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How to Look Longer With Pants for Shorter Legs

How to Look Longer With Pants for Shorter Legs

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Do you struggle while you are choosing new pants in the clothing store because they never fit you? Is that because you have shorter legs? Well, that’s ok!

It’s totally fine to have short legs. The only thing is to know what is the good style of pants for shorter legs. There are some, that can really make your legs look longer.

What kind of pants look good on short legs

High-waisted pants

It’s always a good idea to wear high-waisted pants in many cases. Most importantly, while your legs are shorter than you wish.

High-waisted pants make your legs look longer. It works like this because it visually makes your torso look shorter.

I think you have already heard about that. But wait, I have more to share.

Along with the fact that high-waisted pants help you look taller, there are other efforts from wearing high waisted pants.

You can have your midsection under control when you are wearing high waisted pants.

In the midsection, I mean the tummy area. So, whether you have a little tummy, because of age, pregnancy, or any other reason, high-waisted pants will help you to make it disappear.

It just works as it is.

pants for shorter legs

Another reason why you should wear high waisted pants is that they make you look slimmer as well. Not because it hides the tummy. It’s because if it’s a good rise, they get attention to your waist. If the waist is the slimmest part of your body, BINGO! You are good to go!

Rompers or jumpsuits.

Why are they a good fit for women with short legs?

Because they fit on a whole body. So, it doesn’t cut your body into different “portions”. They show your body in one long line. That’s what makes them work for you.

This usually makes your body look longer. So, it makes your legs look longer as well.

pants for shorter legs
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Along with these, no one gonna finds out whether your legs are short or long.

Overalls have the same effect on your body.

You can wear them depending on the season. I mean, you can wear rompers in (spring) and summer, jumpsuits in spring, and summer (and fall) and you can keep overalls for fall and winter.

If you want to know how to wear overalls, you can read my article about it. It’s just for the style inspiration to help you have outfit ideas with overalls in your mind.

Dark colored pants

Yes, dark color pants are good because they make us look slimmer.

But, in fact, there are some other factors why are they so good for women with shorter legs.

Generally, when you want to hide (decrease the chance of getting attention to) the area which you don’t like in your body, you have to wear simple, solid clothes in that area.

What do I mean by this?

If you already heard about body types, you would know that there are some types of bodies when women have different sizes higher and lower bodies.

In case, someone has a body shape that generally looks bigger on a higher body, she/he has to maximize the lower body and minimize the upper body. That will balance the body’s silhouette.

So if you don’t like your legs you should wear dark clothes on your lower body.

Actually, it’s not about liking or not liking your body parts. You must love your body with its curves.

But it’s a good idea because it actually works. When you wear dark-colored pants (jeans or skirts) on your lower body, you are minimizing it. That means less attention will be drawn to that area of your body. So, fewer people will notice that you actually have shorter legs.

What is the best style of jeans for short legs?

Flared jeans

Flared jeans are trending this year. And if you have short legs and you want to make them look better, you should try wearing them.

pants for shorter legs
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Flared jeans flatter your body in a great way. They elongate your legs as well. If you wear heels (you should) with them, you are gonna look just fantastic. Because that’s your option to make yourself look taller and more elegant as well.

Bootcut jeans

This style of jeans is another good option for you.

In fact, they usually do the same. Bootcut jeans generally become wider from your knees.

That creates an interesting shape for your body. And they elongate your legs as well.

You just have to make sure you are getting jeans in the right length.

Jeans with vertical hem

Pants that have something vertical on them, work great for women with short legs.

Because these vertical lines help you to visually make your legs look longer.

It doesn’t only have to be jeans with a vertical hem. As I already said, it can be any pants that have something vertical on them.

For example pants with vertical stripes are great for you. So, keep that in mind and find the one for you.

Cropped jeans

pants for shorter legs
Image source: Pinterest

This is another style of jeans that will work perfectly for you.

Cropped jeans have the option to show a little part of your legs. That helps you to show the slimmers part of your legs. This only doesn’t make you look slimmer but also adds an extra length to your legs (and body).

So try them and enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror.

Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans help you look good as well. They flatter your body. Most importantly they don’t make you look short. Instead, they make your legs look longer as well.

If you have boyfriend jeans that will have a high waist, that would be fantastic. It makes you look even longer (taller).

How can you lengthen your legs naturally?

If you want to naturally lengthen your legs, you can do special exercises. This is a workout that helps your body to stretch. Stretching your body will lengthen your legs.

Here is the best video that I found for you. You can follow this step by step instructions and make it work.

But if you want to find some ways to visually lengthen your legs, sit in a comfy chair and get ready for awesome tips.

Wear nude shoes

You need to use every single inch of your body since you have shorter legs.

But you can also make these inches look longer by wearing nude shoes on your feet.

How can you lengthen your legs naturally
Image source: Pinterest

There is not any reason. It just works as they make your legs longer because shoes and your skin tone will be the same color. So, it doesn’t break your body silhouette.

Pointed toe shoes

Pointed shoes add some extra inches to your body. It visually lengthens the vertical line of your body.

So, that’s why you should wear them.

Tuck in your tops

You may think “what the hell she is talking about” – but wait!

It’s an amazing trick that you are gonna love to know.

Tucking in your tops lengthens your legs. So, it makes your body look longer in a long straight vertical line.

If you are at home, while you are reading this, please go try that and look in the mirror. Put on your top without tucking it into your pants and then try tucking it. Check out the result and you are gonna understand what exactly I am talking about.

Match your shoes to your pants

How can you lengthen your legs naturally
Image source: Pinterest

If you are going to wear black pants wear them with black shoes. If you want to wear white, go for white.

It also lengthens your legs because it again creates a long vertical line on your body.

Go from very skinny to more flared

That works the best way with skirts and dresses.

When you are wearing too-tight dresses or skirts, it looks like your legs are fatter than they actually are. You need to have some extra space around your body so that you look like you are slimmer than you really are.

That also works for lengthening your legs. So, just give it a try!

Wear a dress or skirt with a long split

How can you lengthen your legs naturally
Image source: Pinterest

Dresses (skirts) with long splits work perfectly for you. It creates a vertical line on your legs and so, it lengthens your legs visually, of course.

Opt out for cropped jackets

Cropped jackets create a horizontal line on your waist.

The horizontal line isn’t very good for short women, you are right.

But this is an exception.

pants for shorter legs
Image source: Pinterest

Having that horizontal line on your waist makes make it look so that your waist starts higher than it really is. That shortens your torso and makes your legs look longer.

Forget about knee length skirts

pants for shorter legs
Image source: Pinterest

Avoid wearing skirts that are knee-high. Unless you want to break up your legs into two different parts.

But in case you can’t miss wearing them, you can wear tights with them. Tights and your skirt MUST have the same color. That won’t cut your legs in half instead, it will make your legs look longer.

That’s all I wanted to share. I hope you find my post helpful.

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