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10+ Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best Pregnancy Outfit Ideas For Summer

10+ Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best Pregnancy Outfit Ideas For Summer

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If you have already been on my blog, you would see I am always saying that fashion is for everyone, despite age, skin, color, or size. So, you can find articles for everyone here.

But today, I decided to be a bit different. And I decided to write an article on pregnancy outfit ideas for summer.

A little back story of this: I found out that I am pregnant a week ago. So, after six years of waiting, we are gonna have a baby. As soon as I discovered this I thought automatically what should I wear when I will have this big bump on my body?!

Then I started looking for some ideas and I’ve got some. And after having some inspiration I got some ideas in my mind as well. That’s what I want to share today.

I am very little pregnant – I mean, I am only 6 weeks and so, I don’t need to invest in new pieces yet. I can still wear some pieces that I already have in my closet, as long as I feel comfy in them. But the time goes and belly will become bigger and bigger and we (you and me), have to be ready for that.

So I think this article will gonna help you and me as well.

Summer is coming and if you wonder I am so happy about it. You know why? Because it’s hard to wear pants or jeans while you have a big belly, especially in summer.

So, I thought I will be able to mostly spend summer (and spring) time in dresses or skirts. But wearing them all the time is also boring for me, lol

I am sure that’s exactly how you feel. We are in the same boat, so let’s help each other, and let’s get the pregnancy party started!

What’s a pregnancy party? – I have no idea. But I know that something special happening on my blog and in my life. So, welcome to the party!

The first outfit idea for pregnant women is with a jumpsuit. That seems too simple, right?

Yeah, it’s simple. You can just find a jumpsuit that you feel comfy in and wear it in summer. But I want you to make it more unique by adding a fedora hat to the outfit. Another thing that you can add is a handbag.

pregnancy outfit ideas for summer
Image source: Pinterest

Those pieces together will be a perfect match.

It’s always a good idea to look cute in pregnancy outfits. Because pregnant women are differently beautiful. Don’t you agree?

The jumpsuit is a piece that looks so cute on pregnant women. So, go for it! You can find a good jumpsuit on Amazon, Asos, Nordstorm, and other online stores.

By the way, if you want me to write another article about where to shop for maternity clothes, let me know in the DM on Instagram. I will be happy to help you with that as well.

Although here is the thing you may find useful while you are pregnant. You don’t need to buy clothes that are only for maternity. Because you are not gonna be able to war them when you will have a baby (unless you are not planning for more).

Instead what you can do is find regular clothes that aren’t maternity and size them up if you need so. You can also find pieces with stretching options to get bigger with your belly, neutrally.

For example, flowy summer dresses that aren’t for pregnant – but you can still wear them. Because they are stretchy. Another piece is high-waisted skirts which you can also buy in a regular size and still wear in pregnancy. You will find many outfits with them today.

Let’s move on to the next outfit idea which is a cute dress, sandals and fedora hat.

That’s another simple but very cute outfit that you can wear while you are pregnant. I am mentioning fedora many times today because it looks very unique on pregnant women and also it’s on-trend now.

pregnancy outfit ideas for summer
Image source: Pinterest

Another cute outfit that you can wear is the look with a high-waisted skirt and a top with a little knot in front of the body.

There isn’t anything special in the outfit but it’s also the one that I am gonna try in summer. Although you can change basic tops to crop tops. They work with high-waisted skirts perfectly.

pregnancy outfit ideas for summer
Image source: Pinterest

I think crop tops are more useful while you are pregnant. I think so because I don’t usually enjoy wearing too-short tops that are too high on my bust. But when I will have a big belly they would definitely fit on my body.

Especially, with high-waisted skirts which will be almost on the bust. So, that’s gonna be a perfect combination that looks chic and modern.

By the way, you can wear the outfit in spring as well. You are just gonna need a jacket or lightweight cardigan over the crop top.

The next cute pregnancy outfit for summer contains a short dress and a cardigan.

I don’t mean shawl cardigans of course. In fact, you are gonna need a lightweight, long solid cardigan to wear with a short dress, I saw this outfit on Pinterest and I loved it. It looks so pretty and elegant. Different lengths of pieces are also great to pair together.

pregnancy outfit ideas for summer
Image source: Pinterest

You can change a cardigan to a kimono. Which is also very trending for this summer. It’s cooler and more lightweight for the season so it would probably be the better choice.

