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What Shoes to Wear With a Denim Dress: Style tips to Look Attractive

What Shoes to Wear With a Denim Dress: Style tips to Look Attractive

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Do you wonder how you can style desired denim dress outfits? Let me share some ideas on what shoes to wear with a denim dress.

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You may probably be wondering why I am talking about denim dresses now. Because denim dresses have become definitive. They came from very old times.

But believe me, they are very popular right now as well.

The only thing is since some things change a little bit (of course), you need to do something different and more modern if you wanna feel comfortable in your denim dress outfit.

Shoes are not everything, of course.

Accessorizing the outfit is a MUST. It always was, is, and will be.

What color shoes to wear with a denim dress?

There are different color tones of denim. Mostly we have two or three options;

These are white denim jeans, blue jeans, and dark blue denim jeans. You must decide which shoes you should wear with your denim dress depending on its color.

But in fact, this is not a big problem. Because denim is the fabric that goes with many colors.

The color options that you have to wear with a denim dress are: white, black, beige, brown, nude, and grey.

These are the most wearable colors for denim clothes. Not only for the dress, even when you are wearing blue denim jeans (pants), you will also find that neutral colors go perfectly with them.

How to wear a denim dress with sneakers

Denim is mostly considered a casual fabric.

Although there are some cases when you can wear denim jeans in smart or business casual dress codes.

If you want to discover and master those two clothing attires you can check out my articles about them on my blog.

Option N`1

When it comes to the most simple option, you should go for a denim dress and white sneakers. It is a very basic, comfy, but still elegant outfit that you can create very easily.

But the outfit won’t look complete without accessorizing. So, don’t forget to add some details.

For example, wear sunglasses or a cap with the outfit.

Or if you want a more advanced, retro style, take a very little shoulder bag with the outfit. That’s going to be a bit different.

For a more casual and cute look, you can wear short sleeve white top underneath the denim dress. This will be so comfy for summer.

Option N`2

For another outfit, we have black sneakers.

When it comes to black, you have three options.

what shoes to wear with a denim dress
Image source: Pinterest

You can choose either velvet, leather, or simple fabric black sneakers.

Either way, the outfit will look fashionable.

But consider one thing.

Both denim and black colors are dark. So, adding something bright, like a white handbag or light pink cap to the look will be perfect.

Option N`3

And the most unique option that you have is to wear a denim dress with platform sneakers.

what shoes to wear with a denim dress
Source: Pinterest

Now, what I can tell about platform sneakers is that they have been so popular since last year.

There were so high platform sneakers from all designers. And it’s still on-trend.

I have to tell you the truth. I have never worn high-platform sneakers. But I always do wear sneakers with a small platform bottom.

Sneakers with flat bottoms are so comfortable but they look cheaper than higher sneakers.

This leads us to the thing where I have to mention, looking expensive doesn’t require lots of money. Every little detail in the outfit is important to look luxurious.

You can see this article here if you want more tips and tricks about looking more expensive.

This is the article where you will find wardrobe pieces that work perfectly for looking expensive. And also, the ways to look more elegant and classy every day.

How to wear denim dress with boots

Another shoe type that you can wear with a denim dress is boots.

I have to say, you have many options with boots. Because you can either go for ankle, high knee, combat, or lace-up boots.

Those are all boots that you can style with a denim dress.

You can definitely try others as well, but these are the ones that go with denim dress perfectly.

Let me review some of them.

(I am sorry if the pictures won’t be 100% related to what I am saying here. I tried my best to find pictures with those outfits and this is the result.)

Option N`1

Ankle boots and denim dress outfit

I am sure you know how popular ankle boots are.

Despite the popularity, ankle boots are so comfy, you know that as well, don’t you?
Source Pinterest

I remember when I finally found the ankle boots that I was looking for last year. It’s a block heeled ankle boot that looks so amazing with everything.

Although I rarely wear a denim dress, or skirt (I prefer pants, always) I tried them together and I feel so satisfied with my look.

So, you try them and you will find it out as well.

Option N`2

High knee boots and denim dress

When it comes to dresses, we all know that short dresses are the best things to wear with high boots. They really are.

And the same happens with the denim dress.

You can pair the denim dress with high knee boots for fall and winter. I saw a young girl wearing them in summer in my town a few days ago.

what shoes to wear with a denim dress

In case you are looking for some dresses that you can wear with knee boots, here is my article where you will find some of them.

Option N`3

Cowboy boots and denim dress

If you are searching for a more unique way to style a denim dress outfit, wear it with cowboy boots,

As I said above, this is gonna be very unique, an interesting outfit that will definitely get people’s attention.

what shoes to wear with a denim dress

This will get you retro, vintage vibes as well.

For accessories, I would suggest you wear a middle-size brown belt with the outfit. Plus a little vintage handbag and you are good to go.

Option N`4

Sock boots and denim dress outfit

Have you noticed that sock boots have become so, so trendy in previous years?

Balenciaga (and others) even have sock ankle boots and sneakers which are so comfy to style with any outfit.

But for now, let’s stay with the sock boots.

A denim dress and sock boots can make you look so chic and stylish. This is gonna be a very modern look.

what shoes to wear with a denim dress

But if I were you, I will definitely take any designer handbag with this outfit. Because I know it will make the outfit look chicer.

I don’t mean to pay thousands of dollars for a single designer bag. I have cheaper options for you.

I mean designers have some cheaper options as well.

I just searched and gathered them in one place. And here is the article where you will find affordable but high-quality designer handbags that are worth investing money in.

Option N`5

Combat boots and denim dress

I have another great option for those are loving the latest style trends.

And as the title of this section says, this is the outfit that you can style with combat boots and a denim dress.

what shoes to wear with a denim dress

What I want to say about this outfit is that you can style it as AWESOME for spring and fall.

You can wear jeans or a leather jacket with a denim dress and combat boots. Plus a little cap for accessorizing and you are good to go.

This is gonna be fun!

I have seen people wearing combat boots in summer as well, but well, I don’t usually do that, so I don’t recommend it as well.

But you know, we are reaching the desired result after experimenting. Don’t be afraid to do unusual things, if you enjoy doing them.

How to wear denim dress with heels

Option N`1

For the first outfit, you can wear a denim dress with strap heels.

what shoes to wear with a denim dress
Source: Pinterest

They look perfect together because they both are classics.

If you are not wearing the outfit in summer you can wear a thin cardigan (any neutral color). Then you should pair it with the same color strap heels.

This is what I mean. Bella Hadid did a great job. Don’t you think so?

Option N`2

Another modern and comfier option for the denim dress look is the wedges.

what shoes to wear with a denim dress

I love wedges and I have to tell you a little story behind them.

I was just 17 years old when I got married. And for that time youth don’t usually wear heels.

I and my husband run out of our homes for marriage (it’s a long story) and this was the first day I wore my sister’s wedges, lol

I remember how confident I felt in them. I knew that I could walk in them, also I felt more beautiful (that I needed because I was getting married soon, hehe) and so I think I looked so confident on that day.

This story has a happy end, but it wasn’t because of wedges, lol

But I still remember those wedges and the day…

So, I guess wedges are a pretty big part of my life, lol

Option N`3

And the last but not least, you can wear a denim dress with block heeled sandals.

what shoes to wear with a denim dress

Block heels are also more comfortable than high heels and they feel more casual.

So, it’s better to wear them with a denim dress.

Do you have any other suggestions? Share what are the ways you style denim dresses, and let me know what you think about the article.

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Thanks for being here!

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