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30 Day Wardrobe Challenge – What To Wear, Everyday Outfit Ideas

30 Day Wardrobe Challenge – What To Wear, Everyday Outfit Ideas

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I guess I am not the only one who has a ton of pieces that haven’t seen daylight for so long in the wardrobe. That’s happening maybe because we didn’t know how to style them or we just didn’t like any of them.

That’s why I decided to invite you to the 30 day wardrobe challenge. This is gonna be a lot of fun.

Why you should accept the challenge?

I will tell you right now. First, because it will be so challenging and interesting to follow all of these days and create outfits with only specific pieces from your closet.

Second, it will help you to use some of your clothes different way. Way that you haven’t ever thought of.

The third reason you should participate in the challenge is that you will discover your styling taste. From those 30 days, there will be some outfits that you were wearing before but after trying new and different styles, you will find others that seem comfy to wear for you.

The fourth is you will be able to save extra money. Yeah, we (women) always want to go shopping and get new and new things while we already have similar or even the exact same piece in our closet.

Do you agree with me?

So, during the challenge, you will find pieces that you haven’t ever used. And by doing that you will create and wear new stylish outfits every day.

And last but not least, you will feel way more confident in yourself. And that’s the most important thing in styling. You need to enjoy whatever you are doing in your life.

I hope those reasons are enough to accept my challenge, and now … let’s get the party started!! I am excited!!!

So here are the challenge rules. But I will explain them in detail.

30 day wardrobe challenge by marid

Remember the main rules of the challenge.

Don’t buy anything during these 30 days.

Try to not repeat items that you use during the challenge.

It’s better if you clean out your wardrobe first.

Day 1 – B&W outfit

So, we are starting our challenge by choosing two, black and white pieces from your wardrobe. You are choosing the style. I mean, pick something casual or classy. It doesn’t matter, the only rule here is to create a look with only black and white colors.

Sharing the image from Pinterest just for inspiration.

Image source: Pinterest

Day 2 – blouse and jeans

Today you have to wear one pair of jeans that you have in your wardrobe and a classy blouse. It’s better if you tuck your blouse into your jeans because it looks much better. This one detail can make you look so stylish and chic.

30 day wardrobe challenge by marid
Image source: Pinterest

Day 3 – dress

Today is the day to wear a dress that has ruffle details or is off-shoulder. I decided to contain this in the challenge because dresses that have ruffles look so cute on everybody.

If you are an inverted triangle you can find amazing summer dresses for that body shape. In case you don’t know what it actually means you will find out the answer there as well.

Day 4 – crop top and skirt

It’s time to find out how crop tops look on you. If you ever think that you can’t wear crop tops because of any reason, you should know you are wrong. Go and pick the one crop top from your wardrobe (in case you don’t have it, don’t buy it. Just wear the top that is shorter than the usual ones in your closet.) and pair it with a skirt. It can be denim or any other fabric, whatever you have there.

Tip: High-waisted skirts pair perfectly with crop tops.

30 day wardrobe challenge by marid
Image source: Pinterest

Day 5 – floral maxi skirt + top

I hope you have at least one floral maxi skirt in your wardrobe. If you don’t, well, you are missing a big opportunity. They are perfect wardrobe essentials that everyone should have.

You need a solid color top to pair with a floral maxi skirt. Keep it as simple as you can, because wearing too busy pieces together makes you look weird.

30 day wardrobe challenge by marid
Image source: Pinterest

Day 6 – free outfit choice

You are already on the sixth day. And it is the easiest one to complete. But the challenge is not challenging without rules, so here it is. You can wear whatever you like today, but you have to maximize accessorizing.

In accessories, I mean jewelry, handbags, scarves, hats, watches, and any other things that can help you to complete the look. If you decide to wear a black dress, you can check out and find what accessories go with it.

Day 7 – leggings and V-neck top

Do you have a beautiful v-neck top? I guess, you do. It’s time to pair it with leggings that have one of the animal prints. That is the rule for today.

The best thing about this challenge is that you already created 7 different stylish outfits without thinking too much about it. Yeah, you don’t need to think about what to wear every day, since you are part of this challenge.

