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How to Buy Oversized Shirts and How to Create Flattering Outfits With Them

How to Buy Oversized Shirts and How to Create Flattering Outfits With Them

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There is nothing comfier than wearing oversized shirts for a day. Good for us – it’s trendy as well.

So I decided to share some tips on how to buy oversized shirts to look still polished and elegant. you are gonna see some outfit ideas that will help you to wear oversized shirts without looking fat.

How many sizes should I go up for oversized?

In the best case, if you want to wear well-fitted oversized shirts you have to buy ones that are meant to be oversized.

You can go up for one or two sizes but they will never fit you as regular oversized shirts will. Because oversized shirts are made so that they will surely fit you as oversized and not as big.

So when you are going to buy oversized shirts it’s always better to go for the oversized ones.

But here is an exception.

Let’s say you are wearing S-size shirts, you can buy shirts with M and L, but they have to fit your body so that you don’t look like someone who has just gone out of bed.

Although you can do some things to even “fix” If they look too big on you.

The first thing you can do is to wear a belt with oversized clothes. (Whether it’s a shirt, tee, or anything). The belt will make it look more fitted to your body.

That means they will no longer look too big on you.

Another thing that you can do is to do a little knot on your shirts. It will reduce the size of extra fabrics on the shirt. So it will also make the shirt look smaller on your body.

You can (and you should) also tuck your shirt fully or halfway in your pants. It will do the same job for you. It will look smaller on your body because it’s gonna look like a cropped shirt.

I am trying to say that you have to use or do something that will make big shirts look smaller on your body.

How to buy oversized shirts

How to wear oversized shirts without looking fat

Now, let me share some style tips and tricks and also some actual outfit ideas with you.

Yes, it’s true. Oversized shirts (and tees) are the comfiest pieces to wear. They are breathable, trendy, and easy to move with.

But it’s also true that oversized clothes make you look fatter. However, you can avoid this by wearing them with the right pieces in the right way.

Let’s start discovering some of them together. I want you to enjoy outfit ideas and don’t forget to follow all my tips. That’s the guarantee of creating something unusual and interesting.

Wear only one loose piece in the outfit

Always remember to pick only one oversized piece in a whole outfit. Whether it’s a shirt, tee, pants, or jacket. Create the look only with one loose cloth.

how to buy oversized shirts
Image source: Pinterest

For example, if you want to wear an oversized shirt, you have to wear tight pants. It can be leggings, tailored pants, or skinny jeans.

But if you want to wear oversized (loose) pants you have to do the opposite. You have to wear a more fitted tight top on your higher body.

That’s the “rule” of balancing the body. It’s the best way to have a proportional well-balanced body shape.

And if you want to discover more style tips for balancing outfits, you can check out another post on my blog. Where you are gonna learn a lot to mix and match flattering outfits for you.

But wait… I have another exception for you.

You can wear a loose top and loose pants if you ever decide so. The only thing you should consider doing is choosing the right length of the pieces in the outfit.

What do I mean? I mean that you can oversized top with loose pants only when the top is cropped. It’s because cropped tops will show some more of your skin.

That will help you to look better and more flattering.

The reason behind this is that showing your asking helps you to accentuate the slimmest part of your body.

Whether it’s the top or pants, cropped style either shows your waist or ankles which definitely are the slimmer parts of your body.

That’s smart, don’t you agree?

Tuck the tee and roll up its sleeves

I already mentioned that tucking oversized shirts looks very flattering on a woman’s body.

How to wear oversized shirts without looking fat
Image source: Pinterest

Although if you do both – tucking and rolling up the sleeves you are gonna create a way more interesting body silhouette.

So, whenever you decide to wear oversized tops always roll your sleeves up and tuck them in your pants. Additionally, you can also add a belt to define your waist even more.

Add simpler accessories

How to wear oversized shirts without looking fat
Image source: Pinterest

Wearing oversized shirts already makes you look bulkier and busier. So adding large, big accessories will be too much. Containing handbags,

It’s always a better idea to choose a smaller handbag with an oversized shirt outfit. Because as I already said, it will do more harm than good things to your outfit.

