing you can do is to find it with a length that is the point where you will be showing the slimmest part of your leg.

Additionally, you can show off a little part of your wrists as well. It’s gonna look awesome. And you will have a place to wear accessories as well.

3. Wear them with a longer coat

There are linen coats, trench coats, and many others that are trending this winter. Find all of the current fashion trends for winter 2020-2021 here.

You may think it’s gonna look a bit weird to wear a long coat with culottes. But you are wrong! It looks amazingly stylish.

Actually, because wearing, oversized, baggy clothes is also very trending. And that’s not everything. It looks really chic and modern.

If you want to get an easy decision, you can’t go wrong with all neutral colors. I mean, you can wear, for example, a white striped top, grey culottes pants, black ankle boots, and a grey long coat as well.

Imagine that! It’s pretty minimalistic and it still looks so elegant. Since there are a lot of white colors going on, you are also gonna look expensive too.

If you want to find some ways to look expensive when you are on a budget, check out my post, and enjoy the tips.

Don’t forget to accessorize the outfit. You can carry a cute little black handbag with you. You can put a warm scarf on your neck and you can also wear a beautiful wristwatch.

What to Wear With Culottes in Winter
Image source: Pinterest

That’s gonna be a fantastic outfit that you can simply wear everywhere. Whether it’s your day out with friends or any other meetings from work, it’s gonna work well every time.

4. You can wear culottes with tights

You can wear black tights with dark blue culottes. You can put on a simple white or black on your higher body. And you can wear a long coat with them as well.

You can go monochromatic too. If you have black culottes, you can wear transparent (brown) or black tights inside them.

5. Dress up the culotte outfit

What to Wear With Culottes in Winter
Image source: Pinterest

If you want to wear a dressier look with culottes, you should wear the ones that will be more lightweight. it needs to be a different fabric as well. I mean it should look like a silk fabric.

When you have the right culottes, you will be able to wear a sparkly sweater top with them. H&M has a lot on its website.

This outfit will be not only well-dressed but also will be very festive. That’s a great idea because we have a lot of holidays during winter.

6. Wear them with a belted coat

Do you know that cropped pants are very trending this year? Yeah, they are really everywhere.

So, if you want to wear culottes and you love that style, you can wear them with a belted coat.

The belt actually cinches in your waist and makes you look slimmer. Oh and by the way, if you want to find some tips on how to look taller and slimmer, you can also find that on my website, lol.

You can wear the outfit with ankle boots. I think the outfit will be so beautiful, warm, and comfy.

You can use some accessories with the look. If I were you, I would add a fedora hat to the outfit. It will make it look chicer and more modern.

7. Go monochromatic

What to Wear With Culottes in Winter
Image source: Pinterest

I already mentioned this today. Do you know why? Because I love monochromatic outfits.

It’s the best decision when you don’t actually know what to wear for the day.

But it’s not the only reason why I recommend you to wear monochromatic outfits with culottes.

I want you to wear monochromatic outfits because they look so stylish, elegant, and luxurious.

8. White shirt+culottes+coat

The next outfit that you can simply copy today is to wear culottes with a basic white shirt and a longer coat above them.

Coats are the most useful piece from your wardrobe in winter. They also go perfectly with culottes. So, you can always wear them together.

9. Wear a yellow top with culottes

If you want to create something unique, you have to try this outfit at least once.

The best color of culottes that you can wear with the yellow top (sweater or tee) is blue.

What to Wear With Culottes in Winter
Image source: Pinterest

They are complementary colors. That means they are on opposite sides of the color wheel. By the way, you can create fascinating outfits with complementary colors from the color wheel.

Check how you should mix and match colors and styles while you are creating the look, in my older article.

The outfit itself will gonna look more than awesome. So, as I already said, just give it a try!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this and any other staff. You can always find and DM me on Instagram or Pinterest.

10. Time for turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are so warm in winter. If we skip this fact, we still need to admit that outfits with them look more elegant.

If you think that you can’t wear culottes with turtlenecks, you are wrong this time as well.

You can wear a cropped turtleneck sweater with culottes. But if your culottes are cropped, it’s better to go for longer turtleneck sweaters.

What to Wear With Culottes in Winter
Image source: Pinterest

I want you to wear a big handbag and a hat with the outfit. Because that’s gonna create something so chic. Without accessories, it’s gonna be a regular outfit. So…

Always accessorize the outfit.

11. Another classy look with culottes and heels

I found amazing, expensive-looking satin culottes on H&M. And I thought I have to share this with my readers.

For a classier look with culottes, you are gonna need those pants from H&M, sexy heels, and a gold color elegant top.

You can wear the outfit on holiday. it will look festive and elegant. A cute little handbag makes it look even more complete.

12. Leather culottes and sheer top

What to Wear With Culottes in Winter
Image source: Pinterest

The last outfit idea that you have to try is to wear leather culottes with a bra top and a sheep top (blouse).

This outfit is for you if you want to look sexier at the events you are going to attend.

As I already said the outfit looks sexy, elegant chic, and feminine as well. So, at least give it a try. I am sure you are gonna love it.

C o n c l u s i o n:

If you wonder what to wear with culottes in winter, check out all of these outfit ideas. And if you wonder, the last one is my favorite. Because leather culottes and sheer top outfits just look the most unique to me.

Don’t forget to share the article on Pinterest, if you loved it. And remember that you can always contact me on Pinterest or Instagram. If you have any questions or just want to share anything, DM me there.

Thank you for reading! Love ya!!

What to Wear With Culottes in Winter

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