Day 8 – the brightest day

Day 8 is similar to day 6. It was your free choice, and the same goes for today.

You can wear whatever you like but you need to choose only bright colors. You can’t wear any dark colors today. Your age doesn’t matter, if you are part of this challenge, find bright color pieces in your wardrobe and wear them at least for a day.

You will notice that nothing is wrong with wearing them.

Day 9 – ruffle top and shorts

If you wonder, in my opinion, a ruffle top and shorts pairing the cutest way together. That’s why I got it in our 30 day wardrobe challenge. So, try it.

30 day wardrobe challenge by marid
Image source: Pinterest

Day 10 – day for layering

I hope the weather will not be so hot while you are on that day.

So, here is the thing.

Sometimes when I am not sure what to wear and how to style things, I prefer to simply add layers to my outfit. Because adding layers to the outfit, makes a huge difference and it’s easier to create looks.

That’s what you have to do today.

Make an outfit so that you have at least three layers. Just make sure that you are doing it right. You can use a denim jacket, cardigan, moto jacket, or even a vest as a third player. Remember at least three!

Image source: Pinterest

Day 11 – wear a handbag

Nothing seems challenging about wearing a handbag, right? But that’s not true because I want you to do a thing. That thing is to check your wardrobe once again and find a handbag that you haven’t ever taken with you. Try to pair it the best way with something that is the most matching to it.

I think you will discover so many handbags that you even didn’t know you owned. That’s what I want, XOXO.

Day 12 – sneakers instead of heels

Every woman loves high heels because they make us look higher and slimmer. But today you have to forget heels and wear sneakers instead.

You can create an outfit with a dress and sneakers as well. Just don’t put on your heels, that’s the challenge rule.

If you are working at the office I think smart casual and business casual dress code guides will be helpful for you. There are a thousand possible ways to wear sneakers so that it is the most appropriate for work. So, check them out and also look at the image, how amazing it looks?!

30 day wardrobe challenge by marid
Image source: Pinterest

Day 13 – print day

There is no way that you don’t have one or two prints that you like the most. That is what you have to do today, choose two pieces with different prints that you like the most. Pair them together, but don’t do anything wrong with your look. Wear clothes that won’t look too busy together.

One idea you can use from me is to put a leopard print skirt with a white horizontal striped top. You can wear a jean jacket for layering since there is no restriction about it.

Day 14 – work outfit

Challenge rules can be very strange sometimes. So, what’s going on today :). You have to wear a classy, elegant outfit that is the most appropriate for work even if it’s not a working day. If you are a housewife and your wardrobe is full of casual pieces, find something that is the most elegant and wear it today. You will be so happy to see yourself in a different style and I hope you will love it.

Day 15 – sundress day

Today is the comfiest day because you are going to wear a sundress. I hope you have one in your wardrobe.

Grab it and wear it with sandals or sneakers, heels are also approved today. Shoes actually don’t matter, just go for a pretty sundress that you feel very comfortable in.

30 day wardrobe challenge by marid
Image source: Pinterest

Day 16 – the challenge of the challenge

Oh! ) Today is a big day for you, it’s the day to change and discover new things. Today’s rule is to wear an outfit that is 100% out of your comfort zone. So, you have to wear something that you haven’t thought you ever would.

I don’t know much about you so, I can’t advise anything. You know better, pick something that you would never pick. Don’t forget to use hashtag #marid30 on Instagram, so that I see my challengers following the rules. I will be excited to see how you guys are going. Don’t forget to follow me there and also remember to mention which day of the challenge you are on.

Day 17 – wear a blazer

A blazer is another modern wardrobe essential that you should have in your wardrobe. And today’s rule is to wear and use it as a third layer. Also, you have to make it more casual than classy, it shouldn’t be an office outfit. You have to manage to create a look with a blazer in casual way. Skinny or mommy jeans will help you a lot.

In case you need more outfit ideas with mommy jeans, you can check my article on it.

30 day wardrobe challenge by marid
Image source: Pinterest

Day 18 – seek the wardrobe

This is the 18th day of our challenge and today’s rule is to pick the pieces that you haven’t worn for the last 20 days. It’s again your free choice. But don’t repeat and take the piece that you have already used lately.

