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What to Wear With a Black Skirt – Simple but Chic Outfit Ideas Everyone Can Try

What to Wear With a Black Skirt – Simple but Chic Outfit Ideas Everyone Can Try

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Do you want to get outfit ideas or just an inspiration on what to wear with a black skirt? This is the place where you are gonna get those.

So, here is a little backstory.

As the reader of this blog, you would probably know that I was pregnant and now I’ve got a two-month-old baby.

I decided to reorganize my wardrobe after giving birth and what I discovered is that I have a few black skirts that I haven’t worn for months and even a year too.

Then I thought do I have anything that will go with those skirts? And I found it hard to pair it with tops that I have in my wardrobe.

Because as you also probably know, I love casual style. Furthermore, almost everything in my closet goes with jeans and casual pants.

So I decided to buy a few new things that will go with a black skirt. I started thinking and researching some ideas just for inspiration and now I want to share them with you.

There are some interesting ones, believe me. And without further ado, let’s get into the outfit ideas with a black skirt.

What to wear with a black skirt

Wear a black skirt with everything black

what to wear with a black skirt
Image source: Pinterest

Black is the slimming color, everyone knows that, right?

So, why wouldn’t try to go all black?!

It doesn’t only make you look slim but it actually looks so stylish.

Now, when it comes to length and the style of the black skirts, it totally depends on you and your body shape.

Oh, by the way, I think it would be interesting to share what type of skirts we have to wear depending on our body type. What do you think? Let me know if you want to see that article on my blog.

Before that, I can tell you that pencil skirts and A-line skirts are styles of skirts that will flatter your body.

I think you have your favorite skirt already. So, try it with a black turtleneck. Put on a black blazer over it and accessorize the outfit.

In case you’re going to wear a short skirt you can go for high-knee boots. That’s gonna be perfect.

Another way, opt out of heels or ankle booties. That also depends on your daily events.

What’s your plan for the day? Are you working for a whole day? Do you have a friendly meeting?

The best thing about this look is that you can wear it every season (except summer, black in summer is not a very smart decision).

For winter you can change your blazer to something more warm and even chicer. For example, a faux fur coat that is trending now, again.

I am gonna share more winter outfit ideas with a long black skirt a bit later. Don’t worry and stay with me. I love it when you are here.

Go basic – wear it with a basic white top

what to wear with a black skirt
Image source: Pinterest

There are some ways to make your skirt outfit look casual. But mostly, skirt outfits (especially black) seem to be classy.

This one is neither classy nor casual.

So it’s the outfit that you can create with a black midi skirt (slip or regular) and a basic white top.

Here are some stylish ways to make it look complete.

The first thing that you can do is to put a denim jacket on the outfit. And wear sneakers with them. That’s gonna be a pretty comfy casual outfit.

You have another option which is to pair the blazer with this look. That’s gonna be totally different outfit. More elegant and polished, that you can wear at the office as well.

If you don’t want to wear a blazer or denim jacket, go for a trench coat. It’s up to you.

The most important thing is to accessorize the outfit. Take a little handbag with you, and put a cute headband on the head.

Add some jewelry, I mean do something (not all of these, lol ).

Wear a black skirt with a white button-up shirt

what to wear with a black skirt
Image source: Pinterest

Here is another way to style a black skirt.

But don’t just put the shirt over the skirt. Do something interesting to it.

You can tuck it in the skirt, or you can make a little knot (as in the picture), or do a half tuck. All these will make you look chicer and modern.

Did you know that pointed-toe shoes visually make you look taller and slimmer? Yeah, they really do. And here are some other tricks that do a good job for it as well.

You can check it out, there are the ones that you will love, I am sure.

Wear it with an oversized sweater

what to wear with a black skirt
Image source: Pinterest

If you don’t know how you should choose the right oversized sweater for you, check out this article first. There you will find some tricks to get the best size of sweater that will look great on you.

Oversized sweaters have generally been very trending for a long time already. There are many ways to wear them.

But if you want to create something chic, modern and elegant you should wear it with a black skirt.

The great thing is that most of the skirt styles (short, midi, pleated, pencil, mini, etc…) will go well with oversized sweaters.

And another good news is that you can wear this outfit almost in all seasons (except summer).

Wear a black skirt with a bodysuit

what to wear with a black skirt
Image source: Pinterest

There are so many types of bodysuits that you can try with different outfits. There are different necklines, cutouts, patterns, and colors, you have so many choices.

You can try any of them with a black skirt. The black skirt is a piece that can be paired either with basic or more printed tops and jackets.

Wear it with a denim jacket

what to wear with a black skirt
Image source: Pinterest

I can’t count how long it has been since denim jackets became trending. I mean, they are so popular over and over again.

Do you know why I love them? Because it’s the piece that we can use as a casual or classy item. There are some wardrobe pieces that do that for us.

I am planning to share the list of those items with you in the next articles.

So, stay tuned, and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to receive a notification as soon as I publish a new article.

Wear it with a blazer

what to wear with a black skirt
Image source: Pinterest

Blazers have become very popular in several previous months. It’s still on-trend.

I have said a few times on my blog that I am in love with blazers. Because it’s easy to pair both casual and classy pieces with them.

And the good thing here is that you can wear a blazer with a black skirt because that’s gonna be awesome.

There are various colors and styles of blazers.

Currently, I have light pink and black blazers in my wardrobe. These are the colors that are very easy to wear with so many clothes. But I often wear them with white or black pants and tops.

I love oversized blazers but you can try shorter models, which will perfectly go with longer skirts.

By the way, I have an article where you will find awesome outfit ideas with a blazer. I would say, blazer outfits that you can wear for an interview or any other official meeting.

With fur coat

what to wear with a black skirt
Image source: Pinterest

What can I say about faux cur coats?

They are coming for a long time. And like blazers they are still on-trend.

I have to share my personal opinion about this here.

I think that when you wear a faux fur coat (or vest, jacket…) first of all you feel very warm that’s what I love the most about them.

But the more important thing is that outfits with fur immediately make you look glamorous.

Looking glamorous automatically means looking elegant. And looking elegant makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Wear it with a trench coat

what to wear with a black skirt
Image source: Pinterest

The trench coat is another thing that you can wear with black skirts in spring, fall, or winter.

It will look so stylish.

The thing I love about this look is the idea of pairing different lengths of the top and bottom pieces.

Generally, doing something different looks better but also makes you proud. It’s more interesting for you as well.

What I meant by that is that you can try a crop top with a high-waisted black pencil skirt and put on a trench coat over it.

Believe me, that’s gonna look awesome.

Wear a black skirt with a leather jacket

what to wear with a black skirt
Image source: Pinterest

We can’t miss the leather jacket.

It is on-trend, yeah, still.

I would say people (we – women) tried to change them to blazers or comfier jackets, but there are so many of us who still enjoy wearing a leather jacket.

And that’s totally OK.

This time, as you already probably guessed, I have to share the idea of wearing it with a black skirt.

I won’t start explaining things about the black color – we all know that.

We know that black is a body-skimming, elegant, trending, solid color that is very easy to pair with almost everything.

So, that’s gonna be the perfect, modern, edgy outfit that you can try.

What about the top?

Since the skirt and jacket are black, you can wear any color of the top. As you may have seen in my “mix and match outfits” article, you can use one or more bright colors with one neutral color.

If you don’t know what the article I mean, or you have just missed it, don’t worry here is the link again.

It will help you to learn a few important “rules” to create desired looks.

That is all for today. I hope you will love the ideas.

The most important thing is to feel always confident in your outfit. Love yourself and be sure that you look amazing.

Thank you for reading!

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