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How to Create Smart Casual Plus Size Women’s Outfits in Chic Ways

How to Create Smart Casual Plus Size Women’s Outfits in Chic Ways

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Dressing for one or another dress code is tricky.

This is the guide for smart casual plus size women’s outfits. But in fact, it’s even more. You are gonna find actual pieces that you are gonna need to create the look.

You are gonna find casual dresses, pant suits, skinny pants, and other everyday essentials that you are gonna use to create different looks considering the latest trends.

  • The dress code doesn’t change depending on the body size.

That means smart casual is the fashion attire that needs to be styled in a specific way. It’s as you hear it.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. That means I will earn a little commission if you purchase the product.

If your office has this dress code, you should wear something that is smart-looking but still casual. In casual I don’t mean flip-flops, of course.

  • So, if you want to create smart casual outfits you have to start by picking the classy, elegant-looking piece. Then you can pair it with something that will make your outfits look a bit casual.

Accessories can help you with that.

If you want to find a more detailed guide for creating smart casual outfits, I recommend you to check out my article about it.

You are gonna get an idea of exactly what I am saying.

But if you want to go an easier way, let me share smart casual outfits that I created for you and your specific body type.

But I will add some new ones so that you get some new pieces to create smart casual outfits for plus size ladies.

Modern smart casual plus size women’s outfits


Let’s start with the number one smart casual plus size outfit idea.

The first smart casual outfit that you can wear is this very cute high-waisted skirt and a beautiful little turtleneck white top outfit.

smart casual plus size women's outfits

Why should you wear these pieces? And are they good for a smart casual dress code?

So, as I already said you need to have at least one classy piece to create a smart casual outfit. The one that makes your outfit look polished and professional.

Fortunately, I found what I wanted. This top is perfect for outfits. It’s white, so it’s elegant. It has a turtleneck which also makes it look even more elegant.

But there are more good things in the look.

First of all, it’s a belt. The belt is the detail that works the best way for every body shape. It usually cinches in the waist.

That’s great because a defined waist looks very beautiful on every woman.

Another amazing detail on the top is the little peplums at the end of it.

Peplum tops have extra space in the stomach area. That’s very useful for you. Because if you have a tummy or you just don’t like that area you can hide it with peplums.

This way you are gonna look slimmer as well.

So, what do we have till now?

We have a smart casual outfit that’s a good fit for plus size women.

The outfit that makes you look elegant and beautiful. And the outfit that makes you look slimmer as well.

I am not plus size but I wouldn’t ever refuse to wear it, lol.

Top is a classy piece in this outfit.

And the skirt is a casual piece that makes the plus size work outfit more relaxed.

It’s a perfect length for plus-size women. Even if it’s shorter – not a problem at all.

You can also try a pencil skirt with this look.

This look needs accessorizing as all the other outfits. But don’t worry, I searched and I found accessories that go with them perfectly.

Now, let’s move on to the next one.


Have you seen someone who wears a sweater over a shirt? I think you had. Because it’s a pretty trending idea for this year.

So, why should you miss the chance of wearing it?

smart casual plus size women's outfits

So, what’s going on here in this outfit?

In case you wear this basic shirt and wide-leg cropped pants together, you will have very cute elegant outfits.

But when you are creating a smart casual outfit, you need one casual piece as well.

This is what a sweater is for!

I don’t know what you think about shirts but I must tell you, it’s a great option for your body type and they are great when you have active office life.

First of all, because it’s comfy.

Then because you can hide some extra kilos in it. You can look so chic if you tuck it in your pants.

And the last thing – shirts are one of the best plus size women’s work clothes.

For the bottom, I found black wide-leg pants. It’s a classy piece as well.

Wide-leg pants are another very trending piece this year. Literally, everyone wears it.

They are tight in the higher part, then they are becoming wide. That means you are wearing skinny pants that still have some volume on them.

Don’t forget accessories.

I chose these earrings because a necklace wouldn’t be a good idea to be paired with this sweater. So, it’s better to go for earrings.

You probably have noticed this, but if you haven’t, I should tell you.

I didn’t add shoes with outfits. Because I am sure everyone has at least one pair of heels in their wardrobe.

And for a smart casual dress code – believe me, that’s a good option.

Even if you don’t have heels you can wear classy platform shoes or wedges with these outfits. You are gonna have a professional look.

Just avoid flip-flops sneakers and other shoe types that will ruin the whole outfit.