Check out my latest article about college outfits, where you will find oversized shirt outfit ideas as well.

Wear heels with an oversized shirt outfit

Oversized clothes ofter are related to casual style. But adding some things and little details can make the outfit look more elegant as well.

It’s also the fact that oversized clothes look frumpy sometimes. But they can also make you look shorter and fatter. But adding some heeled shoes will automatically elongate your legs and body.

You can wear anything – wedges, pumps, classy heels anything with oversized shirt outfits. Just pair them with the look of your clothes.

For example, if you decide to wear an oversized graphic tee with some pants, you probably should go for sneakers. Because pairing heels will be overemphasized.

So, add heels to elongate your body and create trendy-looking outfits.

How to wear oversized shirts without looking fat
Image source: Pinterest

Layer oversized tee in a chic way

How to wear oversized shirts without looking fat
Image source: Pinterest

For a more casual look, I want you to offer a more interesting layered outfit.

So, what you can do is put a long-sleeved basic tee underneath the oversized graphic tee. It will be a chicer outfit that looks more trendy and modern as well.

Put beautiful skinny jeans with them and you are gonna look awesome. Yes, you aren’t gonna look fat as well.

Try a short skirt with an oversized shirt

How to wear oversized shirts without looking fat
Image source: Pinterest

I said already that showing your skin is always a good idea while you are wearing oversized shirts.

Because it makes your body look, first of all, slimmer, and then it also makes it more interesting and beautiful.

So, pair a cute short skirt with an oversized shirt. Tuck the top in it and add some accessories. For example, you can add sunglasses, a fedora hat, and a little handbag.

It will be a perfect trendy outfit that will get you so many compliments for the day, I am sure about it.

Try denim on denim

You can never go wrong with two denim pieces. And I want you to try oversized denim shirts with denim jeans.

The color of denim is always the same color – which is blue. There are only different shades of it. So as I already said you won’t go wrong by pairing any denim clothes together.

The actual reason why I want you to try this is that wearing the same color on your higher and lower body makes you look straight and slim.

So it’s another way to wear oversized shirts without looking fat.

How to wear oversized shirts without looking fat
Image source: Pinterest

By the way, if you want to discover more tricks on how to look taller and slimmer, you can find them in my article here. Check it out after you finish this one. Because I am sure you are gonna love it as well.

Play with different lengths of clothes

In case you need some more ideas you should know that you can use oversized shirts to layer the outfit.

For example, you can wear it with a cropped top and a short skirt. An oversized shirt will make the outfit look chicer and more modern.

How to wear oversized shirts without looking fat
Image source: Pinterest

And most importantly you are gonna show your body silhouette. But you are gonna be able to wear oversized pieces with other cropped and tight clothes.

You can also wear an oversized shirt with shorts. But I didn’t share it before because it’s already a popular outfit that everyone wears. But definitely, if you love how it looks on you, you can go for it as well.

Wear it with sweatpants and a cropped top

How to wear oversized shirts without looking fat
Image source: Pinterest

Sweatpants became very, I mean so trending this year. Corona played a big role in this.

It’s a casual piece that you can pair with some more casual pieces such as an oversized shirt.

So, I want you to try sweatpants with a cropped top and also put an oversized shirt over them. It’s almost the same style as the previous outfit, but this one is way more casual.

And it’s perfect for everyday style.

Put it underneath a knitted vest

First of all, I should say I love this look and I beg you to try it at least once on your body. What you should do is put a knitted vest over your oversized shirt.

Also, put a wide belt on your waist.

How to wear oversized shirts without looking fat
Image source: Pinterest

That’s gonna make you look chic and modern. You can wear combat boots with them. If it’s warmer weather casual platform sneakers will be a good choice as well.

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram and Pinterest to see more outfit ideas for you. DM me what you think about this post and let me know if I helped you or not.

Thank you for reading!

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