You can create another chic pregnancy outfit by pairing a long tunic and leggings. It’s another simple outfit that you can wear in summer. Leggings are pretty comfy to wear in pregnancy though.

pregnancy outfit ideas for summer
Image source: Pinterest

So, if you add some chic accessories to the outfit you are gonna look awesome.

This next outfit is also inspired by Pinterest. Although I have seen many pregnant women already wear it in my town as well.

That’s the outfit with a basic short sleeve top and a dress. The dress must have strap sleeves because another way it will look weird with a basic top inside it.

The dress over a basic tee looks like an overall outfit. And believe me, they look so cute on pregnant women.

pregnancy outfit ideas for summer
Image source: Pinterest

By the way, you can change the dress to overall as well. It’s gonna be totally different outfit. So, you can try both – they both look stylish and modern.

The next outfit is another one that I am gonna try this summer because I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

So, this is the look with a high-waisted leopard print midi skirt and a black cami top with strap sleeves. I won’t talk much about the outfit.

Look at the image below. Decide for yourself, doesn’t it look so chic? Doesn’t it look modern?

pregnancy outfit ideas for summer
Image source: Pinterest

Other cute outfit combinations that you can try in summer are a side split dress and a jacket, a fitted dress and blazer, and/or an off-shoulder dress with a cute handbag.

These three outfits are totally different that look also cute on pregnant women. They look feminine, stylish, and chic as well. So, you can try all of them. You are gonna have many different outfits for everyday style.

Now, let’s move on to the next one.

So, the next outfit that you can wear while you are pregnant in summer is with pleated slip skirt, graphic tee, and fedora hat.

pregnancy outfit ideas for summer
Image source: Pinterest

This outfit combination is perfect. it’s comfy to wear, it’s chic, modern looking and cute outfit.

Skirts are wardrobe pieces that are very useful for us, pregnant women. Especially high-waisted skirts. They fit on your belly at any stage of pregnancy.

You can use a graphic tee to create another cute outfit. This time, you can pair it with high-waisted vertical print pants. There are many stores where you can find fitted pants for pregnant women.

So, go, look for them and try with a graphic tee. You are gonna look so stylish and cute in the outfit.

Why you should look for vertical and not horizontal print? Because those long vertical lines help you to look slimmer and taller. While horizontal lines make you look fatter and shorter. Which one do you prefer?

The next outfit is just as simple as, regular jeans and a top.

pregnancy outfit ideas for summer
Image source: Pinterest

It’s definitely not right to wear regular jeans while you are pregnant. But fortunately, there are various styles of denim jeans that are made for pregnant women. It has a wide resin that goes over your bump. So, you can wear jeans even if you are in your 9th month.

But here is the thing I feel skeptical about them.

If you want to have these jeans you have to pay pretty good money. Especially if the quality is important for you.

The thing is – if you buy it while you are not in the big stage of pregnancy that resin will probably fall. And if you buy it later it may not fit you well too.

So, I think investing only one piece of these jeans will be enough. You can change up tops and layer pieces to create different outfits with them.

But try to find well-fitted maternity jeans at the right time of pregnancy.

And another outfit idea that I have for you is to wear long sleeve, flowy dress with ruffles. Then pair some beautiful accessories with it and you are good to go.

pregnancy outfit ideas for summer
Image source: Pinterest

For accessories, first of all, I mean a handbag. It does a huge job for your outfit. It makes the look more put together and so the outfit looks more interesting as well.

For other accessories, you can use a bold necklace, watch (or bracelet), and rings. They will be awesome together.

So that’s all I wanted to share today. I know some of these outfits are too simple but you are gonna get what you want if you add some pretty accessories and layers to the outfits.

I want to hear from you. Did you like the post? Do you want to see more articles for pregnant women on my blog? Share your thought on Instagram or Pinterest. You can DM me there. Or else you can also send me a message on my FB page.

Wish you to be a happy and healthy mom very soon. A new, unbelievable miracle is coming to you. Good luck and thanks for reading!

pregnancy outfit ideas for summer

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