You can create another smart casual outfit with basic pants and a blazer.

smart casual plus size women's outfits

Guess which piece is casual here? It’s definitely the top.

This is a solid top, that is actually a tunic top. Check out some of the recommended products above.

Wearing longer length tops is a great idea in real life. You can easily create fashionable outfits with shirts and other plus size work clothes.

Pants and blazers are pieces that will make the outfit look more polished.

A blazer is another very trending piece of work wardrobe and I should say I am in love with it.

Do you know why?

When you are too lazy (sometimes) to create outfits or pair a cardigan, trench coat, or leather jacket with them, you can just throw a blazer over them and you are good to go.

It makes the outfit look more put together in a second. Well, you still need to pair the right color of a blazer with the outfit, of course.

But if you want the easiest decision, invest in a black or white blazer. They work with all possible outfits you can make.

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You can create a perfect smart casual outfit with a black or white basic top, high-waisted pants (or skirt), and a blazer.

That’s another outfit that looks elegant and classy but it still feels comfy for you.

smart casual plus size women's outfits

A handbag is also a must-have piece in a work capsule wardrobe. The whole look depends on outfit details.

And one of the most important is an accessory you are gonna pair with the outfit.

The basic white top is a casual piece in this outfit. It’s not either too tight or too baggy.

But the thing is it’s gonna look amazing with more oversized pieces like this black blazer and pants.

In new recommended products I shared pieces in different colors that can be paired in different ways.

Choose the right pieces, pair them together, add some accessories and you are good to go.


There is another outfit that you can create with a blazer. Actually, I have many of them for today.

So, this is the outfit with a beautiful silk blouse and blazer.

smart casual plus size women's outfits

For pants, you can wear any pants that look well on you. But I recommend you choose the black one. Because another colored piece wouldn’t look good with this top.

You can try black skinny jeans in this look.

My favorite piece in this outfit is the silk blouse (this one sold out – new ones are in updated products). It looks so cute, elegant, and flattering as well.

The neckline, sleeves, the print – I love everything on it. And most importantly these are details that will help you to balance your body.

What do I mean?

For example, let’s say about sleeves.

You aren’t big on sleeves definitely. I know you are plus size but your sleeves would be the slimmest part of your body (maybe not, but still it’s possibly thinner than other parts).

So, it’s a good idea to add some volume to your sleeves. Because it will add something interesting to that part.

Adding interesting details will get people’s attention to that part, which is the slimmest part of your body. That’s tricky, right?

Now, let’s move on to the next one! But for this time – without a blazer.

But agree with me: a blazer is a fundamental piece for smart casual wear.

smart casual plus size women's outfits

You can create this smart casual outfit with a long tunic and classy skinny pants.

So, a long white tunic will be the casual piece in this look. Consider black pants as a classy piece

They are gonna create very stylish outfits.

If you like the top try to find simpler pants that don’t have anything on the waist area.

Or in case you liked the pants, try to pair them with a top without pleats or peplums. Again, go for a simpler top here.

That’s because the top and pants, both have something on the stomach area that won’t look great.

But since those items are not available anymore, I found better ones that you can easily pair and wear.


Do you love skirts? Because that’s the piece that you should use to create the next smart casual outfit for plus-size women.

This is the outfit with an off-shoulder top and slip midi skirt and accessories, of course.

smart casual plus size women's outfits

I hate people who say that plus size women should wear everything covered, oversized, or baggy. This is not right!!

In fact, those pieces will make you look worse than better. So, don’t believe them.

That’s why I included an off-shoulder top for you. There isn’t anything special about it. It’s simple but it’s great for this specific outfit.

It’s gonna be a casual piece in this smart casual look. And it’s gonna be perfect with a slip skirt. They are gonna look awesome together.

But with heels – even better.

I tried and fortunately found a slip skirt with a side cut which makes you look sexier and more confident.

Confidence is the key in plus size fashion and not only in plus size. Generally, you must love yourself, you have to admire your body and everything.

You can wear a blazer for more coverage if you wish.

Although even without it, it’s the perfect smart casual outfit for plus size women.


Here is another cute and stylish smart casual outfit with a skirt.

smart casual plus size women's outfits

I am sorry that all of the products that I recommended are sold out. But the good news is I found new ones that I loved to share even more.