Day 19 – make flattering outfits

Today I want you to create an outfit with at least one wide, or flattering piece that you have in your wardrobe. In flattering I mean loose clothes that are not skinny. So you can’t wear skinny jeans, a bodycon dress or a pencil skirt today. Instead look for wide-leg pants, loose tunics, A-line skirts (dresses), and so on.

That is the rule for today.

Additionally, you can also try oversized pieces, like an oversized jean jacket or oversized top. Doesn’t matter, just don’t wear anything skinny. You can find some oversized jean jacket outfit ideas here, in my previous article.

30 day wardrobe challenge by marid
Image source: Pinterest

Day 20 – denim jacket with mom jeans

Make an outfit with your black mom jeans and a denim jacket today. There is no other rule to follow. Don’t forget to show me how you are doing by writing the #marid30 hashtag on Instagram. I would love to know if you are enjoying the challenge as well.

Day 21 – faux leather leggings and …

I love today’s challenge. I want you to pair faux leather leggings and a top with peplum sleeves together. Why I’ve got this idea? Because I know how amazing it looks. You can see it here too.

30 day wardrobe challenge by marid
Image source: Pinterest

Day 22 – oversized jean jacket

You should use an oversized jean jacket as a third layer today. It doesn’t matter what you wear inside of it, you can decide for yourself. I would wear a crop top with it if I were you. That’s just an example. ))

Day 23 – high-waisted jeans and a top

I think this is gonna be a regular everyday outfit for you. Since you need to wear only high-waisted jeans and a classy top tucked in it. It’s better if you use a different top, that you haven’t worn yet, during this challenge.

Day 24 – two-piece outfit

Personally, I don’t have any two-piece outfits in my wardrobe. In fact, I don’t know why. It is so comfy to wear.

So, you can wear anything pants, a skirt or shorts, whatever but it should be a two-piece outfit. Make it as cute as you can and don’t forget to accessorize it with sunglasses or a cute hat.

30 day wardrobe challenge by marid
Image source: Pinterest

Day 25 – cardigan+midi dress

You are getting to the last days of the challenge and things are getting more interesting. For now, you need to create an outfit with one of your cardigans and a midi dress.

If you choose the right pieces you can create really perfect outfits with them.

30 day wardrobe challenge by marid
Image source: Pinterest

Day 26 – deep V-neck top

I want you to feel more confident and try to wear a deep v-neck top today. Don’t use anything for layering, wear only that top. You will definitely look very good and plus, sexy.

Day 27 – turtleneck and statement jewelry

Have you ever tried putting a necklace on a solid color turtleneck? If you haven’t yet, you should do it now. It just looks so amazing. This detail makes your outfit actually look more elegant and feminine.

So, find a statement necklace and wear it with a turtleneck. You can also try a watch because solid turtlenecks are so simple and accessorizing them won’t be an extra for the look.

30 day wardrobe challenge by marid
Image source: Pinterest

Day 28 – accessorize with a hat

Today’s task is to use a hat (cap) as an accessory. Wearing a fedora hat in summer first of all is very useful and comfy, and also any outfit with it looks so stylish.

Day 29 – transparent top

Transparent tops are becoming more and more popular this year. So, I couldn’t miss that piece from 30 day wardrobe challenge. You should really have to try at least once to wear it. There are so many types of it. You can either find a transparent crop top or just a regular top with sheers and also other ones that have transparent sleeves with amazing embroidery.

Day 30 – Leopard Print Day

And you came to the finish of this challenge. I don’t want it to be so complicated, so on the last day, I want you to find something with leopard prints and wear it. You can decide it to be a dress, skirt, leggings, shoes, whatever, just wear at least one piece with leopard print today.

That’s it! You’re done. Congrats!! Please share your thoughts on Instagram by commenting on one of my posts, or publish your outfits with the hashtag #marid30.

Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest as well. You will find some other useful articles there as well. I appreciate that so much, by the way, <3

30 day wardrobe challenge by marid

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