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What to Wear at Music Festivals and Guide+tips You Will Find Helpful

What to Wear at Music Festivals and Guide+tips You Will Find Helpful

The Best Music Festivals In The World To Be Ready For

No matter what genre of music you listen to, there are all types of music festivals available around the world.

Since I don`t live in the US or UK, or some other big countries, I have to say I am not deep into festivals.

Plus, that`s not the topic I am gonna talk about today. In fact, I thought, giving you tips about what to wear at music festivals should be pretty helpful to get ready for them.

Before I start sharing music festival outfits, let me share a shortlist of music festivals in 2020 you may need to get ready for.

So that`s the first one.

And everyone knows about it over the world, even if they don`t actually attend the festival. This one is called the Coachella music festival.” It’s a great big melting pot (California in April is more than hot enough) of fashion, A-list music, giant art structures, and super grammable moments wherever you look. If this list were numbered, Coachella would definitely be circling the top spot.” – says

The second music festival you don`t want to miss is Tomorrowland.

Personally, I`ve watched almost all of their official music videos on youtube. The reason behind that is the fact that my whole family loves DJ music.

Don`t know exactly what exactly this genre is called, but anyway, that`s the music festival where you can listen to all the famous DJs in the world.

Ultra Music Festival known as UMF is another very famous music festival. This is another of my favorite festival, where thousands of people gather to dance together to EDM or other electronic music.

And now, let`s start creating a look for music festivals.  

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⓵ Music festival outfit from Nasty Gal

what to wear at music festivals

Products: Top – Metallic Sweater, Pants – Leather High Waisted Shorts, Sneakers – Faux Leather Croc Sneakers, Bag – Faux Leather Fanny Pack, Jewelry – Take the Bead Crescent Moon Necklace

This cute outfit would be a perfect example of a music festival.

The best part of wearing this is that it`s a very comfortable outfit to be in for a whole day (night).

I can tell you, even if it’s really a music festival must-have outfit.

This cute little bag makes a chic look to the actual outfit as well. After researching a lot, I`ve found that bum bags are the best option to carry on music festivals if you wonder why to continue reading or jump into the tips section.

⓶ Outfit From Fashion Nova 

what to wear at music festivals

Products: Top – Black Crop Top, Bottom – Denim Shorts, Jacket – Belted Faux Leather Jacket (Nasty Gal), Shoes – Ankle Boots (Amazon), Sunglasses – Visionary Sunglasses

You know a crop top is an irreplaceable piece of outfit for music festivals.

There are some ways to wear it, you can either have a crop top without anything, but at night, you definitely will need something to keep warm, so this long leather jacket, I think, will do that job well for you. Plus, it looks so stylish.

⓷ Music Festival Outfit From Popviva 

Products: Top – Lettuce Trim Crop Top, Bottom – Pineapple Sequin Denim Shorts, Kimono – Fringe Crochet Kimono, Sunglasses – Retro Oval Sunglasses, Shoes – Leopard Print Flat Sandals, Bag – Letter Print Chain Bag

The third and the cutest music festival ever.

This one is a little more bohemian style outfit, which is pretty trending at music festivals every year. More specifically, for the Coachella festival. You can add a hat or baseball cap to the outfit because the hat is a pretty required piece to have with you. Because standing, or dancing under the direct sun, wouldn`t be a smart decision for you.

⓸ Stylish Music Festival Outfit From Shein

what to wear at music festivals

Products: Top – Allover Print V-Neck Peplum Blouse, Bottom – Rips Detail Raw Hem Skinny Jeans, Hat – Belted Decor Floppy Hat, Shoes – Lace-Up Front Glitter Wide Fit Sneakers, Jewelry – Rhinestone Snake Bone Bracelet

I would imagine someone wearing this outfit, and it makes me feel so excited.

This V-neck blouse makes the outfit so comfortable and stylish. Besides, sneakers and jeans are the most useful for music festivals. Closed shoes are even more useful things to wear compared to open sandals.

⓹ Cutest Music Festival Outfit Ever From – My Personal Favourite

what to wear at music festivals

Products: Top & Shorts – Two-Piece Buttoned Ribbed Bandeau Top Set, Jacket – Double Breasted Lapel Longline Blazer, Shoes – Beach Loafer Shoes, Hat – Wide Brim Straw Beach Hat, Jewelry – Metallic Star Butterfly Choker Necklace

As you already found out, that`s my personal music festival outfit to try in 2020. Everything is so chic and accessories make that outfit complete. Adding a blazer is optional, you can either keep it in your hands or wear it with a crop top from above. You can add a bag or another accessory to the outfit to keep your things secure.

Let me know which outfit is your favorite by contacting me on Pinterest.

What To Wear AT Music Festivals – Tips And Tricks

Now let`s talk about tips you`ll love about what to wear at music festivals. 

When I was researching, I found out things you don`t have to wear at music festivals.

One of them is a romper or a bodysuit. Choosing them is not a very smart decision, because imagine you need to go to the toilet and guess what?! You will need to get almost naked to do this thing. It`s not a very bathroom friendly piece, you know what I mean.

Another thing that some people found weird to wear at music festivals is a skirt or a dress.

While you are going to a festival, you will certainly dance a lot. And unless you wear something long (in summer that`s hard) you feel very uncomfortable. So, keep in mind to avoid wearing a short dress or skirt for that day. Or another way, you can wear swimwear underneath the dress. That gives you an opportunity to move around as you wish.

I mentioned above, waist bags are the best option to wear at music festivals. The reason behind it is the thing that, in summer, under the hot direct sun you would definitely get a tan. And the crossbody bag will leave a weird tan shape on your body. Also, while dancing it won`t be comfortable to dance with it. 

Don`t even think about taking a backpack with you. I know it`s just a music festival, but you need to make your personal things secured somewhere. But having them out of your sight is not a really good idea. That`s why I said above, bug bum is the best option for music festivals.

What to take with you?

In most cases, music festivals are some days or a week long. Sometimes it runs for a month too. And if you have a ticket, once you go in you can`t go out (if you did anyway, you can`t enter again). So, there are some things you definitely need to take with you. It`s not required but at least it`s your job to do, to keep elementary hygiene.

The first useful thing you should carry with you is definitely dry shampoo. It will give you the ability to keep your hair clean, as much as possible.

I mentioned direct sun several times in this blog post. In summer usually, the weather is hot enough, so don`t forget to grab sunscreen to music festivals as well. 

Because you will be out the whole night, you have to take a jacket with you. No one knows how the weather changes during days. Even take the raincoat with you. You don’t need to be wet for some days, or worse, you don`t wanna leave the party. Keep that in mind!

Another must-have thing for music festivals is cash. Yeah, don`t forget to take a little amount of cash with you. You will need money for going to the toilet or buying a bottle of water or whatever you`ll need. But don`t take too much, because there is a high risk of losing it in the crowd of people.

And the very last thing you will become best friend with during those days is wet wipes. Before going to sleep, you need to remove makeup,  but you can`t take the whole makeup bag with you. Buy a pack of baby wet wipes and have them safely kept in your bag. Use it for either removing makeup or cleaning your body.

Have any other ideas or tips? Please share it with us.

Thanks for reading!

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