The blouse (it sold out – find similar in the recommended products) has a turtleneck and beautiful dotted long sleeves in transparent fabric. So, I thought it was too simple.

And so I needed some accessories.

I found exactly what I was looking for.

It’s a gold chain statement necklace that will pair with a black turtleneck.

I think you are gonna get a ton of compliments if you wear this outfit at the office.


The next outfit combination is my favorite one today.

That’s why I decided to create a few different variations with those closet staples.

So, another smart casual look that you can create is a blazer and dress outfit.

For the first look, I found a black midi slip dress and a beautiful long blazer to be paired together.

smart casual plus size women's outfits

I love the color combination of the look. Black and dark green will create a very chic, elegant outfit for you.

I tried my best to find the pieces that were available while I was doing this update. And I hope you will love them.

You can create this outfit in a different color combination. There are a range of styles you can try in the updated product list.

How is this outfit smart casual? It’s smart casual because it contains both casual and classy pieces.

The dress itself is more casual. Because it’s comfy to wear but also looks elegant because it looks like a silk dress.

A blazer is definitely a classier piece in the outfit.

For accessories, I tried to find jewelry that would be elegant but still casual. So, they pair with the outfit very well.


Another dress and blazer outfit that is appropriate for smart casual fashion attire contains the black dress and creamy blazer (those are updated).

smart casual plus size women's outfits

Remember! All of these pieces are available in larger sizes.

I loved the dress because of its unique shape and style. It has some ruches around the waist sleeves and at the bottom. Which definitely helps you to flatter your body.

For the classy piece, I chose a long blazer.

Instead of a black dress, I found a green draped dress with a turtleneck. This looks even better for me.

You can pair it with blazers that are in recommended products. Or style it with a white or black blazer that you already have in your closet.

By the way, I haven’t shared a wrap dress in products. But I want you to know that they are great for any body shape.

The reason behind this is that wrap dresses look flattering on any body silhouette. It shows the right curves of the body.

So, definitely try it as well.


The next outfit is also without a blazer.

However, you can use a blazer as a layer piece.

smart casual plus size women's outfits

But don’t style it with a dress that will have ruffles on the shoulders (new items don’t have them).

In the new updated recommended similar products I am sharing two fully different dresses.

One is a very beautiful flower-printed midi dress and another one is in brown color, that has flowers on sleeves.

So if you are a plus size woman and you are looking for a new dress, I think you have to check out both of them.

By the way, they are both from Anthropologie.

For accessories, I chose elegant necklaces and earrings. They will pair with both dresses so perfectly.

But don’t forget to take a handbag with you. Since the print is busy enough, it’s better to go for more neutral colors.

If you want to know more about how to match clothing, here is my other article to find out more about this.

There you will learn more about balancing the outfits.

And it’s time for the next blazer and dress outfit.


Always remember that once you have the one-piece with a busy print you should look for simpler pieces for the same outfit.

smart casual plus size women's outfits

That’s a good balance for the look.

Black and white are colors that are always safe to pair with something busy. Because they are neutral colors.

That’s why I decided to accessorize the outfit with accessories that you see in the picture.

But as we both know, you can’t find those exact items already.

So for the new updated look, I find the best thing ever.

That is the dress with color blocks. Do you know why is it the best thing?

Because when you wear color-blocked clothes, it visually divides your body into different parts. That way, your eye can’t create a full body silhouette.

That means you look slimmer.


And for the last outfit that plus size women can wear is high-waisted wide-leg pants and a top with some interesting details on it.

For this smart casual outfit, I decided to go for neutrals.

smart casual plus size women's outfits

Why are they good for you? Because the style of them (top and pants) looks flattering for your body type.

White, black, and brown (with their shades) are the best colors when we are talking about professional clothing.

You can definitely use some colors to pop in the outfit, but in most cases, I recommend you to wear clothes with more neutral colors.

The tops have beautiful sleeves and a waistline, and actually, I love everything on them. They will create a feminine silhouette of your body.

For accessories, I found very simple but elegant jewelry and a watch that will perfectly fit the look.

That’s all for today!

These are smart casual outfit ideas for plus size women.

But you know what? Body size isn’t the thing while styling outfits. It’s confidence.

Anyway, I hope you loved my plus size outfit ideas. I am sure you are gonna find some good things to add to your closet.

Don’t forget to follow me on my socials. Here are my Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook pages you can find me.

Thank you for being here!

smart casual plus size women's outfits

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